Friday, November 20, 2015

The Prime Minister needs a full time Chief of Staff to run the SHOW!

The PM is undoubtedly the Chairman of the Board, with the overall vision of what it is that is required. He needs a full time Chief of Staff to effectively implement his edicts and desires. This is somewhat in the way that Gamini Senerath did for Mahinda Rajapakse, but Gamini Senerath was a rogue putting self before Country, though he no doubt had the capacity to implement.

His thievery may have been predicated by the daylight robberies carried out with Presidential consent by Sajin Vaas, but nevertheless he missed a great opportunity to carry out a strong leaders good ideas as it pertains to improving the livelihood of the masses of people in the long run, which is all I care about personally, as I have flogged to its conclusion in my blog. Read all thousand pages, and you will be clear that I have a suggestion for improving every aspect of our lives.

So it is with that object in mind, and NOT to belittle the Gentleman that is Sagala Ratnayake, who already has two portfolios which in my opinion is two too many, to deal with the Law and Order and Southern Development!

There is SO MUCH work to be done, and no one willing to take responsibility to do it. This job should be done by a NON Political person, with perhaps an MBA type background and all round experience in every aspect of our society, who will know how to prioritize, and separate the political part of the job with the productive part of the job, that sometimes clashes in this situation.

He will then be able to handle those people who are to be assisted due to 25 years of political victimization, and those who have assisted the UNP Govt. to be elected, few of whom after one year, have been helped, and are now at the end of the tether, all ready to leave the party and vote against it at the next polls!

At the same time the 100s of projects that require implementation, that no one is willing to do, for all sorts of reasons, including passing the buck, as most don’t know what their purview is and so he would give a task list to the Ministries, on priorities and essentials and monitor progress. At present few if any Minister knows how to manage his ministry nor does he know what it is he needs to do, a sad reflection of the incompetence of the people holding these jobs!  

The Chief of Staff will be able to tell these BABIES what they need to do. Too much time has been wasted and too much water has already flown and we don’t have time to waste, as the urgency of the action is desperate to say the least, and none in Govt. seem to realize the impending clouds in the horizon, that will completely overshadow any implementation in future, if there is any more delay     

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