Thursday, April 26, 2018

SHAME - Pistol Eraj appointed as Mayor of Hambantota - AARSIKLAND for sure now!

Do people have no shame in this Country? No is the answer

The man who was filmed and shown all over the world with a real/toy pistol running like a gangster has true to form made himself the Gangster King of the Gangster Capital - which will be the new name for Hambantota.

It is clear that the SLPP wish this to be so, so let no one be deceived, this is the future if the SLPP is allowed anywhere near the seat of power. If you thought the present jokers are arseholes, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Just imagine yourself as a fly on the wall, watching this charade going on inside the room that was voting for the mayor. You had the UNP that had the most number of seats and crowd about it at the time of the results that they won in the heart of MR, and not to be outdone, the SLPP snookered an already planned counter attack, by using the  strength of money, to buy the needed votes of the Members to make this wish come true, just as it has in many of the other Councils.

What makes Hambantota so galling, is the example it shows to the rest of the Country, that thugs are legitimate rulers and their thuggish actions are not proscribed, but have become a license itself to seek greater power.

So it is clear that the people of Hambantota are being fooled and a vendetta by the self same thug will be in place as soon as possible against all those who opposed him and by threats and innuendo he was able to assure himself of this position.

Worse, when his true colors come to light and the people who voted for him, come to regret their decision, but they cannot do anything about it. It is a lesson to all, that if we do something against the people we serve, there comes a point when we who permitted this wrongdoing, cannot plead ignorance, but have to suffer the consequence of their action.


It is called Moral Obligation. When you break that obligation you have chaos - and you will shortly see the effects of that chaos

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It is truly sad that even Vesak Poya Day has been hijacked by Astrology

Please correct me if I am wrong, but we in Sri Lanka want to make life difficult for ourselves as we are succors for punishment. So it was with Vesak, which by some inexplicable reason of the Astrological Clock, is celebrated on the Full Moon which falls on April 29th , instead of Vesak being commemorated all over the world, except in Sri Lanka on May 29th Full Moon Poya Day. Why?

It is clear from the link above that the Ven.Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri Thero, the Anunayake of the Malwatte Chapter is also questioning it, though he should have done this last year when the dates were being discussed. As usual even the clergy are not planning it properly, and he, if he did this querying six months ago, could have changed it to a more suitable day.

There is an added complication where OSTENSIBLY due to pressure by the Buddhist Clergy, the Government of Sri Lanka decided to change May Day to May 7th, another first by this Country, which is becoming the laughing stock of the world, because now different bodies are commemorating May day on different dates, and despite the Government banning any of its properties from being used on May 1st for rallies, there are many labor unions planning their events on May Day. May 1st. Ironic that finally the trade unions are getting the publicity of May Day, and the political parties are having another day for their annual alcoholic tirades.

It simply makes you wonder doesn’t it that we are a country of fools & idiots, not just one or the other! How come we have let ourselves be ruled by such absurd excuses for human beings called law makers who loiter in Diyawanna Oya?

It is our fault of course for electing such lesser humans, who pretend to be more human and then fleece the Country of its rightful inheritance.

Dr Lional Bopage’s article about May Day is also appropriate to be read at the same time, as we are now embroiled in more disagreements than agreements.

So what do we do about Poson? It is time for sanity to prevail, and we will not have to worry about this issue in our lifetime anymore as this is the only time that this thorny issue has arisen in living memory. In fool’s Paradise I dare say!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The first passenger fatality in a US aircraft since 2009 was yesterday! If that is not one of the most amazing facts of HISTORY, then what is?

See link as it was worthy of news that the United States which has over 5,000 take offs and landing every day, with so many aircraft criss-crossing this vast country of 300Million people, had its first fatality yesterday, when an engine (one of only two in a Boeing 737) blew up in mid-air, due to metal fatigue. The debris hit a window which punctured and a woman was sucked out and pulled back in who later died of her injuries, while the aircraft landed on one engine, smoothly at the nearest airport as soon as the accident happened and dropped from its 32,000 feet altitude.

Frankly, no newspaper in the United States is making any reference to this phenomenal safety record, as they do not want to brag about such a safety record. However for those Russian and Chinese agents who are out there in Sri Lanka who loves to bash the USA, understand that this is what capitalism is all about.

Southwest Airlines 51 years strong, which alone has more take offs and landings than any airline in the world, including Emirates, which is just an international airline, (as Dubai just has one airport! To the USA’s thousands) had its first fatality yesterday.

Let us give credit where credit is due please, to the efforts of the US airline industry, its safety measures and their procedures, that despite the huge competition of the airline industry in that country, they have been able to maintain their safety standards.

It is just as well for the anti-american Sri Lankan people who find every reason to bash the USA for every little thing, including their absolutely crazy President, who has been the only one Brash enough to have been able to get the North Korean Dictator to a summit, to agree to temper his nuclear ambitions, is a Country that deserves its reputation as a land of opportunity.

Not Russia, not China nor any other country has the opportunities available and the freedoms their people enjoy, within their own country, and so due to jealousy on the part of the degenerates of Sri Lanka, especially some journalists who have had a USA education, should eat humble pie from such information.