Sunday, November 1, 2015

We MUST immediately abolish the Ministry of Higher Education

If the recent incident is not enough to awaken the Bone Heads who run this Govt. to see sense, I don’t know what will, but taking both the asinine comments of the Minister of Higher Education, to account, as he does not even know what his job is, and complacent attitude of the bureaucrats (yes brain dead bureaucrats, who prefer to deal with such problems by calling the police, rather than confront the students) it is quite justifiable to abolish the Ministry and turnover all the responsibilities NOT presently covered to the UGC.

As is well known other Ministries such as Youth and another have taken over the tertiary institutes such as the Vocational Training Authority, NAITA and such like, why should the Ministry be the arbiter of whether to grant some course a degree status or not!

As I understand it the HND Accountancy Students wanted to be treated alike with the HND Commerce Students, in as much as they wanted their course upgraded to a degree level course, as apparently the latter has been. The Ministry is NOT the place to decide on this, as I know, when there were similar allegations by Students of the Allied Health Sciences, who wanted jobs at scales on a par of doctors in the Health Department. It is clear these students have been completely fooled by the likes of the IUSF JVP influenced students unions to go after the wrong horse!

Come on, this minor problem could easily have been discussed in an intellectual fashion, by intelligent student representatives, rather than the foolishly biased masters of the IUSF who love to give the impression that they are hard done by, and gain public sympathy for their cause which is completely unacceptable. This was clearly achieved this time, and both the Govt. and the Police, who they wish to always attack, bore the brunt.

NO Ministry, NO Ward Place, NO blockage of traffic, NO scapegoat for the troublemakers within the IUSF who completely hijacked the HNDA request into a battle against the authorities.

It is sad the General Public again have been completely fooled by FB photos and disinformation, to only see one side of the problem, without realizing who caused this in the first place, and conclude that it was planned that way. I know I have been in demonstrations myself, and if the Police use water cannon and baton charge, I would consider it a great success, and mercifully no one died. It is a clear trap that the Government fell into, as their leaders are so foolish and dumb not to realize it.
Please understand that MOST of the students in Higher Education are NOT guided by the Ministry, which has NOT even been able to assess the zillions of Higher Education Institutions to give them a grading to help the Consumer, (students and their parents) to judge the quality of these Education shops!

I hope the reader can see, just like Free Education has been translated incorrectly in Sinhala to “Nidahas Adyapanaya” when in fact it should merely be called “Nomile Adyapanaya” so the people can realize why its quality is NOT GOOD.

GOOD THINGS NOT CHEAP and CHEAP THINGS NOT GOOD should be the motto here for one to realize the conundrum! So unless it is merely called the Ministry of State Universities, as it appears that is all they control, and NOT EVEN NIBM or KDU (Kotelawala Defence University) whose capital expenditure budget is 10 times that of all the Universities in Sri Lanka combined.

I am sure an intelligent reader can get my point here. This is another of Sri Lanka’s famous misnomers, designed by the politicians to lead the public astray.

Added to this woe we have the traitor of the Previous President forgetting how much he has done to destroy Education by calling in the troops when necessary and firing live ammunition, to say that under his administration, he NEVER USED FORCE!

Can I wonder how imbecilic our voting public is to keep voting for him when he makes such statements! IS that the intelligence of the voter at stake here, or the deceit of the previous President or BOTH.

To come back to the main theme here, by giving the reins over to the UGC, let the UGC decide if it should be degree awarding.

In the end the value of any qualification is based on the reputation of the institution from which the student gets his qualification, DON’T EVER FORGET THAT! So student of the State, please be mindful that you must agitate to improve the quality of your institution so your qualification counts for something. I can assure you that the employer WILL NOT CARE A RATS ASS if your qualification is a degree or diploma as he knows its quality, and will give you a job depending on that and your other skills. Your future is IN YOUR HANDS and not in the hands of the third rate institutions which are giving you a third rate education, unless you do something seriously to change the status quo.


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