Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Towards a new political order based on Youth and Future

Time for a rethink of “Sustainable Development Strategy”  

Technically your period of youth is finite, so in introducing a new culture, the basic assumption is that of a finite period in decision making, where there is constant change, when one set of people handover to a younger set continuously.

In the present culture, where our lawmakers hang on to dear life for LIFE and never give up until literally killed or pushed out, this concept is not easily fathomable, but when one sees Obama and Cameron taking over the reins of large and powerful countries in their 40s and 30s it begs the question why we continue to play billiards with those in their late 60s!

I agree, this act of self preservation has excluded women and youth from entering this club in decent numbers so as to make a difference and influence comparative thinking. That is why those communities don’t get their fair share of the pie that is being cut and by that same token feel left out of decision making. The disabled also need much more representation in decision making too.

We must begin to search for youth and it is even better if we can find enlightened young women. I know we have extremely talented and bright female youth coming out of CIS and going to Cambridge and Oxford. However they are more career minded than civic minded, and don’t relate to the majority needs and aspirations, they being the particularly fortunate being able to develop the minds they were born with, without barriers. Their enlightened parents have given them a head start in their lives, that would be the envy of rural folk.

I am one to suggest we design a plan to first identify the best and brightest amongst our youth and give them this head start, in some way. I type of scholarship, being mindful about their backgrounds, so they are not made to feel particularly deprived, but really privileged. This should not try to be a social experiment, but like in France turn out the best administrators from their elite Universities, which pick up the best and give them the needed tools.

It is doable, and I hope our law makers have a vision to put the Country first permitting the identification of these people to be put in high places at an early age to develop their skills, as without them, they will be unable to grasp the challenge we entrust upon them. It is confidence that is the most important of these, as it is proven the world over that they perform better than expected.      

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