Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yesterday, The US Navy Secretary flew in and out of Trinco direct in his private (as in the US Government’s) Gulfstream! NO ONE PICKED IT UP

It is all over the Sri Lanka Navy website, with the Navy Commander ingratiating himself with him, with photos of the visit. What do we glean from it?

Think about it, he can go under the radar metaphorically that is, on Island hopping visits! They would NOT reciprocate would they for our equivalent? Say no more as to whose sphere of influence we are now under.

I have already said that our defense ties with the US are getting close, and the next step is to lease one of the three Natural Harbors in Trinco to the US Navy and its Fleet including Aircraft Carrier Fleet of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Command, for about US$500M per annum. It is both in the strategic interest of the US, and India that that is in the US sphere of influence, and will keep them happy.

As a Counterweight in any case we seem to be ready to lease Hambantota to the Chinese and in the not too distant future, I would expect to see a Chinese Aircraft Carrier in Hambantota, whilst at the same time a large US Aircraft Carrier is at Trincomalee.

Finally Sri Lanka is exercising its locational advantage and resources to leverage them for the benefit of the Country.

Where is the news media on this? Asleep on the job no doubt!

The US Ambassador was nowhere to be seen, and I wonder if RAW intelligence knew about it. Presumable Atul Keshap to put them off the scent stayed on in Colombo to entertain an Assistant Secretary of State Todd, who is in town, one of Biswal’s sidekicks!

All this leads to intrigue, on the US Government’s intentions towards Sri Lanka. I am sure the PM’s office is kept abreast of this by the CIA operatives in the Island, if not already inside TT, but too bad the local Intelligence Services are not in the loop!

Gosh all these spies and double agents must be causing all sorts of problems in knowing who is what! Russians with a huge Embassy, that unless its filled with spies, is a total white elephant and the Chinese on the same street up the road, with the UK High Commission in between the two, and the US ready to expand their Embassy in front of TT, and the Indian by far the most numerous being across the pond is creating a right royal raw material for an intriguing future of proxy wars.

Daya Gamage worse than a cry baby!

It is quite clear that UNP Minister Daya Gamage expressing sour grapes over NO CHAMBER defending HIM when Sevenagala Sugar which he was running was taken over by the Rajapakse Govt. by "passing the foreign investment takeover act", that took over NOT just his but other enterprises including Pelwatte Sugar, was a CRY BABY type scenario.

A man of his stature representing his government at the event, must NOT use it as a BULLY PULPIT for his personal grouses. We know he is not happy in this Govt. as he believes he has had step motherly treatment, as so so Minister, a joker in fact!

He MUST ask himself why the PM has treated him like that? If I were to hazard a guess, it is because he is a winger! A whiner! He thinks he is entitled because when the party was down to its jockstrap he saved the decency by bankrolling the party and paid the electricity and phone bills and whatever of Sirikotha. Does he realize that Ranil MORE THAN RETURNED THE FAVOR by giving his wife Anoma a place on the National List in favor of Sri Ranga? This resulted in 5 years of pure hell from that other maniac, Killi Maharajah, who misused his media, to throw everything at the then Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The PM has suffered tremendously having saved Daya’s bacon, now Daya is shitting on the PM saying nasty things about him, or the people he has appointed, and is going around expressing his disgust. He thinks he is PM material, when he is not even cleaning boy material. Class has obviously not grown with wealth and he had a chance to show class at this event, but instead flashed wealth by whinging about losing Sevanagala, and possibly not even receiving compensation.

If truth be told, his acquiring Sevenagala, and what he did with it, by selling molasses and not sugar, as the former was more profitable, and he made tons from it, can also be brought up. I know one is a by-product, but you can change the mix to suit your profit.

My advice is to chill! Learn what your weak points are. Become more statesman like, don’t wear your arrogance like a “abaranaya” leave it at home, and show humility, by not telling the world about your life story wherever you go, as it is now a broken record, as there are so many people like you, who never go on and on about it. People who worked for you and dedicated to your ideals are leaving because after acquiring power, you don't know how to use it gracefully for the people, and perhaps even your loyalists.

What have you done to the pepper industry? what have you done for Ceylon Cinnamon, areas which can make Sri Lanka famous and your name will stand out?  These two can make you more famous than any other position in Government that you covet, but you are blind to it, though the PM who gave you the challenge notices you are bluffing it! Don't be obsessed by yourself, but with your country that produced you and all your complaints will resolve themselves automatically. Didn't your wife tell you this already, and you did not heed her advice!

Learn from your wife, and ask her for advice, and I am sure she can turn you into a better man, and a SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE not a LORD of !

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunday Times at war with Malik Samarawickrema, who is telling the truth?

The usual Media vs the Incumbent Govt. controversy has erupted again, this time with the Sunday Times accusing the Development Strategies and International Trade Minster of using foreign lobbyists and adding spice to this with the Foreign Ministry stating that they did not anything about it and that they at least should have been informed prior to agreeing to this SERVICE.

Of course it is the job of the Sunday Times as a respected Newspaper to pull the Govt. up for indiscretions. However in making serious accusations of this nature, it is best to check and double check the facts in the stories, which is the proper journalistic practice of professionals.

The Minister Malik appears to have insinuated that the truth was NOT corroborated by his Ministry as they were NOT asked about it in the first place and if they the facts would have been laid bare.

Unfortunately whether this is true or not, if this kind of accusation was made by the Sunday Times during the MR Regime when they were doing the same in this sort of headline fashion, instead of a tiny note somewhere in the inside of the paper, the MR Govt. would have at best WHITE VANNED THE EDITOR or at worst had him BUMPED OFF the following morning. It would have been nice if the actual piece in the paper actually mentioned that fact to put it in perspective. Otherwise the READER, the usual illiterate Colombo 7 jhonny, would be too ignorant to realize that things were far worse during MR and that the sums involved were too outrageous to be reasonable. The figures quoted if true are eminently reasonable!

So lets get back to the actual NEWS ITEM for a moment. If cabinet approval WAS obtained, then the Sunday Times must apologize for misleading the public. Secondly, give the right of reply to Malik, to exactly what this transaction is all about, without disclosing state secrets. We can then put this to bed, and begin a period of accommodation, where it is the duty of the Editor of the Paper, to be reasonable in his reports and use the MR fear factor in giving the current devil his due, and be responsible in reporting as the problem seems to me from the ruling coalition today, that the papers are taking an absurdly anti Govt. line, when the readership can be actually falsely lead to believe MR was actually more saintly!

Kandy may as well be confined to be the Living Dead! Environment!

It is clear that there are people in high places for reasons other than altruism, or rationale. Its called personal glorification of the Scoundral!! One such joker is the Diyawardena Nilame of Kandy. A disgrace to Sri Lanka and the Human Race, and who continues to be held by people, in high esteem. In my opinion, those who think that must have their heads examined as he is administering over mass slaughter of his own Country men in the name of his belief, when the reality is otherwise, as pointed out. See link for some succinct prose as to what this animal is up to!

No one dares to have an air quality indicator in and around Kandy, as the results if made known, will result in an a mass exodus of people out of Kandy. Thankfully we are giving the prisoners of Kandy a better life by moving them out of Kandy, and so they will actually be able to live a longer life. However the patients at the Kandy Hospital will suffer a different fate, destined along with the doctors and nurses working there to die young from carcinogenic poisoning Courtesy of the same Diayawadana Nilame.

What options have we got? Personally the best thing we can do is to move the Temple of the Tooth out of the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, and build a new Dalada Maligawa in a place of worship and pilgrimage out of the clutches of this kind of Diyawadana, and into the hands of the Clergy.

Frankly we have only the above option, as the other being moving Kandy out of Kandy, by preventing any vehicular traffic in Kandy, unless all electric, does not seem to be acceptable, and will not result in a practical place of worship for true followers of Buddhism, not the false prophets of the present. We only have cultural Buddhism following traditions and practices, and Buddhist believers are frowned upon. A true believer DOES want people coming to the temple to photograph. They want to pray, meditate in the presence of the sacred Tooth Relic out of sight of tourists and pretenders to guard the religion.

The author simply talks about opening up a road, that will satisfy all the people of Kandy, but when you just have one person, who for his personal comfort puts millions to death, and NO ONE does anything about it, and so allows him to get away with murder in a literal sense, where do you go for redress?

I rest my case, and hope one or other of the options are undertaken without delay!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


As if it was bad enough to have the Defence Services College in the heart of Colombo occupying prime land worth at least Rs5Billion, we now have an instance of crass idiocy, where the same defence DUDES without an ounce of grey matter in their heads, are building a hostel for 550kids for forces personnel to attend the school a block away, occupying land worth Rs 1Billion at the least.

The papers say that it is costing Rs450M because the forces are using their personnel to build it as otherwise they would cost Rs600M, so it really is Rs600M that it is Costing the Country, on the assumption that the forces personnel could be MORE USEFULLY ENGAGED.

All in all at PRESENT VALUE we the Country is spending Rs1.6Billion as a minimum to give HOSTEL facilities to 550 kids! TELL ME IT IS NOT WASTEFUL SPENDING! Where is our great and mighty media, SILENT on this public waste of money. Give me the money and I  can build 10 big schools!

Until we remove cretins from decision making our Country will be wasting money on such useless exercises. Boarding schools are bad for kids at best.

For a start I was one who was dead against the waste of money in the heart of Malay Street to build the Defence Services College there. After all the kids are BUSSED FROM 30KM away to come there in 40 buses taking 2 hours at peak times, clogging up the Colombo Streets to come from places like the Panagoda Army camp.

Unless we should out loud these traitors of Sri Lanka who make these decisions will continue to make these same mistakes, as they SEE NOTHING WRONG IN THESE DECISIONS.

I say move the Army HQ to Polonnaruwa, move the Airforce to Trinco, and maybe the Navy there too, and free up the safe areas of Colombo for Commerce. The long term objective will be to move ALL SCHOOLS out of COLOMBO as they add to the Clogging of the roads, and the 3,000 school vans and buses litter the Colombo parking lots all day to take the kids home, and 3000 drivers sit on their arses all day, wasting their time. How long can this Country tolerate this nonsense?

Trust me these kids living in the heart of Colombo will die from cancer due to the foul air they breathe having to live there every day. Do you want that in your conscience?

Please use some common sense and don't behave like donkeys. It is NOT your money, it is the people of Sri Lanka who are paying for this, and some are very poor and you are taking it from the sugar they eat. Don't you have a conscience?

Friday, August 19, 2016

All US Golds @ Rio negated by the crass, fabrication of Lochte et al!

Let this be a reminder to the old, and lesson to the young, that no matter how good you are and the reputation of your Country in one area, those same Countrymen can cancel all the kudos in a moment of complacency. The Ryan Lochte saga is now making waves around the world, as up until now he was a respected swimmer well known in that field from the US Gold Medal contingent.

Now this sorry excuse for an American cannot be defended by even the worst underworld figure in the US, as his actions are NOT defensible, and Brazil which has its own share of problems being able to put it all behind them and give us a wonderful games, does NOT deserve false allegations of robbery concocted by some dastardly Americans.

I trust the US authorities will punish these swimmers in some form, as their action has resulted in the reputation of the US, which at best in South America is of unpalatable Gringos, has been confirmed as completely crooked third class specimens consorting as Sportsman, and never to be trusted to tell the truth.

This makes the whole Russian Doping scandal look like a walk in the park, as all the Russian athletes have suffered terribly due to their ban in these games, and any right minded person would say, that the US Golds don’t amount to a hill of beans in comparison to the actions of these men. Worse, Lochte escaped the net back to the US and continued his tirade of lies when his own compatriots were hauled for questioning in Brazil, and the truth finally emerged.

The fact that they were released to leave the US immediately tells more about the abuse of the use of power by the US to request the Brazilians to hush this up without them doing jail time, as per Brazilian law. This makes it even more disconcerting to the Brazilian public, further re-enforcing the American stereotype amongst the average South American.

The US criminals, do not believe they have committed a crime, would rather falsify a crime of theirs, to a crime committed upon themselves. How can an American ever be trusted to tell the truth? The repercussions of this hugely BAD publicity will reverberate across the world in the next few days, before the news becomes yesterday’s news, but US reputation has suffered a permanent blot!!!! 


Was there a deal we don’t know about the SLT/MAXIS?

Malaysia was asked to extradite the Boss of Maxis, which along with the Sri Lankan Government now own SLT. Maxis bought the NTT stake in SLT, and all appeared to have gone without a hitch!

Was that because at the time of the purchase, the authorities fast tracked the deal? These are questions for which I don’t have any answers, but if a pattern is to emerge, the Indian authorities have found fault with their deals with Maxis!

See link above to a recent story, where the Malaysians refuse to arrest their citizens and hand them over to the Indians for an investigation into a past Indian Telecom  Minister’s alleged wrongdoing.

ALL OUR TELECOMS even SLT is foreign owned and whilst they have been able to expand their coverage service, user-base and profits by leaps and bounds, all profits accrue to the foreign investors in our telecom investments and industry.

While I personally don’t begrudge that, because had we NOT had this investment, we will not have competing Telecom operators in the Island and have a reasonable tariff which the Government is also taxing very heavily to fill their own revenue shortfall, and in that effectively use it as a regressive tax on the people of Sri Lanka.

Airtel is in play and will shortly be purchased by SLT’s Mobitel, which effectively means Maxis will be the new owners. I believe Etisalat is also in play and it is Dialog who is apparently interested in them, and Hutch will either close down or its operations folded into one of the remaining operators.

So what do we have in store? ONLY DIALOG AND SLT/MOBITEL

Ananda Krishnen whose dad left Jaffna on a train to Colombo, and then out to Malaysia will own all our Telecommunications! How about that?

Obviously the Sri Lankan Government will wake up ONLY when the deed is done, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Just think about it!

Think about it, there is NO SHERMAN ANTI TRUST ACT IN SRI LANKA. 

It is high time Sri Lanka enacts legislation to stop Monopolies from being created in the future!