Friday, March 28, 2014

A warning to the President by the Elections Commissioner – you talk we annul!

As if the election violations were not enough to test the patience of any independent person, the Janapathi Janahamuwa during the period of the elections were nothing more than an in your face jibe at the Elections Commissioner and the independence of the campaign and Mahinda Deshapriya had the courage to say it was WRONG. However the courage did not extend to permitting the leader of the opposition the same privilege on State TV.

Of course the Police who are lackeys continue to be partial to their Govt. patrons by permitting their cutouts and posters, whilst removing those of the opposition and threatening and using white vans to abduct people who don’t co-operate.

Now with the loss of the UN vote, an answer that the Govt. clearly wanted and pursued by their actions, the President was keen to use a prime slot on TV tonight when all electioneering was prohibited to make his case again about the international interference which he will NOT permit in SL. 

That is clearly a gross violation of Election Laws as it is appealing to people, when they have to cast their vote tomorrow, and even though this is a PC election, it is merely a test of the popularity of the President, and less about policies ESPECIALLY as the Govt. made it a plank of their campaign that they look upon Geneva as an infringement of their sovereignty.   
It has now been MADE CLEAR that any attempt at making a statement on Geneva would nullify the results of the election and a new election called for! Something neither side wants to contemplate. It is clearly in violation of laws, and the opposition have decided to reject the results, if the President speaks and the election is NOT nullified.

It is interesting to see what gamble is taken by the Govt. in this regard, and if they are willing to further stick their fingers and noses at those attempting to show a semblance of normalcy in an already completely one sided campaign, where the Govt. side abused many of the election laws at will.

If we have an emphatic message from the people that they have had enough of Govt. shenanigans, then we may see a turnaround sooner rather than later.      

Who really won in Geneva? The TNA and GOSL did – but Sri Lanka lost!

A bunch of crooks, liars, scam artists and murderers or their sycophants won in Geneva yesterday, and the people of Sri Lanka, namely the hardworking, conscientious and energetic people who want to build this nation lost.

Democracy is a funny thing when people believe claims made for personal and not national gain. In that the TNA and the GOSL are the worst scum, who have successfully conned their constituents into believing that their claims bear legitimacy, whilst the true interests of Sri Lanka are held hostage to the world community wanting to exact revenge from in this case one of these hypocrites, the GOSL. TNA in pretending to be whiter than white, is ONLY getting their day in the limelight due to the GOSL treachery, otherwise they would already be in the dustbin of history where they belong.

It makes my blood curdle in seeing these two sets of traitors, the TNA (nothing more than a bunch of has beens with no vision of a united country) and the GOSL (using racism, religious bigotry, and incredibly clever duplicity) benefitting from this ill conceived International Recognition and Interference, when if neither of their representatives existed would create a Utopian State devoid of division, divisive politics, and destructive policies.

Even the US and its bloc have fallen into a trap created by these two sets of traitors, and instead of exacting punishment on them, a whole country is held to ransom due to the inability of the parties wishing to exact revenge, realizing that they are actually giving into the demands of both these parties, who are strange bedfellows made up of the same megalomaniacal mindset.

If you go back to basics, to achieve Peace, Prosperity and Paradise in Sri Lanka, these two sets of Charlatans must be exposed, vilified and destroyed. They are the bar to our vision for the future, and they play no part in it. If the US truly wishes Sri Lanka well, they must realize that. Until such time I can only accuse the US, the UNHRC and the resolution as one of emboldening traitors, encouraging division, and preventing the progress of Sri Lanka, to the ideals that the people expected, when the hostilities ceased. 

Its NOT about how many were massacred by who, it is about all communities working together to make one truly dynamic country, made up of all communities, and religions with one dream for all its citizens. We know who is guilty of what. The above two sets so why are we exacting revenge on the innocent citizens of the Country who want no part in this tussle. 

So lets all work democratically to achieve this aim, namely get rid of the TNA and the Rajapakse regime at the same time. They are both bad for business!     

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Only SL can make a losing number into a winning one – what treachery?

 It is very unfortunate that a Govt. bent on dividing a country pretends otherwise. Just read what Wimal Weerawansa had to say today, in a statement –  where he has the cheek to say, that had the authorities, by which he means GOSL or his team, taken action earlier it could have been avoided. Sure it could. I have all along made that argument. Therefore the ultimate result of GOSL action is exposing the treachery of this administration.

As if losing can’t be worse, only GOSL as in the last vote also turns the numbers on their heads and says that as only 23 out of 47  members of the UNHRC voted for the resolution, a majority did not!!!! What SL logic is that? It is simple, it is the Rajapakse logic that has resulted in the Country being hauled over the coals for the sins of a few prima donnas in the administration who don’t have the guts to call a spade a spade and finish off any allegations by putting to bed once and for all the truth that they are intent on pretending never took place!!

It is this arrogance of power, coupled with blindness and ignorance of how to correct their vision, that is at the heart of all the problems that SL has had to undergo, and very unnecessary ones at that, at the hands of the international community.

Just because other banana republics voted with us, does not make us look any better, as they fear their skeletons will be exposed next and don’t want that, and in that event, will want SL to defend their crimes, and so voted out of enlightened self interest and so had their interests foremost above those of Sri Lanka.

The favor that Russia has asked in return is a price we should not be forced to pay, as that gives parties opposed to the unity of Sri Lanka an excuse to divide it and to that extent I will agree with Weerawansa that GOSL in general and the Rajapakse administration guilty, is in particular should face trial with an independent judiciary on the grounds of treason and face the consequences of their guilt.

It is time for the people of Sri Lanka to finally realize the huge con they have had to put up with, and use the ballot to turf out the traitors of Sri Lanka. 

Just think who has procrastinated after promising speedy resolution? It is they who should therefore answer to the people of SL for their sins, not the people of SL who should suffer for the sins of a few of its leaders!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everything in the news about the Rs2M fake notes is cock and bull! Read the true story here

Just think about it! Dulanjalie Jayakody who was first accused of depositing Rs2M of fake Rs5000 notes at an HSBC in Colombo 7, could never have knowingly done something as silly as that! For all the cash to be fake at that.

Any bank where one goes to deposit money checks the authenticity on its machines as one deposits. So no one will “Knowingly” deposit cash that is fake. There is some confusion as to the exact point at which this was discovered, namely was it at the time she went to the counter and it was picked up at that point, or was it picked up later on! With the bank accusing her of depositing them.

If the bank discovered it later, then it could be someone in the bank replacing good with bad, and unfairly accusing Dulanjalie of this deposit!! However the latter issue is now unlikely because there was more fake currency at the premises of the MD of the Garment Factory, whom Dulanjalie received the money from.

What the money was for, is not clear though the papers state that he was returning a debt! It is known that Sajith is in the business of loan sharking, but on the other hand it is possible that it was a contribution for Sajith’s electioneering or similar activity. Either way, it was NOT the owner who was caught, but the managing director. The managing director received the money from the owner, but he only received Rs2M. The owner clearly states that the funds he gave were good, and NOT counterfeit. There were NO fake notes found at the owners, so the switch took place at the MD stage.

So who is this guy, who took the good notes and passed the fake notes ALL in one bundle? If he did it NOT to get caught, he would NOT have given ALL fake notes. So he was merely carrying out a contract on behalf of the President of SL to ensure Dulanjalie and thereby Sajith would be implicated in a crime, on the EVE of a major election, which could affect the vote bank of Sajith candidates in the South!!! Remember the President does not want Sajith as the party leader of the UNP.

The MD was told that he would be caught for this, he will be the fall guy, but that he will be released soon after the election with charges dragged on till such a time as they will be dropped, and for his luck he could keep the original Rs2M of good notes as his pay-off for his services to the President!!!

All good stuff ha? Yes the most obvious of the plans engaged by the President. MR was getting worried that his vote bank was rapidly diminishing. His cohorts were NOT doing very much to help him out, and were NOT making enough of an effort to save the vote bank by politicking earnestly. So he had to take the matters into his own hands and do something about it.

His advisers suggested this scoop to reduce Sajith’s vote bank, and at the same time hold Lankadeepa to blame for the incorrect finger pointing at Dulanjalie being implicated, so that Sajith would be guilty of the allegation, and the President get over Rs2M worth of votes for free! (Rs2M which was NOT even his money). That is Sajith will lose a number of votes for his candidates by insinuation!

If truth be told there was no accusation of her wrong doing in the headlines of Lankadeepa, but to the general reader, the fact that she deposited Rs2M in fake notes which was what was highlighted, and nothing about her being accused or being implicated, is enough to assume she was somehow involved in the public’s eyes, in nefarious activities, due to Sajith’s past, and questions surrounding his character. 

This is the cheapest and most cunning way to compensate the fall guy with genuine money due to the falsely accused, who then ends up NOT getting their money, and worse, gets implicated in something she was not party to!

If there was a more cunning plot tell me please, where you use other people’s money to do your dirty work. When you have power like our President does, what can’t you do?


If only the average person realizes how a crook at the top who only yesterday got let off by Supreme Court where it was ruled that he is exempt from prosecution is an example of the exemption from wrongs the chief executive has. This must be changed if reason can return to our system, so accountability for wrongs returns.

It is time that people wise up to the internal shenanigans at work to fool them to vote for the incumbency, by painting falsely that the opposition is involved in worse insidious activity than the GOSL!!! 

So be alert, be aware, and be careful! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Will a letter from the Chief Prelates help or harm Sri Lanka in Geneva?

The senior Buddhist Clergy have met with GL Peiris the foreign minister, and have effectively told him that due to the incompetence of his staff (foreign service) Sri Lanka is facing huge threats and interference from External Sources. They intend making a statement in Geneva on the lack of suitability of Navi Pillay to opine on Sri Lanka, and the biased nature of the allegations against the state!

This runs completely contrary to the clarification given by the Catholic Tamil Clergy, confirming that these allegations have merit, and in fact the resolution is not sufficiently strong! These diametrically opposing opinions from citizens of Sri Lanka is likely balance each other out, and the UNHRC rule against Sri Lanka, no matter what the merits and de merits of the case. The double game played by the Muslim community WILL NOT help Sri Lanka’s case, and this monks’ interference will be more of a hindrance than a help.

I don’t believe Sri Lankan Buddhist Clergy, really understand what is at stake, and how the game is played diplomatically speaking. Jumping at the 11th hr to appear to make a difference is the worst of all options, and in appealing to the local electorate, their real purpose will be a failure. There is NO ONE in the Govt. with the backbone to request that they kindly mind their own business without making it more difficult for Sri Lanka. However they are looking more at their home audience and how to show a brave face, or be seen to be doing something on their behalf, lest they be accused of doing nothing!!

The catch 22 that the Buddhist Clergy is in, is not what other Clergy from other religions should get embroiled in, despite the desire of the Buddhist Clergy for all religious leaders to act with one voice. Any sensible religious person would realize it is better NOT to get embroiled in an issue out of their depths. The buddhist clergy should be more concerned about safeguarding their flock, who is getting increasingly disench anted with their hardline, heavy handed approach that appears to border on the ridiculous. It is time that people advise them of this and set the record straight, rather then let them loose on Geneva and further belittle the efforts of Sri Lanka.

It must be reiterated that it is NOT the Country that is under the microscope, but just the GOSL, acting with arrogance, and still not been able to admit failure in their foreign policy. If there was another Govt. other than the present, then I believe they could have easily withered the threat, and prevented ANY sanctions!!!

It is this failure on the part of the Govt. is what the Clergy should concentrate their energies on, and not on the failure of the UN which is merely reacting to the actions and inactions against international norms, that should be held accountable!    

If the diplomats are incompetent, what makes the Buddhist priests any better at diplomacy? What a mess we have fallen into due to the incompetence of our regime.

When will the people of Sri Lanka realize? they are worse than an embarrassment, that no amount of clergy is going to solve!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The VOTER – make your vote count! It really can make a difference to you and Sri Lanka

5.5M go to the polls in the Western and Southern Provinces on Saturday the 29th of March 2014. 

I believe they will be voting in 155 Provincial Councilors and included in that would be two Chief Ministers.  The election HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROVINCIAL COUNCILS and ALL TO DO WITH CONFIDENCE in the Government (GOSL) These two provinces account for 45% of the GNP of Sri Lanka and the wealthiest people in the nation call this area their home.

With 4 principal parties, my contention is that a vote for the JVP is a wasted vote, because, though they have been around a while, and had a greater say in the past, despite their youthful, and sensible leader, their policies WILL NOT WORK in modern Sri Lanka, where politics of efficiency and productivity, is only about management of human greed, and not extolling the virtues of altruism.

Then comes this fly by night ‘Democratic Party’ of General Fonseka. One must be off their heads to back a party, whose leader is not a politically astute person, but a former military commander who defeated the LTTE with his tactics of ruthlessness, the only means by which a ruthless, terrorists outfit could be effectively annihilated. There is NO point thanking him by your vote, it should have been happy retirement with a big pension and perks, both of which have been denied him as well as his voting rights. Why vote for his party? Will it survive his demise? What can they really do if they get into power, except for killing by firing squad, all those who oppose them! So please think again about even an inkling of a desire to waste your vote thus.

Then we come to the UPFA ruling coalition. There are 16 parties, with huge internal problems of UNITY, only disguised by their lust for power, that they don’t air their dirty linen in public. We know in private they are anything but a set of happy campers, merely pretending, so that they can squeeze what they can from the people to live in clover! A hope they have of perpetuity. If one wants to endorse the status quo where they wish the Country to be robbed blind, because of ignorance of how many unsolicited projects are permitted, approved and financed, then there is no option but to endorse the GOSL. The latter’s campaign is a single issue campaign based on the Geneva HR threats, as an infringement on the sovereignty of the state, no matter how much the GOSL has infringed on liberty and freedom of the people to express their disgust openly, and without fear.   

Dear Mr and Ms Voter if you dislike any of the above, then you have NO option but to give your precious vote to the Elephant. This party through its many forms, from the National Congress days has survived for over 100 years and will be here another 100 years hence, and even in crisis is the largest party in the Country.

Do not concentrate on the infighting in the party, as that is NORMAL in a party of this magnitude that has been out of power for so long. It would happen to any elephant! There is a lot of potential, and if the elections prove that the tide has turned and the people finally realize that they have been taken for a ride, then the funds, people, brains and talent from all parts of the world will flow to form an effective significant opposition first and shortly thereafter a Government which will be tasked to clean up the mess, that the creators of the mess, wallowing in it cannot distinguish.

Despite the lack of political cunning of the leader of the UNP, NONE can accuse him of personally benefiting from politics. Not even his severest critics. That is therefore a start, that we may have some confidence that decisions will be taken in the interests of Sri Lanka first before self, and that would save thousands of billions at a brush stroke all accruing directly to the people of Sri Lanka, who would finally reap the peace dividend denied for so long, and in fact stolen from them.

One factual exercise that has already been done, is that on first year of a UNP government, they can reduce the interest on the International Debt, by Rs 200B per annum instantly and a good chance that within a year from rescheduling and exposing usuary, reduce it by a further Rs200B per annum within the first twelve months. That is a good start, and exposes the depths of corruption that our lenders and borrowers alike have engaged in at the expense of the nation. 

Please remember we are currently unable to debt service, as we borrow to pay the interest, if that means anything to you!!    
I personally appeal to the voter to go and vote. Staying at home and not using one’s franchise is NOT being a citizen of Sri Lanka. One may as well take the next boat to China. If one goes to the polling station and dislikes the choices on offer, it is quite acceptable to SPOIL one’s vote saying NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!

In this way, as who governs affects our daily lives directly unlike in most other countries, it is essential that one’s preferences are known.

May I remind the voter that one can just cast one’s vote for a party and NOT give any preferences. The problem is that someone else may misuse your ballot paper after the party count is taken and give a preference to someone you may dislike!

Either way, please vote early so no one uses your vote by deception. Your vote is important no matter who you vote for. Your ignorance is permitted. We are not perfect and ignorance is universal to all, no matter what form of Government.                 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Yesterday in Parliament! Important Legislation and NO ONE knows about it! AND THE SRI LANKAN PRESS DON’T SEEM TO CARE TO INFORM!


It is very sad that in this day and age of information overflow, very important pieces of legislation gets passed with the people of the Country not realizing it, and are totally unaware of legislation that actually affect their everyday lives.

Instead, giving the chair of the Speaker to a joker MP called Azwer, when the speaker vacated it after opening the session, speaks volumes for the Govt. in ridiculing even this important legislation. Secondly, the Press in ONLY highlighting the UNP opposition demand that Azwer be removed from the Speaker’s chair must be reprimanded for IDIOCY!

Yes that is also news, but not the most important one. Azwer is, to put it simply used by the Govt. as a tool to annoy the opposition as he is full of BS and like Mervyn are used to belittle Governance, Government and all norms of civilized administration. It puts in perspective what this Government thinks of Parliament, and ALL MPS not just in opposition. It is just a joke to GOSL rulers, and Parliament is impotent and all discussions are meaningless, and there is NO threat to passing legislation so it is a wholly rubber stamping body, allowing opposition to blow some air to vent their frustration and anger and that’s JUST ABOU IT!

Yesterday, the whole act of giving this status to the Defense University, is to obfuscate issues, and promote disinformation to the extent that the opposition is also totally led up the garden path. With their energies directed at a useless election, the real truth behind the legislation is shrouded in mystery!

If truth be told, the Kotelawala Defense Academy (on land bequeathed to the state) is another attempt, to strengthen the power of the Defense Establishment, and keep them loyal to the Govt. Huge amounts of money has been allocated to it. The establishment, Gota and his cohorts, chose who they wish to admit to its courses, what they should charge, and who they give scholarships to. This totally undermines the Tertiary State Education system that has fairly clear entrance and Z score guidelines for entry, no matter what our opinions are on its weaknesses. 

 SIMPLY PUT, they will use state resources for their OWN BENEFIT. Yes they charge high fees, if I want to enter, and for instance study for a legal degree which costs Rs1M. However an unqualified son of a Major General, may be at the same course free of charge, claiming he has a scholarship. NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

Isn’t it ODD that the Head of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, Mahanama, is on the faculty of the KDU, that is breaking all the HR of the people in Sri Lanka?

If this was a fee paying private institution, I will have NO worry. It is instead funded by OUR PEOPLE’s MONEY to benefit a few chosen GOSL cronies, and that is MY PROBLEM. The Medical Faculty is being funded to the tune of RS 75Billion, yes billion, for the hospital etc. The medical students have been given laptops and benefits NOT given to any student in the state medical faculties of any university and who will enter? what entry requirements? and what cost? SB Dissanayake the Minister of Higher Education, states in parliament that there will be minimum entry standards, yes is it 3 A level passes!!! WHAT A JOKE

Then the foolish Minister of Health gets up and says that the Defense Forces need specialist doctors that KDU can provide. What an asinine comment? He should be sacked for making a statement like that. It is doctors that have trained through the state system who take care of Military casualties, nowhere have they got to be trained throughout a Military University. This is not to shoot people, it is to cure people of illness and trauma!

People of Sri Lanka rise up and agitate and VOTE for people who can read and write, not for people who can lie with impunity as that is all their education has taught them.

I am sad to say that even an opposition MP, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, made a fool of himself, by running down the Malabe Private Medical School, which was not relevant to the debate, and also praising the KDU! He must have got his wires crossed in the heat of a political campaign. What does it matter if Malabe Medical has 90,000 sq ft for teaching. He goes on to state 2,000 medical students there (I quote Lankadeepa of 21st March Parliamentary page.) All this is totally irrelevant to the debate. He must think it rings a bell with the students, to make a political point. Actually the students, IUSF is BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE.

IUSF convener Najith Indika, stop your useless agitation about non events, when the most important issue is the breakdown of the Free Education principles, NOT the establishment of Private Universities. Any amount of private universities can be established, as people who have the means can then go there, and put less pressure on the state system, allowing more poor students to enter university. 

SRI LANKA cannot educate ALL those who sit A levels in the Free Education system. So it is IMPORTANT that the funds available to the Govt. for education is fairly spent so that the people of Sri Lanka benefit on a MERIT system and NOT on a friends and family basis or to special favored classes such as the defense establishment! When the Govt. spends a total of only Rs8B in 2014 for capital improvements for ALL universities in Sri Lanka and an additional, Rs 35B only for KDU in 2014, there is something GRAVELY WRONG in Govt. if the Defense Establishment gets all the favors. We are then turning into a Militarized State, with all benefits ONLY accruing to the Military to keep the Military happy and powerful and contended, permitting the Govt.

The Govt. choosing a moment when the people are fully engaged in Election activities to hoodwink the electorate and pass legislation that further erodes their freedom is typical of the strategy of this administration.

It is up to the rest of us in opposition to this to rise and up and inform, educate and agitate against brazen behavior of the state in fiddling the Fundamental Rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka. I have nothing personally to gain either way, it is just that I feel the people of Sri Lanka are being ROBBED BLIND in every way, wherever they turn, and that I DISAGREE WITH VEHEMENTLY.

The opposition MUST make a stand, with a platform of points of what is wrong and what they would do to fix it immediately upon gaining power, and show a united force to show the people that the time has come for change. The platform of points must be worded so that it is obvious and understandable to the average person as being one that affects them personally, so they have a right to be concerned. It is important therefore that all the points we present hit the heart, the stomach and the mind all at the same time.

The Country is waiting for leadership to provide answers to their day to day issues, and it is not for want of serious issues to bring forward, this being just one of them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I hope our trumped up diplomats and spokesmen learn from Geneva

Having followed the way the US was heavily criticized by the UNHRC for its Guantanamo scandal and the drone program, and a myriad of other HR abuses, it must be apparent to the Sri Lankans that NO nation is immune from attack, if they break the fundamental rules of HR.

It is in this context that SL is also being hauled over the coals. We must get it into our thick skulls, that whatever wrong others are up to, so are we up to a whole host of wrongdoings in the name of the Rajapakse administration. We cannot pretend that we have a Govt in SL today, that to cover one shame is compounding the problem and NOT diffusing it.

The case mentioned in the earlier blog entry of the woman, a known activist, searching for the answers of what happened to her son who is PROVED to be in rehabilitation, as photos have been published, and now is not accounted for. It is a simple question, pure and simple. If he was in Govt. custody as shown in Govt. publications, where is he now? What is wrong with a Govt. which cannot answer that question?

It is the Govt of SL that has more to answer for than her, and taking her into custody over the harboring of someone, with much less blood on their hands than KP who is yet to confess and ask forgiveness is to be a case of double standards gone wrong. Yes this woman lost two sons to the LTTE to fight a lost cause, she has to live with that, but now a civilized state GOSL has it appears blood on its hands too for the disappearance of a minor in their custody!

Why can’t the GOSL admit to what happened, as trying to hide a small transgression convinces the world that they are guilty of much worse. Remember then that GOSL is now accused of committing crimes after 2009, up to now, today and has with impunity and there is NO evidence to show that they have in fact stopped this. That is what is so bad, and needs to be addressed.

Why cant they deal with it internally? Firstly, because they deny culpability, and we must be embarrassed that these are pointed out by foreigners! So don’t go after this messenger who is telling us we are wrong, just admit wrong doing, and change for the better, without denying and increasing the gravity of the crimes being committed in the name of the administration

Please train and build a new carder of Foreign Service personnel, to be professional and NOT sycophants, so that the interests of Sri Lanka can be better served by those who know what they are doing. The decimation of the once respected diplomats by the current GOSL must be reversed, firstly by removing friends and family from such appointments, including the Keheliya offspring, no matter what their apparent rights to their appointments are, then we can reclaim the UN and other positions. 

It is time that we are NOT made the laughing stock by our inability to defend our legitimate positions, and deflect any accusation in a diplomatic manner, rather than accuse the messenger or accuser of bias. That is bad diplomacy. No wonder we face an investigation!

We could have foreseen this a long time ago, and taken corrective action, without taking a belligerent approach. Instead we publicly state that Russia is our ally, when they are engaged in the same game of forcing a vote in Crimea, that they were bound to win, and so no one can then ask them to do otherwise if a vote is forced on the North which the GOSL will lose. Both are illegitimate processes, but we have backed the wrong horse.

So hypocrisy abounds, as our friends are just as guilty (Russia and China) as the Western powers so don't only accuse the West of hypocrisy, if you are you MUST include Russia and China in the same breadth - If you dare! 

This shows that the Nationalist line taken by GOSL is wrong, and if professional diplomats were left to argue the case, then we would not be facing imminent castigation by the UNHRC. I hope for once we learn from this and stop making the same mistake again and again.    

The Battle lines of TNA vs SL Govt. get ever more irreconcilable – who’s fault?

The latest episode in this propaganda war being raged in the middle of the UNHRC hearings is the detention under the PTA of a female firebrand activist - for the rights of the missing since the end of the war – for harboring a terrorist fugitive!

The TNA maintain she is a mother who is leading a campaign to get the GOSL to answer what they did with her 15yr child they took into custody, whilst the GOSL say she has provided refuge to a war absconder, who has escaped in 2009 from a welfare camp and was apprehended and escaped from her home having shot at a police officer, and so they have arrested her for questioning in that regard.

This play is being performed in the UNHRC chamber with Ananthi Sasitharan, (the NPC provincial councilor, who is accusing the Govt. for the disappearance of her LTTE high command husband who was confirmed as surrendering to the Govt forces at the end of the war,) making the statements on behalf of the arrested woman, Balendran Jayakumari, who’s small daughter was also with her.

Surely the Police spokesman Ajith Rohana MUST come up with more plausible explanations if the GOSL is to have ANY credibility in regards to this arrest! When people like Karuna have still not undergone rehabilitation for the massacre of 600 policemen in cold blood in the East, who will believe the GOSL explanation?

It is important for the GOSL to be armed with credible reasons for incarcerating women with young children, no matter how fierce they are!! Otherwise they become the laughing stock of the world community. Why can’t lies of GOSL be more believable? Why do they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, and put at risk the credibility of a whole nation by their incompetence!

It is time the police force got a few more intelligent people, who can make statements that make sense. Is it because they have got so used to killing suspects in cold blood, and say they were shot whilst trying to escape, when taken to the scene of crime that the people of SL are so gullible to believe such rot, that they continue to spew such nonsense? I am appalled, and little wonder, they don’t garner support in the international community. Who are the traitors here?   

Its time to replace the retards who can't lie properly, before they sink the whole ship along with them.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A pathetic excuse of a Media Minister – Keheliya Rambukwella

Has he got nothing more profound to say in this serious diplomatic crisis that Sri Lanka is faced with, instead of making foolish comments on issues that really are on the periphery to the gravity of the situation that Sri Lanka is faced with.
It is time we have some more professional people in Govt. instead of ones who whenever they open their mouth, embarrass our Country. The latest folly of this person was shown in the utterances that appeared today.

He is talking about double standards, where LTTE protestors were displaying Prabarkaran’s picture in Geneva in demonstrations by the Diaspora. Whilst I abhor any martyrdom for a murderous unscrupulous terrorist, his Govt. has provided the space for the Tamil Diaspora to revere him, by their very action and inaction post 2009, which will only get worse unless sanity prevails in the GOSL to address the real grievances, so that imaginary grievances are NOT given undue coverage as is being done today.

By protecting Karuna the murderer of 600 Policeman in cold blood, with no truth and reconciliation on his part or even any mea culpa on his part, the Govt. has engaged in duplicity and double standards of the worst kind. Trying to bring Osama bin Laden who had few followers and was fighting a war against the USA on many fronts, he is being very disingenuous. He had NO supporters except the terrorist band. 

Praba on the other hand had a whole army and sympathizers who believed in his cause of a separate state as the only answer to the grievances of the Tamils, due to the years of mistreatment at the hands of various Governments over very minor issues, that could easily have been resolved, which then rightly became just causes due to the terror unleashed by successive governments. If I as a Sinhala, my community was singled out and mercilessly killed by a mob just because of outward ethnicity, (Kheliya's genes may prove he is more Tamil than Prabarkaran, but that is a story for another day) and I was personally affected, I would also take up arms and I don't know what atrocities I could be capable of if I was sufficiently motivated. This was NOT so with Osama! it was a more religious war against perceived infidels.     

GOSL of the past created the foundation for the bloodthirsty Prabarkaran, and was unable to destroy him because of personal agendas of leaders and not the inability to vanquish, so much earlier if sufficient resources had been deployed in that aim.

The unprofessional nature of the all actors in this play, is due to sycophantic allegiances that go contrary to the best interests of Sri Lanka proper. Keheliya has also sadly sold his soul for pecuniary and family gain, as there are NO political options left for him. He knows that and so does the President and so he is being used as an imbecilic spokesman we can all make fun of. What he does to his stature is his problem, what it does to the good name of Sri Lanka is my problem.       

Udaya Gammanpila an opportunistic politician of the worst kind

Udaya Gammanpila is a very clever man, who could have used his brains to further many causes of importance to Sri Lanka and helped to raise the quality of life of those of us who live in it. Instead he decided to go into politics, which he may believe on balance furthers those ends, but in reality furthers his personal ends at the expense of the Country’s like most politicians and in that sense is no different.

In the present election campaign his cunning and cynicism is displayed for all to see and hear in the statements he utters in the well oiled (funded by whom really!) campaign he is engaged. Unfortunately, he takes on an electorate not taught to think deception, and so he gets away with a raft of statements that are very misleading at best and downright reprehensible at worst.

Let us start with the Dalada pledge. He uses his position in the JHU to make this public statement of do goodism, which if anyone not in the JHU were to make, would embroil them in a sea of criticism from the Sangha of misusing Buddhism for personal glory. It is wrong to make statements and belittles one’s own belief by that behavior. Why can’t he merely say it is what I pledge, not using the Dalada word to lower its sanctity. Simply unacceptable arrogance.

Then he goes on to say he will only take donations up to Rs100/- from well wishers. He goes on to say that his statements will be subject to audit. Anyone with any intelligence knows that if he does not have the list of names and addresses of 40,000 people with their signatures on them confirming the Rs 100 there is no verification of this fact as he says he has now raised in excess of Rs4M this way.

So it is an unrealistic and far-fetched statement to make, as there are those who say people have been coaxed to pay into it against their will, but do so for personal survival.

To maintain that one does not use plastic, or paste these offensive posters is NOT an electoral liability per se, because he unlike many of his fellow candidates spends millions on advertising in the media, as he has either well wishers who do it for him, so he can claim he has nothing to do with that!! Another cynical ploy.

This huge advertising campaign he has undertaken, will ensure that money can buy votes, and let him tell the world he received the preferences due to his humility and pledge! Yeah right, who will believe him, yes those unable to think, the ones he exploits for his advantage. 
He is the Colombo District leader for the UPFA, and that in itself means that his huge cut outs litter many a campaign office within the Colombo District. I guess they don’t count for litter, and abuse of the environment because he did not pay for it but forced his fellow candidates to do so instead. How deceitful can you get?

At present he appears to be outspending anyone else in the Colombo District, which means that his salary as a PC minister, will not come close to a return on investment on his campaign by him and his sycophants.

I personally object to the Hela Urumaya, Muslim Congress and the TNA as they are race or religion based parties that should not further foul the electoral space, but given that I have no say in that, I can only point out the obvious anachronisms, and expect the rational individuals to weigh the pros and cons of what I state and come to their own conclusion on which if any of the points I make bear any credibility.

It is simply astonishing that NO ONE has had the guts to challenge UDAYA on these election gimmicks, for fear of being debated out by this clever, cunning and cynical individual. That is the state of the state in Sri Lanka where true leaders are vilified and scoundrels permitted to foul the air and airwaves.

Worse still, is the publicity given to these self righteous statements meant to further enhance the credibility of what he is ostensibly doing to add to his saintliness. Frankly this makes him worse than the run of the mill politician.

It is nice to know of that as a product of two school principles, from Ginigathhena, he was fortunate to excel at Grade 5 and get admitted to DS Colombo from where he achieved national excellence, something a student in today’s state will not be able to do due to the corruption of this Govt. in crowding out these very same students.

His achievements at the CEA have worsened the environment whilst taxing innocents to getting licenses so they can claim profitability to his Minister. 

His website is so cynical as one has to like his page on FB to be able to enter, unless of course you are prepared to wait a minute for the x to come to click on, something we in our lightspeed world don't have patience for. Talk about deviants in society. I rest my case!!   

I can go on, but as his perfidy must be obvious to the reader, I have better things to occupy my time. 

I hope by this, there is some introspection on U G part, of one's exact motivation in politics and realize that true honesty does pay but it may take a while for the voter to understand as there are NO quick fixes in a terribly flawed electoral space that is Sri Lanka, but eventually you will triumph if you are really true to your faith and your principles. So it is up to you to show your true colors, and not the make believe ones.

There is still room to care about national interest first over one's own personal political trajectory, then you can be truly proud of being true to the motto of your alma mater. 

Malaysia in the dock for their idiocy and piracy! Sri Lanka to follow

The MH370 saga has pointed world attention at the incompetence of the Malaysian administration not being able to organize “a piss up in a brewery” let alone an investigation into a disappearance of a Jumbo jet. 8 days have passed and we are no nearer the truth!

Singaporeans will be smirking because they have a superiority complex over the Malay run administration and its Bumiputra policies, because Singapore values and pays for merit whilst the Malaysians have stuffed their government service with incompetent Bumiputras or Malays at the expense of competent Chinese, Indian and Sri Lankan origin Malaysians and it clearly shows.

The minorities in Malaysia are also smirking at the puerile level of their one party state, which now further highlights the nature of their longevity, by suppressing opposition and the recent reinstatement of the old charges and guilt of their opposition leader on trumped up charges.

If I was a Malaysian I would blame the Govt. 100% for the fiasco, as they don’t know how to deal with criticism and realize their level of incompetence due to the nature of their governance. If there is some good that comes out of this tragedy it is the likely demise of this Government and one party, which has finally shown its citizens of lacking in basic competence, leading to the Countrymen being  at the butt end of international jokes about how not to deal with a crisis situation!!!

Let it be a warning to the Sri Lankan administration, that they too now already at the butt end of jokes due to the sycophants who represent the Government and look like a laughing stock, will receive their comeuppance shortly in a similar crisis, that further destroys our national pride, and finally when the locals realize the charade send them packing, and the guilty to the gallows.

However hard one tries to explain that which is clear, it takes an international tragedy and comparison, to illustrate what I constantly allude to in this blog, of why we MUST remove this illegitimate regime, that is only harming the long term interests of Sri Lanka for short term personal agendas. This traitorous action is now on re-play in Geneva and we cannot tolerate any more of this nonsense and ignominy heaped on the Country due to the actions of a few incompetents.    

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Bodu Bala Sena is barking up the wrong Tree! Again and again!

The constant need of the Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero for attention, a wholly un- Buddhist act, is at the heart of their attempt again to resurrect and revive religious politics which we must surgically excise from popular thought.

Having a go at the ex-President Chandrika who happens to Chair SAPRI a think tank that is NOT just about religious harmony but about other noble aims, is a wholly opportunistic bark and barking up the wrong tree. All communities have elements of false propaganda in conning people to half baked theories. 

It is Education that will reduce the incidence of dunces following dunces, but it appears that BBS wish people to be uneducated, so they will follow these dunces, where as Buddhism always asks people to carefully consider and logically reason out right from wrong and that is done only from better education and awareness of one's harmony with one's surroundings to ensure they are all in equilibrium with each other.

We in Sri Lanka can only survive in the long term with the religious tolerance we have practiced all throughout our history, which is being put to the test by such groups like the BBS, which are all part of the here today gone tomorrow acts of impotent firebrands behind it.

The Buddhists in Sri Lanka are NOT Sinhala Buddhist, they are Buddhist Sinhala people who practice humility and adhere to Theravada principles. The so called Sinhala Buddhists are a sub culture of people who try to encompass the Buddhist Sinhala population who don’t have anything to do with their practices, but are tainted by organizations such as the BBS, and then portray a country in a very wrong way.

The demand that prayer groups be prevented is a completely repugnant. People of whatever belief MUST be entitled to practice their belief in their homes, with their likeminded friends and acquaintances, and NOBODY has the right to interfere with this RIGHT.

Where does philosophical discussion stop and religion begin? After all if I have regular discussion with say 50 friends at my home, about philosophical matters which can easily be construed as belief systems, and then BBS storm in to disperse my meetings, because they don’t like what they perceive (which may be totally different to the reality of the discussion and intention) that SHOULD NOT be permitted under any circumstances, and I will NOT tolerate RABID pretend priests in Yellow Robes to descend and tell me what I can and cannot do, as long as I don’t break internationally accepted laws, (NOT Rajapakse created racist or religiously divisive ones) 

I am entitled to FIGHT to the death to defend myself from these IMBECILES.

It is time reasonable and rational people of Sri Lanka rise up and protect their Human Rights from these excuses for Human Beings, who are NOT tolerated by their peers of Buddhism, who see them for what they truly are.

Sri Lanka is faced with numerous issues, by parties outside our country, who also are opportunistic who use the malpractices of a deviant Government to lump the whole country, as one with the sins of their rulers, and therefore force all of us to suffer. Adding the BBS to this deviant behavior further compounds attempts at reconciliation and perception of a Country divided, due to actions of a few who appear to hog the media for their personal popularity, selling out their country and its unity for petty pleasures of sick minds.

Its these traitors who should be first burned at the stake if anyone is held accountable. There is a permanent Sri Lankan Diaspora overseas and the Sinhala people in this Diaspora, ignorantly believe the rot that is spewed out by these venomous creatures. It is natural for any Diaspora, to take extreme views on matters relating to issues in their home countries, (differing from reality at home) and they can do more harm to harmony than at home, just as the Tamil Diaspora are also in this insane desire for revenge!!

It is up to the sensible majority (sadly silent) in Sri Lanka to take up the mantle and defeat any threat to the Unity of the state, either from the BBS or the Tamil Diaspora, who appear to embolden some of the TNA to take an unreasonably intransigent stance, due to the equally intransigent Govt. of despots, who prefer the divisive politics to all encompassing politics for their survival.

The population of Sri Lanka are the losers due to these rotten apples in power and media forefront. Prominence MUST be given to the true Nationalists who are painted as traitors, as the traitors have the upper-hand to point the finger outward, rather than inward.

The time has come to expose the con of the GOSL backers and their henchmen in extremist groups such as Ravana, and BBS, no different to fundamentalist Islamists.