Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Philippines is to stop sending workers to KUWAIT!

Should Sri Lanka follow suit? If so how should we rationalize the argument?

The link below shows the rationale for the action by the Philippine Government.

It is estimated that there are 250,000 Filipinas working in Kuwait, most as maids and domestic helpers. In total the Philippines’ foreign workers remit US$2B a month from all over the world, a little over double that of Sri Lanka. The action is taken due to a rising, though still a TINY minority of abuse cases be they sexual or otherwise, leading to slavery and suicide.

We in Sri Lanka can also identify with this issue, and again the incidence is small. The philosophical question is how small is small and how much is acceptable? Is this stance by the Government pushing the Kuwaitis into taking action against their own citizens who are the abusers?

Muslim countries don’t send their women folk to work in the Middle East, so Sri Lanka and the Philippines fill this void, and even India discourages women from working in the Middle East. I know there are Nepalese, but even here, it is the men who go and work in very difficult conditions, many dying in Qatar while building their air-conditioned Soccer Stadiums for the World Cup, in the intense heat and poor working conditions. All this is borne out of poverty.

We must understand that while the economy benefits by worker remittances, we as a country must count the social cost. In this regard, recent developments prevent women with underage children from going, but many flout this law, by forgery or lying about their dependents, as I personally know women who have left leaving infant children recently.

If you ask the majority of workers in Kuwait, if they want to return there will be an overwhelming NO, as their money is what keeps their families in Sri Lanka from hunger, and many have gone to flee from abusive husbands who arguably can be worse than abusive employers.

While people should be allowed to go of their own free will to better themselves, they MUST be made aware of the consequences, and if they find themselves in an abusive situation, they need to know how to extricate themselves from it, using the assistance of the Embassy there, and their passports must not be held by the employer.  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Allowing women their fundamental and human rights seems to irk many civilians in Sri Lanka the wrong way! Still Colonial Mentality of the leaders

I even know of a foolish woman who said she completely rejects the permission given to women to buy liquor/alcohol. Is she kidding? Or is she really serious, worse she is a candidate in the local council elections, and does she believe this stance is going to improve her chances? Or is she simply grandstanding, and out of ignorance cannot defend this statement, as it simply formalizing by removing an archaic rule of prohibition which was NEVER ENFORCED for obvious reasons, as a person could take the matter up as a FR petition to the Supreme Court and let the courts overturn this rule!

It simply goes to show the caliber of women we have put on our slate, simple village idiots no less, not realizing that on the one had they want parity and equality with men, and then on the other rejecting a women’s right to purchase alcohol.

So here are some suggestions for the newly empowered women. Go tell your husbands that they can come home, and she will go buy the alcohol, and he must drink at home, and tell him if he changes from Arrack to larger, she will also enjoy a drink with him and so does not have to show off to his friends and get drunk and come home wasted making a total fool of himself in front of her and the children.

Does anyone buy my story? Well try it for a while and you will see that there could be hope! But alas no. I just got wind of a statement the President has made, at an election rally in Agalawatte, to the effect that he is going to rescind this order, effectively consigning women to break the law, and the police having to enforce a stupid law, just to ease the pressure put on a Gramasevaka minded President consigning our women to the an age that never existed.

This kind of regressive thinking is all part and parcel of why the intelligent and educated wish to leave this Country while the village idiots are allowed to rule, an enslaved state.

I appeal to the youth who see the absurdity of politicized statements that are actually human rights violations, in any country and even in ancient Sri Lanka, the Kings of Polonnaruwa would never have tolerated such dictats, and would even consign their leader, in this case the President to the Tower until he saw sense. In fact this rule was one the British used to subjugate their subjects!

Kata Kiyannada? 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump has used the shit word to describe countries, just be glad he has not heard of Sri Lanka, otherwise he would say the same about us.

Trump wants to stop the crude underbelly of the world trying to come to the USA. What’s wrong with that? Nothing

If a country makes a decision that they don’t want people who are desperate to come there, from arriving, like Australia, what is wrong with that? These are people who are fleeing oppression and others who are merely hoping for a better deal than they can get in their own country, those two are the main reasons, why people go to other countries and try to live their permanently.

Read the link below before reading on to understand the words of POTUS and why you think he utters these words in his own inimical style that is classic Trump, no less!

This is the system today, and it was the system in the past. After all the Pilgrim Fathers ALSO fled oppression when they arrived in the Mayflower to New England in the 17th Century and this is nothing different. IF the Red Indians, or Native Americans, to use the politically correct term, were powerful enough to prevent them from coming we will have a Native American State in what is today the USA.

We must face facts that the world is simply a place of survival of the fittest, and you are at the mercy of the fittest, and the name of the game should be how you become the fittest and not the enslaved.

Trump is simply representing the sentiments of the majority of the people who live in the United States, just as if the same words were used by one of our leaders it would be representing the same sentiments of this great Sri Lankan nation that is still thinking on ethnic lines due to its racist ideals, of each of the majority and minority communities. ALL ARE RACIST and so we don’t have a nationhood.

In the USA many are racist and many are not, as a land of immigrants it is easy not to be racist just as it is easy to be racist if you see your survival at stake. It all boils down to enlightened self-interest.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Putin says that the North Korean Leader is a genius - but it is all a game, and Trump is one of the players. read all about it

What has the world come to? Putin is now saying North Korea’s KIM is a genius and in the same breadth that in reality both Trump and Kim are chums, chatting to each other all the time, laughing about how foolish the world is.

Please read the links below before following the rest of the story, as that is what it is, just a laugh at the expense of the world and these high and mighty professors who are pontificating on Foreign Policy, Defence Studies, War Games and putting the War Games into clever computers to analyse the likely outcomes, all of which are useless because the players are merely making up stories to frighten the public keep them away from the real problem of their personality defects.

We the public are just being led a dance by all these players, who are being entertained by tis charade of upstaging to enhance their personal reputation and brands. Now most of the world admire Kim for standing up to BIG BROTHER USA and both Trump and Kim are laughing about these foolish people, when in fact both are mad and should in reality be sectioned in an Asylum preferably in adjoining rooms, so they can shout at each other!

All this shouting can be shown on reality TV and will form the show with the highest ratings in history as most of the world will be watching their shouting match, and being entertained by their absurdity itself!

So to think that there are so many highly paid think tanks all over the world working on a problem that does not exist, is too absurd as they are collectively costing the tax payers of all these countries inexorable amounts of money, while not one penny should be spent on this game, and instead concentrate our energies in putting these people away from the ability to harm humankind, by locking them away and throwing the keys.

All this may sound quite bizarre and the musings of a fertile mind, but just ponder on what I have written, read the links and please come to your conclusion on what is the likely true scenario, and NO ONE is going to confirm or deny my hypotheses either.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

It is time for the Executive Director of CAFFFE to resign

 as he is completely biased and does not have a straight hair in his head anymore

Rajitha Keerthi Tennekoon as the Executive Director of CAFFFE tasked primarily with ensuring free and fair electoral processes in Elections, who did not during the MR regime dare to criticize the Government in power in this way, is suddenly using the freedoms promised and delivered by this Government to find fault with the Government and the Prime Minister in particular with a vendetta more reminiscent of someone SCORNED!

This kind of reprehensible revengeful statements like the one attributed here in the link below, should be looked at by those who govern CAFFFE to put their Executive Director on notice, NOT to use his august position to sling mud at each other just like the Parliamentarians are engaged in.

CAFFFE requires a level of integrity, which Tennekoon for whatever personality defect he suffers from is patently unqualified to hold this post, yet no one seems to have noticed his behavior, especially the use of social media to misuse his position to take advantage of a perceived independence, which upon reading that clearly indicates his patent bias.

It is quite possible he has a paymaster behind the scenes who possibly has enslaved him, which adds another dimension to this plot of his, effectively leading innocent people believing in his unbiased independence down the garden path, to make decisions that are wrong, without foundation, and completely inappropriate once his nakedness is exposed for all to see.

I will appeal to him to look in the mirror and ask if he has a conscience left in making unseemly allegations against the rulers in power, democratically elected, about whom we may or may not agree, to sling mud in a worse form that the parliamentary debacle of yesterday, which was true to form as none of the 225 are qualified to hold their MP posts, and CAFFFE has not agitated against ALL as patently unfit to rule, merely picking on the PM as the baddest of the bad that inhabits the earth when the rogues litter this country.

Pray tell me what has the PM financially gained from all his years in office other than his salary and perks of the position? What has Tennekoon gained in his capacity, earning more than the PM to throw mud at the PM and not disclosing most of his earnings for Tax purposes. So I ask him before he is exposed to the world as a huge fraud, to have his head screwed ON and not OFF

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The plot thickens – the Russian Ruse to Refuse, citing our Refuse Tea! "Putin, putin a bullet into his footin!"

The Sri Lankan Government seems to be completely at SEA with regards to the Russian Ban on Ceylon Tea, as it affects over 25% of the Country’s Tea Exports. Before I forget, it is a wake-up call for Sri Lanka to strategize and stop commoditizing tea and begin branding, so that no matter what the Russians get up to, it is simply a case of “Putin, putin a bullet into his footin!” If only Sri Lanka had properly branded our tea, instead of allowing the Russians to buy and blend with cheap teas from places like Turkey and Moldovia we would not be in this mess.

I will come to that later, but first we must play our diplomatic game of chess, using the best diplomats we have to advise the Foreign Office, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs on how to tackle this issue on a Government to Government basis, INSTEAD of packing off, Navin Dissanayake to play a tea game! As it is NOT TEA THAT IS THE REAL REASON STUPID!

So what are the possible reasons?

1                      It is possible that we gave the Russian Delegation, short shrift and annoyed them with a low level opposite number, or disregard to their principal aim, due to ignorance as to the importance the Russians placed on losing this trade.  The delegation came to discuss the ban on the import of Chrysotile a major export of Russia, in the making of Asbestos Roofing. Sri Lanka has banned the future production of Asbestos Sheets, and cites health concerns, when in fact there are more practical reasons!

2                      It is also possible that the Maharajah Organization, is a considerable benefactor of Maithripala Sirisena as their route to power, as they have vilified Ranil Wickremasinghe for well-nigh more than a decade, and they have been pinned down by the MR Sinhala only policies, is the reason the asbestos ban was put in the first place.

3                      The reason being that Maharajah Organization is about to corner the roofing sheet market replacing Asbestos by an alternative product, which is more expensive, and as they are the sole producer, want to engage in Monopolistic Pricing thanks to the benevolence of the Sirisena Presidency aided and abetted and bribed by his close aides who are pushing this agenda for personal gain, unbeknown to HE.

4                      The other being the questionable company that is going to sell this unwanted vessel to the Navy, as the company is blacklisted by the Western World for flouting many international rules and practices. Here again the Maharajah Organization is implicated in being the recipient of the biggest bribe in  history by overpricing this unwanted and useless vessel thereby costing the Sri Lankan public money they just cannot afford.

It is clear from the foregoing that this game of Russian Roulette, is simply above the heads of our own politicians and state capability to handle as equals, with another case of the mouse being stamped on by the Russian Bear to prove a point.

Ironically, we are so DUMB, we have yet to work out the true reason for the Russian anger, as we just don’t speak the same language, figuratively speaking, and don’t understand international diplomacy, where when the Russian Bear is being insulted in the US Congress, they take it out on the innocent small countries, which they take particular joy in bullying and we take pleasure in that suffering! Masochists of Sri Lanka

All in all to come out on top, we must take the upper hand, call in all our tea exporters, tell them to make representations THROUGH their customers, that the Russian Public will suffer in the harsh winter, because ONLY Ceylon Tea can be drunk hot, leafy varieties that ONLY Sri Lanka can produce and the Russian people will curse PUTIN so there in ‘putin a bullet into his footin!’

You can be sure that in a whisker the ban will be removed. It is simply that Putin does not understand the winds of change that mean he is simply going to anger his own people more than the silly Sri Lankan when there is NO CEYLON blended tea in the shelves this winter, and the remaining stocks are sold at premium prices because of the ban, enriching a few traders who are holding some Sri Lankan Tea stock enough to satisfy the demand for the next 4 months, but with this news the PUBLICITY and the SCARCITY Value is GOOD FOR BUSINESS where they have been able to jack up the prices.

If you the reader is following the gist of this story, you will realize that there is much more in this action and while it is meant to teach Sri Lanka a lesson, when bad intentions are made public, the person with the bad intention, in this case, the Russian Government, will suffer more than the intended target, namely the Sri Lankan Government.

It is better for the Russians to cut their losses and remove the ban forthwith, which I believe they will do immediately as they suddenly realize their mistake. If they don’t it is simply because they realize we are stupid in not playing our TRUMP CARD, and let us suffer a little longer for our ignorance.

So pass this issue to the Tea Industry, the Exporters and their customers to resolve with the Russian Government without wasting the traveling costs of the Minister of Plantation Industries who does NOT understand the nuances referred to here. They just need to hear loud and clear we don’t want RUSSIAN CHRISOTILE, WE DON’T WANT RUSSIAN SHIPS, and we can reciprocate and stop the export of tea direct to Russia sending it via Ukraine and the STANS!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Why are cabinet ministers wasting their time hanging outside the Bond Commission? Have they got nothing better to do?

What are the ministers of Ranil Wickremasinghe’s party thinking to waste their time hanging around him to show support when he comes after giving evidence to the Bond Commission?

It was very creditable that PM Ranil Wickremasinghe went meekly to answer the questions put to him at the Bond Commission, as it never would have happened in an MR administration and perhaps the Commissioners would be incarcerated for the cheek of even asking.

However it was downright stupid for 20+ ministers of the UNP to show their support like a pack of dogs (rallata yanawa) behind a bitch, when they had better things to do.

Just imagine the public rightly or wrongly are in long petrol queues even though it may be a rumor, started by a mischief maker that there is a shortage, but nevertheless this has created a temporary shortage. In this scenario all our Elected Ministers are hanging around their boss for no reason at all.

The PM certainly does not want, did not ask, and is very embarrassed by all the attention anyway. SO why did you go? Just because one mentally deviant minister makes a suggestion to meet at the commission premises does not mean you have to go ahead. You just have to tell him, that PM ordered NOT to be present and his enthusiasm will stop in a second. It is because he is deviant that he could not think through what his boss is thinking.

He was judging the problem by his own limited thinking capacity, and thought the PM would like this attention, so he pushed everyone to go.

Just you wait for him to haul you over the coals for badgering the others to join you in a display of confidence when none was needed. It’s stupidity at its highest level. It is a sorry sight to further frustrate the public that the lawmakers are playing a game amongst themselves, when even rumors are sufficient to inconvenience the  public, they have lost so much faith in the system they are NOT willing to trust anyone, least of all the politicians.

Any story will now have traction, as no one will trust or believe anything that is issued officially, least of all assurance that all is well, means that all is NOT well. When we live in a schizophrenic country such as this where there is no reasoning, it is irrational behavior that is conquering all spaces.

NO wonder then that MR has such brand value even after the complete looting of the treasury by extremely ill judged investments and spending with no understanding of a return on investment, even if the return is political longevity! We have lost hope in the whole system. Bye Bye Sri Lanka’s future.