Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It is this BUSINESS AS USUAL stance that has to stop!

The Sri Lankan voter simply voted for Yahapalanaya, as the only redemption for 7 decades of corruption and nepotism. What have we got in return? Business as usual with the same behavior. Shocking!

The link above explains in a nutshell, why so, and whilst not offering a solution, alerts the reader to the real state of affairs, that needs good leadership to overturn, if we are ever to return to the PROMISED LAND.

We the hapless voter, the long suffering citizen, who toils all day to make the wheels of the Economy turn, so we have an improved economy, providing for our citizens, see all this effort in vain, due to uneducated people who have grabbed or held on to power for so long, NOT changing their ways in keeping with the promises to the voters at the Elections.

This story is NOTHING new, but at least we thought that the revolution of January 8 2015 would be a real revolution and NOT A MIRAGE or something in our imagination!

We can still overturn this business as usual if both the PM and President put aside their differences and take control of the situation and ensure that all these acts of bastardization are stopped, and people involved severely punished.

Mahinda Rakapakse used his power, but for a wrong purpose, his own ascendancy. Ranil Wickremesinghe has not used his power at all, and we are awaiting the commencement! Come on RW time you wake up and wield the axe, sword or even laser guided missile all at your disposal to eviscerate these jokers from our midst. ALL TRAITORS of the Nation.

It looks like you are the only person currently with no mud stuck on you! So Prime Minister, it is an all or nothing chance, that history will give you credit for no matter the present is still littered with excreta in Parliament.

Start by holding to account everyone who has been appointed to a Ministry to ensure that they carry out their duties without fear or favor in the NATION’S INTEREST. Tell them punishment for not doing so will be severe.

I will show in the next few blog entries what is needed to begin enforcing YAHAPALANAYA which has come to a halt at the moment due to the above abuse of authority, and if you follow it you will definitely come out on top.  

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