Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Police – Who is capable of transforming them to Civilian Protection?

Currently they still seem to think they must protect the Government in Power (their lords and masters!)

We are gradually being presented with a myriad of theories, where the behavior of the Police and the explanations they give at Press Conferences are examined using theoretical and philosophical studies, and more fundamental behavioral studies.

Letters written to the Police Commission come with advice as to what their remit is and how they should tackle this problem.

Then 10 years of giving them  absolute powers of a Police State by the Mahinda Rajapakse government gave them a sense of entitlement never before bestowed on such a grand scale, permitting absolute abuse, from which weaning them out is tantamount to refusing to give a baby who has a sweet tooth any more sugar! In short they don’t even know what is good for them and their future.

So what do we do now? Change MUST COME FROM THE TOP

Let the reader note that the Police Chief was NOT changed on change of Govt. due to his supposed role in preventing a Coup in January on the night of the Presidential Election. His association with the past regime, and his non appearance at crucial stages of the Seya Inquiry and his convenient absence at an international Police Booze up in Ruwanda in this current case, is an indication if one is needed for his removal and replacement.

The problem is ALL the DIGs are in the same boat. Incompetent buffoons promoted mainly during the previous regime, for being compliant. What you need is a game changer who commands the respect of the Police Force as a whole. If appointed from outside, this will create shock waves!

I recommend we go down to the SSP level to choose a new IGP, one with no close associations to any political leanings as the in truth the Police MUST be apolitical! Something itself that is new to the Sri Lankan psyche, if we can move forward on what their principal role in a democracy should be.

I am CONFIDENT that the shock wave that hits the Police from this type of double promotion, will be sufficient for the force below them to realize that change has truly arrived, and they had better all buckle down to the “yahapalanaya” concept that they smugly thought they were immune from! 

So let us cut to the chase and make this BOLD STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION

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