Friday, November 13, 2015

Yahapalanaya – A state of mind! Only a new leadership can deliver

As is clear, both the President and the Prime Minister, steeped in old style Sri Lanka Politics for over 40 years in each case, cannot, repeat CANNOT deliver on the YAHAPALANAYA as expected by the masses who voted for the present Govt. both in January at the Presidential Elections and in August at thee General Elections.

Dharisha Bastians of the FT analyses this conundrum very clearly in the above link, but fails to give a solution as to how best we can achieve this, without the threat or even possibility of returning to the old Rajapakse style, which would put paid to her and me as if there is anything we both find unacceptable is that period of complete extra judicial behavior. At least that has changed, but for the fact that the leadership still stuck firmly in a historic foundation cannot dig itself out of that, to effect the change required and expected!

The solution is simple. We have to find new young leaders. We must try and find professionals NOT tainted in murky politics! They can be marketed successfully by the media, and once in the public spotlight courtesy of a altruistic media mogul, be given the task to change the system.

Sri Lanka has talent, who have not wanted to dirty their hands in politics. One cannot blame them as it is rotten to the core. So let us start the search for the Person capable of changing the status quo.

Check the link above to the bios of the new Canadian Cabinet, and you will get a feel of how we should go about building a new Cabinet of 30. If we use it as a model, I am confident that we can select new leaders from whom we can plan a new course for the nation to see it though with a new constitution to 2065.

I sincerely ask my readership, if we have any other choice in the matter if the Country is to survive till that date?

We cannot afford to delay this and with the Goodwill of the current PM who needs to be confronted, without the people who have put a wall round him, preventing us from meeting him and discussing the new approach, we can convince him to allow our plan of selection and implementation of the new economic order. I know the Prime Minister is pen to an out of the box solution, but with the mentally challenged around him frightened of their positions and job security, noting will come of it unless we pierce this fort of excrement!     

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