Monday, November 2, 2015

Appointing Dr.Batagoda is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

The highly qualified and well experienced civil servant, Dr BMS Batagoda,

who is a specialist in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management, has been appointed to head the committee to review the fracas of the HND Accountancy Students!

He should stick to drawing up a policy and implementing timetable for how we can get back to 33% Forest Cover that the President has proposed, and how we can manage our Natural Resources in a sustainable manner for the next 50 years.

Instead he has been shunted around many ministries as is normal amongst senior civil servants, doing peon jobs on areas that are out of his specialist interest and knowledge. I am not questioning his ability in doing this task too as he is a multi talented individual, but as is always the case in Sri Lanka, we are not optimizing the resources we have at our disposal, but are wasting it in a truly profligate way.

To cap it I understand that Parliamentary time is also going to be wasted by the Minister of Law & Order Tilak Marapone in making a special statement on this same issue tomorrow in that repository  for a waste of money, parliament of Sri Lanka. This is a great excuse for the Govt. to DO NOTHING on real issues! 

All this for what. If Batagoda concludes that the Police must undergo retraining on Policing methods for the future, then something will come off it. If Marapone also says that in future, police will only be allowed to do such and such, then that will also be good, except that ALL POLICEMEN with a tendency for violence, as is the case in such professions, have to be weeded out by testing them all and identifying those most prone to a tendency to stray from disciplined behavior when confronted to make instant decisions.

In short the whole problem was of police acting just like all humans, when they are in packs like Hyenas. They don’t know to show utmost restraint. This has to be taught. If this is mentioned in reports or parliament that is going to upset this department no end, and put them on the defensive.

In short this IS NOT THE way to attack this particular issue. We have gone about it the wrong way, and NO ONE is questioning this as it is seen by the ignorant masses as a mere Policing issue and not an attitudinal issue of our Free Education Students taking the system for a ride, courtesy of the JVP! 

If you read my blog you will know that I am most critical of the Police, however in this instance the main issue is the Students ability to demonstrate peacefully without disruption to normal life, and it has been shown clearly that they cannot and are being led to slaughter by a determined band of politically inspired thugs using little girls (University age, but thin scrawny and light!) for their advantage to gain maximum sympathy.

Please this is a serious issue, as we have permitted a far worse scenario of a determined political underclass to gain an upper hand and public sympathy in the guise of police brutality.

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