Saturday, November 14, 2015

What a chaotic state of affairs where one body contradicts another!

First we saw the Justice Minister contradict the Cabinet Spokesman Rajitha Senaratne who said the Navy has been asked to take over the activities of Avante Garde. Then there was war, as Senaratne said that Justice Minister, did not open his mouth at the meeting, and instead came out with the contradiction once he made the public announcement.

Clearly the events that have subsequently transpired show that the Justice Minister has backed the wrong horse by standing by Avante Garde, when all the official information, and government steps are to the contrary. Then we have the Justice Minister’s son, calling the Health Minister an idiot, which brings out a split of mighty proportions that will effectively result in the Justice Minister having to resign, causing the Prime Minister, further damage. I have always implied that having lawyers in your cabinet is a recipe for disaster, as they think they know better, but as their loyalties are divided cannot be trusted.

Then you have the laughable saga, where the Hilton Directors appointed by Ravik K have refused to resign after the Hotel has now come under Malik Smarawickrema, and Krishantha Cooray has been appointed as the new Chairman. I cannot understand why Sagarika Delgoda and her mob have refused to resign! And have taken legal advice that said they should stand their ground. What has legal advice got to do with that, when the PM asks you to leave! Simply put you become insubordinate, no matter what the technical legal interpretation is! 

To put it simply, Mahinda was right when he said that there are two people who are governing and when he ran the show it was just himself. So he made all the decisions. Now it seems that no one is willing to take a stand and make the decisions, and wield the stick, when orders are NOT obeyed. The jokers who call themselves ministers, think they are more important than they really are and have actually become insubordinate.

Then you have some like John Amaratunga, appointing failures to high positions in the Tourism Ministry and giving his friend and neighbor Harry J a plum Chairman post in his purview, whilst senile Paddy Witharna has been given a new lease of life, when he should have been put out to pasture at his age, and Prema Cooray who purloined a lot of funds sent for Responsible Tourism being trusted with another plum position. These are all failures, and why we bring them back, is a total abomination. We have so many young competent and energetic people who can turn round Tourism, and we give positions to proven failures, who are past their prime. It is time we call a time out, and review the performance to date, and the jokers who have contributed this appalling state of affairs and start afresh with some young blood!!  

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  1. UNP is a Catholic Party! All the new appointments go to Catholics!