Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This Government's scam by last Government's scam artist


The link above is to a Financial Times article which is well worth reading if you are knowledgeable and intelligent to sift through its MUMBO JUMBO, meant to fool the halfwits who mostly read it.

Nivaard Cabraal has got the nerve to maintain that the problems of today are solely this Government's and he has no blame attached to him from his time as the head of the CBSL.

It is mighty disingenous of him, to point the finger solely at others.

My opinion is that both Administrations are at fault, but the real rot began from there, as his growth was merely construction lead, which can easily increase GDP rates as no allowance need be made for borrowings higher the better for growth as it goes into construction that immediately boosts growth.

No fool can argue with that, but the fools in this govt. don't know enough economics to make this simple observation that is so obvious.

Further getting into unproductive investments meant that while the money was spent while investing in Mattala hits the GDP, suddenly when the constuction and spend stops and there is no return - meaning no planes landing, immediately the investment is a zero return one. If it did yield returns, it hits the GDP.

So the MR policies of WHITE ELEPHANTS was a classic case of grwoth while the elephant was ebing built and NO GROWTH once it is over, so add that Harbor, add that Sports Stadium add that Convention Center and add that high cost low return Norochcholai to the list despite the need for Norochcholai for the power at the time, but not such a wasteful one, where the worst optioin that paid the biggest commission was chosen to fatten the pockets of the party in power.

At least for all the idiots who in charge now, at least we can criticise and Cabraal can also write this kind of criticsm for us to read. If it was during MR time a white van would have taken Cabraal where we will never find him again.

Give credit where it is due and blame where it is too. take the partisan side out of you if you are a professional and if you are not your partiality and nakedness is so apparent any fool can see.

So no more sanctimoneous sermons from you please as there is no one in this adminisrtation who can point out your obvious flaws. We are a country where the blind have led the blind all throughout and we need professionals and not charlatans who claim to be professional like NC.

I hope the readers are able to decipher the fluff from the fact in this link in today's FT to make sense or nonsense of what is said.

This govt with flawed policies like reducing price of fuel, giving govt servants raises and allowing any car permits made matters worse. If they did none of these things we would be flying with 10% growth just from the private sector effort being ab le to emply a milion more to take the vacancies now on offer.

Thanks to MR who stuffed the public service with useless people we have no one to do the good jobs and we have people who are looking at the lazy public servants and saying if he can get a paychek like this for no work, why should we go to work an d get a lower paycheck wehre we have to sign in with our thumb p\rints, It is as simple as that.

If all vacancies are filled, growth today will be 10% + but the private sector is being squeezed to balance MR's excesses

May God Help Sri Lanka from these charlatans

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

North Korea under the US sphere of influence - who loses? Russia, China & to a lesser extent, Japan and South Korea

North Korea needs US technology to improve the quality of life of their citizens, more than the US needs anything from there. So for nuclear disarmament they will benefit enormously from US aid, which to the US is pea nuts but the poor 25M North Koreans it’s a shit load of money.

A dictatorship is better able with US help to impose a development model without leaving it for market forces to find the equilibrium. With tried and tested technology, they can leap to the 5G generations, skipping even the motorbike era for its citizens.

What if Kim says I want all my roads to be ready to take autonomous vehicles from day one? It will go straight from 19th century to 22nd in one jump, and it is the South Koreans who are going to feel the heat, seeing the neighbor in the North benefitting the most.

It’s time to get your house in order to get ready to go and work in North Korea, as the opportunities for overall success are greatest.

I guess this relationship is not as bad as was thought, Kim a Generation Z at heart is ready to leapfrog. Forget the political prisoners for the moment as that is not going to achieve the planned success, until the economy begins to grow. Then you can even contemplate releasing these miserable wretches who have been tortured and starved for years, those who survived that is as we know that 20 years ago, at least 5M North Koreans starved to death due to famine.

The truly fun part is going to be when US investment completely overwhelms North Korea. Russia and China will look glumly at the increasing US influence on what they regarded as their turf.

These are the benefits of gun boat diplomacy, that the US under Trump imposed on North Korea and before you can say Jack the hard working Korean work ethic would transform the North, unspoiled and beautiful to be the latest must visit place on earth.

Coming back to earth now, it is unlikely that the doomsday scenario will take hold.

Donald J Trump will then be seen as the savior of the day, outwitting all the punters, and naysayers big time.

Pack your bags and let’s get ready for the North Korean Gold Rush, providing goods at even lower prices to the US market as they will get more preferential access than even China and Taiwan to say nothing of Japan and South Korea.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Please don't add to the number of Ministers - Please - It’s not the person, it’s the position stupid!

We must immediately reduce the number to a maximum of 30 Cabinet and Deputy, not increase it to 100

Why is there no hue and cry over the impending appointment of SIX MORE DEPUTY MINISTERS?


In a Country where nothing can be implemented, because none of the Cabinet Ministers are still clear about their responsibilities, powers, and jurisdiction, adding to the confusion is completely reprehensible.

This is what is being done to accommodate every baby who cries fould at not having anything to do, or be able to tell their backers, they can’t give jobs, as they have don’t have ministries to stuff more yes men into.

We are adding to traitors not to patriots and automatically this position is not going to be used for the benefit of Sri Lanka, its citizens and the important tasks ahead, but for more ceremonies of taking office, more places for them to sit, more positions for their lackeys and more space for their security.

It is simply crazy that for a population of 21Million, smaller than most states of the USA, most cities in China, most Provinces in India, we have people in positions but no powers, or common sense to do anything for the benefit of the Country.

Don’t misunderstand me. These people have been given positions just to be yes men, not to do a job. They are a nuisance to the Cabinet Minister as they are going to be a thorn in his side, as he has to listen to more fools, and he has enough fools to listen to already, instead of choosing someone who at least has some common sense to advise him.

Politicians are in the mistaken belief that they know what their constituencies want. Yes they know what they ask, BUT NOT WHAT THEY REALLY WANT. They are sadly intellectually challenged to see the difference and thus we have the downfall of our political system, where eigth graders are listening to people’s request, without the ability to really get to the bottom of their requests to supply what they really need to improve their lives for the better. Make no bones about it providing what they ask for will not satisfy the long term needs of the voter, it will merely satiate them till next week when they will come asking for more.

I suppose our political system works on the premise that giving a little of what they ask will make them enslaved, so beholden so the politician in question will have a following based on slavery. That is not good for the Country it is treason. That is why these appointments are against the interest of the Country.

The Handshake – World has turned on its head, and we are the better for it!

It’s true. Build a nuclear warhead threaten your neighbor by flying your ICBMs without a nuclear warhead and then POTUS will invite you for talks. Cool hah?

That’s what North Korea did, and it paid off. The world is watching, and the Country with the highest proportion of political prisoners as a percentage of the population, facing toture and starvation in Gulags, wins the day.

Rajapakse clearly misunderstood the word bullying here, and what it takes to win in the world of diplomacy.

Trump on the other hand promised his backers, that he will turn US foreign policy on its head as it did not work all this time and by doing it is own way is making some HEADWIND. So what did he do?

He saw North Korea testing Nuclear Missiles and they even taunted him by saying it was days before they could get their ICBMs to go the distance to Hawaii and obliterate that island. He then got Russia and China and tightened sanctions, and threatened to use Nuclear Weapons against Korea, (if you obliterate the North, you also obliterate the South) He brought the sixth fleet to the waters off Korea and showed he meant business.

South Korea’s new leader who was more moderate, having his parents who fled the North as part of his legacy, managed dialogue, got Kim to come made a historic meeting at the DMZ. (don’t forget the two Korea’s are still, as in even today, technically at war) Then there was another meeting again in Seoul much to the surprise of the world. Kim in the meantime went to Beijing twice to meet his supporter, President Xi, who provided the planes this time to bring his entourage and his two Mercedez Limousines to Singapore.

The South Korean leader brokered the meeting in Singapore. Trump whose art of the deal, saw the greatest photo opportunity of his Presidency come and jumped at it. So did Kim. Sanctions were eased immediately, the entrances to the Nuclear Tests sites were bombed, he agreed to halt tests and they met this morning at 8.30am or there abouts at Sentosa Island in Singapore, talks still taking place with their teams.

Despite condemnation from Human Rights Organizations all over the world who have lost credibility by trying to stop this meeting which will not even touch on the HR record at this meeting, it is being hailed everywhere as a Diplomatic Triumph for Trump and Kim, who will win the Nobel hands down.
Now for the nitty gritty:

Did you see Denis Rodman on CN? He was the front man for years, who went to Korea and got shat on by the US media, and he was crying on TV saying he had death threats on his return, because he went to the Pariah State. Now he sporting the Make America Great Again cap that the Donald used in his campaign actually has the last laugh. Even Trump’s secrtary had personally called him to thank him for his part in this historic meeting and he was reveling in the fame of the moment, knowing his long term investment in North Korea, which he said had always been let down by people making promises and breaking them, get on the world stage.

Personally I have not analysed my feelings about the HR issue, about the totalitarian regime for 75+ years of grand father, father and son in charge, ruthlessly suppressing opposition, and controlling the remaining people with fear. One has to admire how 25million people in a state that is dead broker and poverty all encompassing and people fed a diet of only the leader as God, who effectively owns the Country, more ruthless than Nero, and more grabbing of the Nation’s wealth than Ghadaffi is now hailed as a hero even in South Korea that prior to meeting with their president had 10% approval rating, 35% approval rating after the meeting with their leader at the DMZ and today 75% approval rating in South Korea of all places. That is absolutely astounding, for a man who threated to annihilate the whole of South Korea with just one missile.

Diplomacy is weired, but diplomacy that can change the stakes from fear to satisfaction without one shot of a bullet, is to me the epitome of success. In Sri Lanka we miserably FAILED. Mahinda Rajapakse who all think is a hero, miserably failed to stop the killing until he had killed all the LTTE who were left. Don’t forget he massacred thousands of his own Countrymen, using his own army. No matter that his countrymen revolted. A smart leader could have turned things around with no killing, dismantling the mad ruthless terrorist, if he was able to get his killing machine, Karuna on his side, why could he not isolate Prabarkaran, where he had NO option but to swallow his own cyanide on his neck, which the bloody coward could not do even at the end.

We learn from history, so we don’t make the same mistakes, and that is why we use history to help the present. In Sri Lanka we have fake history taught in schools and our teachers don’t even realize how fake it is when they teach it. At least we can se the world operating in our faces on TV today, a luxury our ancestors did not have. However as dumb as most Sri Lankans are few would have even seized the moment of history happening 3 flying hours away from our little island, and Singapore an even littler island getting press coverage worth US$10B in one day, when we cannot get US$1B in FDI in ONE YEAR!

Despite my reservations about Donald Trump and his art of the Deal by which his Presidency seems to be defined, you have to give him credit for at least promising to do his foreign policy in a different to style to established foreign policy, and KEEPING TO HIS PROMISE.

PS Did you not notice that there were NO US SENATORS OR CONGRESSMEN from either side of the Isle in his entourage? Well he did it on his own. 

For a great Country like the USA not even to consult or have their legislators anywhere on the scene, is tantamount to the POTUS being a dictator for a term of 4 years only. It works, knowing you could be elected one more time and that's it.

That is what MR failed to understand and failed to profit from, when being greedy to change the constitution to have a longer stint at the robbing top. Can anyone point a finger at Trump for robbing the coffers? NO. On MR the answer is a big YES. The fact you cannot get his stash from Dubai bank accounts, is not the fault of the present government. 

Dubai is the place where all the rogues of the world stash their cash. Switzerland has now pledged not to allow stolen money to be dumped into their banking system. However Dubai is now the depository for money laundering in the world, and make no bones about it, the Rajapakse US$ billions are safe there, ready to fight many more elections in Sri Lanka if need be. So the answer to the critics saying where is the money? IS SIMPLE it is there and can only be used by the owners and their proxies, both of whom are operating in Dubai - don't we know it.