Thursday, November 19, 2015

Unemployed Graduates – You are unemployed because you are not employable!

I have dealt with unemployed graduates extensively, because they have asked me to do what I can to find them suitable employment and in the process interviewed them as to the skills they have and their attitude to work.

There is a common denominator amongst them. They are work shy. In an economy of 250,000 vacancies, it is quite unforgivable and in fact unacceptable bordering on treachery that they had a free education and have not found employment!

It is this fact fo free education that has kept them from finding work, and worse feeling that somehow society or government owes them a job. The Country has spent nearly Rs500,000 on their education, and they have NOT been able to convert that into a remunerative job. Whose fault is that? Not the state’s surely!

It is time they understand reality. Most of them, have done some odd jobs and so are not really unemployed in the strict sense of the word. It is just that they are waiting for a highly paid job that they believe that they are entitled to form the govt. and I am sure that is why they are demonstrating in Colombo blocking the traffic and basically making a nuisance of themselves,

Frankly, I can tell you that they have NO sympathy from the private sector employers and if they have not worked in a decent job, are unlikely now to be hired, as they would be considered to be lazy. Can you blame a private sector employer for questioning their real motives!

It is time that someone had the guts to challenge them head on, and tell them that they are living in a different non-existent world, that they need to return to the real world and start doing something with their lives. 

No intelligent person, would waste their time doing nothing. A person who have been empowered will never wait for a job, and will do what is necessary to find one. So what is this group? Are they just a radicalized, with feelings of ENTITLEMENT, causing a nuisance to society, by their actions, but are unable to understand they live in 2015.

The sooner the Govt. tells them that there are jobs for them to apply and if they are suitable they will be hired, and that no one can promise them employment as their attitude to the job they receive cannot be relied upon to be sincere. I know they will not like it, but society must be clear. If you get a state university degree, the state’s freebie stops there. Its your privilege to do what you want.  

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