Monday, March 6, 2017

Has Trump committed Haa Kiri?

His actions defy any sense of propriety, and that was to be expected as that was his signature tune throughout his campaign.

He was JUST able to resist taunts in his well prepared address to the nation known as the address to the Houses of Congress that were televised live around the world.

It was the most balanced he has been since he announced his run for Presidency, but as soon as that finished I suppose he had the Sessionsgate that showed his true colors, where his senior adviser went over him and recused himself from the Russian Scandal, MUCH TO DONALD"S incomprehension.

This led him to go berserk and scream at ALL HIS AIDS including the two closest, Priebus and Banion and IMAGINE STORMING OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE getting on Marine ONE belinging it to Andrews and taking the AIRFORCE ONE TO MAR E LAGO!

This is the stuff of movies man! NOT real life American Presidency in 2017.

What beat the cake was his propensity to twitter ACTUALLY AN ADDICTION that he has to go to TWITTERS ANONYMOUS immediately before he is turfed out of the White House as an Embarrasment to the American People

This latest tweet accusing OBAMA OF WIRETAPPING TRUMP TOWER which may have been a figment of his fertile imagination, has GONE VIRAL and all his enemies are picking it up as sure evidence that he is NOT UP TO IT!

If more clear indication is needed about his state of mental capackty to have his finger on the NUCLEAR BUTTON this is it!

READ THIS NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL TODAY if evidence was needed of this fragile mind and competency to lead the Country, let alone the FREE WORLD!

Well the rest as they say is the FUTURE OR TO BE MORE CORRECT IS HISTORY!!!!!