Thursday, November 5, 2015

AVANTE GARDE – the mentally challenged Parliament have NO CLUE as to the nub of the argument

It is quite pathetic, and embarrassing to hear Members of Parliament debating the Avante Garde incident like a bunch of Montessori kids. They have no clue as to what is the essence of the problem.

One is that of the efficacy of granting AG the sole rights to the maritime security of international shipping, the principal business of the Company. Secondly, as to the level of Money Laundering that took place, effectively shifting earnings of the Company, as high as US$1B to offshore bank accounts, still out of the jurisdiction of the investigating authorities who have no clue as to how to go about it.  

The US Financial Crimes unit know exactly where the money is, in which accounts, where and under whose names, and how much has come and gone out to whom. They only don’t know when cash has passed who these bribes have been paid to and if in this case the Law and Order Minister, Tilak Marapane when he was a legal adviser to AG what magnitude Rs50M+ of fees he was paid, and no one can tell if part was bribe to bat on his behalf and part genuine fee to defend the Company! You the reader come to your own conclusions. Otherwise why would he defend AG in Parliament? I don’t have Hansard to report the actual words used.

This kind of shameful behavior can occur in Sri Lanka, because the people are incapable of questioning right and wrong, and the Media too are bought for peanuts!

When Wijeydasa Rajapakse the Justice Minister makes such asinine comments in Parliament when he should merely admit, he had not instructed the AGs department in the investigation, to follow the leads, instead of just looking at the validity of the arms transactions, see link below, what hope we have when such brainless people even head justice! So much for the quality of Sri Lankan lawyers, who cannot think outside the box, only what they study!

Then the farce of PRESIFAC questioning a former Navy Commander on how arms were handed to AG! Are they nuts? Don’t they know what the real questions they must ask are!

Reader please consider that AG had three former Naval Commanders as Consultants with a benefit package of at least Rs500K a month each most of it NOT disclosed, from AG. Why might that have been? What special help can they give AG on how it runs its Sea Marshalls? It is just to keep them from revealing all what they know but it is up to PRESIFAC to ask the right questions.  

When you have jokers in PRECIFAC who don’t even know how to access the internet to make themselves fully briefed on how this operation worked, what hope have we got for an investigation to protect the Laws of Sri Lanka, and prosecute ONLY those who have broken the law, and not go on a witchunt.

Then how convenient for the Speaker to allow an Adjournment Debate on this, when the whole matter is still under investigation and may prejudice the Governments fact finding part of it. Surely the speaker has brains to know the law on this matter. This single act will prejudice the whole case and one day when it come to the Supreme Court it could be thrown out of a technicality.

I would hate to say that even the Speaker has been bought over to allow this debate, so it will save the Company from prosecution, as NO ONE in the Media or MPs in Parliament will suspect such by allowing the debate!

Just think about it. How sinister is the man behind AG. He is ahead of the curve of all our lawmakers and protectors of the Law, police and judiciary to be so clever as to run rings round them. In a way I say good luck to him, as we are sadly endowed with a Country where fools and idiots are at the top of almost every Institution of Government and the Private Sector, where clever criminals can run rings round them, and the hapless public are left to mourn the wholesale plunder of their Country by one or other of these leaders and their cronies and or course the big time swindlers, be they Ethanol Importers, Drug Smugglers, Foreign Income Generators, and people unethically with exclusive rights to defraud the Country from Revenue.

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