Friday, November 6, 2015

AVANTE GARDE – Marapane should be fired immediately - what a disgrace!

It is quite clear that Avante Garde Lawyer (it is not matter if he has now recused himself  from AG) is always their lawyer, when exceedingly and unseemly amounts of money has been earned and undeclared (hence not paying tax on earnings) from AG.

So it was completely out of order for Tilak Marapane to make a statement in Parliament defending AG saying there is little that can be proved. Of course he acted just like a Defense Counsel for AG in Court Case! No wonder then that at yesterday’s Cabinet Champika and Rajitha took umbrage to this statement. See link: 

Worse was to come. He even said that the raid was akin to the Millenium City, effectively accusing the Police Force of incompetence and he is the Minister of the Police. I am surprised that our brain dead Police did not rise from their slumber and react angrily and object to that statement. See Link: 

The reality is it showed Marapane’s incompetence to be a Government Minister, defending the public from people who are taking the Country to the cleaners.

To think that a total jerk or at least a person suffering from senile dementia can with such aplomb threaten the whole existence of the Government by his utter stupidity or a loyalty to his paymaster, a traitor to his Country compounds the problem deeply.

Any normal person reading the links attached here will come to the conclusion that there is a mass conspiracy played against the people.

The Reality in all this, WE DO NOT HAVE a police who can understand what law has been violated, so how do you expect a force with no knowledge of money laundering and how to investigate it and a Parliament or AGs department who don’t know how to instruct them, come up with a case that will stand in Court, with someone so clever as the AG chief who can must the best lawyers to defend him, and will run rings round our incompetent public officials (FCID)   

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  1. So now the UNP supporters are screaming about a "mass conspiracy"... very similar to