Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It is all over bar the shouting! – 2015 Presidential Elections – Let it be a history lesson for the illiterate

There is a great Sinhala expression that says “sobadharmayath thekka sellam baha” which in essence says, that you cannot mess with the natural order of things, and if you do, you will pay dearly for your arrogance.

The incumbent President, who hoped to be known as the President for Life, will have to commit suicide, in the next 7 days, in order to keep that title for posterity!

The game is over but for the counting on Election Day. The President has received the results of the postal votes, and even the great Army to whom much of the budget has been allocated has failed him, voting in a majority against him. It is just the other Govt. servants in their uneducated state, who have been drunk with their motorbikes and the time wasting 600,000 jobs they received in the past 10 years who have still stood by him as far as the postal count is concerned. He fell on his own petard, at a moment he seemed invincible as shown in my previous blog entry.

Nobody wants to back a loser, and all those who switched to the Govt. Side for money will not be sleeping at night, as the list of how much each has received from the people’s money has already been handed and upon the announcement of the results, they will ALL be asked to return their ill-gotten gains, on the presumption that they have received stolen money. So the likes of Tissa Attanayake will have to even hand over the clothes he has on, if he is to avoid being locked up!

The Fat Lady has sung, and bringing Salman Khan over was the final act of a Marie Antoinette administration, that spiced the news lately with him saying that MR was a great man, and in the same breadth, Namal saying that he had NOT been paid a red cent to come! Get a life, know when it is best to stop making a fool of yourself.

My blog has over the years attempted to show the reader, the ridiculous direction that the administration has been taking. So I do not want to repeat what was said, except to say that it is only now most of what I have been saying for years, has been said in the press by those who have abandoned ship, and those who have NOW got the courage to speak up, and call a spade a spade! Not a club!

It is now up to the incoming administration to deliver on the promises. That is the hardest part. We have been fooled and lied to for so long, and the leaders have believed their own lies all this time, that they can continue to lie with a straight face.

Many of those who have come have not changed their colors, just their sides, and are singing a different tune, explaining somewhat dishonestly, why they hung on for so long before turning themselves in! It is best they fully explain their complicity in crime, and seek atonement before being fully rehabilitated into the fold of the new administration. That is because a bunch of opportunist rogues have also turned in.

The only people who deserve a mention, are the long suffering UNP rank and file carder who stood by their leader, through thick and thin, and under very trying and life threatening circumstances, been reduced to penury, for their belief in principles, who are the heroes here. Right now they are not getting as much of the credit, as the enablers are. It is time the people are made fully aware of the real reason, and the inner strength of a mass of forgotten humanity, who have been the foundation of this revolution, and I hope the new leadership will give them the credit they deserve for this quiet but firm revolution, to regain Sri Lanka from Dictatorship, back to Democracy, within an unthinkably short transition period, since the Election itself was announced.

The least the incumbent should do to keep his dignity is bow out gracefully and wish the new administration, as it is done, NOT with malice, but with the intention of returning the basic, and lost checks and balances, that prevent a few individuals from destroying a whole country.

100 Day plan as set out in the policy document by the Sirisena camp is all well and good, however the immediate task is how to reduce the staggering debt, that last administration has burdened the Country with.

There is NO option but to look at each loan in its commonsense reality. These are mainly project finance loans from China’s Ex Im Bank. Therefore they WILL NOT affect Sri Lanka’s sovereign debt rating. Simply tell the lenders, you have lent on a project that should have cost for example US$200M and not US$500M and so we will ONLY repay US$200M and you can collect the balance if you wish from the people who you dealt with who have obviously walked out with the loot.

In this way, we will repay on the value of the contracts, NOT the total loans. I suspect we can save US$5Billion within 30 days of coming to power, and the Chinese can go after the Rajapaksa’s to get their balance, as they are the ones who wired the money to offshore accounts, and know where they sent it to also!

In this way the Rs100B cost of the promises made by the new administration for the first 6 months of their rule can be met without a further burden on the treasury.
That said, let us hope there is no infighting for positions of power, and the new PM is allowed sufficient leeway in determining his cabinet, so that at least in the interim, until the General Elections are held in May 2015, we can have a corruption free administration, that is putting waste and excess spending under control, and investigate those who have dipped their hands in public coffers and ask them to return their ill-gotten gains, to avoid prosecution, and allow immunity to those who surrender a certain proportion of their loot.

If there is transparency in this activity, the people will have confidence in the administration’s undertaking to clean up as soon as possible, while taking the time necessary to set up the necessary mechanisms, to ensure that good governance and law and order are established with transparency as promised.

THE COUNTRY MUST SEE A CHANGE almost immediately from the previous state of things. Arrogance must be the first to see the back of, as that is the root of dictatorial behavior. There should be NO revenge on those who messed things up, just a polite request to return the loot!!! So it is wrong to put someone like the General in charge of Defense! As an example of what NOT TO DO.

Things look rosy for Sri Lanka in 2015, if we have a commonsense Administration, who don’t attempt to make the same mistakes of the previous one. If we need a change, it MUST be for the better. Despite all the false promises, the current administration was UNABLE to change their stripes. The new one has a better chance, if there is firm leadership by EXAMPLE, that we will NOT tolerate abuse of power, and corruption. Many of the new line of Cabinet Ministers, let us hope it would no more than 25, and to accommodate some Jonny come latelies, we may tolerate 30 till the elections are held and revert to 25 thereafter.

The incredibly wasteful Presidential allocation can be cut immediately from Rs12B a year to say Rs6B in 2015, as there are many salaries to pay, and upkeep that needs to be cut down within a short period, so that in 2016 it can drop to Rs2B.

I am merely mentioning this as examples for public consumption, if the new administration is to be taken seriously and people’s cynicism of the Govt. changed.

I have just touched the surface in what needs to be done, let us wish the Country a happy and prosperous 2015, with hope for all who live in this wonderful and soon to be vibrant democracy, where dissent is tolerated, and entrepreneurship and a level playing field encouraged. We can then regain our status as one of the foremost countries in this family of Nations on Earth.     

Monday, December 29, 2014

All it takes is just 40 days from being a Hero to become Zero!

Another history lesson for the Maharajanani. Too bad he does not read, nor understand the lessons of history, that are known only too well to his opposition counterpart the uncannily too well read Ranil Wickremasinghe, who must be smirking under that tight lipped grin of his, at the serious erosion of his opponents popularity, and with it the brazen exposure of his misdeeds, and behavioral transformation, that is now openly being talked about.

It was only on his Birthday, cum 4th anniversary of his second ascendancy to the position of omnipotence on the 18th of November that his power was on show, when Rs 1Billion was spent on advertising, by his sycophants, and his uncountable number of ministries, wishing him long life and many more years of rule!

Who would have thought that within 40 days, this proud, arrogant and powerful person would on the 28th of December 2014, be reduced to cancelling his rallies in Kandy, which were expected to be no shows, in comparison with those of the opposition, and would retreat to announcing that he is visiting the affected from a small landslide in Badulla, which his own NBRO was unable to identify earlier as a potential disaster waiting to happen.

He, with his omnipotent washi ball in his hand, for good luck, must come back to his senses, that astrology and superstition have no place in leading his people to a period of unbridled growth, in its real sense, namely their quality of life, as not measured in tangible benefits of limited use and impermanence, but that of satisfaction of living, devoid of greed, and material hoarding. That is leadership.

The game is up, a few more days and we will see what these people are made up of. Many rats are fleeing the sinking ship, but let us hope that they don’t seek solace with their previous opponents, but fade away with their ill-gotten gains to a life of reflection, that all things don’t happen to a man-made plan, but that which is bequeathed by a power beyond our control, that levels, and balances, so that people don’t become insane with the arrogance of power for too long.

Let this also be a warning to the new leaders that it is justice, righteousness and honesty that above all things, wins, no matter what personal ambitions one may set oneself. Therefore, as servants of the people, the day one forgets that simple fact, one becomes surplus to the order of things, in whatever one does. Short term glory will give way to long term misery, and it is well to keep that in mind.

History does repeat itself, and it is good to be aware of that in advance!  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Today even the GOSL polls have finally turned the tide towards MS!

Just now even the most conservative of Govt. polls has just put Maithri ahead of Mahinda by a squeaker! For the first time. It now shows in the faces of all GOSL leaders still remaining (meaning still stomping for MR). Don’t forget most of the others though who have NOT jumped are NOT stomping for MR and are out of sight, not even been seen in the electorates they are supposed to be working in!

There is NO hearsay now, it is factual. It is 51% to MS. Of course the Joint opposition pollsters show 55% to MR’s 45% of those likely to vote. They expect that to be a tide, which on polling day will be 58% to 42%. However that depends on how much or how many billions the GOSL is willing to give away to persuade people to vote for them.

There is a talk that they are willing to offer 500,000 Rs 5000 notes for a vote at the last minute, and so the opposition will have to be over 500,000 thousand ahead at that time in case people take the money and also foolishly cast the vote also, not realizing that they are different transactions! 

The nationwide day of reckoning was today. All across the Country, the only organized opposition, namely the UNP were at work in the electorates, going house to house, with Sirikotha inundated and then running out of leaflets to give the organizers. Their campaign for the most part was successful, and well received across the country.

The Universal comment was where are the GOSL workers? Even the RDA workers and the Samurdhi recipients who have to sign up and help, to get their Samurdhi welfare were also missing! Are they hiding, and are they campaigning out of sight? No one was able to provide an answer except to say that ALL UPFA offices were bereft of people, just leaflets packed piles high with no one able to deliver them. While the opposite was true of the Opposition UNP offices, No leaflets but plenty of volunteers to go house to house to deliver them.

Of course the above is at 28th Dec, and much can happen by 8th January. However the GOSL has run out of steam, they are just offering oodles of cash for PS members to cross, now starting at Rs10M. The GOSL campaign in now just reduced to hugely expensive TV, Radio, and Newspaper ads. And Ironically the radio ads are counter-productive as it is the Maharaja ones, that are putting people off even more, and if they had any sense should be pulling them out as they  are having a negative effect. However it is not over until it is over, so its NOT OVER yet!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Kins Nelson – sold to slavery for Rs 250M – HGP must be cursing from beyond!

In what can only be pure greed, of someone who was not in want, the people of Sri Lanka who are in want paid a further Rs250M to him, so he would switch his allegiances and disappear into the sunset.

After all politics was not his game, and when he saw an easy way out, for a whopping 250M he threw loyalty, and respect a side, and enslaved himself to be a mere slave who sold himself in the slave market.

It is the people who protected him, believed in him, when Sidney and Donald who saw through him, distanced themselves from his kind, that have been sold down the river. He will in time live to regret his decision, but those who have been brought up in the reflected glory of their illustrious parents, have no idea, that their principles are just skin deep. It is the faith in the system that has taken a tumble, just as it has with all the jumpers on both sides, and there is no difference in any of them, no matter how they wish to justify their move, to satisfy their conscience.

If there is one lesson we learn from all this, it is that we MUST change the system, to prevent the public who put these servants in these positions of trust, from being cuckolded in this fashion.

No amount of explanations can justify this kind of reprehensible behavior, and after the initial round of exhortations, to prevent him from moving were apparently successful, the price just rose to the level, where the Range Rovers were lighting his eyes, and his wife’s wealth could be weighed against his new found wealth and we know what happens when that becomes an issue, a cuckold gets too swollen headed and disaster strikes, all of one’s own making.

In the end it is the lesson the people of the District will show on Election day that counts if one wants a change and let us see, if prostitutes or the prostituted do win this game of chance, at the Casino tables.

This on a day, Polonnaruwa District teeters on the whims of King Mahasena, where he decides whether his tank the Minneriya, will burst its banks or allow the people who have already suffered under the extreme weather, some respite. A few more days and it will be over one way or another. If we are there to rescue what is left, the indomitable Rajarata population will bounce back with fortitude and determination, to teach these bandit politicians, what it really means to be a bandit of stolen goods, the people have worked so hard and shed so much sweat to provide.      

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

External Factors Strengthening or weakening the Government’s case

The GOSL is intent on longevity. They are looking at all the options in trying to ensure they will win the elections, if not by fair means then even by foul. We know the extent of the breaking of basic election laws, by the whole cut out saga, where over a Billion was spend just on cut out all over the country, and even in places where animals are likely to see the cut out over the humans. Such was the waste.

In stark contrast My3 has hardly put out cut outs, and posters are few and far between and even the Newspaper ads are a fraction of what the GOSL is displaying. All this reflects the belief of the My3 campaign, and that people will in fact begin to accept that waste of people’s money by the GOSL will not be tolerated by the My3 campaign. Whether our electors can make this deduction I am still not convinced.

Now that the Peshawar school killings of over 125 innocent Children and a sprinkling of adults will be used as the reason for the GOSL perpetual existence. They will try to convince the electorate that ONLY they can guarantee stability, and a country free of terrorism, when terrorism is rife in all the Countries in South Asia except for Sri Lanka.

I don’t buy that argument for a moment, as I believe we are at the tinderbox stag of yet another terror onslaught due to the actions of the GOSL to stoke division, which is the precursor to terrorism. It is not apparent to a foolish electorate due to the end of the 30 year war. If only they know that it is only a My3 Govt. that can at least show a path to governance and the Rule of Law and Order that is missing today, is the only answer to prevent terrorism then they will think otherwise.

All these countries have wars and as consequences of war there is terrorism just as we have had. The fact that we eradicated the initial terrorism is in no doubt, and at a high human cost is not in doubt except for the public inability to understand that the GOSL has lied to the people.

I am not saying that massacres are not necessary to win. I am just saying that if we had admitted that we massacred to win the war we would be in a better position, NOT having to suffer the ignominy of UN resolutions, due to the inability of people to admit to their part.

Let us therefore hope that the sinister attempt to be made to use the Pakistan massacre as a reason for keeping this Head up on pics for another 8 years, will not work with the populace at large and see it for the cheap political gain they attempt!  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Regime has lost the South – now they have nowhere else to go but take a slow boat to Australia

I don’t believe in salivating at the thought of the interlopers, shivering in their boots wondering where they can go, take their loot, and live in splendor and reflected glory of things past and what might have been. It is simply the order of the day, and lets Nature take its course. There is a great Sinhala word to describe the events that are transpiring in Sri Lanka in this epic month of December 2014.

It is called “sobhadharmayath thekka sellam baha”. So it is with this regime which thought they can mess with the normal course of events. When you get too powerful, this takes over one’s imagination to an extent of omnipotence that only God can aspire to. It is this simple failing of the human psyche that has let these pathetic excuses for the human race dabble in a cacophony of lies of their own making. Once you believe in the lies that you construct, it takes hold of you, where you fail to see that which is so obvious to the uninitiated.

The day and point of reckoning has taken over, and the crowd at Matara was no crowd that was paid for with arrack, 1000 rupee notes, bath packets, and the promise of a day trip out of misery! It was MID WEEK people took time out of their schedules to declare their solidarity with the proposed new order of the day.

It is now a hope filled country of people desperate to turf out of sight, these vagabonds of hate, of conspiracies of their own making, and frightening the people of Uncle Sam when Aunty Ching Ming is ready to pounce on the unpaid debt and take over the mortgage, which means the whole country, which will shortly become unable to repay the debts, as the excesss has been spritied away in foreign bank accounts, which can pay off the interest on their debts for at least the next 6 years as the purloined funds now amount to about US$4B of borrowed money that is socked away.

Let this be a lesson to our future, that in the end ill-gotten gains are worth no more than mush! It is a lesson to us all to mend our ways, change our values, think of the Country as a whole, its future, and reverse the degradation of the paradise we were born to, but which we have partially destroyed in the name of bogus developments of no value to anyone.

So friends Lankans, Countrymen lend me your ears, and listen to the fat lady who is singing a tune, serenading the departure of the heathen of our land. NO MORE, No more can you destroy that which we were so graciously endowed with!