Sunday, August 31, 2014

Now there are two dogs from Hambantota spreading rabies in the Island!

What a resplendent Island this would have been if not for some jokers who hail from Hambantota, and more precisely by way of Hambantota, as they hail from other places. One family distinctly hails from Malaya and the other from the innards of Colombo, both of which have destroyed this country to its knees, whilst showing a false veneer to the foolish and gullible of this land.

As If I had not already put out the feeler as early as November 2013 that Sajith Premadasa is now doing the government’s bidding!

It is now proof if ever there was one that the Govt. is using the trump card, and it is Sajith to destabilize the UNP which is on the verge of an upset victory in the Uva Provincial Council Elections.

The UNP people wondered why the Govt. was NOT campaigning in UVA, and was expecting a surprise to happen from September 1st. Well it is a surprise, but the surprise is that Sajith is definitely going to play dirty, by creating a chasm! It was unity that was sorely required, and for both Ranil Wickremasinghe and Sajith Premadasa to appear on one platform in UVA, and the bloody minded little trollop or Mummys boy unable to realize how damaging his actions can be to success.

 It is clear that the demands made to accept the deputy leaders position were just too onerous and holds a respectable party to ransom and when proved that there is an agreement with the Government on the part of the opposition politician there can be NO other alternative but to drive the turncoat out, and send him into the bosom of his erstwhile benefactors, namely the GOSL

The leader of the UNP is working his butt out to win this election, and the behavior of this pretender at this last moment when victory is in sight, is treachery at its worst, and the fact that his supporters are so blinded by idiocy to see through this game, allows the GOSL to hold sway and put out media reports that further stultifies actions of the dedicated band of people out to show the poor districts of this Country, how they have been had by this lying and now completely amoral Govt. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

“Surgical Strike” merely to prove how sophisticated the enemy really is

The recent demonstration by Israel of the demolition of a 12 floor apartment block, after giving the residents 10 minutes notice to get out of there, is a clear indication if any more were needed of the precision to which its laser guided missiles can pin point targets and obliterate them.

In this show of brutal force, it never can muzzle, suppress or prevent retaliation, either short or long term of the attacked from attacking the perpetrator. Israel may be able to supply classified information from a Palestinian informant, that a member of the Hamas military wing was in the building making it a legitimate target in Israeli eyes, but that does not wash with the people as ALL Palestinians have now come around to the assertion that the whole State of Israel is a legitimate target to be obliterated. If this was not what the majority of Palestinians thought before the recent Israeli campaign it is the avowed goal of current Palestinians and those who come after them.

Do the Israeli people realize that they are in a no win struggle, and they will just have to intensify their campaign killing more and more, until they actually destroy all Humanity in Gaza for them to solve the little problem of Gaza rockets. That does not mean that they will save themselves from rockets, as they will come from some other source, even the sea!

It is heartening to see that Holocaust Survivors have placed a full page ad condemning the State of Israel for their bombing of Gaza.

It is time the Israeli govt. realizes that this type of mass Genocide cloaked in acceptable words just does not cut it. There is NO way an organization can fight a sophisticated Govt. in means other than by guerilla warfare, as they DO NOT have access to sophisticated weaponry! That is why like the LTTE they resort to all sorts of illegal activity to make money to finance the purchase of weapons to match those of the Govt.

Until a settlement is reached that is reasonable, and which  can both accommodate the existence of the State of Israel, and be able to form a contagious state of Palestine, there will be a permanent state of war of unequals as we have had to date.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What has ISIS got to do with BBS?

Nothing and everything. ISIS sprang from no where as an answer to frustration of Sunnis in Iraq and also in Syria of their respective governments, and how they discriminated against sects or people not of the main political party of the Govt.

The BBS is trying to achieve the same end as that of majoritarian regimes, where minorities are only tolerated, but are effectively shut out of economic life. Usually it is these same minorities who are the back bone of the economy and are therefore able to wield considerable power and are able to draw on resources to strangle the country.

The BBS whilst berating the place of Buddhism and its position in society have failed to address the root cause of the Buddhist flight from their belief as it has NOT provided the answers to everyday problems of society.

In a supposed Dharmishta society that the Govt. is trying to create, they are anything but Dharmishta! So there is NO hope for a Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka without a wholesale evisceration of political power form the current incumbents who are directly to blame for the status quo they are in.

As it runs completely contradictory to the tenets of original teaching of Buddhism, the Sri Lankan interpretation of that is heading for a showdown of realism that cannot be protected by BBS admonitions and threats to the Buddhist hierarchy at one end and the lay adherent at the other.

It its zeal to create a mythical Buddhist state adhering to rules that have nothing to do with Buddhism but have everything to do with denying all other beliefs their rightful place in the Country and society, they will create a state of anarchy. It will only be protected by a powerful security force for a time, before it hits the forces that they are defending the indefensible, and patently corrupt and unsustainable rule.

Something will have to give, when society rots, and the inability of the forces to actually rule a country as they are NOT trained for it, will inevitably mean that they will permit a state of anarchy ala ISIS to happen in Sri Lanka.

I am here to warn against such an outcome, using the context of lessons learned from currently raging conflicts elsewhere. We must then have only one option available to us to prevent chaos, and that is to throw the BBS out with its patron the Govt. as soon as is practical and show the people of the Country that an alternative works.          

Monday, August 11, 2014

To combat ISIS by arming the Kurds is not the answer – another time bomb waiting to explode!

The US in its haste to be seen to do something is again engaged in remote control warfare and arming proxy fighters to do their dirty work for them. They ARE about to get involved in a campaign with a sect or off shoot of Al Qaeda that they helped create both by their actions in helping the Shia Govt. in Baghdad, and when they refused to listen to US request for an inclusive Govt. CIA resorted to help ISIS in trying to teach Al Maliki a lesson for not taking heed, with unforeseen consequences.

The result is that the US has effectively created a war zone in Iraq, now divided into three factions, and none of the neighbors around Iraq are happy with the consequences, amid concern of violence spilling into their areas, most notably the Princely States who know that their days are numbered and hoped they could plunder their respective countries wealth a little while longer, before their day of reckoning.

The US have now by their actions pre-empted a prolonged conflict, it is in their interest to destroy the Middle East as we know it. Isis so far have not been a threat to the USA as they are fighting local wars, but if the US gets involved in clipping their wings, will no doubt unleash their suicide cadres into US outposts, first and then into direct US assets, something that the Obama administration did not contend with so far.

It is a delicate game of bluff and counter bluff, with a well embedded CIA within ISIS giving them what the US intelligence thinks is reliable data, which does not take into account the mindset of the ISIS leadership and their pattern of horrific atrocities to draw publicity as well as fear of a group that is only living off the stolen arms of the Iraq Army that the US gifted to them with disabling software.

Now that the Kurds will also be armed to fight the ISIS, and US arms will be in use on both sides of the conflict, saving the minorities including the Christians to appease the folks back home is not going to save them in their homes, and will only create a refugee exodus that the US will have to defend or repatriate back to the US.

Getting into a conflict without a clear end game in sight, and the reluctance of using ground troops in such wars, means a more insidious enemy that is unseen and limited to laser bombs and drone strikes by star wars computer aided weaponry unleashed from the US mainland, no different to war games on computer consoles.

It is real people that are affected in all this, so it is better to be aware than be sorry!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The World just watches as Muslims destroy each other – BBS is happy!

Actually if the BBS have their way, they will encourage both the fundamentalists in the Shia and Sunni aligned Sri Lankan Muslims to send their sons and daughters to Iraq either to fight to defend the Shia Govt. or to fight with ISIS Sunnis, so that the fundamentalist fringe that is small but resurgent in Sri Lanka, can destroy each other without them having to lift a finger or say a word untoward.

That is why the Western Countries are secretly hoping their lunatic fringe will also take wind to these lands, and get themselves killed in the process, with arms supplied to both sides by the West, so they will have a lesser problem on their hands.

As for minority Christian and Yazidi communities as well as others, they are just collateral damage that the West pays some lip service to help their conscience with food drops and the occasional laser guided missile aimed at their enemy. If the West was really serious in helping these hapless communities from both Sunni and Shia thugs, they would have gone about it in a completely different way.

I don’t know about the Kurds at the moment, but the West is wary of helping them, lest they will compromise their friendship with the Turks etc, who don’t want an independent Kurdistan. What is inevitable in the short term is an Iraq split into three, with Kurdistan being a de facto independent state if they are able to regain Mosul from ISIS. If the Kurds get control of the Northern Iraq oil fields, they will be able to go it alone, but UN recognition may be a long way away due to vetos!

It is clear in all this how divided the Muslim states are in taking sides, and it appears to be God’s way of reducing their population, teaching them a lesson, and reducing their power, from their previously unstoppable expansion both of ideology and wealth borne out of oil.

As for the US, their friend in the Middle East, Israel is the beneficiary, whilst their armaments industry is booming, supplying the likes of all the terrorist outfits, as well as the US Air Force with laser guided missiles, which just heap misery upon misery. When these proxy wars are fought, it only seems to benefit the West’s stock markets which if one remembers the 6s 70s and 80s would ONLY affected the Western Economies adversely.

It is tragic to come to this type of conclusion out of genuine misery of countless millions of people in the Middle East, but the fallout of all this will be smaller nations accountable to their people, using religion to force intolerance and monotheism.          

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The BBS vendetta against anyone who opposes them is reprehensible!

It is extremely distasteful to say the least that the BBS engages in behavior that is downright libelous and use their platform to sling mud at others with impunity.

As the link above shows their latest target is Rajitha Senaratne the Kalutara District MP and Minister of Fisheries. This is because he spoke out against the BBS actions in Aluthgama, as their behavior was incendiary to say the least and downright illegal if there was a proper enquiry and they were prosecuted for their crimes.

It is this robe that gives them a sense of security which they misuse with impunity, to cast aspersions against others whilst NOT allowing people to cast aspersions about their integrity. It is with this simple logic that I have appealed to the News Media repeatedly to stop giving them any coverage, as that is the ONLY lifeblood they are given, which they use optimally.  

Without the press they are nothing but garbage as their whole message is garbage, and it is a shame that the Buddhist Clergy even tolerate their behavior and in my opinion they do not have the guts to ask them to stop.

This lack of interference by the hierarchy of the Buddhist Nikayas, is giving the opinion to the lay person that they approve of this behavior when I know that many of the senior clergy fear their actions and disapprove wholeheartedly. The problem is that some of these very same clergy are not living like Buddhists and are laden with avarice and carnal desires so they do not want their behavior exposed, and the BBS use this to their advantage, that they will NOT say boo their boorish behavior.

The BBS will ensure with Gotas help that Rajitha is history and there is enough dirt on him that the President knows to shut him up if he wants. So it is unlikely that he will be re elected and the political future is finished. Actually Rajitha must also realize that when you sleep with the devil, there is sin pasted all over your body and one can only look at your staff and secretary to know who is dipping his hand in the till and taking a lot more than they deserve, and the BBS know it.

Let this be a warning to ALL the UPFA MPs that there is a list of all those the BBS wants out, and they will therefore NOT be elected next time. That is how powerful this lot is and we have allowed them to be. So Sri Lanka you reap what you sow.             

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Sri Lanka we live in two different worlds

the one that people see on TV, hear on the Radio and read in the Papers, and a completely different world called REALITY that no one is privy to, except the perpetrators of the crimes themselves.

It is rarely that the blogger is able to sus out some of the truth, as I have attempted to in many instances, more to the point though, there are many instances where there are traitors in the guise of patriots and party seniors, who have completely broken the trust their constituents have placed on them by their vote, and are working in completely the opposite direction to that which is put out for public consumption sometimes, by a partial and sometimes by an ignorant coterie of YES MEN who make up much of the news that is written in Sri Lanka today.

This sordid conspiracy is unfathomable, as it is so bizarre and brazen and done without any compunction. I know my readers would be horrified if only they knew how duplicitous their people’s representatives are, taking the whole country for a ride by their deceitful behavior and activity!

I am privy to a lot of information daily that if my readers know or believe, or more to the point a large section of the public are aware, these people would be driven out faster than what happened to Prabarkaran, as at least the LTTE supremo’s terrorism was in the open and for all to see, whilst this is more sinister, unseen, but worse, breaking the trust of many millions of people who accept their trust without any question or concern in their minds as to the standing and believability of their stand.

I know that recently there have been many cases in the Western Press where people of repute have been sullied and history rewritten about them due to Child Abuse allegations etc. the problem with the dead is that they are NOT subject to the same laws as those alive and so are NOT brought to a Court of law to stand trial and so found guilty, so we have to continue to use the word alleged.

It is this same thing that these leaders of Sri Lanka, who one day will be outed for their heinous crimes, will have to face as their legacy. That would not be a matter of concern to us, except that millions of people are being affected by the lies they perpetrate, perpetuate and continue to pontificate that have affected the wellbeing of Sri Lankans, Sri Lanka which are crimes far worse than what  Prabakaran is accused of committing, but for whom they will only be found out after their demise, and up to that time, they tend to be revered figures continuing to this day of mass deception, gaining more popularity due to that, and continuing to fool a generation of people in Sri Lanka the effects of which we may never recover from due to the damage they have been able to inflict on Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans.