Thursday, June 27, 2013

Even the Oxen frown on Sinhala Ravaya’s Bull Shit! If you were an OX who would you back?

The Sinhala Ravaya pedents claim that within a few months, all cattle slaughter would be banned, terminated or prohibited in one way or another in the island.
Are they ready for the shit that is going to hit their gleaming gowns? No, being a very impractical and inhumane lot, they would rather see the increasing mistreatment by the people of the cattle, creating a crisis.
We currently do not live in 1000AD when the breeds of cattle were domestic. They did not procreate as frequently as today’s mixed breeds, and were herded and corralled differently. Unless we create similar conditions to ensure that the available fodder and range, and removal of vaccines so diseases could spread wiping out thousands in a few days, which effectively acted as natural controls when over population threatened, we are in for a period of mass starvation, inhumanity, and gross injustice to the living cattle.
We are not prepared to give more fodder to the cattle, we have fewer lands available to sustain them, and we are likely to see emaciated suffering animals all around which we in a feeling of compassion appear to prefer to see alive than dead. Its all about cruelty to animals stupid! That is not what we believe.
We are lead by zealots of zeal not humans with humanity, and the people are just gullible junkies of moronic persuasion permitting criminal minds in the veneer of compassion to prey on ignorance, and create a catastrophe, which with an outbreak of foot and mouth may enter the human stream to create mayhem.
The only practical way to avoid the impending disaster, if we do decide not to go back to living the way we did in 1000 AD is to suffocate every day old bull calf at birth, but then who is going to do the killing?
If only the fundamentalists realize that it is essential to maintain an equilibrium, in all things including religions, and practices, that is how the balance is preserved. We must understand the huge environmental disaster that the methane these living, starving and pathetic creatures produce is going to cost.

It is important that people’s thoughts are lead by altruism and not by greed, envy or hate, all of which boil over in the unbuddhist utterings of the Ravaya who are none other than misguided neophytes to a thought process, that does not bear any resemblance to an established and rich belief system, and if they claim to be Buddhist, puts this greatest of philosophies at odds with Ravaya perceptions. It is time the sane practitioners of Buddhism have the courage to rise up and prevent charlatans from defaming the noble faith.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Udaya Gammanpila the incredibly intelligent dare I say it "village idiot"

Of course I need to explain why I come to this conclusion by way of example. There was an article in Ceylon Today of 10th June 2013 (that is today to be precise!)  where he explains the need for Human Beings to reduce their “Food Print” using the THINK, EAT, SAVE process of consumption, where we make every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of what we eat, by knowing the best methods of eating in order to do this. It is an eminently readable and sensible article from a very intelligent man, who I believe has a flaw where he tries to justify his logical reasoning with religious nonsense. They are mutually exclusive issues.
The nonsense I refer to is his last statement of the article, where he attributes the what he calls the self immolation (and I call suicide) of the Ven Bowatte Indrarathena Thera to save not only cattle, but the entire world including all living things.
If there was any intelligent person around there are more productive and better ways of doing this, rather than wasting his life, and then making a usual 30second media spectacle that grabbed the headlines for a few days, and now is where it all started as is normal. To call his act one of trying to save cattle or the world is bordering on the ridiculous.
What a waste of a good article that comes a cropper in trying to tie this up with the latter act of suicide. If he believes it is so righteous, perhaps UG himself should resort to this act, which I am sure as a logical and reasonable person I am sure he will not. To kill oneself and then use an emotive argument is crass at the best of times, and in this case was meant to make a mark on a person who otherwise would have lived and died unnoticed. What people do for publicity, and others to justify that behavior. Why are people so frightened of calling a spade a spade and not try and justify everyone’s behavior as a noble act.
A noble act is one living according to one’s conscience and in a non-threatening way to explain one’s own belief system to others, so that they may wish to emulate that behavior if they so wish, or believe it would be in their interest too.
It is this latter behavior which we as humans engage in for the benefit of our fellow humans, not making farcical connections, when non exist that we must live by example, so that others who ADMIRE the example will follow or wish to emulate.
“there is a saying that to ERR IS HUMAN” so we must therefore make every attempt to educate our fellow human beings not to err, or at least to understand that they are actually, in this case contributing to the carbon footprint by eating the wrong way, or the wrong foods or some such.
UG maintains that a professor of his in Australia woke him to the effects of meat eating on the carbon foot print, and was a further reasoning for his becoming a vegetarian, and accordingly he unquestionably stakes his claim to reducing the footprint thereby.
He was I believe for a time in the Environmental Authority attempting to do his part to save the world, and for that I commend him. However he appears to be in an administration, and partner of the Governing Coalition which unashamedly has engaged in the period of the most destructive environmental damage that this country has ever engaged in on a par or worse than when the British cut our forests and planted, firstly coffee and then tea, that resulted, and results in heavy top soil erosion and adversely affects water retention and run off over a period to nourish our soils, that the Rulers of our History engaged in.
Not to be blamed as an opportunist and charlatan he must take a firm stand against the malpractice carried out daily in all spheres of government in leaving nothing to our future, and not just heap all his ire on meat eaters per se.
We as humans must first be taught that what we are doing is wrong, and try first to desist from making the mistakes, and then at least if it is difficult to attempt to do so gradually so we knowingly contribute to the survival of generations yet to be born, and with whom we must build a surreal empathy if we are to make a change in this world.
The use of the slogan of “think, eat and save” for the World Environment Day is a sensible and laudable mark, which it is our duty to explain to our future, namely our children what it means, and what we can do to make it work.
ONLY once we do not confuse religious MUMBO JUMBO, and stick to the facts in this case and explain why we are destroying the future of our planet will we be able to make headway in arresting all the destructive acts of mankind.
That is the way of persuading other religions too if we truly believe in our principles, that they should also desist or reduce their meat consumption, that is assuming our own co religionists are also given the same message at the same time, and of reducing the number of humans we should force upon this land, all in a coordinated way that it applies to ALL equally and not to some.
It is only bigots who use logic to explain their religious beliefs, when logic and religion have no basis in the same argument. One is to save the world, and the other to save our soul. Let us try and keep them separate and not mix them!! however much as bigots we believe they are inter related and it applies by the way to all belief systems that attempt to do this.