Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Who is more clever at influencing the gullible?

I have a confession to make! I have tried for 5 years to empower University Youth to put their future employability and sense of well being and satisfaction as the highest of their priorities and to carry out their tasks with this simple and understandable goal in mind.

If this was followed, then they have at least a chance of achieving their life goals. They have always accepted that premise, but have acted against that premise.

Voila you end up with the IUSF demonstrations, completely at ODDS with the personal goals that should be paramount.

Is this a herd instinct? Is it peer pressure? Is it a threat of merciless ragging? I don’t have an answer yet to that. However in my opinion, the Student in a State University who is getting a cheap, free or subsidized Education does not seem to understand the reality of the outside world which is very resistant to employing Graduates from Sri Lankan State Universities due to a series of well found prejudices.

The article in the (link above) FT of Nov 4th 2015 sums it all in a nutshell

What should State Undergraduates be demonstrating and demanding?
1                   A world class syllabus that is current. (not the outdated ones in use)
2                   Well paid and excellent academic staff, who are visionary and able to get the best out of the students. (not those who hardly turn up, moonlight at private universities and so take double pay, and NOT mark on merit but only on favoritism)
3                   Facilities to an international standard, including access to the latest scientific and international journals. (lack of resources and untrained librarians unable to teach students how to do research and write original thesis.
4                   End to ragging (as it creates slaves to unreasonable behavior)
5                   Career Counseling from year 1 with participation of Employers
6                   Start courses within 2 months of sitting for A levels (no time wasting)
7                   Intensive academic work restricting degree course to just 3 years.

8                   Quality over quantity to raise world rankings to top 100! Etc. 

I could go on and on about legitimate grievances, these being some that came to my head whilst writing this blog post.

The bottom line, was that I failed in generating any interest as an alternative to the IUSF, as I was told that only one Student body was permitted under the rules to represent the students and they are always dominated by the JVP who have got themselves entrenched into the system just like the bricks and mortar and don't allow original ideas (a hallmark of intellectual discussion)

Further as students ONLY associate with their year and faculty, IT DOES NOT permit interfaculty discussions as even halls are segregated by faculty!!!

All this has to change if Students of Sri Lanka Universities are ever hope to get a fulfilling and productive job! 

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