Monday, November 2, 2015

It’s the JVP stupid – Time for a change in the political discourse!

“Yako umbalata hangwadu gahenna ona me adahas thama rakina nisa”

For too long we have permitted the JVP to be the conscience of the Nation, by grabbing the moral high ground, only with one or two hands on deck able to deliver a very clear and creditable opposing opinion on the wrongdoings of the Government.

However have you realized that they have NOT been able to present a clear and concise but yet practical alternative to how this Country should be governed, but also a vision towards 2065! In a practical manner consistent with 2015 GLOBE.

That is simply because they are still stuck in History, a very murky one at that, and a world that has all but buried their political platform. It is the pliable Sri Lankan public who have permitted this nonsense, but actually it is both the UNP and UPFA who have thrived in allowing the JVP this poisoned chalice, to hoodwink the people, so that they can in their merry way take the Country to the cleaners for personal profit.

It was clear that the JVP was soundly beaten by the Electorate, though they had a larger vote base than the TNA that currently claim the Opposition status. In fact it suits the Govt. to continue to permit Anura Kumara Dissanayake to be the conscience of the Nation, as they know they are without a real following and a workable alternative to their two party destruction of the Nation that has been carried out since Independence.

When you go through the list of the University Dons, who signed a full page ad for the JVP at the General Elections it was simply a who’s who of lazy opinionated, arrogant Dons with no vision! They would never get a job in a foreign University of repute, and who would prevent any of the 1000 or so academics of Sri Lankan Universities who are now teaching in the top 100 World Universities, to come and take their place for the betterment of Sri Lanka as they are just warming their chairs till retirement, blissfully ignorant that they are teaching the future of Sri Lanka to be just as unimaginative and brain dead as they are. Result – HNDA Demo!!!

So what is the alternative scenario? Very simple! We have to think outside of the box, and provide a clear vision for 2065 if this Country is to make it in one piece to that date. The main caption means that the JVP is the reason the Country is stuck in a rut, not the two headed monster parties who have governed this Country.

I am of the firm opinion that excluding the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremasinghe, there is NO other Minister or MP capable of a vision for the Country. In short they should not represent anyone in Parliament and are there merely by default due to the stupidity of the Electorate who are not Educated to know any better, and that is due to the poor education they have received in School.

Sadly the PM badly advised by a coterie of sycophants has been unable to gather a truly patriotic team for the future to implement his vision, as his minions do not comprehend their mission and he being intellectually far ahead of them, is incapable of lucidly explaining to the dumb masses and those who protect him from the truly visionary people out there. I presume that is because the fools around him don’t want a bright spark to steal their wasted grey matter!

This therefore leaves only one option, namely the “Intelligent Youth” and of which I am fairly confident there are over 10,000 in Sri Lanka, to galvanize the thought process, get together, plan the future and then gradually using Social Media, explain the nuts and bolts of their plan 2065 to the peers of similar age to form a consensus from which to immediately present an electoral threat to the establishment.  

This forum needs a committed leader, yet to arise from the dust, and a leadership team that put the Country first over their future. That is the only way forward for Sri Lanka to actually survive till 2065 before it self destructs with current greedy Neanderthals taking the upper hand to lay bare what remains.

Never forget that if the 10,000 are not heard and herded to a plan, they will leave Sri Lanka for pastures new. They are not the ones to pussyfoot in Sri Lanka like the JVP ever hoping for the day in the Sun that will never arrive. They are the potential world leaders in their fields, who will forsake their Country of Birth and Origin for the lesser of two evils UNLESS they are afforded an alternative in Sri Lanka.

The Western Countries who will benefit from this 10,000 don’t want them to remain in Sri Lanka and take Sri Lanka to the next level of Sustainable Development leading to the premier spot in world satisfaction Index. So it is a completely home and home game here, where we just have to galvanize this group into believing the impossible and working towards a brighter future for Sri Lanka, sans the JVP, UNP and UPFA.

All this time the Governments of the day had the upper hand in power, and force. Now the Youth have one key stranglehold, the power of Social Media, to awaken the inner intelligence of our people to realize how they have been enslaved by a pernicious system and to overcome it by force of numbers on Social Media.  

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