Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Steve Jobs father was a Syrian Political Refugee – So why are we so afraid of the few Rohingyas in town?

By the way Steve Jobs Father still lives in Nevada, USA see link below:

Sri Lanka does not now nor has ever had a policy of accepting refugees since independence. In fact we returned 500,000 people back to India after independence because they were stateless, and we only grudgingly agreed to give the other estate Tamils citizenship.

WE MUST agree it was a very inhuman thing to do, to send people most of whom who were born in Sri Lanka to a land they knew nothing about, except that they spoke Tamil. These people built the basic economy we inherited, and the full treasury we had in 1948, when we were richer than Japan. We squandered the money, sent the people back and God has punished us for that sin ever since. To this day NOT one Sinhala person admits that it was a mistake, as they are still guided by some racist flame within them, they find difficult to remove.

If we were more munificent then we will not have to stomach the 500,000 Indians we will have in Sri Lanka next year to work in Construction and every other field, because we cannot find people within Sri Lanka willing to take those jobs.

We can for once sign on the United Nations Refugee Agency and agree to take at least 5,000 refugees of whatever religion a year as our contribution to the human race we live on Earth. We have 1 Million job vacancies after all, but the people who watch TV and listen to our brainless politicians as somehow people who know more think we have a large unemployment problem. Even the PM is believes this canard as it is politically acceptable, but is a stupid belief.

Everyone here in this island are refugees of one sort or another, MOST especially Vijaya and his band of merry men! They were effectively deported from East Bengal and landed on a boat, just like these Rohingyas.

It is time for common decency to emerge, and for us at least to show the world what true Buddhism really is. If we cannot do it now, we will never be able to do so.

No one wants these Rohingyas, Myanmar does not and neither does neighboring Bangladesh, from where the Myanmar people think they originally came from and so don’t want even to give them citizenship in Myanmar after living there for centuries. We can surely distinguish our Buddhism from there Buddhism, by welcoming the few that have arrived. 

I know most people fear that if we let in 5, 500,000 will want to come! Rubbish. At most a total of 5,000 people will want to come and we can take them in very easily. We have a high density of population, but then again we don’t manage our land resources well and so feel crowded. Don’t forget 3M people have left this country permanently, and we need labor. 

So for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka please give that child who was born in Sri Lanka to these refugees, Sri Lankan citizenship. He or she may be the next Steve Jobs, and even if she leaves the Country, one day when we need some help, because we are drowning due to global warming, she may come to help. Has anyone even heard the word compassion in Sri Lanka?

Something to reflect on for a change