Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The latest Twitter outburst - pitting Sajith and Harsha against reason and fair play. It does not pay to be someone else's lackey anymore!

The Sajith Premadasa Conundrum! The two faces of duplicity~

If further evidence was needed on my hypotheses, reinforced by the feelings on the ground in Sri Lanka (namely, that we cannot tolerate any person, being selected by voters at the next general election, who have ever served for even a day as an MP in the Sri Lanka Parliament’s history) I provide proof positive of the duplicitous character of the enigma, that is completely unsuitable as a leader for Sri Lanka, on a par with that scoundrel without an ounce of brain aka Namal Rajapakse!

The latest was the past 24 hour Twitter Frenzy caused by the completely unnecessary intervention of Sajith Premadasa to defend Maharajahs at their behest, when mercilessly attacked by Muhunthan Canagey. Harsha de Silva, foolishly or knowingly joined in the tirade against Canagey's allegations.

Canagey’s ire against Maharajahs is well known, the main reason being the granting of hugely valuable spectrum licenses for almost nothing in return for favors in Media for Maithripala Sirisena, through the TRC and his own brother at the helm of SLT.

For a bit of background, it was Maharajah’s Sirasa that gave credibility and stamp of authority for the Coup gone wrong carried out by MS and his band of ill-advised legal advisers, whose only goal was to destroy their arch enemy Ranil Wickremesinghe, even if they would take the whole Country down to their knees to achieve a personal vendetta.

It is clear that Maharajahs completely miscalculated the outcome of the Coup and now have egg on their face, however the duplicitous team that they are, have all their bases covered, and Sajith has been on their payroll, or at least their slave for as long as he has been in politics, thanks to the favors granted to them by President Premadasa in a quid pro quo basis.

So Kili Maharajah called in the favor, to damn Muhunthan Canagey’s allegation, and Sajith doing his masters bidding, along with Harsha de Silva who probably wants a few favors granted him too, fell for the bait and ruined their political careers all in a matter of minutes, WITHOUT thinking about the consequences for their future! Such cretins did this world produce, when our politicians are mere slaves of Oligarchs!

In today’s social media world these juveniles (nambis) don’t understand the sheer power of those who see through the charade and call a spade a spade, not worrying about who they are, as long as their actions are seen to be against the people of this Country and only pursuing an agenda of their masters, who are now REVILED as the EXCRETA of our society. (Sajith backing Excreta)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

LATEST: First 15 Crossovers to be paid Rs500M in the MPs Auction

So it’s a no brainer that Swaminathan, Gamini Jayawickrema Perera and John Amaratunga will take this largesse and go to Mahinda, so that when he dissolves parliament in a few months and call elections, they can go into happy retirement with all this money, so what do you think? Do they have principles or are they prostitutes? They will retire anyway but have not been able to make the money they had hoped for under Ranil, so who cares about principles?

I am afraid that is the state of the state in Sri Lanka today, and the stakes for democracy are so high, the people must demand an alternative that retains their inalienable rights over Governing, which the present system clearly is NOT!

Just think about it a Recycling Plant costs Rs 300M. Sri Lanka does not have even one Recycling Plant. Now MPs are for sale at Rs 300M to Rs 500M, and they are constantly being recycled into Parliament. Time the public insist that no one can return to Parliament after ONE TERM. The only way to prevent this kind of auction.

So go sell your soul and your entire family's - just go ahead, you just have to be quick as there are ONLY 15 spots left at the JACKPOT of life

We are the true Nationalists, not the pseudo Nationalists who are willing to pay the people’s money for POWER

Monday, October 29, 2018

Impeachment now is the only option, surely!

It’s the time to take out the President, as he is shown to be a traitor, not a savior as all the charges made are trumped up.

IMPEACHMENT and incarceration is the need of the hour

For the sake of sanity, after years of undermining the Prime Minister’s efforts to clean up the stables, when people like Dilrukshi Dias W was removed, when her investigation of crimes became too hot for him to handle and save his friends, pining the same charge on Ranil Wickremesinghe, is NOT THE WAY TO HIDE YOUR OWN TREACHERY.

Listening to a litany of lies on TV his command of the Authority of Office which up to now we were able to live with had turned now against his either mental state, or if he is under threat by the Rajapakse’s we don’t know. However money talks and Rajapakse’s have BILLIONS of dollars, which illegitimate Governments like DUBAI refuse to give up, as their whole existence is predicated on their ability to bank ill-gotten gains of drug runners and despots from all over the world, once the Swiss decided to clean up their act.

Simply put all the dirty money in the world is parked in Dubai, and the Rajapakses have so much that they have enough to buy each MP for over Rs1Billion and have change left over.

It is the question whether our politics is for sale to the highest bidder, and if so how much has the President been promised, a man who said he had been offered enough for 14 generations, and refused.

We cannot wait at this juncture for history to judge this night of the long knives as one of the worst annals in contemporary history, where the legitimately elected President of a Country abused his own powers to try and justify his existence when the truth was getting just too hard to handle.

Just picking on the absurdity of his speech, ETI group was a private group trying to negotiate the sale of its assets to be able to pay off his liabilities and he is dreaming of a scam of tenders not called for? What planet pray is he living in to justify his action?

Enough said, people who read have such a limited attention span, that, people in power know that so abuse their power to maximize on latter day, impotence of the general public when the future of their Country is at stake. WE who sincerely care about the future, want out future back from those intent on destroying it, and in this case by justifying it by any means possible - LYING

Whichever way you look at it, despite the Constitutional nuances, it is clear that the Friday night coup – was nothing other than an illegal coup!

There is no point in going through the legal niceties to justify this or that, that is left to the Supreme Court and finally an immediate (not delayed) summoning of Parliament within 24 hours to determine who holds the confidence of the majority of the duly elected people of this Country.

However for the record, the links below give two arguments for and against:

For a President to take such drastic steps as to shock the nation after close of business on a Friday evening, and stall the Helicopter of the Prime Minister who was in the South, so he could not fly back to prevent his ouster, was a cunning but more to the point a selfish act that will be seen throughout the world as the “rule of the jungle”

As if he does not know about the rule of the jungle and what that does to a Country, so he is complicit in a crime against the Country. A traitor, needing to be hung by the neck as punishment no less.

So it was clear in his speech, by his demeanor that he was lying at the time he was addressing the nation.

The baldfaced lies are purely because he knows the people of the Country can be easily fooled, and will believe any cock and bull story, and can only experience “the cock of the story” in time and realize they have been had, and then it is too late to do anything about it.

Using the element of surprise, the power at his disposal, he could make a decision, which he did. So no one is saying he did not have the power to do so. I am saying he SOLD HIS COUNTRY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, while claiming his opponent, in this case Ranil Wickremesinghe was about to the sell the Country to foreigners.

Using this tried and tested XENOPHOBIC canard, which equally and more applies to Rajapakse who he appointed, he tried to legitimize lies by spending a few minutes lying to the nation.
Beginning with by appointing a rogue as the Secretary to the President, namely Hemasiri Fernanado who permitted the Public Money, at People’s Bank to be lent to friends and those who were willing to pay him large bribes, like 10% of the money lended, he put the Administrative Service in jeopardy.

We know then this was planned from that point. It is Ranil Wickremesinghe’s stupidity that he did not smell a rat. So it was a bit rich calling the PM a crook, like the plot calling the kettle black!

So a President to address the nation and call the sitting Prime Minister a crook and all his speech was trying to justify that moniker was TOTALLY OUT OF LINE. It is the people of the Country who should determine that later in an election, as he is the legitimately elected Prime Minister and the President ONLY sitting their with his head still intact because of the Protection of Ranil Wickremesinghe

So for him to turn out the electricity of Temple Trees, and withdraw the Security detachment is a rotten and dirty deed, done with a typically village mentality of uncivilized behavior, in keeping his family tradition of ruining his home District of Polonnaruwa by a generation of plunder for personal gain.

He knows the Sri Lankan people take everything lying down, though they let passions rise for the wrong reasons and create damage to Public Property, that is their property to get rid of their anger, another poor trait of the people.

I need not go into each aspect of his address to the Nation as it was merely an unproven vengeful and fanciful set of allegations made by two bit unrealiable jokers, on whom he is pinning an assassination plot, masterminded by the Indian RAW. Implication being that if he is assassinated Ranil Wickremasinghe automatically becomes the President.

To cut a long story short, and taking the advice of the Speaker who all know is a man of integrity and acting in the best interests of the nation, which he clearly has shown himself incompetent in, he SHOULD HAVE CALLED PARLIAMENT before the coup to show who had the majority to govern. There was a no confidence motion against the PM which the PM was able to win handsomely so what do you do, you choose a questionable means, but all say, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CALL PARLIAMENT TO SEE WHO COMMANDS THE CONFIDENCE.

Now the deed is done, we just have to see if a no confidence motion against dubiously appointed Mahinda Rajapakse can be can defeated OR NOT. Just do it to save the nation, and let your personal integrity GO TO HELL!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

So there are buyers queuing up for JKH, but they are being put off by the uncertainty and corruption of the State

Read this excellent link below on the state of play of JKH, whose share price has tanked due to the international interest rate meltdown that has immediately lead to the 10% drop in the rupee vs the US dollar, to say nothing of the rupee price itself delivering a double whammy blow to existing investors, fearful of further losses, and who want to exit now to minimize the drop in their portfolio values.


There are a few conglomerates who see an opportunity, which if the SL Government was SMART would welcome them as it would mean an immediate infusion of US$2.5B into the Country.

This is to say that smart investors now see value in JKH. They are willing to go up to US$2.5B to buy the group. They know they can break it up, into its parts and float them away, making the Sri Lanka Stock Market more liquid in the rush, and have their value increase to US$4B.

Remember this is 250% of the current share price and CURRENT INVESTORS TO A MAN WILL SELL.

So what is the problem?

Simple, some jokers in Govt. want bribes to allow them to do this, and the payer is not allowed to pay bribes, however it is sugar coated as it is illegal in their own country anyway. 10% or US$250M was bandied about, but they will not even countenance a penny. Just sell to existing shareholders, who cash out, this company looks at all the Companies and decides how to carve it up, to maximize value and sell at least 50% of the shares to the public and overseas on a much better performance budget, while the fat is all taken out.

What is standing in their way are the labor laws about compensation for firing the useless baggage called staff who are not pulling their way. The inability to put foreign managers to run the newly carved out businesses for a year to be able to make them attractive entities to float.

They don't want lawsuits and delays and state intervention to intercede, as the whole deal is one that needs a minimum of delay so that in one year all new entities can be hived off, creating about 25 different stock market entities out of JKH.

This frankly is the best thing that can happen to JKH as existing investors will have the funds to do as they please, with local investors also then getting funds to grow their businesses or invest in the new businesses thus created.

Making a company more efficient will help that company grow, be it in the hospitality business, or retail, or internet sales, incentivising performance and not old age or service. these lean businesses that hitherto had hopeless time serving management who only wanted their salaries cars and perks, but who were inherently lazy have no time in a business that needs to grow double digits.

This foundation can then create companies that in 4 years will be worth at least US$20B, and the economy, the investors, the foreign investor who is willing to do this, if he is given cast iron guarantees will all luck out including the new management who will be rewarded by options.

Hitherto, JKH had been led by a bunch of goons for their own benefit, who have not added an iota to the value of JKH in their tenure, and have helped themselves to illegal stock options, at the expense of the real workers and investors who see their shares drop in value.

So this is a plea to the Island Mentality Government to make it clear that they are open to a take over bid for the whole group and they will not stand in the way and further more permit it to happen in 30 days the time investor needs, as they are not willing to entertain any delays.

This will prevent the oligopolistic inefficiency with NO inward foreign investment that will result and will just run the companies to the ground as their intentions are purely greed and not to add value to the economy.

So Govt. of SL it is your call to make the statement loud and clear that you will not stand in your way 

Friday, October 12, 2018

What were the Saudis thinking, luring and killing Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul?

The brazen behavior of MBS the Saudi Crown Prince, announcing to the media world that he will not tolerate dissent, by killing a US resident Saudi journalist in Istanbul, has put his erstwhile ally Donald Trump on the spot like never before!

As if Trump had no other problems on his hand, and now has to face the midterm elections in three weeks, for this to come up at the crucial moment is at best  foolish timing by MBS to make matters difficult for POTUS. Donald Trump.


Time will tell, but MBS must ruing his decision to have him removed from life, if he has any common sense, and values the world's public opinion as it is not merely showing that he will not tolerate any criticism of his rule, but now it will turn the spotlight on everything he does.

Just imagine the smurk on the faces of the Countries that are stacked against Saudi Arabia. I can't begin to think the smirk on the face of the Iranian President knowing there is now no defense of Saudi Arabia, whatever they do.

The stupid Saudi Agents who did this are now out in the open as Turkey has provided the details of the people who came in two jets from Riyadh to carry out the contract, and to MBS their names being out in the open is no fuss, and they are the ones who will now be in the spotlight.

All in all it is quite clear this will backfire spectacularly on MBS whose impetuous behavior, will be further highlighted and his detractors will have evidence to attack him with.

The arrogance at which he performed this believing that people want Saudi, and not the other way round is going to ricochet back once the world oil price hike is a thing of the past, and Saudi will have to find another way to suppress the growing dissent at home on the quality of life of the majority of those living in Saudi which is on the way down despite the enormous display of gluttony and waste by the ruling princes elite!

I guess someone had to pay the price of arrogance and it will be the turning point, when Saudi history is written that undid this master plan created to bring Saudi Arabia into the international fold from Pariah status, and now will destine it back to the pariah status, due to the pariah acts it seems to carry out.

This war in Yemen will now embolden the enemies of Saudi sensing the turning of the Publicity tide against them to take advantage of the window provided to show to the world how two faced they are and that there is no intention on the part of the monarchy to reform and partake as valuable citizens in collection of nations that make up the world and so they will just have to lie in bed with their erstwhile enemies Israel to find bed mates to conjoin with while the rest of the world will lay no stone unturned to investigate the behavior of the regime like it has never done before.

This awakening of the Frankenstein's monster in world media anger against this brutal killing, is going to consume the Kingdom, and hasten its demise, where the princes will have no place to hide, and not even the USA in a generation and they will sadly regret this turning point as the beginning of the end.

I write this with no malice, just stating facts on how a stupid act can be the catalyst in destroying a whole nation and its plan to change and curry favor with the rest of the world. 

The next stage will be the isolation of the whole Muslim world from Saudi Arabia, one which they ass benefactors have seen to have bought up until now, but not any more! 

This is a good example for students of history to study how power corrupts absolutely, and know what it really means, as it cannot be sustained forever. Only righteousness finally wins.

So much for their deity they believe in! he will not spare them.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Time we offer refuge to US disabled people, as they face a very likelihood of death at the hands of US Police, than any other country!

Can you believe it? It is frightening to be disabled in the US, as if you  somehow are unlucky enough to come face to face with a US Policeman, and they all carry guns, they are MORE LIKELY to shoot you dead and ask questions later, as they are TRIGGER HAPPY, FRIGHTENED FOR THEIR SAFETY, and they are NOT prosecuted if they kill you, as they claim some nebulous reason for killing you as they FELT they were threatened and did not know that the person they killed has some form of disability for acting the way they did!

Read the link for the corroboration for the statement made above please!


It is without doubt this a human rights violation against the UN charters that the US has signed as to rights of citizens. However clearly they do not adhere to that and they do not belong to the ICC or Criminal Court, so they cannot be held liable for their grave HR violations.

So when the book is thrown at anyone by the USA, just say, we have a problem, but it pales in comparison to the killing fields in the USA and to say nothing of the 3,000,000 incarcerated persons rotting in jail with no hope of proper rehabilitation or being weaned from addiction, or crime.

Say it as it is in Donald Trump's USA

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Why is the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank unwilling to disclose the name of the Big Guy who had Rs150M deposited into his accout?

It is time we demand that people just cannot get away with having undisclosed wealth, as they could be the proceeds of crime, drugs or any other untaxed or extortionate means.

As most of the 225 who occupy the seats in the Diyawanna are guilty of such unexplained resources, it is up to the Independent Cental Bank to take the first step, devoid of fear of any present or future Government and state who is under suspicion 

We the people want answers

Look at the link below and read, how the women in the UK has been asked to explain how she got so much money from her disgraced banker husband who is doing time!


In today's technology context it is easy to track such types of expenditure and so answers must be provided, beginning with the largest amounts first and working downwards, as a matter of priority as it is better to deal with the bigger fish so that little by little all the fish know that their time will come unless they reform!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Oh Bandula – what do you want? Now you have been chained in Dehiwela for all 69 years of your life?

Without further ado, let’s be clear that 9th September’s Sunday Times has an article where one of Bandula’s keepers from way back when he was small, Vasantha Nugegoda, who is now an expert in zoos who goes around the world to advice zoos in the care of elephants, saying he should remain where he is and he will die if he is moved to Ridiyagama Safari Park, which is where the clamor is to move him to. Vasantha maintains he was a perfect specimen of a well formed and attractive elephant who was brought from Somawathiya in 1949 and has only lightly been chained when in Musth, and the emotional outbursts in the press are truly false, based on false information.

Contrast this with the story put out in the same Media Group’s sister paper, the Daily Mirror today, September 12th 2018, which is appealing to the emotions of animal welfare lovers, and included in the high stakes appeal they have drawn his namesake Bandula Jayasekera a former reporter, who is taking up this cause, and Dr Sumith Pilapitiya who is non-committal, except to say that elephants should not perform in circuses or zoos and certainly not used for transporting people for a ride. Their places should be where they are free to roam.

So the latter article concludes that ALL THE ELEPHANTS including Bandula should be moved to Ridiyagama Safari Park as the area at Dehiwela is insufficient for them to be unchained and be allowed to roam free in a larger area. They are appealing to the President as the Minister of the Environment, but not directly responsible for the Zoo which is part of the Ministry of Sustainable Development to release this animal, and send him to Ridiyagama, which Vasantha Nugegoda claims will kill him, as it is a surrounding he is UNFAMILIAR with, and at his age of 69, he is not in a position to absorb and assimilate into new surroundings.

It is then up to the reader to read both articles very carefully and comment on the pros and cons and suggest means to achieve the best for the animal, as that is what we are trying to do, and make different insinuations, based on our knowledge and if two elephant experts give contradictory opinions, which do you choose, when you cannot ask the elephant what he will prefer, when he does not know what the alternative is anyway, except that the chains will be removed and he will allowed to go where he pleases!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

AUSTRALIA, seems you have got a REAL PROBLEM, don’t try and weasel your way out of it, admit you “ballsed up ROYALLY!”

Australia does not arrest unless they have done their homework thoroughly. If they make a mistake taking in an innocent even on suspicion its millions they will have to fork out, for their mistake as a reputation could be ruined due to the idiocy of the act, and someone has got to pay. So think of the possibilities in store now! Read on:

The Australian anti-terrorist unit is suddenly faced with the fact that they have truly, right royally f****d up in the investigation of the Kamer Nizamdeen, case, in falsely accusing an innocent kid of links to terrorism.

It all seems to have arisen out of the discovery of a notebook containing intentions of probable terrorist activity within Australia, where there is also reference to his personal diaries that are very specific in nature relating to such terrorist activities of a very sinister nature, that were planned to be carried out.

Obviously, the brain dead Australian detectives only mental arithmetic is that if the name somehow sounds Muslim and there is a document somehow that refers to terrorist activity, that it is a slam dunk case, that required immediate arrest, as a threat to the state, and they will simply lock him up and throw away the key.

You can see how foolish and idiotic that is, but in a land of many who have descended from Criminals, who were shipped there, so they can be forgotten, you cannot expect them to have anything other than a criminal mindset anyway!

To put it another way “you judge others by your own standards”. If your standards are warped, then you have a problem in objectivity, and you are clearly misguided.

To cut a long story short, they (the Australian Detectives Investigation this ALLEGED plot) are in DEEP SHIT. They have no way of saving face, as they will simply face the sack, due to their gross incompetence. SO what do criminals get up to in such a circumstance? They are now busily engaged in creating their own web of intrigue, manufacturing non-existent evidence, making up stories, getting corroboration from seemingly innocent people, by the use of threat, and in a world of fake news, want to cover their fakery, by deciding that his openly and unequivocal defense from his homeland, of ALL religious and racial persuasions are simply cast as fake news.

While a whole case of lies is being drawn up as TRUTH, President Trump for once has even better company in the form of the Australian Police Force, in re drawing a story to cover-up their gross incompetence because Australia will NEVER be able to live it up with this case, which has taken a turn, no convict heritage detective could have imagined, due to their ignorance of the status and stature of their legal immigrants or students of the present, who have to go through hoops if they are to come to Australia. No dead-beat terrorist sympathizer can come through the cracks today, only those who can be brainwashed within that SORRY ASS country, which does everything in their power to create a divided country, by not being sufficiently inclusive of all foreign people, who instead of being accepted with open arms into their fabric of society are looked upon in suspicion, which angers the looked upon to teach these Neanderthals with a convict past a lesson or two in Human Rights.

This guy has been denied his human rights with this accusation, and the PTA Act of Sri Lanka looks like a walk in the park when compared to the charges filed to keep him under lock and key and be tortured to extract confessions if that is possible, using mind reading and bending techniques to save face.

The mind really BOGGLES. What is happening in Sydney in the building this guy finds himself in, with the person really guilty of the crime of planting false information, just to get a smart kid in trouble salivating at the thought that he has ruined the life of a very (some would consider too intelligent for their own liking) bright kid with a wonderful career ahead of him. This rotter did not like foreigners who were too off the charts with ability, in comparison with the dick heads that litter the Country of Australia, stolen from its true inhabitants.

If you need any evidence for my theory, just see what happened to the true natives of Australia. Those few who remain have their lives ruined in one way or another, purposely kept in a state of delirium, so that what is truly theirs does not have to be returned to them in the first place. They have NO SHAME.

This act of aggression against a fellow human is true to character of the Australian State that treats boat people like dirt, as if they don’t even exist by sending them to hell holes like Nauru or Papua New Guinea, is indicative of a Country in decline, but still unaware of how badly morally bankrupt, they are.

I don’t know if we will ever get to the bottom of this particular case, as truth is the first thing that goes out of the window, when there is a cover up. We may have to wait decades, until books are written and films made to finally get some kind of realistic idea of what happened, why it happened, and why it was covered up, and the innocent lives sacrificed due to this miscarriage of justice.

The only lesson we can learn from this, is that to accuse anyone of anything and follow due process, it is better to err on the side of the accused rather than on the accuser as the consequences are far greater if they are wrong on the credibility of the security forces, on which the faith of the whole country depends, than the possibility of a terror plot that goes off with a few people who get killed. Reader, don’t forget that there are hundreds of investigations being carried out for terror related events today, this was simply one that just went too far, due to an idiot in the investigation team who wanted GLORY!


Here below was from the article in today's Daily Mirror News Paper


It is too early to comment on the detention of 25-year-old Kamer Nizamdeen, a popular PhD student affiliated to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia as the matter is under investigation by the NSW Joint Counter-Terrorism Team. His arrest on accusations of planning terror attacks has shocked almost everyone in the University and back at home in Sri Lanka as his life in Sydney was a story of successes with robust achievements, respected and admired.   
It is bewildering that such a man could suddenly get ‘radicalised’ almost overnight as widely publicised worldwide without any evidence of any extremist comment being heard from him at any time by any of his colleagues. It is well known that a radicalised person cannot hide his views though he can hide his conduct and activities. How is it that there is no independent corroboration from his associates or his closest circle in the university that Kamer was no longer the same man they knew?   

The only evidence known so far on which he was arrested on August 30 (Thursday) was a notebook allegedly containing references to former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, references to Sydney Opera House, police and railway stations allegedly found in his room. Though the exact wordings are not in any media, the PhD student will have to explain what the notebook contents were all about. We do not know his version because we have not heard the police or the media quoting Kamer in their reports.   
It is difficult to believe that in a country where seven prime ministers were displaced in ten years and the last one Malcolm Turnbull was ousted by his own party colleagues on 24th August 2018, the Sri Lankan student could have had any ideological or religious reason to ‘terrorise’ Turnbull. There appears to be no evidence that he had plans to terrorise the former Prime Minister or former Foreign Minister at any time they held office.   

PhD student 

Kamer was no simpleton; he was a bright, well-integrated PhD student and staffer at the UNSW. It is mind-boggling as to how his alleged ‘terrorism manifesto’ would be left in the open space of his shared room in the university premises carelessly for someone else to so easily ‘stumble upon’.   
Kamer’s brother, in a Facebook Post on Monday 3rd September, has expressed the view that Kamer was framed. “His accomplishments within the university in UNSW speak for themselves and he would have had absolutely no reason to engage in such disgusting, hateful crimes to a city which has been extremely opening to him for the past 6 years,” the brother wrote.   
Crime Reporter Sally Rowsthorne of The Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 31st August, noted “those who knew the Sri Lankan postgraduate student were in shock after the arrest with multiple friends and neighbours saying that they wouldn’t believe what Mr Nizamdeen is accused of doing”. ABC also quoted the police saying that they do not believe that Kamer was capable of carrying out a terrorist attack.   
Except for the contents of the notebook, which are also capable of innocent explanations, there does not appear in the media any evidence of any previous expressions of opinion or conduct on Kamer’s part that would support the serious allegations made against this up and coming talented youth, whose future is on the brink of ruination. But then the investigations are continuing, we need to wait. However what is clear to this writer is that additional evidence notwithstanding, the sum total of the material against Kamer do not amount to even an attempt or a conspiracy to commit an offence known to the law as applied in countries which have not embraced oppressive Counter Terrorism laws or the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Law. Jotting down one’s views in a notebook cannot by itself constitute an act of terror.   

The reported facts as distinguished from speculatory comments, such as alleged membership in the ISIS, do not appear to qualify as a terrorist or attempted terrorist act

There must be evidence of actual preparation or an engagement or assistance to commit a terrorist act, which appears to be lacking in this case. The reported facts as distinguished from speculatory comments, such as alleged membership in the ISIS, do not appear to qualify as a terrorist or attempted terrorist act under Australia’s Criminal Code Act of 1995 or under terror laws applicable in the New South Wales. Membership in ISIS itself is however, an independent terror related offence. There is no evidence of any “intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause and the act causes”, the way a terrorist act is defined in the Australian Act. The phrase “and the act causes” would necessitate the act of intimidation causing actual ‘intimidation’, often ignored by investigators who probably want to demonstrate their ‘smart detection’ to their superiors! But Australia as a country maintains a high standard of judicially supervised investigative mechanism. It is possible that he would be and should be cleared of the accusations, subject however to some extra ordinary, but unlikely links with a terrorist organisation being discovered or due to some external pressure from racist entities.   

Speculative comments 

Dinoo Kelleghan in Sydney writing to The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) of 2nd September 2018 has made reference to highly speculative comments spicing the story which are unsupported by evidence. One example is that Kamer “acted as a lone wolf using his campus activities as a cover” which earned a sub-title in The Sunday Times, leading to a permanent damage to a man who had ‘networked into the university where he studied, worked and mentored students, and through projects that brought him plaudits by UNSW.’ Kelleghan reported further as follows: “Police say the PhD student is affiliated with the IS but are not charging him with being a member of the terrorist organisation.” But NSW Acting Detective Superintendent Mick Sheehy is quoted in the next sentence as having said, “From the documentation we believe he would affiliate with the ISIS”.   
One will easily see the propaganda hype to make the suspect appear to be linked to ISIS, the earlier one claiming Kamer is affiliated with the IS while the subsequent one stating that ‘he would affiliate’ with the ISIS.   
Kamer Nizamdeen had no previous criminal records prior to August 30. But were the police rushed into arresting Kamer with such weak allegations possibly by external elements? NSW’s Surveillance Device Act of 2007 and other terrorist related laws permit the police to conduct surveillance to establish more sound and credible material against possible real terror suspects. Why was he not monitored at least for a few more days, which smart investigators often do before rushing to arrest? What was the urgency? Did the elements that may have pushed the police to arrest the Sri Lankan forthwith have an agenda to create a realistic impact on the then ongoing Defence Seminar in Colombo, which commenced here on Thursday 30th August?   
Day Two of the Defence Seminar on Friday 31st August morning session had two relevant presentations to the subject under discussion in this article. One by Lt. Gen.(Retd) Orit Adalo, managing director of Adalo Consulting Ltd of Israel on ‘Ideological Polarisation’ and the other by Maj. Gen. Roger J Noble, United States Army Pacific, Australia on ‘Role of the military in Response to Violent Non-State Actors in a Destabilised International System’. Space constraints do not permit a detailed discussion, which may be written off by some as conspiracy theories. The news of Kamer’s arrest however hit the news media here only at the conclusion of the two day Colombo Defence Seminar, perhaps a little too late.   
(The writer is a former Senior State Counsel and can be reached on mm_zuhair@yahoo.com) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wadduwa Party - Unanswered Questions! Better agitate for answers now before it becomes worse!

If the report in the Island Newspaper is true, and of course there is a problem with much of the facts as reported in the Media, we have serious concerns that must be addressed NOW


How come there was a party of two thousand people, each paying three thousand rupees? That is a total of Six Million Rupees for a FB party arranged by an AD agency in Kaduwela.

Before the alleged drugs scene, that in itself must draw a red flag to the authorities.

So what is the police doing about it? There is no point saying a Politician is protecting the organizers and doing nothing about it

The IGP must investigate if the party was held correctly, and owing to the crowd involved, if there was an adequate police presence to ensure basic security for the party goers, a basic right for party goers.

What enticed so many to come from all over the Country to pay Rs3,000 unless there was something available that is normally not available.

Basic Police investigations MUST get to the bottom of it, and eliminate all possibilities.

What pray is the duty of the Police? Not just to prevent crime, but also to prevent the possibility in the future. In order to do the latter, they must look into the causes, and how it can be prevented from happening

I don't know about the drug scene there, but we have to nip the drug menace in the bud as a Country. as the people of the Country demand it of the law enforcement authorities and not allow politicians to run rings around them

Remember the Police will eventually have to answer for it later, if something is not done immediately, and it is better to have it all discussed, resolved and suspects implicated or exonerated from the deaths today, rather than let it hang for a while before it is investigated and then it will more work for the already overburdened police force, trying to get a handle on the drug menace in Sri Lanka.

Where is the report of the IGP to the Law and Order Minister as there has been a clear breakdown of some law?

We just cannot let the IGP sleep on the job, it is too critical to let slide.
Why aren't more people questioning this incident, as we don't want a more severe incident in the future?

Today it is clear that the strength of the drugs are not known, and many are overdosing on lethal drugs and dying because the suppliers are incapable of regulating the strength of some of the chemicals used in the psychedelic drugs freely available today.

Before the crisis gets out of hand where the police simply cannot cope, why not give it the significance due and act on it?

Someone please do something

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Micro Finance Debt – inability to pay – has nothing to do with region, it is a common issue across the Country

As usual the pontificating donkeys, also known as ministers are hypothesizing debt into the Northern Debt being special which needs to be forgiven, and not the debt taken by women in the rest of the Country. Bull Shit!!

There are philosophical issues that must be addressed and let us do that one by one. Let’s home in on where the real problem lies. It is with the microfinance lending practice of first targeting women, whether they are women headed households or not. The assumption is this population is less likely to default.

Then they pick on vulnerable, as in financially not savvy women and get them to find a guarantor, usually three women cross guarantee for each other, and the money is promptly paid, not looking whether women have any prior experience in paying off such debt.

The predator salesmen are only concerned about their commission which depends on the number of households they can lend to, and has nothing to do with the evaluation of a business plan.

A capping of the interest rates, will result in lower lending to these vulnerable people, as lending criteria will have to change to safer bets. It will prevent these people being targeted. However there is a catch, the need to pick out those who will then go to the local money lender.

In short they will not be forced into taking loans they cannot pay, but will go to the money lender who lends at high rates, without guarantors for expenses, that no one else will lend on. These vulnerable people have NO SAFETY NET.

It is the duty of the Samurdhi Niladari to identify families in this debt trap, for special assistance, and advise them before they mortgage their lands to raise funds. Invariably the local money lender who charges usurious rates, will end up owning the property by default, further pauperizing these families.

It is this vulnerable population, anywhere in the country who MUST be helped. The question is, “how can you identify them?” and intervene before they go from the frying pan into the fire. In short one is helping those trapped in poverty, without the financial savvy to extricate them from this debt burden. Microfinance writes off debt, money lenders take everything, leaving nothing.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Where is the media in defending the security of the nation?

When a debate in parliament took place, to effectively fool people again both by the Govt. and Opposition to imply that troop numbers are all that matter, the media SHOULD HAVE POINTED OUT THE FALLACY

When the whole world is reducing the strength of their forces and that includes the US, UK, China Russia and India, and going hi tec, we in Sri Lanka are debating the issue of whether to reduce the strength of the Forces or not.

Of course it is a no brainer that  we should have a more agile fighting force, which could be deployed immediately if trouble arises. Mobile Camps are the answer and is a well known form of security which it seems only Sri Lanka does not know about!

So let us leave the defence of the nation to the forces, to present their requests for the future security and for a proper independent analysis of its need, rather than be determined by people with personal agendas.

We are paying Rs50BN a year just to feed the forces. That is simply unacceptable.  So if you downsize by a quarter, If I had just a quarter of that to get ONE good brigade to be deployed whenever trouble occurs, that is better, while getting rid of excess bodies that is a quarter of the force in a five year period.

So why is the media not pointing this out? The fact is the forces are NOT nimble as there are too many structures that serve no purpose, other than just give people title and nothing else. 

What do we want? Security of the land. How do you get it? Reduce the number and beef up the logistics using the latest technology. As Sri Lanka is a small country, we can get any amount of troops from one place to another in a matter of a few hours, by land sea or air. 

What we don't have is the equipment to move them quickly and that is the need of the hour and not the bodies. the bodies are needed to run the economy, not sit around pissing in their boots. So redirect the personnel to civilian essentials not covered and use the money saved to getting transportation items to ensure we can fight any battle, big or small within an hour of it breaking out, where ever it maybe. Who is going to argue with that?

The present 250+ Army Camps don't even have bullets that work to last one hour of battle, so why even have them? We are only putting our soldiers in harm's way. 

So who do we blame for that? the Civilian Government not acquiescing to forces commanders needs. So who are the traitors? Everyone of the people who are warming their seats in Parliament? Not one person not even Field Marshal SF has pointed this terrible state of affairs.  

Why is Parliament littered with Bozos who appeal to their gallery? It’s called Democracy stupid!!

Taking a cue from what transpired in Parliament yesterday, where the Government had to answer the allegation by the opposition, that the Army was downsizing, allegations made by Bozo Dinesh Gunewardena, seeking to get some brownie points from his gallery, by implying that he is trying to defend the nation by keeping the Army at the present numbers. So one mistake does not make it into two wrongs.

Mistake ONE – The Quality of an Army to satisfactorily defend a nation from their brief has nothing to do with troop strength.

Mistake TWO – Denying that the numbers will be reduced is itself a lie, as what is needed is a MORE EFFECTIVE security force, not strength in numbers.

To illustrate how bankrupt both the Government and Opposition are in terms of their inability to truly represent the needs of the Nation, is their pandering to the Gallery, as votes are supposed to be obtained by telling lies, as the truth will not win an election in Sri Lanka.

So we come back to the reason we are in the backwaters of the world, when we can easily be in the forefront, but for the  intellectual bankruptcy of the electorate to whom, the education system has completely failed.

I know I can defend the whole country with a troop strength of a maximum of 50,000 well trained, high mobility force, equipped with drones, helicopters, high technology surveillance, BETTER than today’s army can, with lower capacity manpower, but with the nimbleness of a rapid deployment force.

As usual our donkeys in Parliament have missed the whole point. We have seas, our economic zone, which is being plundered by foreign trawlers DAILY, and they have not pointed that we need a Navy strength at 5 times present, with vessels equipped with latest technology to prevent the POACHING WAR.

WE ARE CURRENTLY AT WAR IN THE HIGH SEAS AND DONKEYS IN PARLIAMENT HAVE NOT RAISED THIS ISSUE YET! So what is the good of idiots who just want to hear the sound of their voice, not realizing they are all traitors for NOT defending our economic rights, from being stolen in daylight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Count ourselves very fortunate in Sri Lanka - the Rest of the World has been gripped by heatwaves these past weeks

Sri Lankans tend to always look at the worst, or have pessimistic outlooks on life.

The past month has seen record breaking high temperatures throughout the world, but we in Sri Lanka have not experienced any extremes.


The link above is worth reading as it will bring to your attention how extreme some of the temperature has been.

Only if you live in a place and experience unusually high or unusually low temperatures will you understand how different life at that moment is.

In England roads have melted for the heat. Some people dare not go out of their houses and just imagine in many temperate countries they only have heaters and no airconditioners or fans, so people are really suffering the sweltering heat.

There has been no reference in the gutter press to the extreme heatwave the world is experiencing, and worse no indication to people in Sri Lanka that they truly live in Paradise, but where people still leave this country to move to countries experiencing such weather and temperature changes, only because the SYSTEM in Sri Lanka has pushed them out.

So what is this system I refer to?

A parochial society, where performance is not appreciated. Where the old school tie matters more than ability leading the best of the rest to leave Sri Lanka for pastures anew to give their all to the Country that welcomes them, being disgusted with the Country of their birth that effectively chased away some of our best citizens, as they don't recognize quality and true Human Resource Potential

It is only this resource that we lack in Sri Lanka, because we actually had them, but we chased the people away, so that idiots getting into positions of authority have stifled their upward mobility.

We must change this misconception, so we can give the truly talented a chance within Sri Lanka to display what they are capable of.

So literally we chase people from the frying pan to the fire in these extreme temperature countries because we are unable to give credit where it is due to good people, giving them the promotion needed or even at the beginning give them a living wage on which to build their lives and lay down their roots in Sri Lanka 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Foolish Southern Politicians have raised Vijayakala to heights even she could never have imagined – what say you?

In this era of fake news, planted news, manufactured news, nothing is truly what it seems. So to see our Fellow Sinhala Bretheran becoming KULAPPUFIED is the epitome of hilarity, except they have created a FRANKENSTEIN.

Even Vijayakala Maheswaran, in her wildest dreams did not realize she will be made a heroine in the North, purely because of a foolish TV channel called Derana that gave her story a spin that it needed to go viral. If I was Tamil I will be clapping like blazes watching the fun and reading the dick head comments.

Don’t forget in life, if you think you are smart, it comes back to haunt you. One must be humble, help the downtrodden. Vijayakala after all lost her husband 10 years ago, when she was only 35, a housewife thrust into politics because of it.

The husband was a successful businessman, who it says fell to a LTTE bullet, but even there, we have no proof as to who gave the order to kill and exactly why. Let’s leave it at that and come to present amusement gone serious.

If you were God and looking down on this scene of a whole bunch of people taking a cue from Vijakala’s speech WITHOUT listening to it fully, knowing the context in which it was made, knowing the people she made it to, and the rational she was usingto make it, will come out with a different interpretation. We Lankans are easily excited, and even more easily swayed into a fear psychosis to make hay, completely out of context and before the speech was analyzed by Tamil independent observers, who can catch the nuance of what she says, not the literal translation of their interpretation of what she meant.

I find this whole saga entertaining to say the least, the fact that the PM has got involved, instead of ignoring the whole fracas and having a private chat with the instigator, to find out what made her blurt, shows even he is KULLAPUFIED~

Does anyone in the South, even some Southern Tamils, know what it is like to be Tamil in Jaffna, know what people are facing and know that they have all become political footballs in games that other Tamil politicians are playing for their own survival in the north and worse others in the South? I am sure NOT.

IN those circumstances, when there is NO PROGRESS in the daily lives of the people, frustration and anger boils and it shows in mysterious ways.

A Tamil Boy in Jaffna, who lives amongst the present climate there, would find living in Jaffna very obtrusive, and frustrating. He gets money from relatives as a sort of peace offering to their poor relations in Jaffna, so he is not in want for food. His friends face similar outlook, and get into trouble with the law, like all kids with a few bucks in the pocket, always do. Alcohol abuse and even drugs is common, and it is known that the Forces in the past used this mode to keep people non-compus. So alcohol abuse was a widespread means of control of the civilian population.

When you get in trouble with the law and have to answer to a policeman in Sinhala and you don’t know what the hell he is saying you again tense up and anger boils inside of you, wishing the LTTE at least were back, so that their police at least had imposed some rules and order and spoke in Tamil.

You may laugh and think it frivolous but it is true, that the hopeless ness of people in the north with their leaders just as much as it is with the government has led Tamil leaders like Vijayakala to be opportunistic in utterances, wishing for a return of the LTTE if indeed that is what she wishes, and I am still waiting for a full transcript in English, of the whole speech in order to make head of tails of what she was trying to say.

Remember I am not being judgmental yet, as I don’t know what was said in full, and taking voice cuts is the worst thing that has happened to Sri Lankan news as every voice cut even in Sinhala differs from the intent, if one listens to the whole speech, be it from Ranil or Mahinda or for that matter from anyone whose voice cut is broadcast. So Vijayakala’s is NO DIFFERENT to the rest.

There are far bigger threats that the fear of the LTTE making a comeback, especially as the Sinhala People foolish as they are will suddenly find that the Chinese have bought up all of Sri Lanka except for he bits that the Muslims and Tamils own, as they are capable of holding out for a bigger prize, while the Sinhala people will sell their mothers and fathers to the Chinaman for a few bob.

I can fight the LTTE single handed with a few drones and don’t need an army, so I don’t know why the people are worried of a comeback. The only reason they will gain traction is because of the sordid way they have mucked up the peace dividend.

Do you know what I would have done? I would simply offer every Tamil female head of household a job in the South for her and a place to live for the rest of the family, and are you telling me she will not come? Of course she will if the Tamil parties are not allowed to interfere and prevent her. Why should she stay to put up with shit, no jobs, no prospects, when someone is offering a way out for her family to prosper? SLAM DUNK – and BOO HOO TO YOO


As this article goes to press, I note that Parliament has adjourned for the day due to the Maheswaran Speech and no one in Parliament has heard it in full. So you can imagine what kind of excuses for human beings we have in Parliament to waste their time on nothing. I am sorry to say that we seem to have a bunch of real donkeys in parliament adjourning when there are many more important matters than Vijakala or the NYT report likely to be planted about the MR campaign receiving funds. All that is fake news, the real news is that the whole of the Country is corrupt to the core and the 225 in parliament lead that pack. To hide their nakedness they engage in frivolity to KULLAPUFY the general public and divert their interests from matters of state.

They have by even adjourning give the LTTE more credit than it is due. No wonder it empowered Prabakaran and no wonder it is going to encourage the Diaspora, because of the silly and puerile behavior of the leaders of this Country, who don't care about the people, just want a voice cut that will fool the listener or viewer, that is simply all.

We pray for this Country to receive leaders who actually cares about the well being of every man woman and child in Sri Lanka irrespective of their belief system.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This Government's scam by last Government's scam artist


The link above is to a Financial Times article which is well worth reading if you are knowledgeable and intelligent to sift through its MUMBO JUMBO, meant to fool the halfwits who mostly read it.

Nivaard Cabraal has got the nerve to maintain that the problems of today are solely this Government's and he has no blame attached to him from his time as the head of the CBSL.

It is mighty disingenous of him, to point the finger solely at others.

My opinion is that both Administrations are at fault, but the real rot began from there, as his growth was merely construction lead, which can easily increase GDP rates as no allowance need be made for borrowings higher the better for growth as it goes into construction that immediately boosts growth.

No fool can argue with that, but the fools in this govt. don't know enough economics to make this simple observation that is so obvious.

Further getting into unproductive investments meant that while the money was spent while investing in Mattala hits the GDP, suddenly when the constuction and spend stops and there is no return - meaning no planes landing, immediately the investment is a zero return one. If it did yield returns, it hits the GDP.

So the MR policies of WHITE ELEPHANTS was a classic case of grwoth while the elephant was ebing built and NO GROWTH once it is over, so add that Harbor, add that Sports Stadium add that Convention Center and add that high cost low return Norochcholai to the list despite the need for Norochcholai for the power at the time, but not such a wasteful one, where the worst optioin that paid the biggest commission was chosen to fatten the pockets of the party in power.

At least for all the idiots who in charge now, at least we can criticise and Cabraal can also write this kind of criticsm for us to read. If it was during MR time a white van would have taken Cabraal where we will never find him again.

Give credit where it is due and blame where it is too. take the partisan side out of you if you are a professional and if you are not your partiality and nakedness is so apparent any fool can see.

So no more sanctimoneous sermons from you please as there is no one in this adminisrtation who can point out your obvious flaws. We are a country where the blind have led the blind all throughout and we need professionals and not charlatans who claim to be professional like NC.

I hope the readers are able to decipher the fluff from the fact in this link in today's FT to make sense or nonsense of what is said.

This govt with flawed policies like reducing price of fuel, giving govt servants raises and allowing any car permits made matters worse. If they did none of these things we would be flying with 10% growth just from the private sector effort being ab le to emply a milion more to take the vacancies now on offer.

Thanks to MR who stuffed the public service with useless people we have no one to do the good jobs and we have people who are looking at the lazy public servants and saying if he can get a paychek like this for no work, why should we go to work an d get a lower paycheck wehre we have to sign in with our thumb p\rints, It is as simple as that.

If all vacancies are filled, growth today will be 10% + but the private sector is being squeezed to balance MR's excesses

May God Help Sri Lanka from these charlatans