Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AGs Department playing politics about who is to be appointed next AG!

It is a crying shame that the AGs department is busy trying to impress the leadership on one’s merits for promotion to AG whilst they should all be pulled up for dereliction of duty! Who is to pull them up? The current AG wants to quietly retire without rocking the boat and get some other sinecure that helps him schmooze at a level beyond his pay grade!

The Minister of Justice is trying to hold on to his job by using all sorts of side shows to distract people from the real problem of his Tax Fraud. Millions of unpaid income taxes from fees he has received from all manner of dubious persons! He thinks the people who have paid him fees have not reported it to the authorities as they needed a tax deduction from their profits, for over charged legal fees. These fees in turn have NOT been recorded as income.

In the meantime the AGs department is grossly undermanned, under resourced and underfunded being tasked with some of the most important affairs of state, and the blame all falls on the Government. I fault the Minister for not bringing his request front and center at Cabinet, instead of taking pot shots at the other Jonah in the pack, called the Cabinet Spokesman Rajitha Senarathna, who has a penchant for lying through his nether regions.

In the end due to the fault of the AGs department, the Govt. of the day could fall, back into the hands of MARA! Is this the plan hatched by the Minister of Justice? We will know soon enough, as RW has already pulled him up!  

All these games are very well, if not for the fact that they are playing with the lives of 20 million Sri Lankans and their future.

It is time the PM intervened, get the Justice Minister fired, and beef up the AGs department, by giving them all the resources necessary to bring to book all those who have broken the law in the cases currently being handled, but who have hitherto been unable to gather sufficient evidence to convict.

The true colors of a Country of Good Governance will only be shown, when the law is followed to convict those who have committed massive frauds and crimes against the state, depriving millions of people of Sri Lanka from their livelihood   

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  1. It is best to appoint the next AG from outside of the Dept. as you need someone outside of the Box to instill some new values and objectives to an institution that has lost its way.

    The behaviour of all these additional Solicitor Generals proves the point. There is just too much work outstanding to fiddle while Rome burns!