Thursday, February 22, 2018



It has been quite clear if one was privy to the Diplomatic Correspondence between London and the Foreign Ministry in Sri Lanka, that the HC in London had no support from Colombo to her requests, admonishing the quality of the Goons in our HC, who don’t have a clue what diplomacy is all about.

Diplomacy is a fine art that cannot be merely taught in School. You either have it or you don’t. It is NOT a sinecure that you send people there, you have to send people who have a purpose, to represent the interests of Sri Lanka in the UK, most especially with the UK government and Trade & Industry in order to attract investment and show the Country in good light vis a vis our record as being in compliance with all International Norms. All idiots know that except the mentally delinquent people of the FM in Sri Lanka.

So finally when the Defence Attache behaved undiplomatically and was hailed as a hero in the motherland, even I would resign my position when the President defended his conduct and put the whole face of Sri Lanka in diplomatic terms “in the GARBAGE” to pander to the local gallery who don’t understand what treachery really is. It backfired royally in the election anyway!

Thankfully the HC is a political appointment and she not a foreign service officer. The poor foreign secretary who made the recommendation to remove the defence attaché due to conduct unbecoming of a diplomat, (his credentials as a decorated soldier DO NOT COME IN TO THE ARGUMENT HERE) was shamed by a President acting like a GONA, as he again does not understand how our interests in foreign countries are protected, more by behavior and quiet diplomacy and less by crass shows of one-upmanship!

I feel really sorry for the hard working senior officers of the Foreign Service in Sri Lanka, who have to put up with GOONS employed in the HC in the UK and elsewhere, whose ONLY qualification for the job is a connection to some DUMB politician, and NO knowledge of how best to do their specific job.

Some idiots in the UK HC in London think they are there to serve the large SL Sinhala Community in the UK who are at daggers Drawn with the Tamil Diaspora. They could not be more wrong. They are worse than the Sinhala people in SL. There are 200+ associations because they are unable to be as one, with one agenda, speaking for the Country. They are speaking for their power bases and agendas, that DON’T and are NOT congruent with that of the Country. They are simply jokers who want the HC to waste her time pandering to their needs, even if it was by prior practice, which should NOT be the precedent for future conduct, in an ever changing and diplomatically ever more complex world, which the present HC was perfectly capable of handling.

You only have to go to the Foreign Ministry in Colombo to know the caliber of the staff there.(except the foreign service professionals) They have no clue on how to serve our foreign missions scattered throughout the world and our Ambassadors and High Commissioners SUFFER IN SILENCE because they have given their lives to the DIPLOMATIC SERVICE and cannot resign!

Frankly, only a women, like High Commissioner Amari Wijewardene, with a sense of responsibility and BALLS can take a decision like she did as other people will merely warm their chairs and take the Garden Parties at the Palace as of right. She went to London for a purpose of representing Sri Lanka in the Court of St James. If she did not have support from the Government back in Colombo to do her job to the best of her ability, then GO. It takes a lot of support from the HC staff, I should say competent staff, as the majority are incompetent, for her to do her job. There is NO ONE IN THE HC IN LONDON who can write a legible letter in English for starters.

Like wikeileaks, when we finally get the correspondence between Colombo and London about what she wanted to do in London and what idiotic advice she gets from Colombo, on what she should do, if you are halfway intelligent will wonder what donkeys litter the corridors of power in SL on matters of State.

I am simply not surprised that our HC resigned as HE did not give her the respect and encouragement she deserved to do this most difficult of jobs, in as diplomatic a way as possible. He is also found severely wanting in this respect.

No matter what the usually biased and warped Media in Sri Lanka reports, the fact is that the HC did a sterling job (pardon the pun) in London and could have been the best HC we ever had, if she really had the support of officers of State to back her, instead of BACK BITING HER!

This Country does not deserve a person of that caliber and Sri Lanka has YET AGAIN lost out on a chance to raise her profile in the all too important capital London where the doyen of all the world’s DIPLOMATS gather and we still do not understand how important it is to send good people there. Let us see the next goon that HE sends, a total waste of time, to fill this post, as now the President in his race to ruin everything he touches will ruin this as part of his imprint.

The Motorcycle Madness of the Maharagama Municipal Council

This article is about the laughing stock, the people of Maharagama have been turned into, and give an opinion of how their shame can be rehabilitated a little, as otherwise anyone known to be living in Maharagama will forever be damned as IDIOTS who don't even know if they are voting for a dog let alone a dead one!

That is the level the supposedly INTELLIGENT voter of Maharagama has stooped to, a suburb of the Greater Colombo Area that has the educated, professional and supposedly until now the intelligent elite of Sri Lanka. Did they not know they were voting for Cousellers or Members to represent them to make sure the facilities provided by the Local Council were satisfactory for their well being? Instead they got what they deserve a whole unsuitable motley crew of mainly one family in Badalgama, which none of the voters of Maharagama have even heard of, and now have to lie in their own excrement, to put no other pun on this UNLESS of course my suggestion below is adopted.

I note here a link to yesterday's Daily Mirror article which touched on this issue, though they had the misfortune of interviewing the wrong people to get an independent opinion, but that is another story in itself, about media bias and ethics!

I spoke with Counsel, a very proficient senior lawyer in the AGs office to get his opinion on WHY the AG is not prosecuting these people who have clearly broken the law in a party, entering a lists of Candidates who have NO connection at all to Maharagama, some having never even set foot there! What a joke? I can understand that the Elections Commissioner would not have had the time to investigate this application and throw it out before it was even submitted as a valid list for the elections. However it is clear that only those who are ordinarily resident in Maharagama can contest for a seat in the MMC and these people are clearly ineligible.

What he said was that our adversarial system of justice is such that a person must first make a complaint at the Police Station of the alleged infringement and to his knowledge legal steps are being taken in order to do this. Once it is made by say an voter aggrieved by this inclusion, effectively compromising his right on the ballot paper to vote for a qualified candidate, then a case should be taken up by the aggrieved party, citing the AGs office as a respondent to which the AGs office will offer NO defense and then would be sent for trial to a High Court to be heard and a necessary judgment made to

 “Deny the Bicycle Party all the votes cast in favor of them as being invalid, due to various breaches of the letter and spirit of the law”

I will call it the Motocycle Madness of the Maharagama Municipal Council

In such an instance, then the Election’s Commissioner will have to re constitute the results, sans the votes cast for this GAGGLE of a party, and award a new ruling as to who has been duly returned to the Maharagama Municipal Council.

In order to free the shame of the people of Maharagama, who blindly voted for the deaf and blind or live in Badalgama and be the butt end of the jokes of people in Sri Lanka till the end of time, let us hope there are sane people left in this Country to see justice is being done without delay and spare the population of Maharagama from having to commit Hara Kiri out of SHAME.

There does not appear a basis in law to invalidate the whole election due to this absurdity, and have a new election, so let this be done FORTHWITH.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How can you have “respect” for a man who has disgraced his motherland?

The top picture is what the Sinhala people see and the bottom is what Tamil Diaspora see and this divisive difference is what we fought the war to destroy and the soldier above has through his foolish and incompetent act of Hara Kiri consigned Sri Lanka yet again to the depths of having to defend itself from unfair criticism brought about due to the acts of a few people. The Whole country suffers when foolish people act and compounded by other foolish people who commend this act, leading to a situation of self destructive behavior, aimed against the State, This is nothing short of treachery and must be punished as such if we are to make silly people understand that wee need to fall down to the standards of the fools, those demonstrating about things they know nothing about, egged on by absentee patrons who are gleefully watching Sri Lanka falling into this trap, in ways they could not have hoped to profit from before this act.

No matter that the myopic people of the motherland have bought into this stupid act of idiocy, treating it like it was heroic!

That is why how hard the honest and level headed and true patriots wish to proceed as a United Nation, the stupid majority seem to forever dispatch this country to the dogs forever, and the stupidos, from the President downwards don’t know the word Statesmanship and with leadership from the top are leading all our people like rats into the sinking river, Pied Piper if ever there was one is taking the intelligent and level headed people also with the flow into the same stinking river.

There appears to be no courageous people left in this Country to save it from itself, with anyone trying to show commonsense and true love for the Country and its image overseas has sunk like the Rajapakse Administration to believe in the motto to hell with everyone else, we are the master of our destiny and we will take it where we want, no matter what anyone may say.

As if we have no example from Myanmar to show that all their fanaticism has backfired royally on them consigning them into the armpit of history, and we are a close second indulging in theatrics with no brains, something the Lord Buddha would frown upon, and these Buddhists who don’t know their belief system persist in bastardising for what?

I appeal to the level headed minority to shame these ignorant masses full of revised lust for war, not to return to that state of bigotry and think through their foolish actions in commending an even more foolish and misdirected buffoon who may have been a soldier who was decorated, but shows he was simply out of his depth in the job he was sent to do.

Does anyone know what the job of a defence attaché is? Obviously not judging by the social media jokers even embracing a profile picture of this cretin in the guise of a soldier as if he was hero defending himself against the usual barrage of paid for LTTE morons who keep demonstrating every year and who will now demonstrate even more vociferously as we fell hook line and sinker into THEIR TRAP and we still don’t understand the damage this has caused the reputation of Sri Lanka.

We have a President who is ill advised, one questions his competence to carry out the duties of the Nation, simply falling prey like the rest of us to an act of treachery against the Country committed by fool, which we seem to applaud!