Monday, November 9, 2015

When you contribute to one's demise, Should you take pains to give him a hero's farewell?

I am completely at a loss to understand the psychology of people, who no one doubts contributed to the heartache and final death of the Rev. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera, and who now are in the thick of organizing his funeral more in the guise of a State Funeral and a National Day of Mourning!

Is it right that they be allowed to do so?

I don't know how as a Nation we can tolerate such hypocrites in our midst, and worse elect them to High Office to take steps to alter the destination and future of this Country.

It is time that the public who are witness to such gerry mandering say enough is enough and chase these necropheliacs from Parliament once and for all.

It is pointless merely to hold this opinion, it is important that we do something about it.

Today, a very decisive day in the Country, when the Cabinet MUST make a decision on what on earth has gone on with the Avante Garde Investigation, instead of just fighting each other for the Moral High ground!

There is no honor among thieves and let no one without sin cast the first stone.

So let us hope some sense comes out of this meeting, and that the pure application of the Law is not what is accepted but the spirit of the Law, something lawyers really dont understand.

Let the people realise that Lawyers are people who defend murderers, and do and say what is necessary to get him off! So don't trust what they say as they are merely prostitutes to their paymaster.

Let us therefore accept that there are wrongs that have taken place that a person died for without realising his dream

It is for us to let his dream live on by turning this country around, riding it of rogues and placing it the hands of people who HOLD THE PEOPLE'S TRUST,

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