Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Now it is Kondaya who is making hay while the Sun shines

If the previous blog post was not enough to convince the public that they are the fools, it is worthy to note how Kondaya is also being manipulated for the benefit of other parties.

Now with Kondaya being represented by another sub category of opportunist, lawyers looking for fame, Udul Premaratne another former JVP student leader has raised his ugly head. He was surprise surprise a former IUSF convener! How the wheels of fortune shine on the wicked!

For all the faults of the Police in this case, to use this man, and get him to lie in public to further degrade an already embarrassed and harassed police force that is suffering multiple organ failure, we must not stamp on a suffering beast to get our vicarious satisfaction of revenge for past sins.

I noted that both Kithsiri Manchanayaka, former Provincial Councilor and Minister Ranjan Ramanayake defended the Police in the area, as they represent the Divulapitiya and Badalgama areas. They further accused Kondaya of manipulating the media for profit, and making money from his new found fame, as a public figure, despite his inappropriate incarceration and initial implication.

It is likely that the opportunistic lawyer had a hand in this circus, and false or exaggerated statements are being made to excite the easily manipulated media, wanting some sensational story to pique the interest of their readership, viewership and listeners.  

To cut to the chase, the police are upset with Kondaya for taking the upper hand getting the sympathy, relishing his moment in the Sun, and possibly charging money for his story which is resulting in some false claims of interrogation which the police with the pressure on them, are unable to deny!

Further the real victims, the parents of Seya are viewing this whole saga, as others taking advantage of their child’s murder for their own personal agenda and gains.

In this whole miserable incident, it is regrettable that the media has manipulated the public so that Kondaya and the other two people falsely accused are benefitting from public sympathy, while the parents of the murdered girl are grieving, whilst also being falsely accused initially of the child’s murder!      

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