Thursday, November 27, 2014

These are the bozos we have at the helm!

A bozo (a stupid or insignificant man) has been let loose by the people of this Country to lead them. He has gathered to his fold the criminals with a record that requires protection so we have a country run by Criminals. Worse the Bozo himself has just admitted it as such, you can understand by reading the link below

The fact that there are more bozos left who cannot understand this fact, is what is keeping this Great and mighty Clown in all his Glorious Veneer in a pedestal, whose foundations are cracking from under him.

It is really the time and place to call chips in, explain to the people, that the Act, and that is all that has happened to the hapless citizens, that the Act is finished, and it is the funeral rites that we have just endorsed if we are to save our motherland from further humiliation at the hands of the traitors in Patriot’s disguise.

When a President who is immune from prosecution, even for cold blooded murder, holds files of current criminals who have NOT BEEN PROSECUTED, then he is GUILTY as SIN for HARBORING CRIMINALS in his own CABINET.

What an indictment if ever there is one for the complete basterdization[u1]  of a nation. These pack of criminals must be dealt with if we are to clean our country from excrement. Until and unless they are eviscerated from our land, we cannot show by example to our children what right and wrong means when wrong has hitherto triumphed over right!

It is only when we revert to the rule of law, checks and balances, and good governance that we can return to the Good Old days, where we were able to live where we wanted, and feel safe in the midst of the law enforcement, no matter what creed or caste you belonged to.

In a majoritarian environment the majority who are uncaring do not understand the feelings of those in a minority, and therefore distrust and racism becomes the norm.

We can now overturn this rule, return our country from lies and performance to truth and humanity as well as modesty and free it from waste and greed. Let us all return to the basic values of family and village and togetherness, and discard this me me world that is the result of false prophets and gods.           


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is it right for a Buddhist cleric to claim credit?

When the Ven Athureliya Rathana Thero, wishes to glorify himself for ever, by taking credit for bringing Maithripala Sirisena as the common candidate to represent all those who wish to topple the Dictatorship of the family Rajapakse, it is a little too smug! It smacks of un-Buddhist belief to wallow in triumphalism, when modesty in behavior is the requirement of a true Buddhist.

Ibso facto then, we live in a make believe Country, where un Buddhists pretend to be Buddhists, and Leaders pretend to be leaders, by acting the part, and further that positions are for sale to the highest bidder like an auction of prostitutes plying their wares. Into this veritable Gomorrah, descends a common candidate, with seemingly selfless determination to unseat the status quo, but lo and behold it gradually dawns that ulterior motives are at work.

Does the Ven Rathana Thero wish to influence future decisions by proclaiming NO support of the JHU to the common candidate, on the one hand, and then claiming credit for all positive outcomes that arise out of the actions of the Common candidate? Then if the common candidate wins the Presidential, will he wish to claim all credit for bringing him to that position, implying a position of authority to determine policy of the new Government? You just cannot have it both ways.

This kind of duplicity is NOT what is the need of the hour, but instead, an honest, and clear statement, of where his loyalties lie. I would therefore appeal to the generally highly regarded monk to use his influence to back the common candidate, NOT leaving any wiggle room to confuse the issue of where the JHU loyalties are and merely say, that once he is elected, then their position will be further clarified, in their decision to contest the General Election as an independent party, without affiliation, which will align itself to the Government most closely proposing the policies adopted by the JHU as a national movement!

In this game of prostitution, it is ONLY those who can never be bought no matter what the price, who will triumph in the natural order of righteousness to show by example that we can indeed change our political culture, for the common good, completely rejecting the current practices of underworld leaders of Government in favor of what is RIGHT! Then and only then, can the rogues be banished forever. It is time for Right to overcome Wrong!!!!  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Avarice of our politicians – holds a country hostage

Is there no shame? It is quite clear that public money is being used to lure or to prevent leakage by defection, and it is now clear the stakes are high, so high that it boggles the mind. The indecent Rs500M offered for defections, and retentions beggars belief!

It is time that the people of Sri Lanka realize that they have unwittingly voted for the scum of the earth to represent them, as they have NO qualms to move and play musical chairs if the price is right! This selling oneself for the highest bidder is nothing more than prostitution, and for people elected by the populace of Sri Lanka to be termed prostitutes, is a telling indictment of the voters inability to judge for themselves between candidates, and allow themselves to be completely hoodwinked by a bunch of actors on both sides, hell bent on fattening their pockets at the expense of the state, namely the people of Sri Lanka. 

We have a choice. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric. Learn to understand rhetoric, from genuine altruism. Also don’t forget that an altruist turns into an actor ready to fleece if he or she has been on the game for too long, and I would put that at a maximum of 10 years, and I would prefer 5 to be the time one must commit one’s life to politics.

So we as a Country must reject the celebrations of anyone who has spent over 10 years in politics as a rogue, no matter who he is. Then people of stature, will dabble in politics for a short while to give it their all to their country, knowing that charlatans will not take over and take credit for their honest intentions, and work in  Nation Building.

So let us act fast, as there is NO more time to lose, to prevent all those who have made it a game of tails you win, in a win win game of Sri Lanka politics, from grabbing power, getting elected, and holding on to power for too long.

This also includes the leader of the opposition, who has been far too long in politics to be good for the Country, despite his honesty and lack of personal greed for amassing wealth. Let us identify a band of leaders NOT prostitutes and give them a chance at the top jobs. We must limit the period they can operate and continue to monitor their progress. Only then will we change the political culture from a rogues profession to a patriots one.                

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The “pariah” of the world continues to deflect their transgressions of today, by a defying stance on the transgressions of yesterday.

Who but the most ignorant would deny that the only friends we seem to draw to us are all those questionable nations, such as Lesotho, Libya, Uganda, Seychelles, Myanmar, Maldives, and Afghanistan to name a few. Why is this? Why are we desperate to seek our friends amongst these? Is it because we cannot even match the standards of others to be friends?

What an embarrassing situation, when the only reason China seems to want to come here is to make it a Colony, as it is a desirable place for them to live, marry our girls and gradually colonize as they have to find some space for their expanding population, and provide a better quality of life for their affluent out of their own Country, that is turning into a polluted hell hole of the world.

So no wonder that even the new HC at the UNHRC, is frustrated at the stalling of the Govt. in the investigations. This is something SL should have put to bed in 2009 once and for all. However they took the stupid diplomatic decision to fight, which will result in the MR govt. fighting the UN till the end of their term, resulting in the people of SL being dragged in the mud for sins of one and not of the nation.

It is only when the sycophants realize their leader is a traitor, will we see a change in Govt. and until then we will suffer in silence to the wholesale rape and plunder of the nation with impunity in front of our eyes. The obstruction of the OCHR is just part of this game plan of political gamesmanship, where only the hapless SL citizens are the victims on a daily basis, and the pride of the leadership gets worse than preening peacocks.

It is time someone has the guts to highlight this sad state of affairs, where the State is fooling the people, and trying to cover up their sins, in the guise that the rest of the world is supporting the Diaspora. We could have obtained a lasting peace soon after the war ended, as that was the most appropriate time for that to have happened. Where are we now? No nearer resolution, and who are we to blame.

It is time for action and a concerted reaction on the part of the people to take the law into their own hands against the illegal and treacherous activity of the Govt.        

Friday, November 7, 2014

Gupta the IRCON culprit knows all who benefited from the deal - so the list will be published shortly

Gupta I believe has made his own pile of sins on the IRCON deal – another cost to the people, and vast kickbacks to the henchman all to be paid by people of Sri Lanka for years to come.

The contention by Sri Lankan experts who know their onions is unquestionable, and as they have NO personal stake here other than to state the truth, it is only correct on the part of IRCON and their representative here, Gupta to set the record straight rather than wiggle out by obvious lying.

See link and spot the obvious anomalies and lies of Gupta, who is only trying to defend himself as there are so many people including him personally who have benefitted from this deal.

While I don’t like getting personal on this, with all the lying Gupta has spouted, it needs some retort. Lets start with the fact that being the sole IRCON man on the ground in Sri Lanka, he was the all powerful head of the project with a lot of powers of decision making, and a lot of leeway in how money was spent.

So when he chose local contractors for all parts of the job, it was to his benefit. Only when he was able to get some benefit for him, would he offer a contract loaded with excess costs, which the people of Sri Lanka will have to pay in the future. If the Sri Lankan Railways paid this it would have not been through backhanders, but utilizing its own tried and tested suppliers and procedures, and they would have done it for a quarter of the cost. The fact that new lines were laid out with better material is not something new to SL Railways, and they could also have done the same with no compromise on speed or quality of the line.

I wonder how many women were able to sleep with him, or did he only give all the juicy contracts to one female who slept with him on a continuing scale we don’t know. It is just that the female in question being only money minded would not be averse to sleeping with Gupta when she could make a million or two dollars in clear profits for a couple of nights fun on the run. I am sorry Mrs Gupta but there goes the illusion of purity, when sex and money beckons the most potent twins of deceit get mixed up with public service!!!

Gupta, the facts are stubborn, you could have just said no comment, and not elicited the wrath of a reader, to your lies that even a monkey will not be persuaded to believe. It is tragic that the SL people are the victims of your misdeeds as well as!       

Monday, November 3, 2014

Landslide needs assessment from the affected zone - The real story

What I wrote from my armchair in the City, was completely proved, upon my visit to the sites of the displaced. The LANDSLIDE

It is clear that the GOSL overstated the crisis as the complete death toll is no more than 60. This was completely manageable from internal resources of local govt. with only the search and rescue, which should have been faster, to be handled by a National Disaster response team.

It was very sad to see the generosity of our citizens wasted. AID was piled high, with the authorities NOT knowing what to do with them, and some plastic buckets donated were visibly crushed by the mountain of piles of donated stuff.

Frankly the bereaved, and the displaced have received at 10X the required donated stuff. There is an NGO that is actually trained in India, for such disasters providing sterling support, as they have brought a fully staffed team with counselors, technicians cooks and the lot, who have been given some rooms to take care of the displaced people there, and are on the ball, tending to ALL their temporary needs.

Now upon first investigation, there is a shortage of FEMALE police and forces personnel to protect the females, who may want to go to the toilets at night, that have been set up, and are afraid. Then there are those in genuine fear of returning to their homes, whilst there are others who have taken advantage of the situation and are saying they WILL NOT move from the temporary shelters until they are provided with permanent better and good housing.

Then there are others who are relatives of the displaced, who have also come to the camps and claim housing there, as they know they will be well taken care of. This has increased the numbers, and the GOSL is unable therefore to take stock of the real problem at hand.

It was raining when I was there, and cold, but hot cooked food was available and the people seemed to cope. There was an issue of passes to come in and out, as all and sundry were loitering in pursuit of some largesse for themselves, their families or some personal use.

It was the potential waste that I was concerned about and the fact that when the next landslide comes, the generosity would not be there. There were a large amount of water bottles donated, but they really did not need water at all as the facilities were quite adequate in that respect. So as I said in my previous entry it was OVERKILL!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meeriyabedda Landslide – Why always the same mistakes in the aftermath?

Don’t we ever learn? Why is our disaster response to a manageable disaster chaos!

Let’s get a grip on the rational need for common sense without making it a political statement. Whys is the GOSL making political capital out of people's suffering?

It was most shameful, and shameless of the President who turns up at the disaster zone and begins making utterances that are reported as “Ada Derana Breaking news", that in an instant belittled that news as being a joke. Telling the child protective services to protect the kids is like asking your grandmother to suck eggs.

In short Sri Lanka has a Disaster Management Cabinet Minister, Deputy Minister, a fully overstaffed Ministry and sufficient funds allocated to manage a disaster of this magnitude. Further we have a tried and tested approach to this type of emergency, where the Divisional Secretariat where the disaster occurs WILL have data on the place, and the Divisional Secretary and his team will be able to provide immediate assistance and assess the situation correctly, and give exact indications of the needs assessment. Govt then responds accordingly.

ALL DONATIONS and AID must be handled through this channel without POLITICIANS OF ALL PARTIES DESCENDING FOR PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES like a bunch of lunatics just freed from an asylum.

Let’s face the reality. We don’t know even today, 4 days after the event how many are missing. This is due to the lack of procedures to know how many homes were destroyed, and taking the census of who lived in those homes. It is a simple procedure today, in the era of computers not to have records ONLY in a house that also was destroyed with the data!

Secondly it is a simple matter of housing all the people who  lost their homes in a school, provide them with immediate hot meals, warm clothes, but most importantly grief counselling and taking appropriate measures to protect children who don’t have a close relative adult who can be their temporary guardian in case of missing parents.

Remember further after 4 days less than 15 bodies have so far been recovered, and we don’t have the resources, to dig out bodies, and we must accept that we cannot hope to search for survivors at this stage.

Once the needs assessment of the 250 survivors housed in a school is made and provisions collected from Govt funds, the next step would be to calmly evacuate people from other threatened areas and house them accordingly.
So what is this guilt trip that the rest of the Country are engaged in? People are all clamoring to help, dropping of clothes and dry rations and water, to take, drive, transport to Koslanda.

I AM NOT belittling generosity, but it should NOT BE MISPLACED out of guilt. The Govt. has the infrastructure, resources, and personnel to manage this disaster, without any help from the public in the short term. The public SHOULD have been advised to deposit money into an account which will be fully transparent as to how the money would be spent on orphaned children of the disaster. 

If it is just 1000 blankets they really need, they could call on a party to provide it, if there is a donor, or they could simply source it and transport it faster than any of us!! It is therefore crazy that all sorts of bags are deposited by people trying to help, and using collection points, where all this stuff will end is anybody’s guess.

It is a later matter of collecting donations now, when people are most generous to use it later for the care of orphaned children, which is the most useful use of people’s generosity for long term support.

I AM SURE a whole industry is sprouting in Koslanda to distribute the largesse to those THAT ARE NOT NEEDY. We saw it at Tsunami and we see it now. The donors are completely ignorant.

If you deny my hypothesis then there is ABJECT FAILURE ON THE PART OF THE GOVT. OF SRI LANKA and the President should resign in shame.

As for the recovery of the bodies, it is a matter of debate if we should attempt to do so, or let the landslide be a reminder and memorial to the incompetence of the authorities to stress the potential for danger, and the further incompetence to protect the environment and degradation of lands, and felling of old growth trees, that precipitated this landslide, which WOULD NOT have occurred if a longer term plan of environmental protection was followed.

I hope this is a firm reminder of more to come, and the AUTHORITIES take immediate steps to prevent landslides, by engaging in regeneration activity, whilst at the same identifying all landslide prone areas AT MOST RISK and removing human abodes from those areas by providing alternative accommodation to the affected people, at least as if not much better than present, so that they will HAVE NO inclination to defy authorities and move back to abandoned homesteads.

If you have something to add or take issue with me on this please do, as in proportion to the physically affected people today, it is a small number of survivors.