Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Avante Garde – The problem is not inside the Floating Armory stupid!

I don’t know what kind of mentally challenged individual is overseeing the investigation, as the Media is reporting that the ship is being carefully examined and all the serial numbers of weapons checked and ammunition counted!

What a waste of time and money! AG Chairman must be laughing, as the details are kept meticulously by the RALL staff of ex Servicemen, who have the discipline in the forces to make sure each and every item is carefully recorded! They are taught to obey orders NOT TO THINK OF WHY OR QUESTION! It does not occur to them that if their ship is sunk in the high seas by a missile, there is NO out there to save them, and the GOSL will wash their hands from any responsibility. I know that is why they are paid over Rs100,000 when at sea.

The problem is not there. It is simply about the necessary permissions of the GOSL to operate, and if these permissions are in fact legal or ultra vires. As it is clear that Ghotabhaya Rajapakse gave the permission to operate, I am sure the MOD would have prepared the necessary papers and documents with the authorized signatories, that will stand in court. SO a SL flagged ship full or arms is sitting off shore near Yemen, which is fighting a terrorist war, with the Saudis using drones and missiles. If it is seized by terrorists, who is answerable?

That is why I have been saying all along that the investigations are barking up the wrong tree! We don’t have a well developed investigatory mechanism in place to find the areas where the National Law has been broken.

That is why I have recommended the use of foreign experts in this field, who will in minutes give a summary of what the most likely crime is, and suggest the best method of investigating for proof, prior to indictment. Otherwise this Govt. will look like fools.

No wonder that good defence lawyers like Marapana and Rajapakse are confident that there will not be any guilt that comes to light, as they know the capability of the AGs department, with one having been a former AG himself and the other in charge of the AG's department as Minister of Justice, such is the STATE OF THE STATE run by the underworld.

When you have such levels of capability in Parliament, they don’t even realize that they know nothing, and to admit that they are clueless, is the first step at finding a solution to the problem. At what point will a Member of Parliament admit they know nothing? It is ONLY at that juncture that we will begin to find a solution to the crime. That’s why lawyer like Wijedasa get away with murder.

Even the AGs office cannot instruct the Police or CID as they don’t know themselves what area of law has been broken. The capability of the staff is called into question, and if there is one or two who know what is wrong, they have been paid to keep their mouth shut, as they are have personal agendas outside of finding the accused guilty!

Such is the state of Investigation in Sri Lanka, that an overhaul of the whole system is required, to clean up all areas of Government and most especially the Senior Civil Servants whose independence is no longer to be relied upon.

Unfortunately the public has not yet realized how complete the rot is in SL caused primarily by the behavior of the MR Government of the past 10 years.  


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