Friday, January 23, 2015

Fire the new Defence Secretary - He has already proved an embarrassment!

What a joker this Basnayake character is? Who in their right mind appointed this trumped up Neanderthal with a Gota type moustache to occupy his office and say Gota had done nothing wrong in having an account at the MOD with Rs7.5B circumventing all Govt. procedures with regards to Treasury rules about pooling all funds into the Govt.

He may after inspection of the evidence be proved correct, but until there is a proper investigation into the aspects of why the account was kept separate, allowing Gota, emergency funds if he was unable to obtain Govt. funds in an emergency, already smacks of a misuse of power, no matter what Gota may say, or the Defence Secretary may insinuate.

I think the Defence Secretary, a man with questionable record, who upon assumption of duties praised his predecessor, something he was not required to do, is out of his league, and appears to have got swollen headed in his position, and appears to be taking on more of a role than even the Minister in misusing state resources.

Even while the Minister has shunned his bullet proof vehicle and security, the Defence Secretary, appears to have embraced both, when if anything his need for security does not even match the security needed for the Defence Minister’s driver!!!

Time to discard this joker out of sight, as he is a person who can be a danger due to his inability to grasp the importance and tactfulness of his job, and if he continues to go mouthing off on matters out of his ambit, remit, etc, he should gracefully bow out before being fired. 

It seems that Ruwan Wanigasooriya has been fired as the Army spokesman of the old administration, he sneaked on the last trip to the Mahanayakes with his minister, a good enough reason to get him out of there. Now lets hope everything will be ok.

Why do we need a defence spokesman anyway? I understand that the current appointment of Brigadier K J Jayaweera is temporary and no defence spokesman will be used in the future as an unnecessary  surplus to requirements post!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Such a shame when the stink of bad eggs litters a pure start!

Those two jokers, Shiral Laktilleke and Maithri Guneratne, who have unquestionably been a disgustingly putrid presence in their desperate bid to sully the personality of the Prime Minister in his previous avatar as the Leader of the Opposition, now have been rehabilitated and taken on the holier than thou role of cleaning corruption, and one the former being appointed a coordinating secretary of the President. This is to be completely contrary to human decency, let alone unnecessary for political expediency as they are politically irrelevant.

When Maithri Guneratne crept like a weasel behind the new PM at the swearing in at Independence Square, why didn’t someone have the audacity to jerk them out of the whole proceedings, and throw them out as they should have?

It is time the new administration decides that they are alienating their most loyal people by tolerating trailer trash in the higher echelons of Government. Trailer trash have a stink that lasts for a long time, and no matter what you do, they can never be cleaned. It is opportune that people recognize who they are and take appropriate action to make sure that they do not sight the place.

The ease with which people of dubious connections seem to reenter the corridors of power, from whence they have been just ejected unceremoniously is a cause of reprehensible conduct.

It is very IMPORTANT for the new administration to actually appoint a team to look into the background of  all those who wish to curry favor with the new administration and and remove all those who should NOT be allowed into the inner circle, lest the noble objective of cleaning the foul mess in Govt. is compromised by these miscreants.

Lawyers are an especially two faced breed who make it their habit to enhance their authority to fleece their clients of their hard earned money, when  the client could in reality  have performed the same task for free, where he was unethically charged by the lawyer Rs100,000. It is in this backdrop, and that kind of shady character traits of these seedy sycophants, and paid low life operate and we don’t want any of their ilk in this Government. The new administrations will never be able to achieve the objectives if they are allowed to play their games and see the link to the games!!             

Monday, January 12, 2015

Delay in appointing the Cabinet of Ministers! The UNPs supreme sacrifice of 2015

Despite UNP contributing approximately 4.5M votes out of the 6M that gave My3 his Presidency, it appears that they will only receive less than 40% of the Ministerial portfolios on offer.

Such is politics, that last minute jumpers like Rauf Hakeem who has only brought his own vote into the election, as all other Muslims would have voted for My3 anyway, is likely to get a Cabinet post. I think for starters he should not, as he really does not represent the Muslims in Sri Lanka anymore, and he has consistently gone against his community advice in holding onto his position within the Rajapakse Regime of yore, refusing to forfeit his sinecure, though it was only trapping and not much else, but he appears to be a sucker for the limelight.

This is just one person, but it is the same logic by which the other rudderless exes will be accommodated. I was told this morning that they are awaiting the arrival of Nimal Siripala, Susil Premajayanth, and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa today, before finalizing the cabinet!!! Just read them the riot act, and say they will be prosecuted if they stay with MR, and they will come like little frightened lambs to the table, to be devoured!

What a joke to accommodate these heathen without a following in the cabinet? The new Govt. should graciously just accept them into Govt. back bench ranks and NOT give them any ministerial portfolios. After all their crime was treason against the people of Sri Lanka in propping up a Dictator who had NO inkling of feeling for his people, and these MPs, ministers call them what you will, steadfastly refused to bow down to what was right in the exercise of dictatorial power.

It is going to take an almighty amount of head scratching and feeling heads of upset UNPers across the Country in explaining who actually won this election, if the losers are given the plum positions~

Time for some introspection, and getting the whip out to tell them it is obscene to give them anything in light of their complicity in crimes against the state, and threaten them with prosecution with the full force of the law, if they don’t come to heal, and ensure the Govt. is able to fulfill the will of the people. Namely the 100 day program that has effectively been OK in a quasi- referendum.

It is another day in Politics, and it is the long suffering people of the land who suffer, for personal advancement of selfish people in high office. It is time we make an example of some of these no bodies, and once and for all go for a clean, baggage free Cabinet of reliable, responsible, and faithful party loyalists of the UNP.  

What a whirlwind period in 2015, with the election and concerns raised right to the end on how it would be, and the aftermath!

I trust the historians will begin writing this part of history, as it is unfolding very fast, and unless documented immediately will not get reported properly. I know people will use the internet and posts in papers to write this history but that will not be the same as writing it as it happens, with a glimpse of the daily activities as it unfolds.

For example, unless one knew, one will not write that 5000 people gathered at the Bandaranaike Samathi in Horagolla hoping to catch a glimpse of the new President and PM, and instead had to contend with Rajitha Senaratne and the ubiquitous Harshana Rajakaruna who seems to be everywhere, wherever there is a crowd or camera, but lost his electorate Dompe to MR badly a few days ago. Does he want to get his votes from all electorates other than his?

The new President and PM overflew the place on their way to Kandy in the Chopper, and delivered his first address to the nation from the historic Paddirippuwa there.

The day was rife with an MR planted bit of news on the Cabinet of ministers, none of which had any grain of truth, and resulted in all these supposed Ministers being bombarded with congratulatory messages and emails and FB posts, which embarrassed them no end, and made fools out of the supposedly intelligent people who seem to thrive in spreading these rumors, without realizing that logic was certainly NOT on their side, when looking at these spurious suggestions that were made.

That goes to show the education of the Sri Lankans both here and overseas, who just don’t know how to decipher right from wrong and make up their minds based on their ability to interpret the information they are privy, and come to their OWN conclusions on what is right and wrong.

That is why I exhort my readers to judge what I write with an analytical mind and believe what they want to believe and not what I would like them to believe!

The most important Buddhist teaching is to be wise in what one says and does and only believe once one is able to rationalize the truth from the sources of information made available to you. If it was true in the day so of the Lord Buddha why cannot it not be true today, most especially in an information age, where all information can be dissected easily as there are sources such as google to quickly verify some facts if that was needed to come to the result.

Oh how I despair at the foolishness of the most intelligent people on earth. Is it because of the rotten education system they are exposed to? I don’t know but I suspect it to be so.

It is time we are able to catch up with the amount of information that we are privy to. We also had the fracas of the SLFP high command in two places both appointing the Chairman maintaining both were legitimate, and it is to the Courts to decide who is legitimate. However the constitution as I understand it is if the President is from the SLFP, the chairmanship automatically goes to them. However the MR faction maintain that the President, by coming forward from the new party is NO LONGER a member of the SLFP and therefore the rule does NOT apply.   

Now the secretaries to the Ministries and PM and Pres are being appointed thick and fast and soon thereafter the members of the interim Cabinet will be appointed. There will be many surprises and disappointments and in politics it is difficult to please all. It is made more so, because unequal members of the coalition will be given posts far above their people’s representation.

It will be the UNP that suffers the most, and in reality, it is them that contributed the most in numbers to this victory. That is just a tough call on the elephant, and they will just have to recoup their losses at the next general election with the people understanding the contribution made by them to this historic victory of downing a despot who seemed to have been planning a permanent stay!

The 50 day campaign and with little funds to carry it out, proved the resilience of the people of Sri Lanka and how much they can take and how much they can be fooled. As a Sinhala person I am a little ashamed at the foolishness of the Sinhala electorate to be bought into the Rajapakse canard of lies and deception and I sincerely hope the people will in the next few days understand with clarity how easily the Rajapakse Administration has taken them for a right royal ride!!!

I sincerely hope they will mature politically and will not be able to fooled by people using the fear card and the race card as a political gimmick on the foolish! It is up to us now to explain by a responsible fourth estate that a continuation of lies can lead people to a level of believing in lies for an extended period of time, and when truth stares them in the face they cannot see it! I trust our blindness will be cured in the ensuing months and the Country returns to a period of peace and prosperity.           

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Arrest MR and Gota for an attempted Coup. All the facts are now known

Mangala Samaraweera has now openly accused MR and Gota of an attempted coup in the early hours of Friday morning when it was apparent he had lost the election. How can they be so swollen headed, to think they have a God given right to rule, when the nation has thrown them out so clearly and decisively. The fact they believe they have some life left in them is a testament to their psychotic nature.

Once the new Supreme Court is appointed with the new CJ, then appropriate action must be taken to bring the coup plotters to book. MR does not have presidential immunity from prosecution and will have to face the full wrath of the law.

It is time the evidence is recorded from the Principal players in the drama, namely the Inspector General of Police, Army Commander, Attorney General, and the Elections Commissioner who was forced to delay the announcements of the MS won postal votes, until the MR won ones were initially announced, and we will remember the long wait from 11.30pm to 1am before the next postal vote was announced.

There should be NO revenge here, just follow the law of the land, and the Former President, the Chief Justice, the Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order, and Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, stand accused of treason against the state, and they will be answerable to the Courts on the grave accusations made.

Instead this joker of an ex-President is trying to hold on to the Chairman ship of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which by its own constitution falls into the hands of the current President of the Country, Maithripala Sirisena.

While we watch this side show, we must NOT forget the real show, which is the treason trial of the Century, the previously omnipotent man is charged with crimes against the State.

In a few days all will be out in the open, and I trust the new Govt. is able to follow the letter of the law to its conclusion, giving all the rights to the accused under the Constitution, so that they can answer the charges laid before them, and if found guilty serve the maximum sentence as laid down in the statute books, so that he is bound by the same laws that we are all under, with no favoritism.

This will then put a stop to the abuse of power, and any attempt by those in the future who wish to abuse their position, and the trust placed in them by the people whom they serve.

It’s the same shit all over again! Arjuna Mahendran if only you really knew!

I personally approve of Arjuna Mahendran as the treasury secretary, as he has to manage the Country’s finances and with his international banking connections is expected to renegotiate over US$ 5B of foreign loans from 6 per cent to 1 per cent and thereby save the treasury US$250M or in rupees Rs33B in interest alone, p,a!

I know the initial talk was for him to get the Governorship of the Central Bank, but I understand an even more devious operator with ties to the Sumal Perera owned Access Engineering as a non-exec director is vying for that slot. Now why are there no people who are NOT stained being considered as candidates? Don’t we have no more Mr cleans left in Sri Lanka with so many qualified people!!!!     

However it must be remembered that his son in law plundered the EPF to the tune of Rs3B with the connivance of Namal Rajapaksa who received a kick back of Rs500M and the proviso should be that he should repay that to the EPF as part of the deal. I know it was done by the son in law before he married the daughter of Arjuna Mahendran, and so Mr Mahendran is NOT GUILTY of any wrongdoing in this regard, but he must realize that mud sticks, and if this Govt. is going to survive and the UNP to be re-elected in May 2015 General Election to govern for a minimum 6 year term as it should, these are potentially vote losing issues that must be pre planned before any shit hits the fan.

It would be even more embarrassing, when Dr Harsha de Silva has undertaken to prosecute the wrongdoers and the son in law’s transactions, including the Central Finance pump and dump of over a billion in profit over a few days, will come under their scrutiny.

In either case a proper legitimate reason must be put forward, to back these people as the Rajapaksa faction is hell bent on picking on the slightest bit of favoritism to nail the new administration, no matter how dirty, and corrupt they were in Govt. where one can no longer sit in opposition and criticize, where one has to be in Govt. and deliver upon the promises.

Don’t forget it is the people in the Country that determine who our leaders are, and in the end we are accountable ONLY to them, no matter what geniuses or rogues we appoint to high position, to carry out the duties entrusted to them, by the people and that is what democracy is all about, even if we have one grain of altruism left in us.

Let it not be a lesson in continuity of the same, but a change for the good.       

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The abominable sight of the Sirisena Lookalike accompanying MR at the polls this morning is reason enough to believe he is simply a psychopath!

The photos NOT doctored of MR arriving at the polling with this silly excuse for a man with a name Sirisena copying the whole outfit of the common candidate, is disrespectful, and his name on the ballot box and even ads paid for by the MR campaign, must signify one simple argument.

It is simply that if they were not concerned about the threat, from Maithripala Sirisena they would NOT resort to such imbecilic tactics, so they must seriously have thought that they would lose, and therefore resorted to the tried and tested method of using some puerile tactics to show their incompetence and show the world that all their supposed control over the situation was a mere illusion that they have cleverly been able to promote to keep all opposition at bay all this time, and use their white vanning style to prevent the opposition from gaining any traction.

The unknown elements at this stage is how they will react to a humiliating defeat. As they are not gentlemen but a bunch of underworld thugs, they may resort to thuggery to create instability. However I do believe that the Security forces will be under the command of the new President before long. The ARMY Commander may be replaced immediately as being untrustworthy, but that is NO loss to most of the rest of the top brass who count him as another joker, and OLD past his prime Jagath, which the gossip says was asked to hatch some plans to destabilize the Country, of course would do well to get the hell out of SL for a while until the dust has settled and his position de listed!

Further I don’t think he has any balls left to carry out Gota’s dirty work, as there will be no one to back him up, stand up for him, or even protect him. He will surely know where his bread is buttered and try to stay on the QT for a while.

The interesting angle this time, is after all this rhetoric of the Rajapakse election plan of blaming everything on foreign conspiracies, in the end it is to those very same countries that the rogues wish to jump ship to and NOT China!!! Why you might ask?

We all wish the next few hours to be trouble free, the old regime know that they had their time, they fooled the people long enough, and now it is time for some sense and sensibility to set in to governing this resource rich very rich country that has been looted by a few, for their own benefit and it is time the citizens of Sri Lanka say enough is enough, and take back ownership to them, and publicize the lie we have lived under all this time, where the game is exposed for all to see.     

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How quickly will the law be able to take its course? Prosecute the rogues!

In the US giving or receiving a bribe is a prosecutable/indictable crime. That is sufficiently broadbased, and used often enough to deter any US company from engaging in such activity. That has resulted in few if any US companies receiving any contracts in Sri Lanka, as the alternative, namely China is extremely lax in its widespread use so much so that they permit huge loadings on projects to pay for bribes and wire funds to offshore banks, that they are fully complicit in it.

Exim bank which has lent over US$100B all over the world especially to countries of the similar state of development to Sri Lanka, it is the order of the day to get contracts. No wonder that they have been able to secure questionable contract all over the world and further, be able to with the active participation of the Chinese Govt. to throw their weight around with deference.

With the regime change, we will have to change our ways, where the examples of cleaner living have to come from the top. There is NO problem or issue with Ranil Wickremasinghe, however with Maithripala Sirisena, the activities of Dudley Sirisena has most certainly tarnished his reputation, to a degree which he cannot recover no matter how hard he tries.

It is well known that his extended family, even though he technically was able to be out of the fray, engaged in all the worst activity of the area, and it was like fiefdoms that they dominated. I can only hope and pray that power of their sibling WILL NOT give way to projects, commissions and contracts that will NOT be in the best interests of Sri Lanka. I hope they have the sense to behave and set an example.

Whilst there is NOT fear of RW transgressing, there is absolute fear of MS transgressing and it is imperative that it will not be so, as he will be not just turfed out, and imprisoned, but with Presidential immunity lifted, he will be impeached and will not be able to serve his term, whence RW will automatically become President by default.

A Rajapaksa did not put anyone one with an ounce of ability in the PM post as he feared being challenged, but here it should not be the same, and we must have confidence the not only an upstanding PM occupies the seat so should the Presidency be untainted. Let us hope for the people of Sri Lanka that we will finally be able to hold our heads up high, with a Country that is finally accountable to the people we elect, where the rulers are our servants, and NOT masters, where people will regain the lost freedoms, the excuse of a war has denied us.     

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The satakaya about to be one of the most hated trademark outfits in Sri Lanka – why does Sajith Premadasa also want to join them?

As if the whole sordid Tissa Attanayake, Sajith Premadasa, Kili Maharajah and Tiran Alles plan hatched by Jalani Premadasa, as a favor to her beau Tiran was not enough, after phase one where Sajith was installed as Deputy Leader, stage two of Tissa defecting has begun unravelling, as he was completely out of the loop cuckolding out of the party as fast as his legs could carry just to stop being completely shamed as an accessory to destroying the UNP. In fact it was the best thing in years for UNP.

I guess the UNP is made of stronger bonds than these tenuous ones and so it has now come to pass that the final Jonah in this game is SP, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one who wants him, and worse, even letting down those who were his supporters, by not turning up at the rallies where he was highlighted as a speaker.

In this classic chicken and egg situation we don’t know if it was JP who undid SP, or vice versa, but in my opinion, the personal ambitions, of Kili and Tiran to be king makers, and who were completely snookered by Ranil Wickremasinghe, gave the coup de grace to SP’s political ambitions for ever.

With the coming colors, neither KM nor TA are able to completely use their media to be one sided for the President, and so are caught between a rock and a hard place.

There are just a few days to go until it is all over, and there is little anyone can do to change the outcome. However, in the desperation to grab a big fish, it is Sajith that the MR campaign is targeting, and the broker as always is the ailing Tiran Alles.

What is the price? Rs1B, as now billions are chump change, but as soon as the new administration comes, their source will be questioned and ALL THE MONIES WILL BE confiscated, and so not only do they lose their political future at a stroke, but also they lose all the money they greedily thought they would gain.

The Govt. has money to burn, as it is all ill-gotten gains. I don’t know how much of the Sumal Perera US$100M give away is correct, but there are enough people in Colombo, who really believe that all this money was converted to Rs5000 bills to be passed around for a last minute change back to MR by voters bribed by this pittance to change their vote.

I suspect it is better if they take the money and don’t change the vote! All we can hope for at this stage is that SP just does not get carried away by his wife’s charms!