Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sri Lanka Youth – Stand up for your rights against the IUSF

It is time the youth of Sri Lanka grew up. Due to their immaturity and poor education, the IUSF and the JVP have been able to cleverly manipulate the young mind, which has NOT been taught to think through the consequences of what they are being asked to do by some manipulative so called leader, and therefore act like the following of the Pied Piper. Hence the complete take over of Student Unions in Universities by the JVP LED IUSF.

I have always maintained that a truly rounded education is the ONLY solution to making sure that Young people are NOT manipulated by the system, be it JVP or fossilized leaders of the Country who just don’t seem to be able to give up control of their own domains. In this melee, it is the Youth who get crucified, for their ignorance, as they are the canon fodder in everyone’s game of manipulation.


The latest being the Prime Minister himself, shame on him. He has misled the youth in a foolish election promise to provide one million jobs! Well if truth be told, there are no takers for the jobs now in the market and some are highly paid. In total we have approximately 250,000 unfilled vacancies in Sri Lanka.

The prime minister must be dreaming in Technicolor as he has to find the million people to take these jobs. This can be done only if he either reduces the employment in the Govt. sector by at least 500,000, attract people who currently work abroad, AND persuade the lazy youth about 500,000 who chose to sit around a junction somewhere in the country, to take just a fare or two in their three wheelers and do little else, because their working parent in the Middle East or some other country has supplied them with the three wheeler, so they don’t have to make the monthly payment for which they must work a little harder.

FIRST it is NOT the jobs that have to be created, but a whole change of heart of the people in Sri Lanka to be more industrious. So many Sri Lankan companies cannot grow due to the lack of workers, some are actually going overseas to relocate their factories just for this reason, and also because the cost of labor it TOO HIGH.

All this is because in the land of the lotus eaters, hard work is frowned upon, especially due to the very low productivity of the overstaffed state sector that encourages idleness. 

The JVP has been the cause of so many factories closing down in Sri Lanka, due to their threats and luddite actions. It is time that the Young people realize that if they wish to achieve their goals it can easily be done if they are willing to work a little harder, but in a purposeful way.   In order to achieve this end, it is the leadership development not taught in school that has to be carried out ASAP.   

We must have a crash program to identify the best and brightest and give them responsibility, and build up a youth base. We need young leaders in Sri Lanka and  there are NO able leaders. Don't  look at Parliamentarians, they are just clever morons, who have been able to manipulate the system to get people to vote for them, but have NO SKILLS in running the Country for the benefit of the future, namely YOUTH.

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