Thursday, November 5, 2015

Higher Education – a final wrap up for now.

I have opined at length these few days on Higher Education. My conclusions are that “NOMILE” education does not lead to ownership of the subject matter and DOES NOT lead to excellence in that field of study. (with few exceptions)

I am mentally challenged on the topic of how we in SL can get a student who begins a course at a State University to make an effort to excel, when he is faced with ragging, obsolete political indoctrinations, pathetic academics and lack of resources. Which comes first the Chicken or the Egg (should more resources be ploughed in to Education if the user, does not appreciate something he does not have to pay for) or should far stricter criteria for entry be made to weed out the truly disruptive. I don’t know how we go about doing that though.

Students in the State System MUST face competition while at University to know that those who did not enter the University due to lower grades, can actually be better at the Course of study than they are! So open some subjects to paying students both to give the University more money to pay for resources they need and also to prove by way of competition, that excellence and merit matter more than entitlement in this world.

The Civilian population MUST agitate against University students to tell them that if they are not grateful, they should pack up and go. Farmers in Sri Lanka who don’t get training are FED UP with Students in Agricultural Faculties comprising 75% women who use these Free Education, never to use their qualification in any agriculture related vocation upon qualifying.

Most importantly, there MUST be NO expectation that the Govt. will employ or find employment for those who graduate from the State Universities. This is the expectation of the Unemployed Graduates Associations throughout the country.

The Government should concentrate on Quality over Quantity, to do what it takes to improve the ranking of Sri Lanka’s Universities to the top 100 within 10 years. This needs syllabus upgrades, academic hiring changes, resources for high tec learning, and research programs, and leadership development programs of the intakes to get them to a University Students level, as secondary schools currently throw out exam crammers with no personality and common sense skills, allowing them to be influenced by determined rabble rousers.


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