Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is it the responsibility of the AGs Department to answer this allegation?

Wasantha Samarasinghe, the JVP Trade Union Leader, has alleged that COMPLETED Investigations by the CID, FCID and CIABOC have been sent to the AGs department for prosecution, as that part is NOT in the purview of the former.

However what he fails to realize is that though he states that these bodies have completed their work, the level of completion and competence of the people in those departments, IS NOT SUFFICIENT to bring a prosecution under the law, especially if the defendants use the services of competent lawyers to fight their cases for them.
We don’t live in a WHITE VAN regime anymore. All legal cases must pass the acid test of whether the evidence calls for prosecution and in that it is the AGs department that makes the call. Frankly the quality of the files leaves a lot to be desired.

That is why the Avant Garde case was not taken up yet, as we just don’t have competent people to investigate wholesale money laundering cases where Billions due to come to Sri Lanka are in fact sitting in foreign and offshore bank accounts! I have said this before, and I repeat, that the Govt. MUST hire international experts to bring to book these frauds and malpractices.

The link above shows that the State is barking up the wrong tree as far as Avant Garde is concerned. They will find no evidence to convict on arms deals and shipments in and out, as the legal paperwork will emerge from MOD on the exclusive rights granted to AG and RALL to handle arms and transfers, and they are just being held back by interested parties, so that the real problem at hand, namely of money laundering, DOES NOT come to light, and all investigations are limited to the validity of the said arms, being moved from place to place!  

This is a classic case of smoke and mirrors, where the SL Govt. is being held to ransom by a few determined traitors to fill their own pockets as they are paid handsomely to do so!

COME ON AG, FCID and CIABOC ask for international expertise to solve these multi BILLION dollar frauds committed, otherwise no arrests will result. 

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