Monday, August 17, 2015

Ranil wins a landslide and Mahinda gets the matslide to oblivion, and perhaps jail time!

The unofficial results are in for the Postal Voting in Polonnaruwa, and  with the UNP getting 6500 and UPFA only 3500 in a District UPFA were tipped to win, means we have a 5 year UNP administration with time and legitimate mandate to clean up Government, and NOT be beholden to special interests!

Now just think about it, we have finally arrived at being the NO 1 Democracy of the world and there is NO one who can doubt the sincerity, and political astuteness of our electorate who HAVE NOT been bought over by false promises.

Best Wishes for the new administration and Ranil when you discover any corruption in your team just feed him to the lions,

That is of course after you have fed all those of the old administration who have ruined our country to the lions as well please!