Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Do all Police require a mental health check? To prevent brutality

The Seya murder and HNDA incident highlight one common denominator and that is under “Yahapalanaya” they need a complete makeover.

They have acted true to their colors, and those colors don’t match with those of yahapalanaya! So what we do, is to change those colors, and it is a long drawn out process of changing an establishment culture, made worse by the Mahinda Rajapakse administration which permitted the worst excesses in living memory of their behavior.

When one hears the story of Kondaya that is coming out in the press, it is actually quite horrifying to note that the Police have made up so many stories of this man, they wished to feed the public with, which makes one's mind boggle, if there was NO DNA evidence available to clear him. What a travesty of justice it must be and one dreads to think how many innocent poor people in rural areas have been framed by the police over the years for crimes they have not committed. 


It is a step by step process, and I don’t believe the various commissions that are investigating the HNDA incident are looking into the big picture and only concentrating their brief on the narrow events that unfolded, which I can assure you now is not going to either help the Govt. or the Police in setting the stage for a longer period of soul searching to arrive at the formula we want for the Police Force for the next 50 years!

I firmly believe that once the initial assessments are made the Commissions MUST request an overall change in attitude and behavior and recommend the first steps to be taken to determine, how best to speed up this process in an Institution with entrenched prejudices against ALL sorts of marginalized communities be they gypsies, farmers, poor, illiterate, beggars, prostitutes and students from rural communities, all of which they can exploit for their own advantage.

I believe this force that numbers over 100,000 have been appointed NOT just on merit, but as political appointments for favors granted which completely compromise their ability to be impartial and in this case even take revenge against people of different political affiliations another despicable characteristic of the police force.

This highly politicized institution first needs a very sophisticated aptitude test done on all serving officers of all ranks. The initial steps will bring to light the people with the highest likelihood of offending, or disobeying orders to do their own thing. They will need psychological evaluation to determine if they are to be moved from their current position for the safety of the public, or be suspended, as being loose cannons that cannot be accommodated.

The morale of the force can be severely dented if this is not carried out very sensitively bearing in mind the reality of the raw materials and their penchant for mutiny. In order to even start, we must first admit there is a problem, otherwise it will not even get a response for correction. So lets start soon.      

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