Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Who is trying to kid whom – on Avante Garde?

If only the Govt. acted on my expose earlier in the year on the AG scandal, then all this would not have come to a head now. It is simply a matter of complete incompetence and idiocy on the part of the members of the Ranil Wickremasinghe that this scandal has been allowed to go this far.

Frankly none of the parties seem to even understand this business, and how if not overseen and managed properly, can lead to terrible repercussions for Sri Lanka in the international sphere for promoting terrorism.

Surely we should have learned this lesson from the LTTE episode, on how they procured arms, and how they trained their carders and how it was financed. We don’t seem to have learned a thing! Why?

Put simply, we don’t have anyone in Govt. who actually has the intellectual capacity to understand simple problems, and provide solutions that will be in the long term interest of this Country. After that is why they are elected!

Just through all the Avante Garde related articles, and I have explained the business and further given a solution on how all the issues can be solved.

The revelations that AG is somehow involved with BOKO HARAM in Nigeria is a further cause for concern as reported in the leaked tapes article in today’s FT. see link:

It is important that the Govt. no longer look like complete idiots and stop being taken in my people who are cleverer than any of our MPs, giving him a chance to paint him white, when he is so black that it is not even funny.

Permitting even a Press Conference to garner public sympathy as shown above is evidence of incompetence, as when uncorroborated lies are put out in a media with a gullible audience, the credibility of the Govt. trying to clean up a mess, is also called into question. Media ethics as I have painfully tried to point out in this blog, does not seem to have any basis in Sri Lanka, and until we are able to match a responsible and educated, and NOT SENSATIONAL media, we hand our lawmakers on a plate to be villlified.

It time to take a TIME OUT. Media should desist from reporting on this matter anymore, and let AG continue their investigations, with appropriate resources!     

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