Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Micro Finance Debt – inability to pay – has nothing to do with region, it is a common issue across the Country

As usual the pontificating donkeys, also known as ministers are hypothesizing debt into the Northern Debt being special which needs to be forgiven, and not the debt taken by women in the rest of the Country. Bull Shit!!

There are philosophical issues that must be addressed and let us do that one by one. Let’s home in on where the real problem lies. It is with the microfinance lending practice of first targeting women, whether they are women headed households or not. The assumption is this population is less likely to default.

Then they pick on vulnerable, as in financially not savvy women and get them to find a guarantor, usually three women cross guarantee for each other, and the money is promptly paid, not looking whether women have any prior experience in paying off such debt.

The predator salesmen are only concerned about their commission which depends on the number of households they can lend to, and has nothing to do with the evaluation of a business plan.

A capping of the interest rates, will result in lower lending to these vulnerable people, as lending criteria will have to change to safer bets. It will prevent these people being targeted. However there is a catch, the need to pick out those who will then go to the local money lender.

In short they will not be forced into taking loans they cannot pay, but will go to the money lender who lends at high rates, without guarantors for expenses, that no one else will lend on. These vulnerable people have NO SAFETY NET.

It is the duty of the Samurdhi Niladari to identify families in this debt trap, for special assistance, and advise them before they mortgage their lands to raise funds. Invariably the local money lender who charges usurious rates, will end up owning the property by default, further pauperizing these families.

It is this vulnerable population, anywhere in the country who MUST be helped. The question is, “how can you identify them?” and intervene before they go from the frying pan into the fire. In short one is helping those trapped in poverty, without the financial savvy to extricate them from this debt burden. Microfinance writes off debt, money lenders take everything, leaving nothing.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Where is the media in defending the security of the nation?

When a debate in parliament took place, to effectively fool people again both by the Govt. and Opposition to imply that troop numbers are all that matter, the media SHOULD HAVE POINTED OUT THE FALLACY

When the whole world is reducing the strength of their forces and that includes the US, UK, China Russia and India, and going hi tec, we in Sri Lanka are debating the issue of whether to reduce the strength of the Forces or not.

Of course it is a no brainer that  we should have a more agile fighting force, which could be deployed immediately if trouble arises. Mobile Camps are the answer and is a well known form of security which it seems only Sri Lanka does not know about!

So let us leave the defence of the nation to the forces, to present their requests for the future security and for a proper independent analysis of its need, rather than be determined by people with personal agendas.

We are paying Rs50BN a year just to feed the forces. That is simply unacceptable.  So if you downsize by a quarter, If I had just a quarter of that to get ONE good brigade to be deployed whenever trouble occurs, that is better, while getting rid of excess bodies that is a quarter of the force in a five year period.

So why is the media not pointing this out? The fact is the forces are NOT nimble as there are too many structures that serve no purpose, other than just give people title and nothing else. 

What do we want? Security of the land. How do you get it? Reduce the number and beef up the logistics using the latest technology. As Sri Lanka is a small country, we can get any amount of troops from one place to another in a matter of a few hours, by land sea or air. 

What we don't have is the equipment to move them quickly and that is the need of the hour and not the bodies. the bodies are needed to run the economy, not sit around pissing in their boots. So redirect the personnel to civilian essentials not covered and use the money saved to getting transportation items to ensure we can fight any battle, big or small within an hour of it breaking out, where ever it maybe. Who is going to argue with that?

The present 250+ Army Camps don't even have bullets that work to last one hour of battle, so why even have them? We are only putting our soldiers in harm's way. 

So who do we blame for that? the Civilian Government not acquiescing to forces commanders needs. So who are the traitors? Everyone of the people who are warming their seats in Parliament? Not one person not even Field Marshal SF has pointed this terrible state of affairs.  

Why is Parliament littered with Bozos who appeal to their gallery? It’s called Democracy stupid!!

Taking a cue from what transpired in Parliament yesterday, where the Government had to answer the allegation by the opposition, that the Army was downsizing, allegations made by Bozo Dinesh Gunewardena, seeking to get some brownie points from his gallery, by implying that he is trying to defend the nation by keeping the Army at the present numbers. So one mistake does not make it into two wrongs.

Mistake ONE – The Quality of an Army to satisfactorily defend a nation from their brief has nothing to do with troop strength.

Mistake TWO – Denying that the numbers will be reduced is itself a lie, as what is needed is a MORE EFFECTIVE security force, not strength in numbers.

To illustrate how bankrupt both the Government and Opposition are in terms of their inability to truly represent the needs of the Nation, is their pandering to the Gallery, as votes are supposed to be obtained by telling lies, as the truth will not win an election in Sri Lanka.

So we come back to the reason we are in the backwaters of the world, when we can easily be in the forefront, but for the  intellectual bankruptcy of the electorate to whom, the education system has completely failed.

I know I can defend the whole country with a troop strength of a maximum of 50,000 well trained, high mobility force, equipped with drones, helicopters, high technology surveillance, BETTER than today’s army can, with lower capacity manpower, but with the nimbleness of a rapid deployment force.

As usual our donkeys in Parliament have missed the whole point. We have seas, our economic zone, which is being plundered by foreign trawlers DAILY, and they have not pointed that we need a Navy strength at 5 times present, with vessels equipped with latest technology to prevent the POACHING WAR.

WE ARE CURRENTLY AT WAR IN THE HIGH SEAS AND DONKEYS IN PARLIAMENT HAVE NOT RAISED THIS ISSUE YET! So what is the good of idiots who just want to hear the sound of their voice, not realizing they are all traitors for NOT defending our economic rights, from being stolen in daylight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Count ourselves very fortunate in Sri Lanka - the Rest of the World has been gripped by heatwaves these past weeks

Sri Lankans tend to always look at the worst, or have pessimistic outlooks on life.

The past month has seen record breaking high temperatures throughout the world, but we in Sri Lanka have not experienced any extremes.


The link above is worth reading as it will bring to your attention how extreme some of the temperature has been.

Only if you live in a place and experience unusually high or unusually low temperatures will you understand how different life at that moment is.

In England roads have melted for the heat. Some people dare not go out of their houses and just imagine in many temperate countries they only have heaters and no airconditioners or fans, so people are really suffering the sweltering heat.

There has been no reference in the gutter press to the extreme heatwave the world is experiencing, and worse no indication to people in Sri Lanka that they truly live in Paradise, but where people still leave this country to move to countries experiencing such weather and temperature changes, only because the SYSTEM in Sri Lanka has pushed them out.

So what is this system I refer to?

A parochial society, where performance is not appreciated. Where the old school tie matters more than ability leading the best of the rest to leave Sri Lanka for pastures anew to give their all to the Country that welcomes them, being disgusted with the Country of their birth that effectively chased away some of our best citizens, as they don't recognize quality and true Human Resource Potential

It is only this resource that we lack in Sri Lanka, because we actually had them, but we chased the people away, so that idiots getting into positions of authority have stifled their upward mobility.

We must change this misconception, so we can give the truly talented a chance within Sri Lanka to display what they are capable of.

So literally we chase people from the frying pan to the fire in these extreme temperature countries because we are unable to give credit where it is due to good people, giving them the promotion needed or even at the beginning give them a living wage on which to build their lives and lay down their roots in Sri Lanka 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Foolish Southern Politicians have raised Vijayakala to heights even she could never have imagined – what say you?

In this era of fake news, planted news, manufactured news, nothing is truly what it seems. So to see our Fellow Sinhala Bretheran becoming KULAPPUFIED is the epitome of hilarity, except they have created a FRANKENSTEIN.

Even Vijayakala Maheswaran, in her wildest dreams did not realize she will be made a heroine in the North, purely because of a foolish TV channel called Derana that gave her story a spin that it needed to go viral. If I was Tamil I will be clapping like blazes watching the fun and reading the dick head comments.

Don’t forget in life, if you think you are smart, it comes back to haunt you. One must be humble, help the downtrodden. Vijayakala after all lost her husband 10 years ago, when she was only 35, a housewife thrust into politics because of it.

The husband was a successful businessman, who it says fell to a LTTE bullet, but even there, we have no proof as to who gave the order to kill and exactly why. Let’s leave it at that and come to present amusement gone serious.

If you were God and looking down on this scene of a whole bunch of people taking a cue from Vijakala’s speech WITHOUT listening to it fully, knowing the context in which it was made, knowing the people she made it to, and the rational she was usingto make it, will come out with a different interpretation. We Lankans are easily excited, and even more easily swayed into a fear psychosis to make hay, completely out of context and before the speech was analyzed by Tamil independent observers, who can catch the nuance of what she says, not the literal translation of their interpretation of what she meant.

I find this whole saga entertaining to say the least, the fact that the PM has got involved, instead of ignoring the whole fracas and having a private chat with the instigator, to find out what made her blurt, shows even he is KULLAPUFIED~

Does anyone in the South, even some Southern Tamils, know what it is like to be Tamil in Jaffna, know what people are facing and know that they have all become political footballs in games that other Tamil politicians are playing for their own survival in the north and worse others in the South? I am sure NOT.

IN those circumstances, when there is NO PROGRESS in the daily lives of the people, frustration and anger boils and it shows in mysterious ways.

A Tamil Boy in Jaffna, who lives amongst the present climate there, would find living in Jaffna very obtrusive, and frustrating. He gets money from relatives as a sort of peace offering to their poor relations in Jaffna, so he is not in want for food. His friends face similar outlook, and get into trouble with the law, like all kids with a few bucks in the pocket, always do. Alcohol abuse and even drugs is common, and it is known that the Forces in the past used this mode to keep people non-compus. So alcohol abuse was a widespread means of control of the civilian population.

When you get in trouble with the law and have to answer to a policeman in Sinhala and you don’t know what the hell he is saying you again tense up and anger boils inside of you, wishing the LTTE at least were back, so that their police at least had imposed some rules and order and spoke in Tamil.

You may laugh and think it frivolous but it is true, that the hopeless ness of people in the north with their leaders just as much as it is with the government has led Tamil leaders like Vijayakala to be opportunistic in utterances, wishing for a return of the LTTE if indeed that is what she wishes, and I am still waiting for a full transcript in English, of the whole speech in order to make head of tails of what she was trying to say.

Remember I am not being judgmental yet, as I don’t know what was said in full, and taking voice cuts is the worst thing that has happened to Sri Lankan news as every voice cut even in Sinhala differs from the intent, if one listens to the whole speech, be it from Ranil or Mahinda or for that matter from anyone whose voice cut is broadcast. So Vijayakala’s is NO DIFFERENT to the rest.

There are far bigger threats that the fear of the LTTE making a comeback, especially as the Sinhala People foolish as they are will suddenly find that the Chinese have bought up all of Sri Lanka except for he bits that the Muslims and Tamils own, as they are capable of holding out for a bigger prize, while the Sinhala people will sell their mothers and fathers to the Chinaman for a few bob.

I can fight the LTTE single handed with a few drones and don’t need an army, so I don’t know why the people are worried of a comeback. The only reason they will gain traction is because of the sordid way they have mucked up the peace dividend.

Do you know what I would have done? I would simply offer every Tamil female head of household a job in the South for her and a place to live for the rest of the family, and are you telling me she will not come? Of course she will if the Tamil parties are not allowed to interfere and prevent her. Why should she stay to put up with shit, no jobs, no prospects, when someone is offering a way out for her family to prosper? SLAM DUNK – and BOO HOO TO YOO


As this article goes to press, I note that Parliament has adjourned for the day due to the Maheswaran Speech and no one in Parliament has heard it in full. So you can imagine what kind of excuses for human beings we have in Parliament to waste their time on nothing. I am sorry to say that we seem to have a bunch of real donkeys in parliament adjourning when there are many more important matters than Vijakala or the NYT report likely to be planted about the MR campaign receiving funds. All that is fake news, the real news is that the whole of the Country is corrupt to the core and the 225 in parliament lead that pack. To hide their nakedness they engage in frivolity to KULLAPUFY the general public and divert their interests from matters of state.

They have by even adjourning give the LTTE more credit than it is due. No wonder it empowered Prabakaran and no wonder it is going to encourage the Diaspora, because of the silly and puerile behavior of the leaders of this Country, who don't care about the people, just want a voice cut that will fool the listener or viewer, that is simply all.

We pray for this Country to receive leaders who actually cares about the well being of every man woman and child in Sri Lanka irrespective of their belief system.