Monday, May 22, 2017

Saudis blew up the WTC in 2001 and Trump receives their highest civilian award from the King in 2017!

 What next! go to North Korea and bow down to Kim and take his medal’s too?

Folks this is called international diplomacy! It sells the people you represent for some ulterior or vicarious pleasure you may get that is very personal and has nothing to do with the Country you represent.

The Saudis paid big money to consult one of the best US Psychologists to perfectly understand how Donald Trump’s mind works and they saw that giving him the highest civilian award of the Kingdom would ‘temporarily’ endear him to the Saudis as good guys, no matter what intelligence you get about them being the worst regime for their own people, let alone those who are NOT Saudi who could actually fare worse if they are a paler shade of white.

Such is the insecurity of the Country, that had the DONALD spent just US$150 on consulting a psychologist to explain the Saudi Frame of mind, he would understand how insecure they find themselves in their own world, trusting none and hoping against all hope that they can dupe the US to back them so that their monarchy can survive a little more, at least until the oil runs out so they scad-addle out of there as quick as possible.

Saudis are simply opportunists who will be the first to dump the guardians of the holiest shrine talk if they did not think it was advantageous to them, and in the context of saving their behinds will sacrifice all their citizens who will have to fight the big fight on the Rulers behalf when the inevitable power struggle takes place where the princes will find themselves at the losing end.

It is therefore just as well that Donald Trump is just planning his survival as POTUS for the 4 years only making contacts so he can begin to make the deals he is so good as when he returns to the civilian life and to retake charge of his business empire and call in the cards and promises he got from the people while he was President.

I may sound cynical, but just think through all the possible outcomes, put it into a computer program, or a sophisticated algorithm, and what do you come up with? The answer is NO different to what I have shown above.

The United States knows that their future is forever secure, as only they can survive momentous upheaval due to the checks and balances and the democracy, that advantage is NOT what the Saudi’s have and their survival ONLY depends on how long the US their only serious ally is willing to bankroll them or provide them with the security apparatus they need for survival.

In the medium term! The system does NOT have the ability to continue and we all know it. Question is how long?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Donald Trump – Mental Illness Is it time to get very nervous of our existence?

is now on the front pages because POTUS behavior is now being analyzed in detail, that teachers the student about the different forms of behaviour and how they are defined in Psychology.

The article in the link below is the most comprehensive yet of the tragedy that is Trump, and the rationale behind the fear of having him committed, before there is Nuclear Fallout. The article is definitely worth reading.

A biographer of a book in 2008 called “in search of Bill Clinton, a psychological biography”  namely John Gartner PhD who specializes in HYPOMANICS said this and I quote

“If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump, He’s a paranoid, psychopathic narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies.” 

I give the psychologists web site if only for the reader to determine how reliable and knowledgeable this person is on the subject he is talking about and what kind of reliance we MUST place on his opinion, rather than merely picking one person who may have an axe to grind. His previous 2008 book on Bill Clinton means he has studied the behaviour of Presidents and is in fact knowledgeable in pontificating on this subject more than most and therefore we the reader ought to place some kind of weight in what he says if we are to firstly understand the subject – Donald Trump and then determine if this horrendous conclusion merits urgent action before further damage can be caused.

I am NOT opining on this topic as the literature must be read by the reader to determine for him or herself that it really is important enough for Congress to immediately ask for a mental health report and have a team of psychologists assess his action in these days after his inauguratioin to determine if IN THEIR PROFESSIONAL OPINION, the Country is NOT safe with this individual who literally has the NUCLEAR button on his little hand that could effective END THE WORLD at the press of a button.

Am I being alarmist? I don’t think so. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The prequel! Made for Media Drama! The speculation behind Pippa Middleton’s wedding

to James Matthews and the Media frenzy that is in tow until the big day on Saturday 20th May 2017

Entertainment is at the heart of life, in this case primarily British life, where 90% of Brits live a mundane if contended, but event-less life of toil with their stiff upper lip! The typical day for working couples, with or without children is to rush through the morning, ensuring the order of the one bathroom is NOT upset, so everyone knows their place, from the time to wake up to time to leave, drop the kids and off to work in a hopelessly boring and frustrating commute to their jobs! Each one does their own breakfast with some eating as they drive or are driven, such is the rush to beat some deadline of attendance, work or school and some form of ID driven attendance register with thumb prints!

After a day of stress at work, they clock out having checked that the children got home on time, and where Mom is expected to get home to cook the tea with a hungry brood waiting to gobble it up before a series of TV programs for the older folk, with the young locked up in their rooms chatting on line and playing games on their consoles! Mother is shouting around ensuring the basic chores are done, like, washing the dishes, putting laundry out, and ironing clothes etc.

Some households are efficient others chaotic, but with NO time to think about what they are doing, it is simply a MUNDANE life to survive from day to day. Whether you earn 200K a year or 20K a year there is little difference in their lives, just a better house, more room, and a fancier car on the driveway that denotes higher income, but NOT much else, as life and stress and coping are what you make of it irrespective of what you have or have NOT!

In this stressful world, the areas of relief are about people’s lives and loves! With few friends to chat with after work, perhaps checking on Mom or Dad in a far off village or a relative in distress, the whole aspect of getting through the day, before bedtime. is a mechanical exercise with NO THINKING time.

So with the media speculating, newspapers reporting, and photos in color and betting on the mother’s and mother in law’s dress has become a pastime for some, the cost of the wedding and the baubles used to decorate it being of interest to others, and the guest list of interest to yet others, none of whom have ANY relationship to the couple, and are vicarious observers.

Considering wealth is involved, Pippa marrying above her station, just as her sister did, therefore involves a lot about the extravagance, the latest being the enormous cost of shipping a huge glass conservatory from Belgium to house the wedding party in a marquee, @ the Middleton home, like NO OTHER marquee.

Just look at the link for some of the speculation and interest!

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in such news and pictures and speculation, as that is a common form of gossip for people passing the day, and it is hype that is built up by the media to sell magazines by the million, (in short a mammoth commercial transactions) and with little royals playing their part as flower girls and page boys, and with Prince Harry’s girl friend in attendance, the frenzy gets worse, and to Pippa’s annoyance, possibly an unwelcome distraction from her big day, especially if Megan Markle gets more attention and publicity than herself.

Of course with wealth involved, there will be a lot on show. I don’t know if there was a frantic effort by some to get an invitation so that they will be noticed purely by the fact that they were invited, implying that they had made it to some kind of social position, as they  have little else to show for themselves.

Hence, not only will there be speculation as to the wedding list of invitees, what each wears will be scrutinized, and some may even borrow jewelry from famous names to put on show, and be noted for that for the jeweler to benefit from the publicity, as will some couturiers who will want their creations noted for others to wear, hence providing dresses at a lower than usual cost to gain publicity, knowing that immeasurable benefits COULD accrue to them.

There is speculation that photographers will ONLY be allowed a little time in a strategic place, and so there will be an exclusive photographer who will pay a million pounds for the rights, at the wedding, which results in Pippa’s glass marquee paid for 10 times over! Frankly if the wedding planner is clever, the wedding SHOULD NOT COST THE Middletons ANY MONEY, and they could actually cash out big time on it. The publicity that it will generate can be sold big time, for exclusive coverage for magazines and even international magazines, where this made for publicity wedding is going to be the first wedding of its kind where the Bride walks away with a 10Million pound profit simply from getting married, so that if they divorce the next day, they can just pocket this kind of money and life a splendid life for the rest of their lives.


It is quite obvious, the British public have been taken for an ALMIGHTY ride by all the hangers on, who are bound to milk this wedding for what it is worth to line their pockets, and those who are BOUND to benefit the most are the Middletons, and possibly Pippa, as James Matthews looks the type who will be used and spewed up once his worth is milked out leaving him desolate!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bond Commission – Counsel Representing the AG is a DONKEY

It is painfully obvious reading the statements of Dappula de Livera calling himself an Additional Solicitor General (in his dreams supposedly a President’s Counsel to boot!) is a DONKEY.

No trained lawyer would go about making unsubstantiated statements based on submissions by individuals to the Commission. It is the Commission to judge if this evidence is biased, credible and based on innuendo or fact. De Livera has assumed them as gospel, when most of it is tainted in personal vendetta. In short he is simply incompetent in the job he has been assigned and I hope his superiors are wise enough to be able to see truth from lies and fact from fiction!

For example take Nandalal Weerasinghe’s testimony. Just picking one point about the large number of transfers instigated by the then new Governor. Think about it, after 10 years of Rajapakse meddling the whole lot should have been transferred out! because via Nivaard Cabral and his cohorts, like their private bank, were handing out Govt. debt to friends and family like it was theirs to give. When you are thinking of instituting a completely new transparent auction system, you need people who are NOT stuck in the mud of private placement at forced interest rates to Govt. institutions, be it NSB or EPF. So a wholesale transfer was what I TOO would DO!

It is clear if we go back to the Rajapakse administration, the losers were the workers paying into EPF or ETF who got less in returns than they should have, as well as the NSB, who paid a pittance to the savers while lending to the Govt. at lower rates so bad investment decisions could be made by incompetent personnel!

This is cheating the people of Sri Lanka, who are the contributors of EPF and ETF and the lenders to the NSB that in turn lend the People’s Money to the Govt by forcing them to buy Treasury Bills at artificial rates bearing NO sense of reality and reasonableness.

(for crying out loud take the fact that Arjun Aloysius and Arjuna Mahendran are connected out of it as it JUST CLOUDS the purpose of the commission to determine if Mahendran was at fault).

The lack of transparency is something important in itself, which the PM should have been apprised of and corrective steps taken as noted by me in my blog entry of January 12th 2015, before the Bond Scandal hit the News, but NOT related to the initial analysis of Mahendran’s INTENT in carrying out the policies he has discussed with the PM in terms of what changes were needed in the CBSL. 

Nandalal is guilty as SIN in the prior administration and would DO HIS UTMOST to boost his unsustainable credibility in his submission to the committee, which was reported parrot fashion by the cretins in the Media, as they are unable to evaluate the personal grudges of those submitting erroneous reports that are reported as fact and wrong. So there is nothing wrong in the transfers that were made which Nandalal tried to expose as something horrendous!

Returning again to that one point about changing so many staff in CBSL, I would have done the same, in fact I would have fired Nandalal first, as his revengeful testimony has proved that he is NOT an objective person holding the interests of the Country foremost, but highlights his personal vendetta as clear as daylight of his THINKING that he should have been the BEST person to be appointed to the Governor post of CBSL! This is similar to the WA Wijewardene dreams also! 

It is sad that the media while reporting what is said, gives credibility for what is said without questioning the personal opinion based on insincere aim of the sumbitor! If the media questioned the motives of these individuals from DEW Gunesekera, Handunetti, Samarasinghe, Weerasinghe and a whole list of people making submissions we can safely conclude that their evidence is purely CONJECTURE aimed at confusing the poor old men of the COMMISSION and NOT in looking at JUSTICE as it relates to the brief given the Commission to see if culpable fraud actually took place to defraud the CBSL and therfore the GOSL of money which is the property of the people of Sri Lanka.  

Further today’s Island reports that the Defence Counsel representing Mahendran is pointing this anomaly of the Deputy Solicitor General’s remarks as being totally PARTIAL, that the Commission SHOULD be cognizant of as he is seeking personal fame for possible further advancement in the eyes of his superiors and NOT doing his job impartially to represent the AG in his capacity of representing the people of Sri Lanka to determine if willful fraud, and therefore a CRIME has taken place in this case.

Please read the link to understand the true nature of this allegation and why, but this appeal in my note here is merely for the people in the Commission, who are the only competent people who will understand the point I am trying to make in my rather convoluted writing here.  I am trying to explain the motives of all the actors in this drama, that is reported verbatim BUT NOT DISSECTED by competent journalists for lack of analytical ability of our Media FOOLS, who cant see what is actually so obvious, due to their INCOMPETENCE in their profession to even call themselves journalists that put real journalists to shame!

This CHARADE is clear as daylight to me and any independent intelligent person following the proceedings of the Commission, will know that 95% of what is said is personal bias NOT based on fact, and therefore the interpretation made by them of the wrongdoing is ONLY THEIR opinion and COULD BE WRONG!


I would appeal to the Independent Commission with years of experience in evaluating truth from fiction and right from wrong, to box all issues in either willful fraud, error of judgement and excellent strategy in weighing this CASE!


Arjuna Mahendran's biggest mistake was to accept the appointment of Governor of the CBSL, as he was NOT able to realize that this conflict of interest will dog him for the rest of his life, as it was so obvious and if the PM had read my blog entry on January 12th 2015 would NEVER HAVE APPOINTED HIM TO THAT POST IN THE FIRST PLACE AND PRESERVED HIS NOW TARNISHED LEGACY. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

SAITM – We need some clarity here!

All parties for and against SAITM appear to be pursuing their own vested interests and attempting to score political brownie points, and statements are constantly made by parties that DO NOT MAKE any logical sense, by either party, so that when it comes to the debate and argument amongst citizens they are pontificating about this from THEIR UNDERSTANDING which they believe is right, and that is due to confusing reports by each side, all aimed at confusing, and not CLARITY of each parties’ point of veiw regarding it.

Added to all this at a press conference JUST held with Media Heads, the President has added a further confusing set of statement by speaking in tongues like some kid of saint or holy man, in language that the listener DOES NOT KNOW how to interpret, and like religion, depending on your interpretation of the statement come to conclusions.

The latest salvo is that SAITM is to be listed on the CSE, when last we heard it was going to be taken over by the State to run under the AEGIS of the Government without being a burden on the Government. These kinds of confusing interpretations, meant to clarify are actually adding to the conflicting interpretations, and the public being none the wiser are now being treated to a pigs breakfast of UNTRUTHS!

So lets merely consider the statement of a PUBLIC LISTING of SAITM. If it is a Privatization of the Neville Fernando Hospital then it is straight forward. This is going to be the FIRST listed educational institution in Sri Lanka. So just as the first private medical college that charged fees has cause NO END OF CONFUSION, the SAME WILL HOLD for the listing, of the whole Institution including the Medical School which is JUST ONE PART of SAITM.

The same allegations can then be made if not more! As with a listing, the whole OBJECTIVE of the management is to maximize the return on Investment to the shareholders, and unlike an institution owned by one person, the profit motive is the total basis on which all management decisions will be made.

So if Private Hospitals are OK to run at a profit, and we know the many problems therein, due to unregulated pricing in a system where often, patients making life and death emergency decisions about their loved ones do not really have a choice, then here too there will be no guarantee of standards being met if profit is the overall objective. In terms of regulation, it is fraight with danger, as the state has little experience and knowledge in doing this right. It depends on who is given the task of regulating, and what their motivations are!

It must be remembered that most of the Medicine Practiced in the USA is of what they call NOT FOR PROFIT INSTITUTIONS that do not put shareholder returns at the top, but who try to ensure charges are made so that the institution is able to continue in operation. There is a HUGE difference if those hospital corporations are listed!

All this detracts from the main purpose of say, the Medical School @ SAITM. I believe it should be to provide the BEST possible academic instruction of ANY institution in Sri Lanka for the teaching of Medicine, bar NONE! As students pay a high fee, they can then pay for the best teachers, many of whom are moonlighting from State Sector, and instead giving of their best @ SAITM because they are PAID TO DO SO, and if they are not good they will be fired. At the state Medical Schools, even hopelessly inadequate academic staff can continue in service as NO ONE takes the firm decisions to remove, incompetent faculty.

The single most important argument for SAITM MUST BE that they actually provide a BETTER education than ANY state faculty, and at present as the teaching faculty at SAITM is better than any state medical school, the ONLY area which is used to belittle the quality is the lack of patients of ALL types of illnesses at the Neville Fernando Hospital in order to get the needed training in practical areas of medicine. That is merely a short term issue that can easily be overcome, and appears soon that Avissawella and other state hospitals can be used to provide the needed practical training to ensure they lack for NOTHING.

As can be seen, the detractors and protaganists are losing the wood from the trees, and need to re-focus on the objective of training the best doctors we can possibly train, both in state and in private and semi-private (KDU for example) institutions. If our only objective is to produce the most competent doctors, then we in Sri Lanka have nothing to worry about or care where they come from.

Frankly, due to the insistence on denigrating the skills of the foreign university qualified doctors, they are actually the most fortunate as they get sent to rural hospitals that Sri Lanka qualified state qualified doctors refuse to be assigned  to. You only have to go to Trincomalee hospital to realize that most of the doctors are foreign qualified getting their training there, and one wonders where the Sri Lankan qualified ones have gone to! 

Perhaps overseas with their free SL education, but I digress from the main intention of this essay to raise the readers awareness on the real issues we face as regards who or what is the BEST institution to get a Medical Education and why we think so with proof of that assumption, rather than let emotion get in the way of making a level headed analysis of each to come up with a fair assessment and for the user (patient) to then conclude who they would prefer to treat their illness in full knowledge.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Has Trump committed Haa Kiri?

His actions defy any sense of propriety, and that was to be expected as that was his signature tune throughout his campaign.

He was JUST able to resist taunts in his well prepared address to the nation known as the address to the Houses of Congress that were televised live around the world.

It was the most balanced he has been since he announced his run for Presidency, but as soon as that finished I suppose he had the Sessionsgate that showed his true colors, where his senior adviser went over him and recused himself from the Russian Scandal, MUCH TO DONALD"S incomprehension.

This led him to go berserk and scream at ALL HIS AIDS including the two closest, Priebus and Banion and IMAGINE STORMING OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE getting on Marine ONE belinging it to Andrews and taking the AIRFORCE ONE TO MAR E LAGO!

This is the stuff of movies man! NOT real life American Presidency in 2017.

What beat the cake was his propensity to twitter ACTUALLY AN ADDICTION that he has to go to TWITTERS ANONYMOUS immediately before he is turfed out of the White House as an Embarrasment to the American People

This latest tweet accusing OBAMA OF WIRETAPPING TRUMP TOWER which may have been a figment of his fertile imagination, has GONE VIRAL and all his enemies are picking it up as sure evidence that he is NOT UP TO IT!

If more clear indication is needed about his state of mental capackty to have his finger on the NUCLEAR BUTTON this is it!

READ THIS NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL TODAY if evidence was needed of this fragile mind and competency to lead the Country, let alone the FREE WORLD!

Well the rest as they say is the FUTURE OR TO BE MORE CORRECT IS HISTORY!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

It is time someone has the GUTS to tell the University Students that Tertiary Education in NOT A RIGHT!

This absurd business of the tax payer paying for ungrateful students, demonstrating when we have paid their fees, and their whole cost of education and they further make our lives miserable and cost us time and money by their careless behavior.

Unless they return to their Colleges pass their exams with distinction, they SHOULD NOT be given their degree certificates come HELL OR HIGH WATER, and they will finally realize that the poor people who are fleeced out of Taxes on Powdered Milk, Dhal, Kadala, Sprats, Tinned Milk, Potato, Onions Sugar and many other things to pay their education have HAD ENOUGH.

We plead with the Govt NOT TO BE LED by their devious political positions and think of the public at large who have elected you to be fair by the people at large and not a slightly elitist set of DUMB UNDERGRADUATES who are taking this country to the cleaners by going to third rate universities less than 3000 in the world NOT to get an education, but to fool the people yet again by their worthless degrees

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Policy Challenge by Australian PM Turnbull responded to with a Trump TANTRUM!

Is that correct or is it merely incorrect reporting by CNN to poke fun at the US President? I don’t know that answer to that!

If in fact the link above is reporting the truth, then we have a problem with the whole subject of US Foreign Policy.

If under the Obama Administration, they agreed that the US will take 1,250 Syrian Refugees after the due and proper vetting process, why is Trump going back on his word? Is it because it is in direct contradiction of his temporary order to STOP all non Citizens exc. Green Card Holders from 7 Countries?

Well what must his simple mind been telling him? If he said OK to Turnbull, then it would seem that he is contradicting himself, or is making a unilateral special case, as all those currently being denied have had their cases previously checked out for months and only been given the green light to enter the US once they have got the ALL CLEAR.

It is absolutely facetious to think that any of them have a greater likelihood of being a BOSTON BOMBER type, than from the White American Population at large that is so full of nut cases, a shooting is bound to happen sooner rather tan later, to make his executive orders the laughing stock amongst all but his diminishing band of supporters who are one by one beginning to realize the human folly or flaw that is the US President, who was so successful in fooling so many that he actually was voted in under the US Election rules!

Just think about it, one of the closest allies of the United States is being rebuffed by the US President, so when you have friends like this who needs enemies? Why is he alienating the very people who have come to his aid in history, in all wars, Korea, Vietnam, and I personally know Aussie Vietnam Vets, and I BET TRUMP DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THEY EXIST!

It is this Red Neck Rural thinking that we have to be content with for 4 years and it is going to take 4 years for the tide to realize how bizarre the whole deal is. History of course will look on these individual incidences to explain the character flaw that will eventually enter the vocabulary as “He is a TRUMP” and everyone will know who he means by it. So let us enjoy this TRUMP!