Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Sri Lanka morally bankrupt?

As one drives around these days, the Orange flags are everywhere, put up by individuals and groups alike, as a mark of respect upon the unexpected demise of the Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero. There are eulogies galore filling pages in all newspapers, and FB is full of expressions of sorrow, and even photos of those who attended the wake by his coffin, as evidence of participation. Politicians have made it a point to design and publish intricate condolence messages on their FB pages.

If the outward expressions of grief are anything to go by, one would expect the movement for justice which he created to get a life of its own, and put pressure on the State to gradually act on his wishes, and strive for a better Sri Lanka.

The Good Governance notion he stood for, was nothing more than a ruse to get the people all excited to vote out the previous Despot and put in a new beginning, turned out to be a bitter pill. A pill, that actually poisoned his body enough to kill the virtuous priest from grief.

Such is the fleeting nature of 2015 psyche, that within a week, all will be forgotten, and people will go about their daily business and the Govt. will introduce another smoke and mirrors Budget, which will be all talk and a damp squib, and life will go on, in the same way this Country has been governed for the past 67 years of independence.

What is our problem? We just don’t have a leader in this Country who can both have the confidence of the majority of the people to do what is right, and in regards of the people’s expectations of Good Governance, deliver what was promised. We now have a President who is bent on building a power base, after promising to step down in 5 years and be above politricks!

We have a PM who promised a lot, and delivered nothing. No one has explained to the people that we don’t have persons of sufficient quality in this Country to carry out impartial investigations and bring the rogues to book, and so the AG has only one answer, that he is unable upon the evidence presented to bring about a prosecution. This simple concept seems to have alluded our leaders as they cannot admit to incompetence or to tell the truth!.

When your leaders cannot tell the truth, and you actually elected liars, then are you a liar yourself? Or are you just a fool? Or is it Hobson’s Choice here, so it is the lesser of two evils! I know most of you who read this are English speaking expatriates in other Countries and are smug in that they left this decay behind. It is time you help us who live here, to try to change this moral dilemma.

Moral Leadership comes from the top, and until we find someone out side of the USUAL suspects vying for immoral power, we are doomed.     

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