Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Constitution is the Governing Contract between the State and the People

The main grievances of the Sri Lankan people in 2016 are:

1                   Abuse of power by Politicians

2                   The disgust of the Political Culture

3                   Failure to protect the people from the abuse of power

4                   The failure of the Administrative Machinery to reach the people

5                   The Destruction of the Environment

In order to simplify this process and make it clear to those who we MUST reach, but hitherto left out, I am attempting to reach those who have the least input into both Constitution Making, and having a voice in the decision making process that is currently taking place, that will affect their lives, but whose decisions affecting them directly are NOT made by them.

In my opinion, the immediate FULL STOP to the destruction of the Environment and concrete steps to reverse this process, SHOULD be the paramount goal of the New Constitution, as that is the ONLY certainty for the survival of Sri Lanka as we know it now.

Therefore the one paragraph that defines our Constitution to ensure the protection of the Environment and the reversal of destruction is the Constitutional guarantee, for the right of each citizen to drink clean water, breathe pure air, and eat food safe from that which can cause illness.

While the normal constitutional safeguards of Independence of the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature along with Right to Information, and the requisite checks and balances to ensure the above are practiced, the principle rights as defined above for water, air and food will give it priority in all decision making/legislating from all three Arms!

Further the Rule of Law and its enforcement along with the reliance of the Fourth Estate to be truly independent, clears the decks for a perfect balance, without the need for legislating for ANY MINORITY, as ALL RIGHTS ARE the same, with NO ONE treated as a special case, desirous of specific mention!
My personal opinion on how one solves the problems of 1through to 4 above, is simply by the irrelevance of Political Groupings, which when matched with ONLY one term political office at ANY stage, will only produce, true patriots who are committed to and willing to give 5 years of their lives for public service in elected office, coming from all walks of life, and hopefully a track record in some field, even a street cleaner who will be more able to opine on how to manage a successful recycling operation, than any politician we currently have in Parliament today.

Those elected to Parliament will be citizens who have a valid brand in their respective constituencies and would NOT be elected from a Party but purely on their own merits as people, who are able to garner the largest vote base in that election, and who will NOT be able to seek re-election in future.

Then there will be NO ABUSE of power, which means that there will be NO political culture to be disgusted about, and with no abuse of power, as the people will not be victims of abuse,

One term politicians will automatically ensure, that the Administrative Arms of government will operate on a professional platform, of performance, productivity, and accountability as there will be NO political appointees to positions within the public service.

It is ONLY a complete overhaul of the system, that older generations cannot comprehend, and the younger generation wants, but are unable to succinctly publicize with the force of numbers, at present, is the only way forward.

In order to implement this, as opposed to an old fashioned and out of date constitution, that people drafting would be dead within 5 years, and cannot actually relate to, that we have a duty to use social media, to arouse the youth and engage them in their duty, to be part of the political process, that WILL affect their future, and build a juggernaut of public pressure, that the present Government HAS TO listen to, include in the constitution making process, and include their important and game changing ideas onto this Constitution, that must stand the strength of time of a minimum of 50 years.

It is therefore those born after January 1st 1990 are the ones who will be turning 75 in 50 years, who must form part of this movement, a hitherto completely ignored segment.

The challenge will be to engage a group that has NOT been empowered in anything to date, due to the fault of an archaic education system, and begin a process of empowerment prior to any understanding of needed processes!  

The President met Senior Media Heads last morning – Papers only report half the story!

Think about it. You the public are NOT told the whole story, because we the media, use self censorship, especially when we are challenged on our own reporting, and own faults, and WE SWEEP IT UNDER THE CARPET!

What the President effectively told the gathering of all Media, summoned at 8am to be briefed by him, was:

 “Hey guys, I risked my life to overthrow one of the world’s most distasteful dictators, if I failed my family would have been tortured and killed in front of my own eyes, before I received the same fate. His family rule, has plundered his country, killed its people, led them a dance, fooled them with lies, allowed cronies to rob every imaginable institution blind, and you guys are giving this joker of an ex-president TOO MUCH PUBLICITY, and allowing him to get off scott free from his heinous crimes against the state that deserve the DEATH PENALTY for TREACHERY. Further he has left the Country having to shoulder the MASSIVE debt left behind from this bad Governance and Daylight Robbery, which we as a RESPONSIBLE Government are trying desperately to solve, with minimum hardship being put on the people.”

The implication being that the Media believe he will return to haunt us, and that they are trying to save their own skin, by pandering to his vainglory for fear or retribution, and are NOT informing the public adequately of the mess he has left us to clean up, simply because of his profligacy, and the Govt. has to resort to ads to inform the people as the Media is not doing this effectively!

There was a full page ad in today’s papers that headlined “The landmines that have wrecked the economy” and ended with “We cannot and will not pass on this burden to our children, and future generations. Instead of seeking short-term political benefits, we will take prudent and decisive steps to resolve this unprecedented debt crisis.”

I leave my readers to make up their own minds by your analysis of the situation, as to whether the Media collectively are culpable in this alleged crime of misinformation and disinformation and deliberate suppression of information, and instead give unwarranted publicity to a defeated President, who has been treated by the Govt. far better than any such person in the History of the World!

Sampanthan – Kilinochchi Camp saga – all about Political Posturing!

In order to close the chapter in the Army camp invasion saga, both sides are bent on Media posturing to such an extent that it is a purposely manufactured news item for personal glory, but NOT newsworthy enough to warrant a mention!

The TNA which is losing credibility amongst the Tamil population, it pretends to represent, wanted to gain some publicity, that they were doing something on behalf of the people, and what better event than to go to a small army camp with a bunch of people who have been trying to get their land back (those overseas MUST understand that LAND is a very emotive subject in SL, especially where unauthorized people have purloined other people’s land)

This camp has been constructed during the period of strife on private land owned by individuals who want their land GIVEN BACK TO THEM. I know many people who have land that is being currently occupied by the forces in all sorts of places and are negotiating with the government on the QT to get it back. If it is your land would you not try to recover it from whoever is currently occupying it. When it is the Govt. who is occupying, it is more difficult to go to Court to seek legal redress, and what you do is to use your influence, pay off politicians and such means to reclaim you land. That is WRONG.

There must be a commission that is appointed to look into all these cases, and arbitrate on each case on its merits, which result in a promise of eventual return, and until such time it is safe to return the land, the owners, be paid a reasonable rental during the period of occupation! THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!

Sampanthan on the other hand casually walked in with Sumanthiran, and were let in and wanted to score political points, to get the land back. This created a fury, as he is the Leader of the Opposition, who is entitled to visit army camps with due notice, and had not made that notice, as this was a spur of the moment thing to score brownie points with Tamil civilians!

The JO is crying foul, that our security is compromised, and the Govt. is pulling rank and protocol to say he violated rules of etiquette in NOT requesting permission! All this is a hill of beans, meant to confuse the people, as it is NOT even newsworthy, and a waste of time, and NO ONE in the press has commented on the real issue at hand, on the process by which private lands anywhere in Sri Lanka, commandeered by the State be returned, purchased, or rented until the need ceases.

What kind of idiots to we have in SL Media/ Journalists who don’t get it!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another story to distract the people from their TAX BURDEN! Sampanthan

The rumpus of the Leader of the Opposition, Sampanthan, and 50 of his cohorts entering an Army Camp in Kilinochchi area, has been blown up and made to sound so hush hush that it is creating a buzz that it DOES NOT deserve, but is being done INTENTIONALLY to take the public notice out of the more important matters of State, namely the huge increase in VAT, (now for every rupee you spend on your phone, 54 goes to the Govt. in Vat and other taxes.

Granted I don’t know the circumstances of what happened and why, but I do know that this group entered the camp without prior permission or authorization as would be the case if he wanted to enter the camp. So when basic protocol which any child can understand, was NOT followed, it creates an incident, that is now splashed around the press, as they have nothing better to report on. This is causing an unnecessary huff in the press, which the Govt. is RELEIVED as their more immediate problems of taxing the poor gets to the second page, when this takes center stage.

This Sampanthan bashing exercise hot on the heals of the Northern Federalism Resolution is just fuel to ignite the racist card, on BOTH sides, when in fact this is merely the bankrupt politicians in the TNA shouting their final battle cries, that are completely being ignored, by the Northern Tamil population, who instead of rhetoric want action on the part of the Provincial Govt. to improve the quality of their lives, to match the promises made.

THE NPC seem oblivious to the local needs, or worse a contempt to them, as their agenda is different to what the people of the North really want. It is NOT federalism, or even the amalgamation of the two provinces, it is simply the chance to live in dignity in their own areas, without harassment from either the army or even public officials, and their basic needs be met, and giving the NGOs the basic courtesies to carry out their tasks in an increasing environment of lack of resources.

Now all this has been swept under the carpet and the racist forces will be hollering on much ado about nothing. No politician is capable of calling what is, and instead is looking to a following to back him up, when no following is needed when one speaks the truth, even if it hurts those who are bent on an ideological game of deception, that both the TNA and the likes of NFF are in! 

A mischievous President desperate for public adulation – resorts to Sirisenomics!

Enough of trying to sound gracious, first admit your failings and then there is a chance you will be believed

It was appalling that at a recent event the President took upon himself to say he will NOT burden the people with Taxes, and hinted that the UNP side of the National Govt. was trying to do this, whilst he will stop it!

He is nothing more than a political animal, a hostage to circumstance, with nothing else to say, so he makes a complete mockery of a statement whilst doing the opposite, putting a unacceptable burden on the public by taxing everything they consume, and pretending that it does not affect the majority.

In the last entry I explained the need for tightening our belts, as the Rajapakses have over borrowed, and now we have pay for their sins.

However this debt burden (AS ALWAYS) has fallen disproportionately on the poorer sections of the community and the wealthy have got off scot free!

The link above clearly explains the dilemma but does not allude to the real issue of the Govt. unwillingness to tax the Haves over the Have nots and with consumption taxes, it is always the have nots who are the WORST affected.

IT IS NO USE PUTTING FULL PAGE ADS saying that the debt burden is oppressive. We must find FIND those who lucked out on the Rajapakse Regime, as part of this Rs8trillion debt, as some of it is in the pockets of people who have NOT paid taxes on their part of this largesse.

IT IS THE DUTY OF THE GOVT OF THE DAY to carefully search out who benefitted, by how much, and then tax those earnings of those people, if the President is to be believed on his promise. Its all political HOT AIR if the President does not have a plan to collect at least 3trillion of this money from those who have pocketed it, and explain to the people that it is ONLY the balance that he has NO CHOICE but to seek from the general public by the increase in VAT burden to pay for the Rajapakse excess!

As I pointed out I the previous blog post, this Govt. is also complicit in increasing the deficit, due to their unaffordable promises knowingly made! 

The only answer is to clearly explain both the complicity, and the extent of each Govt. share of this burden, so people will be more likely to believe when MEA CULPAS are included in the real intention of the Govt. to do finally do something about our intolerable debt burden. Otherwise this will sound a LIE 

All the Problems are of the Government’s own making, so what if we did not have a Government will be have NO PROBLEMS?

I am now subscribing to the school of thought that no one can run the Country as badly as our Governments have in the past 70 years, that if we had NO Government at all, we would be in a much better position, economically and financially, and it is simply our elected representatives who have indulged in POPULIST gimmicks at the expense of the PUBLIC!

The link below is well worth reading as it explains why this statement above makes sense and the context in which all decisions made by Governments have been for short term electoral opportunism and NOT long term, survival and growth of our Economy.

Put simply this is the tragedy of Sri Lanka, and now the Govt. has finally put full page ads in ALL the papers today, saying that our Debt Burden is 75% of Gross National Income at present, and that amounts to 8,475 Billion Rupees, and this is due to the senseless borrowing of the previous regime!


Have they got such short memories? It is this Govt. that has given a Rs10,000 wage raise to ALL Govt. Servants, all 1.6M of them, that has resulted in such a massive cost, that we are getting further into to debt to make this payment. Worse, due to this wage increase, people DON’T want to work in the private sector, nor do they want to work at all period until they get a Govt. job, which has put undue pressure on the Govt. members to provide their supporters most of whom are ill qualified for the job into positions that are costing us even MORE!

Until the Govt. is HONEST and does a complete evaluation of all workers, review their jobs, and work specifications, and completely overhaul the state apparatus, to turn an unworkable bureaucracy into an efficient and tight ship, they are continuing to lie BIG TIME. It is NOT politically acceptable, but it has to be done, to make people mindful of the fact that they are NOT cutting the muster, and either must pull up their socks or be let go! It is only then will we be able to make some semblance of the statement and accept their GOAL. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The May Day mentality – It’s all about Leadership

In my previous blog entry, I have alluded to the farce that is May Day and extent to which the Political Parties have hijacked a day reserved for workers who primarily exert themselves with sweat and toil, to express their feelings in placards and comradeship. In truth these workers are NOT valued nor even recognized on May 1st.

In this entry I wish to use this example of one-upmanship for bragging rights, that in reality amount to a hill of beans, being used by politicians or shall I say the leaders of the respective parties to enslave their followers instead of free them, reminding the enslaved who their masters are rather than to remind the leaders that they are mere servants of the people, to whom they owe their living!

This enslavement takes the form of the need for electoral organizers to compete with each other, to show (all show no substance) who can bring the numbers (as in who can spend the most to fool the most to turn up!) So these electoral organizers some are Cabinet Ministers in the Govt. today, but are reminded of their mere lowly status in this pecking order to show their leader (as in pay homage to) that they indeed have a following and are hence worthy of their exalted position in the party, and deserve their position!

Then those who aspire to high office are further tested by their leader, using this threat of numbers, and the most showy parade of characters to make a play for the high stakes positions by being able to amass a crowd so large, that their stake in the party is justified! This again is paying homage of sorts to their leader.

Think about it! All of the above pressures on political hacks to show numbers bring buses, spend money they don’t have so making promises to Donors in lieu of favors, is all part of what is wrong in politics in Sri Lanka, as it perpetuates a culture of quid pro quo, where bribes in whatever name it is called is paid to enrich the donors who bankroll these politicians due to the desire of the leaders to fool the people.

While it is clearly a circuitous argument, in the AGE OF YAHAPALANAYA, it is a definite abandonment of the spirit of this theme of the Leaders of Government, both the President and the Prime Minister to arrange these BOGUS shows to further rattle an already embattled Public with smoke and mirrors to detract from the act of “Governing the Country in the Public Interest.” 

It is this theme that is paramount, and it is the May Day show that is treachery of that intention no matter what guise this is coated in. When a clear analysis of both my blog entries is done, any sane person would conclude that an act of treachery has been committed against the nation, which must be prosecuted!

Otherwise they would continue with this for years to come, not realizing the gravity of the offence and the cost to the Nation, due to their lust for power, and blinded by their own self preservation!