Monday, November 23, 2015

Elephant Complex – best describes the psyche – “huna mind”

It was with amusement that I read that a new travel book on Sri Lanka, by a British Author, John Gimlette was called ELEPHANT COMPLEX. 

This is more apt than the oft used by line to describe the Sinhala as a “Majority with a minority complex” In fact to be the Elephant Complex applies to ALL who live on the Island, no matter what race or mix one hails from. Mindset is no different!

I with a thousand or pages of goading in this blog, try to explain, what this mind set is and it is time to change that, so we all who live in SL can put our differences behind and work on a common goal, for all to live in peace and harmony, in this God given Isle, that has NO parallel on earth, but may perhaps be akin to Paradise, in any way we wish to describe it.

I vote with my feet firmly on terra ferma, NOT having left this ground for over 10 years, but having lived most of my life till then in the many Countries of the Western world, where I could live, any of them as a matter of fact even today.

My ambition is to give something back, to unite this sense of belonging, to this UNIQUE place on earth, and to be proud to be citizens, and offer Citizenship to all who have renounced citizenship, as well as to the children of Sri Lanka born, to create a world of Sri Lankans in all parts of the world, who can vouch, wherever they may live, or choose to live due to one’s own personal circumstances, that Sri Lanka is forever the land of their heritage and heart!

Now isn’t that a worthy ambition? I don’t want to be greedy, holding onto citizenship, just for those who live here, but ALSO allow those who have had to renounce it (and their offspring) to regain it, at cost of passports, so that with their identification as Sri Lankans is NOT just a token in the mind, but a state of FACT.

Just think the 2Million extra citizens, will bring a minimum of US$20B investment to SL for all purposes. We WILL NOT have to attract a penny in FDI from jokers who can chose to invest anywhere! We will have it ONLY from our genuine BLOODSTOCK!

I guarantee that within 10 years will be a US$10,000 GNP per capita Country, and the Govt. has ONLY to ensure the distribution of this wealth is spread more equitably, and ensure that there is NO erosion of the Environment, preserve the beauty, increase forest cover, preserve our Common Fundamental Rights.    

With this kind of fund transfer to buy land, buildings, businesses and expenditure, we don't need Government to worry about debt servicing, 

All they need to do is reduce waste in the public service, Ensure all investments conform to strict ecological guidelines, and strict preservation of our natural beauty for ALL, as it will be a win win situation.

The 2 Million Diaspora I refer to currently have a combined income of 5 times the Country's GNP. I am only assuming 2.5% of that will be brought to SL in one form or another to make the US$20B, which when added to the SL Citizen Diaspora remittances of US$10B is a mammoth inward freeby, that will avoid the need for export lead growth or any other painful alternative!

Don't forget in keeping with the environmental pledge every three wheeler (all 500K) will have to be destroyed as they contribute 80% of air pollution. These drivers will do far more remunerative and productive work. This is giving one practical example of what the Govt. will be tasked to do. Prioritize in saving the environment to preserve PARADISE.

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