Monday, November 2, 2015

It is time for action now, no more words – only then will promised change actually happen!

What are we waiting for? It seems like an eternity since the pompous promises made at the last General Election. It is obvious that none of them have or will be delivered in the way we were expecting them.

You will no doubt be given reasons as to why they cannot be fulfilled, but any street urchin worthy of his profession will know, that they have caused pie in the sky problems, and actually have backfired.

The Govt. servant salary increase of Rs10K a month. The Guaranteed price for Tea, Rubber and Paddy and the reduction in Fuel Prices have created the problem and NOT solved it. Electorally the Govt. is already drowned out! I will post an entry in the near future to even explain why the Government servant pay raise has affected the economy adversely in ways that were not even contemplated.

Instead of making any sense in the way the Economy is managed, with new bills on RTI, Revenue raising from the Wealthy, cutting fraud and corruption that costs the Country Billions a day, we have our parliamentarians and leaders galloping round the world in the pretext of work.

The latest is the visit to China of 17 new parliamentarians!

This is a means for the new MPs to plan how they can work together for their betterment, taking as much of the privileges as possible from the State, and these private friendships will hold despite the bickering across the political divide for the gullible public to be fooled on! This is how it has always been.

Frankly is this the way to get up to speed on solving the pressing affairs of the day? There was a report just yesterday saying the import of 32,000 duty free vehicles has cost the Govt. Rs147B in duty concessions, and that is double the budget deficit!!

The facts are at hand, it is time to make the change, but don’t expect anything anytime soon.

So how do we demand what was promised? How do we pressure the Govt. to deliver, despite their screaming that they don’t have the money to deliver, as they suddenly found the mess the Rajapakses left the economy in was much worse than they had expected!

Simple, let us start with the list that does not involve any cost. Start drafting the new Constitution that will last till at least 2065, that enshrines in law, rights of the Disabled, Elderly, Children and Women. This should also prevent the hijacking of the state by a cabal, by the system of checks and balances.

Next, immediately strengthening the effectiveness of the Police force from a corrupt rabble to a disciplined force that commands respect of the public.

Then the strengthening of the Judiciary to ensure independence, swift action of cases, clearing the backlog, and improving the quality of judges by increasing their remittances.

A complete overhaul of the Education system is the next priority and can be done in concurrence with the above, but the priority MUST be improving the overall quality of the Teachers, beginning with Montessori teachers as a must to inject a sense of citizenship amongst children, to love the Country and in doing so preserve the environment reduce pollution, and encourage recycling where practical currently not part of the Education curriculum.

Unless we are able to instill this in the small child, over the importance of passing the Grade 5 exam, we cannot expect a school leaver to have ingested these values automatically.

The Right to Information Bill (RTI) if passed immediately will strengthen the fight against corruption, and reduce the likelihood of lawmakers trying to take the state for a ride.

In summary this is not a tall order at all, and we will see results immediately, as FDI depends solely on Laws, and the knowledge that there is swift justice in cases where there is a breakdown. To pretend otherwise, as many in power seem to think is simply a dreamers folly that needs awakening and action.

Finally the public need to be clearly informed, and the disinformation traitors silenced by a more educated public NOT willing to be taken in anymore by false rhetoric that is still common, and feeds the gullible!

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