Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Rajapakse Racists are looking at any string to hang themselves with!!!

In my previous blog entry I mentioned the issue of Sinhala Racists. They are from their distant lands, including the Sinhala Rajapakse apologists in Australia, who are aghast that the present PM of Sri Lanka, is calling the Abbott Government to account.

Any learned person knows that Abbott is a joke and just failed by whisker to lose his leadership due to lack of confidence in him by his own party, whilst the Sri Lankan prime minister for all his faults, is a respected Statesmen internationally whilst Mahinda Rajapakse was not respected anywhere even by those who he thought were his friends, the Chinese who have now begun to rat on him to preserve their projects. 

Abbot’s crass attempt at getting political capital at home, as immigration is a HOT political issue there was exposed most clearly by the brilliant Ranil Wickremasinghe. His expedient way was to do a deal with the devil himself.

As the Rajapakse govt. had been pushed to the wall by the international community for failing to admit his failures, which MR thought was good for his local Political capital, Abbot thought by praising MR who was desperate for AT LEAST one Western Leader to say something nice about him, he could get what he wanted, namely for the Govt. to stop the people smuggling, which it was completely involved in for money of course.

The greedy avaricious Rajapakses would only compromise on their lust for money ONLY if there was a Western Leader who would say one good thing about them. So Abbott, who would sell his own mother for a few votes would do a deal with the devil himself.

For supporting SL and the MR administration, the quid pro quo was the Govt. will stop the boat people! Even better they got two freebie useless Australian cast off naval vessels ostensibly to patrol the waters, but in reality to feed their smuggling operations.

In a classic turn of events upon the overthrow of the MR administration, Ranil the new PM told Abbott, you need not have made a pact. It is the duty of the Govt. of SL in any case to prevent illegal exit or entry of people, and he would in his administration, do their duty to prevent smugglers and human traffickers generally with ties with the MR administration from conning innocent people of their life savings to take the NO boat to Australia.

Abbott has now been exposed as a fool, Charlatan and in short an idiot, by none other than the SL PM, and that is bad for any self-respecting Aussie, having their PM stood up. You are an idiot for supporting an idiot so now like the other idiot it is time for you idiot to depart too!

In any case the whole HR thing has been delayed 6 months, and once the truth comes out, there will be NO need for speculation and all blame will fall on MR, and NOT the security forces who fought valiantly and saved at least 300,000 people from being killed, at a cost to their lives. When the people discover that in was MR who was personally responsible for the revenge killings of innocents, then the traitor to the Nation will be finally exposed to ALL. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time to take stock of the Neanderthals in the Diaspora who wish for the return of MR

There are hugely racist for want of a better word set of Diaspora, who have settled in the Western Democracies. The Tamil origin racists are virulently anti Sinhala and the Sinhala origin racists are virulently anti Tamil. Both these are minorities of SL émigrés, but SHOUT THE LOUDEST!

As I am Sinhala, I have put the by line above, and if I was Tamil, I could go as far as put Prabarkaran’s name instead of MR and nothing would be out of place in what I am writing below. After all many Tamil origin people, some who don’t know one word of Tamil and fight with their parents on every point except the fact that they believe P is alive and well, and needs to return to set up Eelam.  

I would be fair in saying that these extremes are actually hard to find in Sri Lanka, and I am now attempting at some psychological explanation for why that is.

Firstly I believe, people who take this kind of bizarre stance, HAVE NOT fitted into the host community, or integrated fully, and are unable to integrate as they are unable to fully socially cast of their prejudices to realize the world and most especially their host country lives in the 21st century whilst they are still stuck in the 19th century along with a few others from other diaspora communities including the white supremacists who are also Diaspora in a way.

This gives this maladjusted people a sense of identity and as both these individuals play directly into the heart of their absent longing for the supremacy of their race, in a make believe world that does not exist and perhaps long left them is like clutching at hairs.

After all it is Diaspora that read this blog, and therefore you are either one of them or are not and will be easily able to identify where you fall into.

So if you are a P or a MR acolyte then please question yourself. You cannot take this stance from where you are. You have to come to the land you call home, and fight for your cause no matter what the consequence or forever shut up for the sake of your kids, as otherwise you will mess up their lives, just in the way you have messed up yours

If you think I am talking poppycock and BS, I have actually been to US, UK Australia and Canada and socialized with people from both the Tamil and Sinhala diaspora who hold this outdated and outmoded world view which MUST change, if they are to grow up and also to ensure a true reconciliation of the communities in Sri Lanka to prevent a return to unjustifiable violence, as this view stokes the cauldron of racism in the Country, which it is trying desperately to unshackle.

The diplomatic community representing this racist view as they represent Governments peopled by these nutters bombarding their host Govt. with views that are regressive, but they use the power of money to buy influence, affects the delicate balance in Sri Lanka itself, that leads to misunderstandings, incorrect pressure from the UNHRC and a totally distorted view of the truth on the ground. We cannot tell the diplomatic community how to think as their interpretation comes from their home country, and not the real situation on the ground. All We can do is to appeal to this mentally deficient community to seek psychological counselling!!     

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time to put an end to this jumping FROG syndrome

What on earth is going on? We have leaders, I don’t know if it is the operative word, as they are merely con artists that people have mistakenly voted for, due to their lying, and unprincipled actions. Frankly I am fed up because the same jokers are cropping up here and there and I am left wondering who we can really trust.

Now we are told we will have a National Govt. soon after the elections. In that National Govt. will be the same faces who have led us a dance in the past 10 years lying cheating propping up an unforgivable traitor of a dictator, without as much as batting an eye lid in ensuring his ability to rob the state blind.

I am left with no options! I would like to vote for a new slate where there are NO old hands who had anything to do with the Rajapakse regime ever, and that includes the supposedly brave President who took just took a 50 day risk at jumping which paid off handsomely.

Who can I believe? I know many in power are people I would like to see the back of no matter who I vote for. Will the JVP be part of this Govt.? Will they be able to bag 10% of the popular vote due to this lack of trust the public have of this mallung?

We have no answers to a lot of questions, and we will not have the answers until the new Parliament is elected and new slate of ministers appointed. That is just not cricket! As we cannot vote in advance knowing if our man or our party wins, this is the intended result.

So that means the election manifesto will be meaningless.

The Voters are just getting over trying to fathom out who is who or what in this unity government that overthrew the horrendously devastating previous administration.

What next? We just have to trust who? It is just Ranil I guess, as he has the secret key to  opening the door for the future, but is not opening the door just yet as he is sure of his position and his future in the hot seat for the next 6 years after the election, even though he has yet to face the election and the pundits are now saying all bets are off for his re-election with only him calculating to divide the SLFP to such a state that will ensure that the UNP get over a 100 MPs and forms the largest coalition partner in the new new National Govt. where he will rule his own way.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The citizens need to know why! – Former Army commander Daya Ratnayake is promoted to General

The army commander according to the latest news has been promoted to the rank of
Four Star General from the Lieutenant General just prior to his retirement today, the President Maithripala Sirisena.

Was this because he averted the coup by refusing to obey the orders of Ghotabaya Rajapakse or the then President, his Commander in chief? If so we need to know as a nation, that despite his prior track record of propping up the Regime, and being directly and unashamedly involved in the Election Campaign of the Rajapakse’s, against all the rules of the Army for which he could technically have been court-martialed out of the Army without pension and demotion prior to retirement.

This is a scandalous disregard of the public’s right to know, as an explanation is called for when this promotion is made, as otherwise it is NOT one he is deserving of, as his promotion to the rank of Commander had overlooked the more senior man, Chrishantha de Silva, who was then sent to Russia as Deputy Ambassador, as he was still a serving officer, who wished to stay to retirement to obtain his benefits, and could be kept out of being a constant thorn in the backside of Ghota, by being frozen out in Moscow.

It was brave of Ranil Wickremasinghe the PM to insist on giving this man his due by bringing him back and giving his promotion albeit a few years late, and keeping the more junior officer, Rambukpotha to while away his time until the right moment, if indeed it even works out for him, without being implicated in the PR campaign for the MR re-election bid or any other corrupt practice.

I personally do not believe that Ratnayake should be promoted as it both belittles that title, and further destroys loyalty and dedication to the forces for future offices.

Before I end this, Why has Jayasuriya NOT been fired, demoted, and actually prosecuted for his complicity in destroying SF? Is it a matter of time before he is bared, stripped and outed? I guess that is for post Election Politics, to be made a show trial of by SF who is gunning for the Ministry of Defence which I am sure MS is intelligent enough not to give, though he has already interfered in the running of the MOD by his actions and insistences that are frankly uncalled for of a person with a reputation to uphold, and remove the tag of “shooting from the hip”  

No long explanations are required a simple one would suffice.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cabinet Spokesman - Rajitha Senaratne shoots his mouth off again and needs to be corrected!

Please stop this nonsense of Rajitha saying things that are then corrected or rejected later as being incorrect. This makes Rajitha worse than Keheliya who was also in the habit of telling lies.

It is important that the Cabinet Spokesperson thinks very clearly and is very tactful in the utterances of cabinet decisions, as when they are communicated to the now independent media, they can be completely distorted by unscrupulous journalists.

The latest incident reported in the Island paper was about the system of elections for the forthcoming General would be changed. Does he realize how long it will take to organize and it is simply impractical to do so by June.

In this time where there is so much confusion as it is, about how parties are going to contest, and who will ask on which ticket, to add a further dimension of confusion to an already confused state is simply not correct.

Let us just prepare for the elections on a known date, and let the parties announce their candidates as soon as possible so they can begin some form of campaign.

The current period in politics is tense where the Ministers are under intense pressure from grassroots to show results, when they are still finding their way around the Ministries, where the people appointed by the previous regime are constantly blocking their progress to a smooth transition. The electors don’t care a damn about those excuses, as their goals are currently not congruent with those of the Ministers.

I know there is a history of Mr Senaratne mouthing off, and unless he was appointed as a spokesperson to make a fool of himself in public or out of his request I am not privy to. He is only damaging his political capital and future by this behavior but giving misinformation to the public albeit due to his incompetence in pontification is still not good for the present Government under the microscope to perform to expectations.

So Minister Senaratne, please be kind enough to pass over your responsibility to some other, and concentrate on the many issues within your health ministry.    

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The appointments – a clever test of competence

Any leader especially the PM knows what a pain this giving appointments to a whole set of people is. It is all very well to reward his friends who have been loyal to him since time immemorial and that is how it is played all over the world no matter what anyone tries to use the Good Governance moniker to criticize.

Then there are all the others that are made out of duty, for services rendered, loyalty, and suffering for years out of refusal to play ball with the past regime. So a whole host of people have been given positions, and it is the Chairmanships that are currently under the microscope of the do gooders who have for a moment lost a sense of proportion on what we just had less than a month ago, under the Rajapakse regime.

For the first time there is the 100 day workload, and these appointments will be looked at by the PM for their performance, and competence in this period. Just as the old guard of Ministers will be retired, the appointments will also be looked at for competence. All those found wanting will at most have to be replaced within 6 months, and that is time enough to test their competence. Whilst they may not know it, that is the reality of their positions, and a report card on their performance will determine if they get the extension after the election, and it is easy to use the new Govt. as the reason for their ouster to save face with the public and their drinking buddies who will otherwise mercilessly maul them out of the club!

Just as people will determine who will deserve re-election to parliament, and hopefully, we will have one sans the crooks of all sorts, the newly elected leaders will determine the competence of the existing appointees, and make legitimate changes, with hopefully younger blood, the next time around, so we will see new ideas and new concepts creep into Govt. and running the country.

Another example is Tilak Karunaratne at the SEC. While he is OK, he is out of touch with the latest developments on how capital markets operate. In 100 days he will realize how out of depth he is now on knowledge and will gracefully retire from his position, saying age before beauty and leave no hard feelings one way or the other.

It is now over to a crafty media campaign in the state press to convince the voters that RW and his team are the ones who can make an effective change for the better, by completely denigrating the betal leaf and hand, and convincing the voters that it was the elephant all along that saved the nation from a worse fate, therefore give them the leadership in the new coalition to carry out the remainder of the clean up of policies, practices and politics to plant a new culture of leadership and honesty!