Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sri Lanka seems to be the most incident prone country in the world – and they are so one of a kind!!!!

Just think about it! Have any of you heard of an operating table, while in the middle of an operatio, falling on the surgeon and crushing his big toe?

More to the point, the hospital director sounds so blasé that he said it was a minor occurrence!!!!! That is SO Sri Lankan isn’t it?

Nothing phases, even if we are the only country in the world where the operating tables don’t conform to basic WHO guidelines on health and safety.

If you read the link below where a statement was taken from the surgeon who had his big toe crushed, he says that the staff are NOT trained in basic use of hospital equipment and instruments. COME ON SRI LANKA you can do better than that.

This is where we shoot ourselves in the foot. Even if you have the most experienced ancillary staff in the world, if they are not trained in using their tools of the trade, then that experience counts for NOTHING.

I was completely taken aback by the Administrator’s statement, as the Hospital Adminstrator’s job, is to ensure all the staff under his direction are knowledgeable.

This just about sums up the Sri Lankan disease, a complacent attitude to work, and responsibility, and even if there is injury and death, they more likely say that fate intervened and it had little to do with man’s weaknesses.

So no wonder that there is insufficient concern when road safety is shown to be terrible and the behavior of drivers on the road is unpardonable and police look the other way, only because they even don’t understand road safety, only do what they are told, like catch drivers for speeding with speed guns, even if that action of speeding DOES NOT ENDANGER anyone else’s lives but their own.

I appeal to the authorities in Sri Lanka in every sphere to use their common sense in everything they do to ensure that people know their jobs tasks, so that these minor matters do not become major matters.

This is part of the attitude change that is desperately required in this Country!