Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Was he kicked or not? Did he resign or not? Chris Nonis Saga

The dregs of Sri Lanka politics, in this case that person who masquerades as an MP and worse uses his uneducated ness to boss the whole Foreign Service cadre around was unsurprisingly involved in a kicking incident.

What do you expect from touts such as this who think that Blue Label is alcohol, and worse who cannot hold their drink and then act in their true colors of abuse, violence, and vitriol. When it was finished, the SL High Commissioner to the UK was kicked mercilessly in his butt, and the former SL High Commissioner was abused like a prostitute, who like a prostitute is paid to take abuse, and therefore MUMS the word, not budging from a position as the current foreign secretary, as it suits her to hob nob with the hoy paloy underworld, who run this country, and she is now a transformed underworld vixen to boot!

So when word was first out that the HC Nonis, had resigned, and lately that the President has asked him to stay, having dispatched Gamini Senerath to London to save the day, so that this kind of abuse could continue is just added fuel to the Saga of gossip that is sweeping the boring banter in Colombo drawing rooms and clubs.

There is no smoke without fire, and so we must believe that something untoward happened at a New York home of a Rajapakse sycophant that led to the fracas and the President’s intervention to prevent this news from hitting the media, and which as a result is spreading like wildfire throughout Colombo’s gossiping class.

Nonis’ star will wane if there is NO resignation, as they will interpret that if he suffers any indignity in his rise up the greasy pole of Sri Lankan politics is at the expense of prostituting himself at every level to get what he wants, and he is willing to undergo any torture to try and achieve his personal political goals, as he possibly believes that his pinnacle as a business tycoon has been achieved, and the highest Diplomatic Posting has been achieved and now it is a political post such as an MP in the parliament and then a Foreign Ministership that is only for Sajin to present!

It is shameful that Sri Lankans and in his case a Britisher, has swooped to such low levels in pursuit of their life ambitions, but who am I to prevent such aspirants from reaching their objectives, but just to forewarn the Sri Lankan public that it is such people with sick objectives that we entrust the Country’s future with.

I don’t know the end of it, and in the  next few days we will find out more of what has happened and the steps to be taken, but there will be NO surprises form such ilk!    

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Bodu Bala Convention – Hot air for nobodies trying to be somebodies!

Last Sunday’s gathering of a polyglot of robed men, some of them rogues in sheep’s clothing, were involved in a massive plot to fool the gullible public, most notably the Muslim community, but also the Christian and Hindu Communities too, to a lesser extent.

Their laughable attempt to fool the few and most notably the idiotic press who follow their words as if there is ANY truth to what they say is regrettable as they are taking advantage of the ignorant public, much like the way the Catholic Church in the middle ages fooled people during the age of the Crusaders. Been there done that!!

This is an attempt by a few angry men in robes, who feel that Buddhism is paying the price of rapid economic development, which is completely at odds with the Buddhist ethos of attempting to reduce craving!

Whilst in a future blog I will try and enunciate more clearly where they should ideally concentrate their efforts in saving this Country from destruction. Bashing Muslims and other religions DO NOT figure at ALL in my recommendation for their real need for longevity. I don’t know if they realize it or not but this un-Buddhist racist ideology they profess to strike fear amongst already spineless people in Sri Lanka, whilst giving them a short term advantage, will in the long term damn them into oblivion.

Personally, the Rabid dogs of the Hela Urumaya, are just that DOGS. BBS can actually rise up from that moniker and do something about actually ensuring the continuity of Sri Lanka as a country, and do some serious work in attempting to educate the people on the destructive policies of the Country, that is ruining its Environment, polluting the minds of the people by a polluted ethos of a family that is robbing the Country in broad daylight with impunity, and if unchecked will lead to the wholesale destruction of the Country, where it does NOT matter who lives in it, all will be lost to all.

The most important thing to realize is that even such ignorant, badly led monks, might be able to resurrect some real form of patriotism, love for the Country, from the present hatred of other beliefs, and if history is an example, it is better to show them the light, than damn them in hell. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How pathetic is it to see a lowly British busy body interfering in SL internal affairs in as far away place as Batticlaoa?

I am simply gobsmacked that a two bit Foreign Service officer, of Her Majesty’s Govt. in this case in the guise of the Deputy HC, Laura Davies, is even accorded a welcome in Batticaloa to discuss, local politics!

Is our Government stark raving mad? Or just too spineless to tell them to shove off!

This pathetic excuse for a Government, that cannot hold to account their own rampaging ministers who spend all their time pocketing the Nation’s Wealth have NO time to look into the activity of the foreign service corps, and tell them what they can and cannot do on our shores. It is fine to visit Batti, take in the sun and perhaps spread the language of their Country, in this case English to the natives, but lets stop there.

Instead this Govt. has put vast resources to spy on their most patriotic citizens, and use none to look into the activities of people such as the UK Deputy HC who has NO interest in what the local pols think, but act in the interests of British Citizens of Sri Lankan descent, whose interests she represents in talks with the TNA and local Officials, so that the UK can say they have looked into allegations made, rightly or wrongly of UK citizens against what is being done or not done on the ground to people who may be relatives or friends of theirs!!!

The SL Govt loves to make a loud noise so that the foolish voting public are given a wrong message that the Govt. does not tolerate foreign interference, a very politically powerful message, however the reality is that under their very noses they act with impunity in pretending they care.

When a fifth rate foreign service officer can put in her resume that she negotiated with the TNA in Batticaloa, it sounds grand, and will ensure her promotion to fourth rate, so she cannot be faulted for her actions, it is only the GOSL idiots and nincompoops, who are shown in poor light as bumbling asses from the Foreign Minister down who must be castigated for permitting such incendiary practices, that will do nothing to improve inter community harmony, but will satisfy the UK Govts. Aims.

Time to throw out the unpatriotic rascals who are duping the people in Sri Lanka to believe they are protecting their interests when the reality is just the reverse!! If anyone can prove me wrong, please do so, I want to hear your point of view please!      

Friday, September 12, 2014

The MUTTS of UVA back Shasheendra – any wonder because they are all mutts!

Is it any wonder that the FT today said the academics of UVA backed Shasheendra. The first mutt is the Professor Premala Silva from the Uva Wellassa University. He is talking cock because the number of students at Uva Wellassa is embarrassingly low even though it is situated in UVA and is designed to be more employment friendly, and geared to practical subjects.

It is no wonder that the whole list of Academics are those who have benefitted from the largesse of the Govt. from sinecures, to directorships and are part of those who have benefited substantially, as compared with their students from this administration. We count the always sycophanting appearing in the ads Professor Sampath Amerasinghe amongst that lowly crowd, though the caption did not tie in with the photo as the photo was not of Sampath.

It is therefore just a political gathering as Shasheendra was present at the event, and it is obvious he would surround himself with sycophants to make the point. It was however rather remiss of the FT to report this party political event as a statement of fact.

I trust the readers of the FT will use the few ions of common sense they still possess to good use and are able to see the wood from the trees.

It is time we actually call a spade a spade and say that educated does not mean A level pass rates as most of those there do the classic useless A levels of Buddhist Civilization, Sinhala and Political Science, that are sure ways to ensure they are unemployable in either the private or public sector as all the learning is by rote.

All students, are intelligent and in Sri Lanka rote learning is in the blood of most people, so that does not say an iota about the quality of education in UVA. We must look at facilities for teaching science, agriculture and vocational studies that ensure that the youth of UVA are able to get employment in their chosen and preferred fields.

What is the point of the Education process if we just have a bunch of sycophantic academics who lead the learned readers of a supposedly good newspaper, with poppycock talk that is reported as FACT. That is utter nonsense.

One can really understand the true state of University Education when we have such people in high places in our society, some who would not even get a job pumping petrol in a foreign country, and not give a chance to our eminent academics to practice the real education, and so fill the academic corridors of prestigeous foreign universities.

Time this lot were pensioned off and replaced by real Academics for the sake of our students and the future of Sri Lanka.

GOTA is spot on but so is the TNA - talking at EACH OTHER NOT TO!!!

Come to your senses read the link to the Island article and realize what Gota is on about. There is NO direct communication as there is a stalemate between two immovable pillars, (obstacles to the peace process they both are) who have loud speakers talking to thin air hoping someone will listen and take action.

In case you were wondering who the pillars were, they are Gota and Senathirajah.

None wants to hear a word of or from the other, and they both represent powerful factions in their own communities, none of whom wish to have any dealings with the other. This put simply is why there is NO peace and we allow the two bit foreigners to make hay. (see the following blog entry on the Deputy UK Envoy’s trip to Batticaloa)

It is time SL realize this incompatibility and chuck both these dogs to fight to the death, and we will go about saving Sri Lanka for the people. Anyone who has followed the country’s progress must have now come to the conclusion that 5 years after the end of hostilities the same old dogs are at play, when 21M lives are at stake, and they don’t seem to care a toss about it.

When you have two intransigent SOBs nothing ever gets done, until they are removed. We tolerate their ilk because our standards are so low. Again look at the next blog entry when we tolerate a lowly Foreign Officer to interfere in our internal affairs, the implication being we cannot manage our own, due to the likes of these specimens referred to above.

All 21M people are of the same sub species of humans, and the fact that some have a slightly different accent or speak a different language, MUST not differentiate them from the other. If we were a tri-lingual country this would never occur. The politicians have divided our Country to communities so they can govern us by playing into the human frailty of fear, and stealing our votes accordingly.

It is time we take stock, lock them both in one cell, and let them fight it out to the death. You can bet that both would be found dead! We will be free of their misery, and we will then be ready to get to the next level of greatness as a nation. What if we lock up ALL politicians! What a paradise this would be!      

UPFA scraping the dregs of the “kasippu barrel” – come on Dulless you can do better than that!

Dulles Allahaperuma a Cabinet Minister in the current Govt. appears to be in want of something and someone to blame other than himself, and so when they could not blame the JVP or the UNP for sins of the past, resorted to one of the worst political tricks in the book, to blame the predecessor of the Current President, from the same Party, namely former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, when the UPFA administration was accused of granting liquor licenses to the inhabitants of the Moneragala District.

As if to show the illiterate electorate that he is right, he challenges anyone to show that even ONE liquor license was granted to UVA in the MR administration. I can show at least 30, so he is just playing to the GALLERY, knowing no one will challenge him!

We know politicians will blame their mothers for giving birth to them, rather than admit blame for their wrongdoings, and that is the name of the game. However in a Country that in the past 10 years has seen an unprecedented increase in the consumption of liquor both legal stuff, and hooch or moonshine, as well and more of an issue of a widespread use of addictive drugs, that border on being uncontrollable, due to political patronage, and by implication, little action on the path of the Executive to bring their own to heel, it is a bit much to take!

It is time these two bit politicians start eating their own words, as most of them are said in a very irresponsible fashion and when analyzed, sound laughable, it is time to take stock and debate how we can change this culture.

Simply put, the people of Sri Lanka suffer from an incredible level of foolishness, otherwise we would not use democracy to vote in inept politicians in the guise of film stars or tele drama actors and sons and daughters of currently elected politicians.

All that does is to perpetuate fallacies, allow the likes of Dulless to make asinine statements and get away with it without being stoned and sent into hiding for being such an ass. It is time that people of some kind of standing, who are actually able to take on responsibility and do not act like sycophants under obligation to an Almighty, take on the mantle of improving the quality of life of the people they serve.

I don’t care what is done in other countries, we have a potentially intelligent population that can rule the world, and the politicians have turned them into idiots, and we have allowed them to do so by our inaction. Let’s turf them out NOW.  

Come on Sri Lankans its time you tell the jokers who rule you that if not for them, we would be one of the top nations on earth in all measures.        

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The JOKE that is the Media Release of the CSE on reaching 3 TRILL!

Whilst the market value of the CSE increased to 3 trillion rupees is a feat, one must be cautious when reading anything the CSE puts out.

They are terribly anxious to show their performance in good light, but just look at the net inflows from overseas year to date 2014, appalling not even US$250M which is not even pea nuts, which makes the rise completely speculative lacking in fundamentals.

The road shows that the PDF boast about have hardly caused a ripple and the figures above corroborate this as money has been flying out of the market with foreign funds taking profits, rather than replacing with new funds, except for just two that have invested in this year on a positive note.

One must remember in such an illiquid market where speculators are rampant, they do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg in a declining interest market that under normal circumstances should see a far greater rise in share prices along with a commensurate increase in market capitalization.

Let us NOT forget that illiquid shares in very high market cap companies such as CT (Ceylon Tobacco) and Nestle skew the market right royally, for no benefit to either the CSE or the Sri Lankan economy as they repatriate all their profits back to the home base!!!!

Let’s just remind the intelligent investor that HOGWASH created by the CSE itself is detrimental to the overall objective of preserving sanity, and intelligent analysis both which are lacking in the media statement.

When asinine and foolish comments are made by supposedly respected people who run the CSE, the whole country’s reputation is put on the line.

I would sincerely ask both Vajira Kulatilleke the Chairman of the CSE and Rajiva Bandaranayake the CEO, to get a grip on themselves and stop making a fool of themselves, and try to increase active new investor participation and a greater level of companies to join the CSE instead of numbers trying to leave or being gobbled up on consolidation. This can only stop if they take active steps to stop insider trading, and persuade shareholders to considerably draw down their controlling shareholdings to give liquidity a boos and widen share-ownership!

There will be no new entrants until that is done