Monday, October 27, 2014

The shameless GOSL – can’t even reply to the Cardinal on a simple question!

What what! Manners what is that? nothing to do with us!

The band of shameless brigands who have taken power in Sri Lanka, think they can play with the lives of the Sri Lankan people, like they have all these years kick them from pillar to post to further their nests and ends.

They now think they can do the same with the Vatican, as the President went personally at huge expense to the people of Sri Lanka for nothing more than mere personal publicity, and astrological desire.

Now the rumors of an early January election, has put the Catholic Church in a mess, and the Pope’s visit WILL NOT take place unless the election is put back to March.

As usual MARA wants it both ways, and very soon the stars will clash and he won’t have it anyways, so it is simple to make a proclamation, that there will not be an election in the foreseeable future, and let the Courts first determine the legitimacy of this action of holding an election and going for it for the third time.

Let the Pope come and satisfy his community, and the baptized kids of the President, and be done with it, without hassling the Catholic Church in this way.

It is time we move to set election dates where more than one election is held on the same day, forcing the people to make intelligent decisions on a whole host of policies rather than on hasty decisions on the suitability of a media campaign alone. I have not gone through the proposals of the 19th Amendment, and hope that the tabling of elections all on one day is mandatory.

Further forgetting term limits, it is time we now only have one term, like in Uruguay where a president can only seek election for ONE consecutive term, and later he can re-apply for another term after a break that would allow comparison, and choice, something that is not possible now.

It is now up to the Cardinal to draw a line in the sand, and say that as the President has not been straightforward enough to reply to a letter, hoping the delay will resolve itself, he should just say the Pope will overfly the Country and give it a miss as the timing is just not up to snuff!           

Let us then see what gives, ego, expediency, expectation, or the exercise of caution, and while all this goes on the slaves of Lanka are just left to wonder.   

“Haal Paaru Set Aka Ge Kathawa” - Sajin vs Nonis part XXX

As another aspect of the tragedy that is Sri Lanka unfolds, the knives are out in force Chris Nonis, though I must say up front I shed no tears for him as he decided to lie in bed with leeches and got his blood completely sucked out!

Nevertheless, it is quite clear that he is the victim of a setup, and the evidence against him is all cooked up by those whose jobs depend on the people they are trying to defend and any fool reading the link will be able to ascertain the fact from fiction. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at allegation that Nonis fell of his chair and hurt himself!

This is what happens in the ‘Classic Court of Treachery, when traitors to their country are still only interested in saving their worthless skin, when the reputation of their motherland and all innocent people who live in it is at stake.

As for Nonis, as I said earlier the classic penis envy is in full view of the whole set of signatories, including the full team at the High Commission, who should all be sent to the gallows for treachery, as they have done nothing in the UK to save the reputation of the Country from the LTTE Diaspora, and their continuous allegations that these spineless swine have not been able to resist!

Lets face it, the Ministry of External Affairs has been brought to its knees, and only those who are willing to suck the bum of the little boys who rule over them, survive, so it is a survivalist game, NOT of the fittest, only of the ones willing to sell their mothers for their paycheck!

I pity the Foreign Service operatives, who are caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Frankly they don’t even realize that what they do is against the interests of their own Country, and the long term interests of their families in Sri Lanka, unless of course they are looking at ways of getting the hell out of their motherland, families and all, saying anywhere is better than the hell hole they have been party to!

Just imagine the seething jealousy, of the HC ten, who are signatories to the fact that Nonis was even able to arrange for Prince Charles to drop in by Helicopter at his family estate for a cup of tea, not even something MR could would or will ever have a chance of doing, not that I rate it highly, but the HAAL PAARUWAS in London do.

They thought they have stuck their knife into Nonis in a typical Shakespearean Play,  but then in reality they don’t know who Shakespeare is!  So Nonis will have the last laugh.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

US$100 to enter a casino! Is that another joke from a Country Bumpkin?

Now that word Country Bumpkin is his, to describe himself not mine, as I would not be so generous!     

The tragedy of a President who is the laughing stock of the world but a serious offender of the basic rights of the people he pretends to rule over, continues. This time with the big joke he thinks any commonsense person in Sri Lanka will believe.

Put simply, there are 5 licensed casinos in Sri Lanka. Outside the doors it says Foreigners Only, just so that the bouncers can show the sign and turf out any they consider undesirable. With so many Sri Lankans inside the doors gambling, that is also for show.

Now they will have a sign saying US$100 entry. That too is ALL SHOW. Except for the odd sucker, who does not know the Sri Lankan art of having rules just to trip people up, this too will never be enforced, as the Casinos, will not have any clients!!

Is there going to be a casino regulator at the entrance to each casino 24/7 who is not corrupt? Reader please answer that. So that is another BOGUS RAJAPAKSEISM to keep us entertained, that we have a BUFFOON at the Head of this Country and no one else.

In reality if there are spot checks to see if the casinos comply, they will be bought off, and all the regular clients will have employee identity cards, which preclude them having to pay this charge. For good measure they will be on the payroll also.

Ask the Govt, to please disclose on the 1st of the following month, the number of entrance tickets from the 5 casinos for which this US$100 fee is charged, and how many paid this! Just to keep the casino license, the Casino operator may disclose a BOGUS amount, and pay out of his pocket to the BUFFOON, and make the whole country a BUNCH OF BUFFOONS something a little better than BABBOONS.

Readers if you really believe what was said in the budget, pray tell me how that will be applied in practice and if you have been to gambling parlors except for a fee that will be used up by getting the equivalent in chips, who will pay this entrance?

This is another example of a person who is living under delusions of grandeur makes a living out of deluding an uneducated, foolish populace, who by his very own administration are NOT being properly educated. For his longevity, it is better to give an uneducated soldier a gun to hold on to rather than educate the people so that they can truly be productive citizens of this country, as he will be turfed out instantly.       

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It is time for Sanity out of Insanity when the POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK - a must read for SL expatriates

In a Country where no outrage on the part of the ruling class is even considered anything but normal, jocular, and typical of a murderous junta, when a mere University Don sends threatening SMS’s to a man whose rap sheet is longer than the most accused criminal in Sri Lanka history, it is time to take stock and just incarcerate Sajin Vaas Gunewardene for life.

If one goes into the Don’s case, one would most likely find that this scum of the earth was able to craftily take every earned penny from this poor man’s life. One of his biggest scams that have cost 100 people their hard earned money, is when he sells a vehicle, takes the money, and does not give the vehicles papers to the purchaser leaving them with a worthless car that he conveniently repossess. As these transactions are in cash and the people involved are well known, who don’t want to air their stupidity in dealing with a crook like Sajin Vaas, suffer the loss. Apparently this Don’s patience has snapped, and Sajin has paid off the cops to misstate the Don’s statements giving the reason for this rather foolish, but nevertheless logical act of a person who has been ruined mentally and financially by this rogue who if convicted for his crimes will have to do at least 10 lifetimes in jail, the rap sheet being so long.

For the Country’s President to allow him to roam freely is tantamount to admission that he is pimping for his Grace the big time Thief incarnate! How else would one explain inaction. When a whole country, even 135 ministers are threatened with exposure for their minor sins, when people get away with major crimes, it goes to the core fabric of what it is to be Sri Lankan.

If there are any out there, left in Sri Lanka who still have a bone left in their body, not compromised by fear, and threat, get out and chase these rogues over the precipice! Those of you who have fled as you cannot tolerate this nonsense, please do one thing. 

Convince your fellow ex-countrymen that this joker who runs this country really is more than the Devil in human form, and unless the Country can remove him and his band of rogues, we will not have a country left for you to even tell your Grandkids about the “Good old Days” when there was a country managed by altruistic honest leaders who ONLY had the welfare of their people at heart, and when they finally left their mortal remains in their motherland, they only had Rs400 to their name. Yes there was a time, and that time there was NO FEAR. No one waited for a boat to get out of Paradise, and the quality of life was even better then, than of Singapore or Japan. We can reverse time only by eviscerating the rogues, all whilst still alive.

The Politicization of Education by this Regime – injustice to Students

How ironic, insincere and downright treacherous of the President to make a statement yesterday, warning students, this time at Schools against  attempts by some parties to introduce political ideas that differ from that of the Govt.’s thinking into education.

This is just symptomatic of the Rajapakse disease that has taken control of Sri Lanka and is far more dangerous than the currently prevailing dengue epidemic, and potentially even more deadly Ebola epidemic, even if it spreads to these shores.

What pray is this disease? Simply put, reflect one’s own ills on to others. That is take on any social misstep or malaise in Sri Lanka, and after 10 years in power is completely one’s own making, but make an asinine statement that it has been caused by others, leaving one’s own white outfit squeaky clean, with the standard of treachery, the Kurakkan Satakaya, for the consumption of the uneducated!

Reality though is that inside that squeaky clean exterior is nothing more than pure excrement of filth of every mind boggling proportions that has engulfed this nation in a twirl of a tornado that at its edge is an abyss of ruin that this nation can never recover from.

Therefore it is with education also that this same pattern has been repeated ad nauseam, and where previously I have pointed out that the CKDU has also been a result of Rajapkse political expediency over the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people.

In Education, the appointment of Teachers, Principals, Professor, Vice Chancellors, and even the ancillary staff, is completely under the control of the Governing Politicians both National and Provincial. That can only mean before a child enters the Montessori, he is subjected to a politically corrupt, incompetent teacher. NO WONDER then that Education is not worth being called that and from now we should refer to it as Rajapaksarized Brain Removal Scheme turning Einsteins into Mental Deviants, who in other lands would have to be locked up in Sanatoriums for their own safety.

When these are the products of a Politicized education system, that is designed to prevent independent, logical and just evaluation of facts, how can a President who really is supposed to at least not be mentally unstable, make such comments that even the a permanently incarcerated schizophrenic would never make!!    

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Even at the best of times – Sajin de Vaas had no defense!

To think the Country has allowed this individual to continue destroy Sri Lankan institutions, is in itself an indictment of his protector, patron, and partner in crime, the President.

See above for links to articles relating to the person and below a detailed report of his taking the Country for a ride on his Mihin saga, where he appeared to have amassed most of the ill gotten gains: Let the reader be the judge after considering the evidence.

Let us start with the report published in the Nation newspaper in 2008: below
·           Confidence trickster taking 20 million Sri Lankans for a ride
·         Rs. 2 Billion in 12 months and rising, with interest payment at Rs 1 million plus per day
·         Top Government officials unwittingly roped in and at risk
By Hawkeye
Every politician in the world needs and has assistants. Their role is simply that: to assist their principal to accomplish various goals
be it political or personal. 

But the story of Sajin De Vaas Gunawardena is a phenomenally rare one. For, he has taken the friendship and gratitude of one man and abused that generosity to an extent that the political hierarchy of Sri Lanka is at grave risk. 
Sajin Vaas Gunawardena
s story has brought new meaning to the words embarrassment and fraud.

Sajin Vaas has proved himself to be a habitual phony. His capabilities had much in store for him. Yet, inherently, his nature is that of a confidence trickster. He plans, from the outset, what his goal would be
that, in itself, is no bad thing. However, most successful people plan on their goal being achieved via the opportunities presented to them, opportunities they have created for themselves, in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves. 

It is desperately sad, that a man who had so much going for him, a man who has the backing of the very elite forces in this country, a man whose capability can actually help achieve goals for his country and for his mentor, has chosen to abandon these rare opportunities, apparently, in favour of misdeeds. His apparent casting away of these opportunities has been done with seemingly gay abandon
more at home in the seedy nightclubs of Patpong Street rather than the genteel suburbia of Mirihana.

When the President of the Palestine-Sri Lanka Friendship Society stopped over in Dubai, while enroute to celebrations in Saudi Arabia, in 2002, he met with many Sri Lankan migrant workers there. Among them was a Wharf Clerk by the name of Sajin Vaas Gunawardena, working for one of the largest Sri Lankan based freight forwarding companies, Trico International. Assisting the VIP with his baggage formalities, Gunawardena fast made friends. Sajin displayed remarkable foresight and a deep understanding of his new friend
s requirements. Immediately understanding that there was no other person within the entourage who was as fluent in Sinhalese as in English and who was computer literate and internet savvy, Sajin immediately seemed an attractive proposition to the President of the Society. Only half jokingly did he ask Sajin to, come and work for me assist me with my vision for Sri Lanka. Within a month of that visit, Sajin Vaas was back in Sri Lanka helping his new friend. 

That the new
friend then went on to become Minister of Highways, Prime Minister and eventually, President of Sri Lanka, is contemporary history.

Sajin worked tirelessly and with much enthusiasm for Mahinda Rajapaksa. The President was impressed and rightly so: Sajin had, he felt, been a good choice. He was young, energetic, and had obviously taken to everything like a duck to water. Those around the presidential candidate were equally impressed. He would make a good co-coordinator said the newly elected President in the wee hours of the morning, when it became apparent that he was the victor at the presidential campaign. 

The President-elect was generous in his gratitude to Sajin: he told some of his advisors that Sajin was a very useful fellow; give him a task and he was like a dog with a bone. No sooner given than Sajin was sure to come back with the goods.
He could deliver, was the message: so he promptly appointed him as a co-coordinating secretary.

Generosity and trust abused - the stolen business plan
And that is when Sajin Vaas started plotting to do anything other than co-coordinating work. Having convinced the new President of his capability, he set about putting his established modus operandi into play. Apparently, his interests lay not in serving his President and country
it was to embark on any form of money making exercise. Sajin had already tasted the value of being close to someone inherently part of the political establishment, when he was at the RDA. Mahinda Rajapaksa, as Minister of Highways, was already aware of Sajins ability to get things done. Now, with his mentor holding the highest office, it was a case of Open Sesame. Numerous offers came his way, but it would have meant that Sajin would have to be simply a facilitator. That role was not for him he was after something rather more substantial and which oodles more recognition. At a party, he was given the idea of a new airline, but the offer to him was not attractive enough: originally, he was meant to start an airline with private sector investment. With his affinity and intimacy to the Presidential Secretariat, he was after the Main Event. Having put Mahinda Rajapaksas naturally suspicious mindset to rest, with the hard work he put in, he completely misled the new President and his key advisors such as Lalith Weeratunga, with his audaciously simple plan to set up an airline. He spoke passionately and with sanguinity about how he could set up another State airline, but nowhere near the cost the Treasury incurred setting up Air Lanka.

Sajin wasted no time and got in touch with a Sugath Rajapaksa
who provided a Business Plan for Mihin, allegedly in exchange for promise of employment. Rajapaksa was absorbed into Mihin Lanka, only to be sidelined once Sajin got going.

Obtaining a copy, with possible promises of a bigger role to play, Sajin presented to the President, his proposal to set up a budget airline called MIHIN LANKA. With clever play on the choice of name, he also gave the President an offer he could not sensibly refuse: Sajin, was, he allegedly claimed, able to start a budget airline with just Rs 700 million or approximately US$ 7.5 million. 

The President had no reason to mistrust a man who had proved to be a very able lieutenant; so he sent him to discuss matters with none other than his brother, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Impressed too, with Sajins
talk and having been told by Sajin that this had the presidential nod, Gothabaya too agreed and extended his cooperation. Sajin was then sent on to the Air Force Commander, as well as to see Lalith Weeratunga. 

Sajin now had a star-studded Board: Gothabaya Rajapaksa as Chairman, Lalith Weeratunga, Air Marshal Roshan Gunathilaka (Commander of the Air Force), Treasury Secretary P.B. Jayasundera and of course, himself.

He had convinced all these eminent persons of his ability to set up an airline with only US$ 7.5 million, as he intended to set up a low cost airline. 

None of the fellow Board members have any commercial expertise or acumen in terms of Aviation. Clearly, they too placed emphasis on the fact that they were dealing with
the Presidents man. Which, probably, would have been exactly what Sajin had in mind, in any event.

He bypassed the then Minister of Aviation Mangala Samaraweera, who, he was privileged to know first hand, was on the way out of favour with the President, and went straight on to the Director General of Civil Aviation. Minister Samaraweera was suitably embarrassed in Parliament during questions, when he had to admit to having no knowledge of the Mihin Lanka operation.

Fanning the fire of hatred and antagonism
To apparently fan the fires of hatred and antagonism between the President and Minister Samaraweera, it is alleged that Sajin covertly arranged and destroyed Mihin Lanka billboards on the airport approach road
one of the most heavily guarded roads in the country. The blame fell squarely on Tiran Alles and Mangala Samaraweera, prompting an enraged President to all but accuse Mangala directly at the cabinet meeting.

Intimidating DG H.M.C. Nimalsiri
Sajin promptly visited the offices of the Director General of Civil Aviation, the soft-spoken, professional H.M.C. Nimalsiri. In moves more at home in the Arab World than elsewhere, he announced that
In the Name of The President I am applying for an airline operators licence and I want your fullest cooperation. If ever there was a straight bat, that was Nimalsiri: he astutely said yes, we will accommodate you and arranged for Sajin to collect an application. Nimalsiris Rahu period thus started: he was allagedly bullied into compromising his professional standards, coerced into ignoring rules imposed on the DGCA by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) an agency no less than from the United Nations and banned from further work on the other local applications that were being processed. 

In a matter of weeks, Nimalsiri tendered his resignation
he was then allegedly bullied into taking a 2 -year leave of absence instead, to save face and joined COSCAP-SA. (see box) It is one of the few instances when the involvement of Sajin Gunawardena has resulted in greater benefit: Nimalsiri is now the Regional Coordinator for COSCAP-SA and is highly remunerated at over Rs. 800,000 per month and is allowed to get on with his job without any let or hindrance. Adding to the irony is that Nimalsiri will have to actually oversee the local Civil Aviation Authority on matters of continued airworthiness, a matter where Mihin Lanka is bound to run aground with the use of old aircraft on the fringes of the safety regulations. 

ICAO Audit will probe shortcomings
Ironically, Nimalsiri has now written to his successor DGCA, pointing out to various shortcomings in the Mihin Lanka operation, from a safety point of view.

Nimalsiri has done so just ahead of the annual audit of the Civil Aviation Authority, which will be carried out by the International Civil Aviation Authority, ICAO, in December this year.

Its payback time for Nimalsiri: he copied his correspondence to ICAO headquarters in Montreal, for good measure.
With the Mihin AOC coming up for renewal in March, we are bound to see interesting times ahead.
Acting Director General, Parakrama Dissanayaka is not a happy puppy
what, with the letter being copied to Montreal and Sajin Vaas breathing fire down him. And all the while, he must be seen to be doing a professional job!

Bullying Shafik Kassim and Expo Aviation
In a spectacular interpretation of the rules governing the issue of an aircraft operators certificate (AOC)
the primary instrument needed to set up an airline and proving Sajins penchant for bending if not breaking the rules Sajin persuaded Expo Aviation to Dry Lease its ageing 25.3 year-old Fokker F27 aircraft. Shafik Kassim was given perhaps one of the worst deals in his commercial career. Dry Lease the F27, but lend us the flight crew, Mihin will Wet Lease it back to Kassims Expo Aviation without any form of monetary value. Except perhaps, Kassim must have been acutely aware of the difficulties his other aviation operations may face, had he not played ball with Gunawardena. After all, Kassim too, must be aware now, that his old Fokker F27 was re-registered with the CAA as 4R-MRA. Another clever play with the Presidential initials this time around. Gunawardena was able to get his F27 approved, despite its age, because it was already registered in Sri Lanka and thus came under the local Civil Aviation Authoritys purview!

Safety considerations and regulations compromised
Expo Aviation, despite being the owners of the Mihin 4R-MRA Fokker, now have use of it via a wet lease. As the operator of the aircraft, they are responsible to the CAA in terms of its operation. The owner of the aircraft, in this case on paper only and for expediency, is Mihin Lanka. The owner too, has to file a report with the CAA in terms of its maintenance and safety issues. 

Thus, when the F27 had to return to Ratmalana after taking off for Palaly, Expo dutifully filed an Accident and Incident Report with the CAA.

When Mihin failed to do its part (as they had
given back the F27 on a wet lease) the CAA contacted Mihin. Only to be told that they had nothing to do with it. Athula Dissanayake, a one time Air Traffic Controller and Training Manager, is the de-facto Flight Operations Manager at Mihin Lanka and the virtual Personal Assistant to its CEO, Sajin Gunawardena. He displayed his lack of expertise for the regulatory process in refusing to file an appropriate report with the CAA. It is for reasons such as these that his qualifications are not acceptable to the CAA for the position of Flight Operations Manager hence our choice of words, de-facto. In fact, Mihin Lanka has a figure head for that position in the form of retired Captain Errol Cramer who all but lends his name for those purposes, but plays no active role at all. Had Mihin Lanka been an airline without influence, it is extremely doubtful if the CAA would have accepted such roles for sensitive posts such as this.

Another instance of many, giving credence to the accusation that Mihin Lanka spends far too much, causing it to constantly lose money.

Mihin Lanka AOC in jeopardy
Expo Aviation set to sell F27
In a startling move, Shafik Kassim and Expo Aviation have now requested Mihin to hand back the Fokker F27 back to them, as they wish to rid themselves off an old and near decrepit aircraft. The manufacturer has closed down and spares are only available from third party suppliers. It may also be that Expo are growing tired of the constant headache of perpetrating and sustaining an agreement reached with Mihin Lanka, reached purely to help Mihin Lanka. 

In the event that this happens, Mihin Lanka will automatically lose its AOC and would have to close down! Sajin Gunwardena, therefore, is a busy man: he has contacted his Romanian interests to supply an ageing RomBAC 111, previously used as a troop carrier in Afghanistan. Registration number YR-BRI and also used by a short lived airline called Aerotrans out of Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. This model is available in a handful of African states and used more militarily than elsewhere.

The RomBAC 111-561RC, aircraft Sajin is negotiating on, is actually used more as a troop carrier than passenger jet. Its relatively short range and age means that Mihin Lanka is getting the aircraft purely
again for expediency. The aircraft will have no real use other than to serve the AOC rules and is likely to be parked incurring charges. Airlines do not have aircraft to be parked and act as a cost centre solely! 
All this in the backdrop of the phenomenal financial losses incurred by Mihin Lanka.

Damning Bank of Ceylon report shows Rs 2 billion loss

A highly confidential report on the state of Mihin Lanka has been prepared by the Bank of Ceylon, which remains the largest lender to Mihin Lanka. Entrusted to carry out this task was the Chief Financial Officer, Bank of Ceylon, Head Office, Saliya Rajakaruna. The report tells a sorry story. 

A financial loss of Rs. 2 billion
US$ 20 million in the space of about 12 months, without any asset worthy of note, is staggering by any standards.
The drain on the Treasury is colossal.
The Bank of Ceylon is not minded to grant any further monies to Mihin Lanka. Their track record is one of ad hoc decision making and unjustified spending. GSA
s are allowed to make money far in excess of the accepted norms, giving rise to other speculations as to the reasons for this.

Mihin Lanka is a State owned airline. They must adhere to basic principles, prior to incurring expenditure. Transparency is sadly lacking and the entire operation is run unprofessionally, leaving Mihin Lanka as a venture, in dire straits.

Saliya Rajakaruna has painstakingly done his due diligence. His comparison of the actual expenditure incurred and the Mihin Business Plan are completely at odds with each other. Soon after reading this report, Sajin Vass was summoned to see Minister Chamal Rajapaksa. 

The Minister was perturbed to note that the interest component alone that Mihin Lanka must pay each month is an astounding Rs 36 million
or in excess of Rs 1 million per day. They have no substantial assets, but have senior staff lacking in expertise- and - continue to spend lavishly, such as the recent tamasha in Singapore.

The Minister, however, was told by Athula Dissanayaka that Gunwardena was not available. Eventually, after a number of attempts Gunawardena did turn up at the Ministry to be roundly remonstrated by his Minister. He demanded explanations and reports, and insisted that he be kept abreast of developments, as it was he who was responsible to Parliament.

An incensed and furious Minister reprimanded Sajin and reminded him that Mihin Lanka was not one man
s private property it belongs to the mahajanathawa, thundered a usually placid Minister. 

It was quite possible that the Minister was fully aware that Sajin is well known to have a meeting, then go to the hierarchy and convey a completely different story. 
He urged him to get his act together before it was too late.

Top Government officials at risk in the future
Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Air Marshall Roshan Gunathilaka, Lalith Weeratunga and P.B. Jayasundera are all at risk due to the actions of Sajin Gunawardena. They are all open to charges by any future investigation into the finances of Mihin Lanka. Whilst they have never actively involved themselves in the running of the airline, they are all nevertheless on the Board and therefore, have a responsibility under the Constitution of Sri Lanka. Public funds are at stake. If this was a private sector company the Board Members would have all resigned or voted the CEO out of office a long time ago.

Yet, trading on the trust bestowed upon him, Sajin Vaas has consistently done as he pleases without listening to rhyme or reason or to a professional. 

Sajin Vaas Gunawardena set himself up in the airline business and has cost the state a chilling US$ 20 million. He has nothing to show for it, not even a contract for a lease on an Airbus 320
which is what he promised in his now infamous Business Plan.

The winds of change
and poisoning
He, apparently, proceeds without regret and without the necessary expertise to run an airline. At best, he had a good vision and should have had the presence of mind to allow a professional to manage Mihin. But the winds of change have reached Sajin Gunawardena. Fast losing his appeal, in desperate moves, possibly to gain the sympathy of those that have been steadfast in giving him an opportunity, Sajin has recently claimed that he had been poisoned by parties unhappy with his various links and to destabilise the President. It is a highly unlikely scenario but it has the effect of keeping Sajin from meeting his Minister and facing his nemesis. 

Until and unless Sajin Vaas Gunawardena is prepared to accept that he is not CEO material and lacks the expertise to turn this around, Mihin Lanka is set to be a permanent drain on the Treasury
dragging the country into a mire that is getting deeper by the day in fact, deeper by a cool Rs 1 million plus, a day.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A doctor who should be accused of 2nd Degree Murder is allowed to practice again!

IN SRI LANKA – Such is the LAW!!!

Only in Sri Lanka, would a Magistrate allow a Doctor who qualified in Sri Lanka, and went to the US where he was banned from Practicing

Be allowed to practice freely See link: without conditions, even after a patient clearly died under his negligent care for a minor plastic surgery.

The Sunday Times article if read carefully is QUITE clear that this man is UNFIT to practice anywhere, let alone Sri Lanka. Why should our standards BE SO LOW to allow to him to practice? Why is there NO outcry by the Plastic Surgeons of Sri Lanka whose reputation is thus defiled by this Charlatan?

Is it that Judge has been BOUGHT? Is it because he has connections to the CROOKS in politics that give him immunity?

What of the unsuspecting patient who might die tomorrow due to the greed of the Acting Registrar of the SLMC who has failed to do the basic checks on the character of Nimal Gamage, who claims to be a certified Plastic Surgeon in the State of California. All the SLMC has to do is make just one phone call to verify his claim. Are we so idiotic as to be unable to do this, or is the BRIBE taken by HERATH the Acting Registrar enough to commit perjury in the Sri Lankan Magistrate’s court in making the statement on his behalf to the Judge Shahabandu.

Shahabandu in turn is also unfit to sit as a Judge letting loose such people on the unsuspecting public without as much as a rap on the knuckles and if this is the state of affairs in this fair isle who will want to participate in its fairness?

Jokes apart, if we put all the jokers in one cell, including the Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Acting Registrar and Nimal Gamage and leave them for half a day without food or water, and tape their conversation, we will get at the whole truth without any reasonable doubt as to who is guilty and what the punishment should be! If this kind of commonsense is lacking with the people of this Island who oversea the affairs of health and law and order May God Help us.      

Friday, October 3, 2014

If Basil is a “dairy farmer” I am a cow with calf!

Asinine statements by people who have allowed power of a title to go to their head have now made a habit of hallucinating in their sleep. For a minister who only has got used to demanding his share of every deal, so much so that most deals that come his way have not materialized owing to sheer greed, and the hapless citizens who would have benefitted from those investments, none the wiser, as they are blissfully fed gibberish that is accepted unquestioningly.

So in the same vein there will be the highly educated, really uneducated in Sri Lanka who will no doubt believe what he says, and he knows it, so that Mr 30% will carry on as Mr know nothing pulling at the cows udder as that is all he is fit to be doing as a farmer as he does not have an agricultural qualification and therefore like most of those in Sri Lanka pulling at cow’s udders is just an unknowing dairy farmer who we have foolishly let loose on handling some big spending Ministry.

He cannot have it both ways. He is either a dairy farmer who milks his cows, or he is an important educated person who is in charge of an important Ministerial Portfolio.

Basil it is time you make your decision and abide by it, and not con your non-fellow citizens. After all you are an American telling people in Sri Lanka a pack of lies when you have taken an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of your ability.

Actually since MR came to power, and despite all the claims made about the Country becoming self-sufficient in Milk production, all you have done is import Cows not suited to Sri Lanka’s climate, and if you doubt my statement poll the Vets in Sri Lanka on a secret ballot and they will tell you that we can do it with the stock in Sri Lanka organized in a better way, where the cold climates anyway automatically gives a cow double the production. However it is clear that Basil and for that manner any parliamentarian knows anything about animal husbandry.

Worse commissions have been earned on this import, at the expense of the Country, so there is a further erosion of the logic of such a project. Any person with common sense will realize that we really have a team of hallucinating Ministers led by one not fit to rule, as the difference between what is said and what is done is so far apart, that it amounts to the opposite of what is promised. Readers you decide.    

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What are we waiting for? Lets just kick the brutes out!

Is anyone now questioning that they have been completely let down the garden path by the constant media rhetoric, that is daily pumped out mercilessly by the

Rajapakse Regime of Reckless Recidivist Rajapaksa Rapacious Rapscallion Rascals.

It is time to take stock, and realize that we can do something about it, and make our feelings known. The fear that has been placed in our citizens, is because we are easily frightened, despite having stubbornly faced a 30 year terrorist onslaught by the tigers, only for it to be replaced by an even more sinister band of thugs, who call themselves human beings, when they are the worst form of reptile known to man.

The link is to show the power of dissent, especially of the very young, and even those too young to vote, who have taken justice as a standard, and is willing to fight the powerful Chinese ideology in their desire for EXPRESSION. When personal expression is stunted, and stultified by a ruling ethos, there is only so much that can be tolerated by today’s youth who grow up in a new borderless world where the commonalities with their fellow brethren of a similar age far outweigh the differences, that bring the whole world together as one, borderless free zone.

The problems of water, fresh air, pollution, acid rain, deforestation, authoritarianism KNOW NO RACIAL RELIGIOUS OR INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES

Have you noticed how the Hong Kong case has spread like a wildfire to the whole world, where in ALL capitols, even in Colombo, the pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets to demonstrate outside the Chinese Embassies, so that the point of their resistance is known to all.

It will therefore difficult even for the Rajapakses to defend their Chinese bedmates, as it is clear that their behavior is NOT acceptable and lying in bed with that lot will mean that fleas will latch on to them too till their end!

Well done you young HK youth, you have shown the way, lets get down to the serious business of saving our Country from the worst excesses and ruination it has ever been subjected to since creation, and first make every person understand that even though we sacrifice our future, it is the future of Sri Lanka that will be safe.      

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Was he kicked or not? Did he resign or not? Chris Nonis Saga

The dregs of Sri Lanka politics, in this case that person who masquerades as an MP and worse uses his uneducated ness to boss the whole Foreign Service cadre around was unsurprisingly involved in a kicking incident.

What do you expect from touts such as this who think that Blue Label is alcohol, and worse who cannot hold their drink and then act in their true colors of abuse, violence, and vitriol. When it was finished, the SL High Commissioner to the UK was kicked mercilessly in his butt, and the former SL High Commissioner was abused like a prostitute, who like a prostitute is paid to take abuse, and therefore MUMS the word, not budging from a position as the current foreign secretary, as it suits her to hob nob with the hoy paloy underworld, who run this country, and she is now a transformed underworld vixen to boot!

So when word was first out that the HC Nonis, had resigned, and lately that the President has asked him to stay, having dispatched Gamini Senerath to London to save the day, so that this kind of abuse could continue is just added fuel to the Saga of gossip that is sweeping the boring banter in Colombo drawing rooms and clubs.

There is no smoke without fire, and so we must believe that something untoward happened at a New York home of a Rajapakse sycophant that led to the fracas and the President’s intervention to prevent this news from hitting the media, and which as a result is spreading like wildfire throughout Colombo’s gossiping class.

Nonis’ star will wane if there is NO resignation, as they will interpret that if he suffers any indignity in his rise up the greasy pole of Sri Lankan politics is at the expense of prostituting himself at every level to get what he wants, and he is willing to undergo any torture to try and achieve his personal political goals, as he possibly believes that his pinnacle as a business tycoon has been achieved, and the highest Diplomatic Posting has been achieved and now it is a political post such as an MP in the parliament and then a Foreign Ministership that is only for Sajin to present!

It is shameful that Sri Lankans and in his case a Britisher, has swooped to such low levels in pursuit of their life ambitions, but who am I to prevent such aspirants from reaching their objectives, but just to forewarn the Sri Lankan public that it is such people with sick objectives that we entrust the Country’s future with.

I don’t know the end of it, and in the  next few days we will find out more of what has happened and the steps to be taken, but there will be NO surprises form such ilk!