Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The University IUSF inspired demos are a completely politically motivated scam! Its time the PUBLIC protested against IUSF

I understand that the Magistrate had to grant an enjoining order to prevent protests in the Parliament area today, and according to the news item they are now trying to HALT PRIVATE EDUCATION in the Tertiary Sector.

Valuable Parliamentary time is being wasted by some jokers in the Opposition trying to protest the HNDA incident inside the well of the Parliament itself. Are these kinds of fools we elected to Parliament?

Sri Lanka will not be able to progress until Firstly, Students begin to value the Free Education they get and NOT prevent others from paying for it. Get a life, how can you prevent anyone from paying for an Education, as that is anyone’s freedom. Free Education is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT!. Wasting this privilege on demonstrations forcing others to stop paying for Education is a completely asinine way of not getting an Education yourself and trying to stop someone from investing his time and money on Education to show your folly.

Frankly it is time the Parliament immediately stop demonstrations. They should reserve the right to ban students who break this rule, if they have not first discussed with the authorities about their grievances.

The Govt. was caught off guard by POLICE INCOMPETENCE and has taken overkill measures to investigate. So this action by students bent purely on an opportunistic streak is regrettable.

In any case the HNDA grievances have been granted, and as I already reported earlier, the students have now got together all the Universities to agitate to stop fee levying institutions! I am surprised they have any grey matter left, and we call these kids the best and brightest of the land to get into University!

I will be surprised if any of them are even able to land a decent job due to their degree, over above what they could have got 10 years earlier upon just sting for O levels. For the demonstrators a degree seems a regressive step.

This is coming from ONE who has spent years trying to empower our students who due to a poor Education system are not even intelligent enough to realize that I am only trying to make them more employable, by giving them some insight into the working world and job opportunities available and how they might go about getting a rewarding job. What can I do if they self destruct?


  1. You Toyya seem to have been a little unsettled don't you? Things won't be easy for Yahapanayas in future as the whole Yahapalanaya project is built on deceit and lies.

    Yahapanaya is, in fact, yet another project by the Vatican in its march towards recreating the Roman Empire. But it is doomed to be a huge failure as its main camp-the USA supplying foot-soldiers to the modern day empire building is crumbling. Its end is near!

  2. Now Kiriella says it is a conspiracy of the Rajapakse opposition who held the demo, as he had already given into the demands that the Rajapakse administration has refused. It is time students realize that they are just being used as pawns in a much bigger power game, and as they are uneducated and gullible (fault of the education system that prefers it that way) don't realize it!