Friday, September 30, 2011

The Elections for the Colombo Municipal Council is hugely important

There are four very poor candidates contesting for the Mayoralty of Colombo. I cannot think I could really respect any of them as the Mayor of Colombo, or that they would do what they are saying they would. In my opinion, the worst of the bad bunch is Milinda Moragoda, the best is Shafiq Rajabdeen. While I think the amount spent by Milida is obscene, as he has government backing and the full force of the Government Machinery, I believe the UNP will be able to squeak in (unless there is rigging) bearing in mind the biggest canard of lies that the UPFA machinery is putting forth, namely that no one will be moved.

If one just takes the most important matter for those living in Colombo! namely whether they will be evicted or rehoused as the majority of those who live in Colombo do not have legal title to the property they happen to live in. If I do not have legal title to property I live in Colombo, (which personally I do not either as a I am a renter) I would be genuinely concerned with the false undertakings that no one will be evicted based on the track record of the administration which has in fact removed people with legal title and not provided them with alternative suitable accommodation despite the promises they have received.

Due to the vast number of people who live in substandard accommodation(half of which do not have indoor toilets)  in Colombo it is going to be extremely difficult for any government with the best will in the world to
adequately house them. It is rather horrifying that this government has plans to build high rise slums, where a huge amount of money has been allocated, just to get some votes, but which in reality will be a colossal waste of government money that is borrowed at high rates of interest which our future generations will be paying for long after they have been torn down, due to being impractical. It is a government that only acts for large contracts that involve mass corruption, and not for the real interests of its citizenry. It is better not to build these slums at all for the sake of the living!!

There must be some kind of discussion, something a government with a two thirds majority does not want to do, to find solutions to these common problems of our citizens. While one has to deal with one "Watte" at a time, one has to first identify the main concerns of the people living there before deciding for them, answers that are actually not implementable. The level of drug dealing with the grace of some of the Colombo district MP in the government is absolutely unforgivable, and until something is done about it no con put out by them will work.

Need I belabor the running joke making the rounds these days. The only MP who can promise a job for the young is Duminda Silva, as he will give everyone some packets of drugs to sell, and say he has given a job. He has police protection, so there is no enforcement of the law. It is the height of absurdity of the government to put forward a lame candidate who cannot even enunciate what it is he wants to do when confronted by critics and just parrots that he will work in tandem with the government to solve the city's problems, that make you wonder how any sane person can back such a person. Nevermind those who back him are insane!!

It is a shame I do not have the backing of any party or access to a shit load of money to get elected, I know exactly how to double the revenue of the city of Colombo at the stroke of a pen without changing any of the laws, just enforcing them is enough. How can a Commercial hub that accounts for 20% of the GNP of the Country not be able to finance its own development? It is purely the fault of the thugs in power that favor their friends that prevents this from happening. Give it to a clean person and he would do a stellar job at transforming Colombo. 

There is no question that full rates need to be levied on all Government property. Why does the residence of the Chief of the Navy not pay any rates. when for that location and space based on sq ft. the Navy must pay 50,000 a year in rates. With their budget this is small change and as they do not it is Colombo and the citizens who live in Colombo that suffer. Tell me if Milinda who is only a lackey of Ghotabaya Rakapakse, will ask GR to pay rates on the house he occupies in Stanmore Crescent! In any case it is not him who pays the rates, but even that will not be done.

I need not go through the list of anomalies, but just to say that Colombo can be developed, but not under this administration. I can run this city easily if given the majority in the Council to back me up, but then again I am not running for mayor.

Colombo Municipal Council DOES NOT have to depend on the Central Government for funds

The appalling state of the mismanagement of Colombo in the last 4 years by the Government lead administration seems to be completely been ignored by the opposition UNP in their campaign, either out of inability to articulate or due to oversight. The cosmetic changes brought about by Ghotabaya driving around Colombo at night with Architect Murad Ismail, deciding to knock this wall and that seems by and large to have endeared GR to the Colombo 7 leisured classes who see their areas being uplifted, partly because some of the area forms part of GR's evening walk which he wants to preserve for posterity.

The reality is somewhat different. If you take the billboards as just one example, the rates payable to the CMC (Colombo Municipal Council) is dependent upon the size of the bill boards. Government affiliated advertising agencies such as TRIAD who put up the bill boards are in cahoots with dare I say international accounting firms to fudge the ad size (Auditing firms are supposed to independently verify the size of the billboards in submission to the CMC for the calculation of the rates payable to the CMC) to a fraction of the real size and therefore defraud the CMC of the much needed revenue.

If you give me the task of Auditing the Auditors, I will show you that the CMC is being defrauded by the AD agencies to the tune of Rs500M per annum, not a small size, I think this money goes into the pockets of the AD agency as they charge this from their customers, thereby defrauding the customers also. So this fleecing is taking place under the noses of the CMC and with knowledge of the Government as they know they are protected from prosecution due to the grace and favor they enjoy with the corrupt administration of UPFA lead people.

Using the same logic there are many businesses that are not paying the required rates, and I assume a further Rs 3Billion per annum can be raised from the proper collection of amounts due to the CMC.

So give me the task of collecting the money and I will make sure everything can be financed by the CMC

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can the lower middle classes live successfully in high rise apartments?

In the second page of the FT of today, September 27th 2011, was a full paid advertisement by the UDA of the foundation to building 1300 new housing units for disadvantaged families in Mattakkuliya. For good measure there was a photo of Namal Rajapakse also which did not seem warranted, as there was not even a caption as to why his name was ignored or why his photo was included.

The serious issue I have is whether people of such a socio-economic background can comfortably live in such a high rise. The photos implied that some of the buildings exceeded 20floors. Therefore I do not know if people can successfully live if lifts are not maintained and common parts are left to decay and misuse. If this same experiment failed in countries such as the US and UK why do we think it will succeed in Sri Lanka where such dwellings are rare?

Can the government therefore justify this sort of expense, when even if experience is anything to go by even three or four floor flats have failed to yield positive results in successful living conditions.

I agree it is a dilemma faced by Colombo, as to how to house a minimum of 150,000 people in limited spaces, by removing shanties and dangerously constructed unauthorized dwellings. People do not want to me moved out and even 1km from their current places of abode are too much for them, so how do we house them in the same area they currently live in with better accommodation?

This vexing question really has not provided satisfactory answers, as someone would have to pay for this, and it would not be fair on others if the new accommodation is provided free, Inevitably they would have to eventually pay a market price for their lodgings over a long term type of loan. It is important that payment is part of the re housing as otherwise there will not be any effort made in ensuring their surroundings are kept clean and free of the normal inner city problems of drugs and violence.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Accountability!" What is that? in the context of the Municipal Council Elections

Sri Lanka is known the world over as the country of accountants. There are Sri Lankan accountants in all parts of the world, but in Sri Lanka the accountability of all Government Institutions is sorely lacking, as there are very few qualified accountants in any of the Government departments. An accounting qualification usually is no guarantee of a government job and few qualified accountants seem to want to work in the public sector.

I suppose to put it simply if I was an accountant with any degree of self respect I would not want to work in the Government as I would be asked to cook the books so that misappropriation (wholesale) by the bureaucrats and politicians take place on a daily basis with no one feeling they should be held accountable for the spending public money. The normal internal controls which are prerequisites in the Private sector, and especially amongst quoted companies that require audit by a reputable accounting firm, do not exist in the public sector.

It is the Auditor General's department that audits these institutions and I do not know if they do so of the Municipal Councils. If they do not audit the Municipal Council, then God forbid the level of corruption and wastage of public money that must be taking place in all the municipalities. The is all the public purse and as far as the local authorities are concerns and especially in Colombo, it is the rates levied on homes and businesses that fund this wastage and the ratepayers are entitled to an honest accounting of this money.

Is it any wonder that I have yet to see any manifesto asserting that the Municipalities will be subject to tight accounting controls to prevent wastage and corruption? There are too many vested interests on both sides preventing a proper review of this system. I challenge anyone asking to be elected as mayor making a solemn promise that the ratepayers funds will be spent carefully and with transparency with the use of auditors to check on the accuracy of statements made by the elected Local Council members.

I therefore reiterate that there must be top class accountability on how the rate payers money is spent, especially in times of austerity to shield the ratepayer from increases in the rates payable due to any number of reasons.  

The trouble with politics - It is difficult not to offend people unknowingly

In Sri Lankan politics, we have various issues, which may also be common to politics in other countries. With the first past the post system it is all about getting more votes than the nearest opposition to win a seat. In the Sri Lankan proportional representation system, due to the person receiving the most preferences on the list who wins it is a fight for preference votes. In this battle often people of the same party are fighting against each other to get the preferences and often the real fights are between people of the same party.

An added dimension in Sri Lanka politics is where the governing coalition is made up of a number of parties, then the candidates are chosen from multiparties to contest the same entity, and the often there are fierce battles to resolve the crisis and had lead to election violence as well.

As if the UNP did not have to worry about that it has created its own form of problem by having factions made up of senior members fighting for leadership. This has created factions where candidates can be allied to different camps and accordingly pull one way or another.

These examples show how impossible it is to get good candidates to fight elections as they have to contend with these internecine wars which usually educated and able people seek to avoid. We also have the added problem, when in Sri Lanka there is a formula where one has to assign sufficient slots in the candidates depending on the party  to give for both youth (35and under in the UNP) and a proportion for women. When there is a shortage of women there are unqualified women whose dames are put in and who sometimes do not want to actively canvass, resulting in them wasting there time which could have been given to a more worthy male who is willing to spend and come out of the woodwork who can even win. So clients who can win should be entered for the race and not just for quota.

The biggest problem is not including in nomination lists people who desperately want to be entered saying they would win.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Negombo UC election - Acceptance of funds from Sajith Premadasa

It was reported in the Sunday Lakbima English paper that Ranil Wickremasinghe and Dr Jayalath Jayewardene had called all the candidates of the UNP for the Negombo UC not to attend the meeting set up by Sajith Premadasa in Negombo yesterday,(Saturday) and accept the money he was offering.

It further went on to say that the UNP as a whole has not assisted any of the candidates and that only Colombo Central UNP candidates had received any help. One cannot vouch for all the statements, but it went on to say that most of the Ngombo UC candidates attended the meeting with Sajith Premadasa and accepted his money.

What are the consequences of this action? Obviously Sajith is firmly against Dr JJ who is considered a rabid RW supporter. So it was obviously meant to completely irritate JJ by going to Negombo and meeting all these candidates and handing over money. It is true the candidates can tell JJ they had no option but to accept money from even the devil himself because the party or JJ were unable to help them and they desperately need some money to carry on their campaign.

Additionally there is not a shadow of doubt that JJ will not look kindly at those who accepted SP money if the UNP win the election. What would you do if you in the shoes of the candidate and you were neutral in the party hierarchy shenanigans? Well I would take the money, but hold no obligation to SP, but will forever remember who helped me when I was desperate for money and if I feel that extra bit helped me put me over as a UC member then I would be correct in saying that SP helped me put me over to win. What can RW and JJ say to that?

This is very tricky politics and if money talks then that is the status quo in politics today. However as a week is a long time in politics, people forget who helped them and who did not in a millisecond once the next benefactor comes along. That is human nature. Even if I have been helping someone with millions for years and then stopped, the person who helped with last 1000 a day before the election may get all the thanks and goodies once the election is won. That is how this game is played and there are no sure friends in politics.

It is interesting to ask if SP helped any of the three councils coming up for election in the Hambantota District, as that is Sajith Premadasa's electorate. If he has not then it can be insinuated that his help for Negombo was for only won purpose to irritate a person he does not like in the guise of Dr JJ. now that is petty politics for a senior politician. Which means that SP has a long way to go before he can even show leadership qualities if he is using money to buy favor!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A confrontation on the cards

The fight for Colombo MC has not got dirty yet and people do not appear to be fired up as they should as it is a crucial election for those who live in the largest City in the Country and while it presents a face to the world, being the commercial capital means there are many hundreds of thousands who trek into the CMC every day be it for work or to go to school.

It therefore shares a greater burden than the actual population who live here, which is around 650,000 due to this transient population, that affects the road network that only gets worse on a daily basis.

One has to look in the future to realize some form of drastic road restrictions are inevitable sooner rather than later in order to ensure the smooth traffic flow without further affecting the productivity both of workers and of school kids who I think congregate to Colombo in astounding numbers. I do not think there is a capital in the world with this amount of kids coming to Colombo to attend school in favor of their own schools in the immediate vicinities in which they live. The restriction will take the form of high entry fees for motor vehicles entering Colombo, and the insistence of the greater use of public transport.

On the threewheeler issue there is a further spanner.Whilst on the one hand I agree the prevalence of threewheelers is a complete menace on the roads, they do provide a service. I believe they should be licensed and regulated in numbers to not more than 50,000 for Colombo, and this license auctioned off to the highest bidder. Too many of these actually creates clogging and little chance of a decent income for all those drivers who try to compensate at the moment by charging extortionate fees from clients. I always advise people to take normal taxis, as the metered version often turns out to be cheaper than the the smaller threewheeler.

So the confrontation I am referring to will take place no matter who wins. If it is govt. party then the people will take to the streets and protest the evictions that are inevitable no matter what the government says. On the other hand of the UNP comes into power in Colombo, people will still protest at the state of affairs in Colombo, and the confrontation the CMC leadership will have with the government interference in the running of the CMC.

The one light in the end of the horizon is that there is a huge revenue earning potential for the CMC from numerous ways of rates, which are currently not assessed fairly as there are many who get away with not paying any. and it will be the responsibility of a a responsible CMC to ensure all the rates are assessed properly and then all dues recovered in a timely manner. If this is done, then I believe there will be sufficient funds to develop all sectors of the City, especially the slums in a sustainable manner, so the majority of the people in Colombo can live in some form of standard, which provides them with power, sewerage and drinking water facilities.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The election campaign in Kolonnawa - drug pushers paradise

Duminda Silva and his UPFA goons are going about the area promising jobs. All the people in the area know what it is that they are providing. It is simply  enough drugs for them to go and sell to people and make a living. This kind of employment generation lies counter to human decency and when a parliamentarian carries out these with impunity there is no telling what will happen next.

The people of the area know that their hometown has become a haven for the drug trade, and why is no one doing anything about it. These self same people must throw out the traffickers and reclaim the city for themselves. In this light it seriously appears that the government is the sponsor of all illegal activities and they do not seem to care about this moniker as they know that no one can do anything about it.. It is now up to the people of the area to take the bull by the horns and defeat their party so convincingly that there will be no doubt as to the fact that people are simply fed up with the status quo and ready for a change.

Disgust for the rule of law in Sri Lanka seems to be so inbread that it will be difficult to change the mindset of people that there indeed is an alternative for this kind of gross abuse of power. People must understand what gross abuse of power and be at the receiving end of some of this abuse before they can really understand how bad the situation is. I am not trying to instill my ideology on the people of Sri Lanka, I simply want them to think a little before they act, especially in times of elections when the vote can make a significant change in their lives.

It is still lost on people who value democracy what this right to vote is as it is a powerful tool to show the feelings of the electorate to world and then make changes if they believe that is necessary. This point about the thinking which seems to be confined to the piece of cake one has given minutes before they cast their vote is what taints it with the lure of favors and benefits for self rather than communally that governs our mindset.

A tin pot's mindset . It has to be seen to be believed

Seeing the photo MR with near Obama reminded me of the dash to be with Bush act that MR indulged in much to the consternation of Bush and others who were heaved along the way of MR's great desire to be photographed with others.

A great leader which is what people try to portray MR, is not one who leaps across a room to be near someone else, far from it. One who is too shy to be photographed (aka Manmohan Singh) I cannot understand why MR does not learn a thing or two about leadership. Perhaps it is because at all times he is trying to play to the gallery back at home, which is all he cares about. One's image at home and how it could be enhanced is all that on his mind. Not in doing anything positive for Sri Lanka to enable the country to go places.

All these opportunities that have been presented to MR to improve the stock of Sri Lanka have failed miserably, only to pass in the area of self promotion for one person. It was so ironic that in the same paper when Ahmadinejad was being shown as being a complete dickhead in using conspiracy theories about 9/11 in an esteemed forum such as the Head of State's address to the United Nations to make an utter fool of himself.

MR is supposed to speak in the UN today, and I can only hope he can be constructive and put forward the case of an inclusive Sri Lanka where all its citizens can live safely where there are sufficiently well drafted laws that will protect all its citizens from all forces of evil.

I am not one to get personal, but when it comes to the affairs of my country and I see utter contempt for the country and its people, by way of trickery and daylight robbery, I get terribly offended and feel that if only the people knew the truth about the state of abuse in Sri Lanka they would not hesitate to send the whole clan into permanent exile for the crimes of treason and extortion.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The President of Sri Lanka has a son in parliament named Namal Rajapakse. He is a good Rugby player who now plays for Navy, but latterly his politics has somehow turned from irrational to totally mad. I originally thought he was well brought up to add to the foreign blood that he has that makes him fairly well built when compared to the average 25yr male in Sri Lanka.

The problem of a Presidential son who uses his position to gain money legitimately and illegitimately for causes both good and bad takes the lack of governance to another level in Sri Lanka. Lately he has begun to make threats to the electorate that if they fail to vote his party in at the elections for whatever body he would either evict people from their homes or even worse. Simply making such statements which are not questioned at all as being inaccurate is in itself the work of someone of unsound mind. In a true democracy one does not gain power by the use of threats, It is done by persuasion and action, showing that your policies and plans are far better than your oponent's. It is truly a tragedy that a person who is just learning to take a leadership role in politics is making such acinine statements on the campaign trail thereby making a fool of himself and in the end ruining a promising political career. Can anyone of sound mind vote for him when he says crazy things like that?

It is time therefore that we wake up to the reality before us, and determine if we want crazy horses running in the race or saner ones. The option my dear friends is a no brainer if we wish to live in a civilized society.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The shenanigans in Geneva Sri Lanka vs Human Rights Council - sessions

It is disgraceful for the Sri Lankan delegation to go to Geneva and make pronouncement whose complete statement is rejected by the elected representatives of the Tamil people about whom these pronouncements are made. It therefore makes a mockery of the statements and they to any independent observer sounds as if they are just trumped up lies that have no bearing in fact.

Why it is that these people disgrace the name of Sri Lanka, I do not know. Before making these statements they should have got the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to agree to the statements they were expected to make, and therefore when they were made the Tamil people's representatives will give credibility to the statements.

While this argument sounds very simplistic, many of the times the answers to weighty problems are very simple. It should therefore be incumbent upon the elected government of Sri Lanka to discuss and come up with an acceptable compromise which if accepted by the Tamil will give all the credibility they need to counter all allegations made against Sri Lanka by the outside world.

This difference of opinion on the course of the war and its aftermath is at the heart of the disagreements and disputes which will not disappear until some form of acceptance for the sins is made. It is important to realize that there is an articulate voice inside Sri Lanka representing the feelings of the Tamil people and if the Government disputed their version, they should take legitimate steps to prevent falsehoods from being perpetrated.

This statement made against all the claims made by the Sri Lanka government is powerful coming not from a terrorist outfit but by those representing the Tamil people. That is why this problem needs to be speedily addressed as I cannot see Sampanthan and his merry men giving any slack to this government!!!

Truth hurts, Lies hurt even more.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colonbo Municipal Council Elections

It is timely again to note that the majority of the electors in Colombo, do not own the property they currently inhabit. Therefore they cannot show proof of ownership such as deeds etc. even though they would have lived there all their lives. Most of the people live in tenements, slums and shacks. Most citizens who live in the houses they own in Colombo do not realize this fact.

There are 650,000 inhabitants in the CMC limits and of these about 400,000 are electors and it is likely that only 300,000 will cast there votes. Additionally many of the affluent households of Colombo 7 etc will not vote, partly because they have not checked if they are on the electoral register, and some have failed to follow up the annual household registering by the Grama Niladari which means they are no longer on the electoral roll, depriving themselves of the vote.

These statistics are in common with most of the captal cities of this world, and so should not come as a shock.

It must also be remembered that in asking for their votes, most of the electorate of the South Asian countries want personal things that benefit themselves from the politician, and not common things that benefit many. It is this selfish shortage that they seek to fulfill and therefore are more likely to voter for a candidate who is seen to be able to fulfill this personal need.

This sort of analysis therefore makes the whole act of canvassing for votes very tricky as one has to direct one's campaign pledges to hit each person for his individual needs. Even one were to build a playground, unless it had a direct benefit to the person, so that for example his son could use it to play at after school, they would not follow it up with a vote.

The Government has already taken steps to remove people from the slums at Wanathamulla and other places, so it is difficult for them to convince the local populace that they will not evict anyone from a home. The problem with regards to promises of new homes, is how it is paid for and the time and trouble to build one which is not appreciated by the new owner, especially if it is in a block of flats, which for the purposes of housing the poor, is not an option due to the inability of these people to maintain the common parts and prevent it from falling into the water. How can the government convince its backers that they will not dislodge anyone from there homes without a the promise of building a good replacement close by as people are reluctant to move form a locality they are familiar with.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Government delegation's approach to the UN HRC sessions in Geneva

It is with interest that I read the first pronouncements of the Minister heading the Delegation to the HRC sessions in Geneva, today, Mr Mahinda Samarasinghe. It sounded convincing that he believed the party line of the Government which seemed unchanged from the previous sessions. With the opening Statements by the UN High Commissioner it was apparent that she refused to budge from her stance of the fact that SL was indeed culpable whatever the story put out.

So we are in for an interesting time, as the Government further wants another delay of 12 months before Sri Lanka is debated post the LLRC report which could conceivably argued was delayed so that it would not be issued prior to these sessions so that one could buy time and hence delay something hoping in Sri Lankan terms that it would go away as by then events would have superseded the problem!~!

This issue has taken so much State time, it is only the people of Sri Lanka who are suffering from this in the international sphere and they are not the people on trial. Only a few in the leadership are implicated and to save their backsides we have all got to play a game. It is not at all reasonable that the country should pay for the sins of a few and as they are too selfish to realize it and put it squarely as a problem the for the country we continue to suffer the ill effects with no respite.

It is also apparent that whatever the country does they are not going to be able to slime out of this, as India is not going to support Sri Lanka at all and they have all the evidence of wrongdoings which they have hitherto failed to supply to the UN HRC as they want to as a matter of last resort use it to blackmail the Rajapakse family to behave in a manner suitable to India, and accordingly use it as a trump card when needed.

The Chinese will not support Sri Lanka and neither would Russia as neither country deem this a worthwhile cause to back, in the interests of their own issues that they face in the international sphere. This game of global politics is something we think we can play but do understand that we do not have any credible allies to defend us and the reason for the previous year's resolution going in favor or Sri Lanka was more in line with giving a pat to Sri Lanka for having defeated the worlds worst terrorist outfit and not for any love of the Regime.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Press Complaints Commission - third parties permitted to complain - How about what is not written?

In Sri Lanka there is a Press Complaints Commission where people who are adversely affected by what has been written are able to write and get some kind of redress, usually in the form of an apology and a retraction, but generally not more. Now third parties that fall into some categories are also permitted to complain on behalf of others. All this sounds well and good, and one must also remember that they are guided by some sort of ethics code, and this whole thing is self regulated, with people appointed to hear the claims and rule on them if necessary.

Sri Lanka's news is particular in that what is not reported often seems the most important, and we cannot complain that the Press, and in this case all forms of media, all Newspapers in all languages DID NOT REPORT the said important newsworthy item. We cannot complain to anyone about that non reporting item.

It is the inability of the Media in Sri Lanka to identify true newsworthy items which is at the bottom of this problem. So much unimportant news is reported, which only because it is reported is made news, that it is farcical to use so much newspaper reporting to report such nonsense. Certain Newspapers have their pets to report on, and the State one's are the worst. They even would stoop to report a Presidential fart as being newsworthy, showing the level to which some of those people in those particular establishments have fallen from their journalistic norms into slavery or sycophancy.

It is time all Editors had a close look on their prejudices and go back to Editors School to realize what a pathetic bunch they have become, and before long they along with the Newspapers they represent will just disappear and being not relevant in today's society. Why do we have to wait for that to happen before we take steps to correct it? Surely we should act now!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pomposity of our commentators

I recently wrote a comment in an article and bemoaned the rape of the Environment taking place daily. Even the Environment Foundation is about to close its doors, and pack their bags as there is no point in even going to court as the Independence of the Judiciary regarding the protection of the Environment is particularly compromised. The situation has got that bad and before long we will have nothing to protect.

One of the readers was so off put by my saying it has never been that bad, that he pointed out the worst excesses of the British Administration in Sri Lanka, saying how they cut down forests and grew tea plantations and that they killed all the animal life and hunted various species to death.

This brings about a question about when we complain about anything, how far do we or should we go back to point out the flaws in a person's argument. If one lived in those days, we can imagine the plight of the poor illiterate peasants who knew how valuable the trees and forests were to the nation, but it was the big boys or the Suddas who decided their fate in the 1800s. Now it is the Kalu sudda in the guise of the local corrupt politician who should know better than the the Sudda who is raping his own backyard of its trees. The Sudda came from somewhere else and stole. Here we are stealing from our own kith and kin,

What may i ask is more reprehensible? So when complaining be proportionate to the issue in hand without bringing unneeded bias from the British Raj to have a go at some insecurity over the British Rule you may have a grouse against!!

The Bottom line is that the citizens of Sri Lanka have given this country over to a bunch of sick people who are selfish uncaring and completely without morals, who are indulging in daylight robbery with the complete support of the people who are affected, much worse than the British as it was without support from the locals then!

It is our duty to save our nation from these Brigands and Robbers and there is no other patriotic act than that.

The lack of a serious opposition is detrimental to good Governance in Sri Lanka today

The appalling behavior of the various arms of Government today, that is causing havoc from Faulty petrol, Cement and even the ravages of the Environment do not get the amount of media and people's attention that a democratic country needs to keep the Government in check from going haywire.

A weak opposition such as we have now is a huge reason for effective protests against this sort of bad governance to say the least but wholesale corruption, which sums up this rule. The opposition needs resources to investigate further some of the corruption, as it is difficult to go through the processes without the help of an army of investigators much like in a police force to uncover some of the detail. Making allegations as is done now with little proof, except circumstantial evidence will not stand in court. The Govt. aware of this weakness is now so brazen in the level of corruption knowing they will not be caught, adds  urgency to this task.

To make a point by way of example I would like to highlight the completely fraudulent nature of the sale by SLIC and purchase by EPF of around 1,600,000 shares in Central Finance, which due to the intervention of intermediaries resulted in a loss of over Rs1B. Therefore the wholesale abuse of the resources of the EPF where they bought shares at a huge premium instead of buying directly from one institution, namely the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation is a case in point. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that a fraud of over Rs1B occurred, but to prove this all the facts have to be brought to light, and the bank accounts and phonetaps of the fraudsters who include the Chairman of these organizations and going right to the top of Government, requires more research to present the evidence. Whilst the opposition is fully aware of the situation, they are reluctant to bring it out into the open until more facts and evidence is available to be presented even in Parliament.

It is important therefore that the true patriots of this country are able to unite to fight this rule, that is harming the very existence of the people who seem to unwittingly support this government, not fully realizing that they have been completely taken to the cleaners, by the very same government that purports to serve them.