Friday, November 6, 2015

There is not a person in the Cabinet who really understands the Avante Garde Business, so why hold a cabinet meeting on Wednesday on it!

I just heard the most ridiculous news that the a Special Cabinet meeting will be held on Wednesday, 11th November to discuss the Avante Garde Matter! 

What is the point? Currently no one, understands what the Business was all about! I have explained in detail how offshore armories operate, how they are run, and how they earn money from ripping off Shipping lines to be the Greatest Protection Racket in the History of the World and Avante Garde was a small player in it, that took the GOSL for a ride, by paying Rakna Lanka about Rs1Lakh per month for the Sea Marshalls they provided, while earning Rs1M from each of those Sea Marshalls they provided for the Merchant Ships plying the Indian Ocean to the Read Sea! Or back.

Read all links of the previous blog entry and you will be fully briefed on the whole situation, and until Sri Lanka employs international investigators they WILL NEVER get to the bottom of the real issue!

Simply put, the Attorney General’s Office HAS NOT been given sufficient evidence by the investigating bodies, both the Police, the CID, FCID and PRESIFAC on the crime and the evidence from which to indict AG Chairman.

Knowing full well that the BEST lawyers will defend him and in a YAHAPALANAYA  Govt. the Judges will not be able to find him guilty, the AGs office grossly under staffed and under trained and under resourced cannot do what the JVP, CHAMPIKA etc. are asking.

So why hold a cabinet meeting to display the ignorance of the Cabinet Members, none of whom can hold down a coolie job in Sri Lanka let alone abroad?

Would you trust any Member of the Cabinet to baby sit your child? Therein lies your predicament! So what do we do?

It is time we take some drastic steps. First we need to educate the Cabinet, I don’t know if we need to send them to the Montessori before Primary etc. but that is what it takes for them to understand the shortfall in our PUBLIC Resources to effectively prosecute YAHAPALANAYA, as otherwise NO ONE will be Prosecuted and the Govt. will fail the PUBLIC. 


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