Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Practicing Buddhist who is deported from Buddhist Sri Lanka!

The fakery that is Sri Lanka, that maintains it is a Buddhist country, but to its shame has the largest number of disappeared and unaccounted people of any Country on the face of the Earth, deports a Buddhist after harassing and questioning her upon arrival for having a tattoo that depicts the Buddha on her arm a traditionally respectful place to have a tattoo, is to me a sign of a mentally deficient policy. This is not breaking any law!

This lady has been to Sri Lanka twice before with the tattoo, and she has also been to Buddhist countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, with no threat on her person for displaying a tattoo, has come under the wrath of officials in Sri Lanka, the last bastion of Buddhism if ever there is one, to be told that she is disrespecting Buddhism.

Imagine if you were so devoted to your belief that you had a tattoo of your object of belief etched in your body, to be told that you are disrespecting that belief is tantamount to heresy. What is the difference in wearing a pendent round your neck? 

I accept that the same religion is practiced differently in different Countries and traditions and rituals may differ, and in some cases what is acceptable in one country may not be acceptable in another. It is however wholly out of line for a visitor to this Country, who without any doubt came here innocently, NOT intending to disrespect a religion she believes in and probably practices more fully than 90% of Sri Lankan Buddhists who are Buddhist in name only, for outward acceptance but who have and do break as many precepts of Buddhism on a daily basis, especially those who govern us, to be hauled in for questioning like a common criminal suspect is shameful.

It is even more shameful that NO one has come out to defend this Lady’s rights, as the person who even believes in the absurdity of the treatment does not dare due to fear to stand up for people’s rights. This climate of intimidation that we live in, has suppressed any show of justice, when it is deserved, to point out the absurdity of the allegations, and the mockery of our double standards.

If as a policy we do not accept it, and it is NOT a criminal offence in Sri Lanka then it is only reasonable to point this out to the lady, and request that as a show of respect for the traditions of Sri Lanka it would be safer for her to cover up her tattoo, so that it would not offend some people who may take offence. Mind you it is usually not the true Buddhists who take offence, but  those who want to pretend to others they are true Buddhists, but in private bash their wives black and blue when they get home on a regular basis. Real Buddhists are more compassionate of others failings.

It is the hypocrisy of people that I cannot stand, and to find that there is NO one who is willing to defend a person from this hypocrisy further exemplifies the culture of un-Buddhism that we live in. There is NO compassion for the innocent, and it is a further case of the guilty conferring guilt on the innocent, a common feature of our society in many walks of life.

I know we have not heard the last of this incident, and the holier than thous of this Country will get on the squawk box to further denounce this lady. It is laughable if it was not a serious black mark on our civility to our visitors, especially one who has been to our shores twice before without being pulled up for the same allegation.

We are a Country rapidly losing our senses of what is right and wrong and the law of mental deviants and their ilk taking the place of regulations and laws, will result in utter chaos. In this series of events I wait to see what next, in this practice of one-upmanship as a source of insecurity of a nation.

Just think if you are a foreigner seeing this news after the HRC inquisition and damning, you would wonder where on the continuum of insanity this nation lies. Ironically it is lost on a nation, whose Chief Priests now wish to ban any pictures of the Buddha in newspapers, lest they be INADVERTANTLY used as a item to dust a table or some other cleaning up task! Are they for real?

Actually non Buddhists are more sensitive to their feelings and would be careful before using an image of the Buddha to clean, where as it is more than likely that a Buddhist will not even be aware of his action in insensitivity.  

This article will not be complete if reference was not made at this juncture to the behavior of Buddhist Priests in unsavory thuggish acts of late that has sent shivers down the spines of genuine Buddhists seeing the disrespect they have caused and nothing can close to this desecration. They have not been arrested, have they?  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goons of the ruling family show that there is no dissent tolerated, and police asked to stay away! Todays fracas at Mattala and Port in Hambantota

It is clearly evident that Rohitha Abeygoonewardene a THUG who has also a ports minister portfolio and therefore with the direct blessing of his lord and master the President engaged in dastardly activity of attacking a group of Opposition MPs on a fact finding mission invited by the President!!! whilst the Police watched WITHOUT taking the self same goons many of whom were MSD officers of the SL Police force into custody

Surprise surprise that the Police were watching their own attacking Opposition MPs. this disgraceful behavior further alienates this rotten traitorous regime into pariah status world wide, as it is clearly obvious what are the powers at work and who are really behind it.


We hardworking citizens of this country cannot stand to see our Country being led to the dogs by people who behave like them, when we just dont deserve it. Most of the people are sensible law abiding and dont wish to their beloved mother land ruined as a play thing of people not competent to lead it.

The daily worsening situation is just an indication of the Govt. out of control, having given this nation to a bunch of uneducated thugs to run any which way they feel and there is only one way this can end, in total chaos.

Please think of who you have permitted to run this land. Therein you will find the answer.    

Is it right for the Daily News to intentionally deceive their readers? and worse lie! when they more than others should know better!

For the daily news to say that the Rajapakse home Carlton as an ancestral home is simply wrong as everyone who knows the family who owns the home, know it was lent to the President to use as a family member the Wickremasooriyas who own it, wanted to help a down at heel relative.

So now the word Carlton has been in effect stolen for their projects and worse the lie of it being their family home is perpetuated, because the truth appears to hurt when they wish to live by lies.

It is even worse when the paper insinuates that the Opposition Leader is not a genuine Sri Lankan for wanting to go on a study tour at this juncture.

It is treachery at its worst to imply that the President's family who make a media circus of a tradition, is made to look whiter than white, when a person possibly the only one in the island as a leader is not tainted with treachery against the country is accused of being un patriotic.

It is time that the dispassionate reader realizes what is at stake here. There is NO intention on the part of the Govt. press to state the truth, but sadly maintain that the lies it continues to publish is the truth.

I know the jobs of the journalists and editors depend on deepening the lie, so that it may be believed by many as truth, and that is considered sufficient to keep the lie as gospel! 

It is now up to the reader to realize who is the real traitor here. Those who live a lie and only for show, the 'boru show' as we call it in Sri Lanka or those who are genuine in  their intention of  bringing about a real genuine Sri Lanka where all her citizens can live in peace and harmony, and one who even over the New Year has decided to sacrifice festivities, and show for earnest study to bring about a better Sri Lanka.

I will let the reader decide the who the real traitor is and who is the real patriot. Daily News don't think we are all stupid and gullible as you think by your crass, low down and demeaning articles of shame.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Typical statement of a person addressing Neanderthals!

“A cynical politician bent on belittling the opposition, appeals to the baser senses of his or her electorate, and sadly highlights the ignorance and lack of perception of his audience, and his complicity in the fraud.”

In this respect I wish to point out to the rational and commonsense reader that firstly the President of this Country wishes to lead people who are dumb, and has NO intention of making them aware of the background to an issue, and in this respect does so much disrespect to his audience, the citizens of this Country as to be labeled an opportunist and a traitor at the same time.

Just to take two instances lately. The first was at Rambewa a few KM North of Anuradhapura, where he gave a speech, which was widely reported as a headline, that he blamed the CKDU (raging Kidney Disease) on the open economy of the UNP. For someone who MUST take responsibility for almost 100% of the blame for this over the past 10 years of his autocratic rule was the height of cheek. He came into power with the farmers vote promising subsidized fertilizer at Rs350/kg when it costs Rs 4000/kg to buy from abroad. What may I ask has that done?

The subsidy, dear reader has increased the incidence of Kidney disease and has killed the very audience he is appealing to, to believe his outright lies. So, for a mass murderer to tell the people he is killing that the responsibility lies as a result of the open economy of 1977 Govt. which in truth he has made even more open! Is a crime against humanity. The sentence for such crimes, were we subject to the ICC would be life in prison.

The argument goes as follows: With excessive use of fertilizer as it is much less than a market price, has resulted in soil degradation and both ground water and rivers and streams becoming polluted leading to chemical reactions with naturally occurring hard water, and disease due to elevated cadmium, arsenic and mercury levels.

Further with cheap fertilizer, there are more funds available to purchase pesticides, herbicides, as well as pre emergent suppressants all of which are harmful to the soil and are additional contributory factors to this epidemic of deaths that have so far claimed more lives than the Tsunami, and will soon exceed the civilian casualties of the 30 year war of the LTTE. Sri Lanka is the largest user of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides and Weedicides per sq ft of agricultural land in the world, and who MUST the blame lie in. The current President of the Country of course, who has ruled this country for 10 years of absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are NO exceptions to that statement.

The second instance was only today, when he made another asinine, but typically MR statement exuding his ignorance, and further justifying his belief in the ignorance of his audience by telling them, that you don’t go to Harvard and MIT to learn about an Arab Spring to topple the Govt. It shows his ignorance of his subject.

I know he is only playing to the gallery, but he must be more Statesman like in his rhetoric, and NOT stoop to be no more than the village bully, which he sounds like, completely out of his league. In issuing the 2013 Central Bank Report extolling the progress of the Country, which had nothing to do with the policies of the Govt. but more to do with the productivity of the people, especially those working overseas who have remitted untold billions which have then been used locally to develop entrepreneurs leading to the growth, he should have given credit.

In fact that growth would have been much higher had he and his cronies and family not purloined much of it as bribes, commissions and shoddy workmanship, to line their pockets, which in a situation such as this event, is further  evidence of a deliberate attempt to cover up the bankruptcy of his utterances.

Either way, the he should NOT be so unpardonably, attacking the only person in the Country without any evidence of corruption. For him to pick on this subject shows his true colors as he even belittles a study tour, where the leader of the opposition of Sri Lanka is invited to both teach and learn in the best Universities in the world, which NOONE will argue with.

I don’t know if the Country will benefit from the study tour, that is a separate debate in itself, but to take a swipe at that in a sour grapes kind of way, displays his and his speech writers’ ignorance, and knowledge that, he will never, or could ever be invited to even the 1000th best University in the world to do the same!!!

At an august event such as the issuing of an intellectual document such as the Central Bank report, to display his lack of intellectual ability in so obvious a manner must shame any true patriotic Sri Lankan as to the ability and capacity or lack of vision of the President, the people chose to lead this Country at this time.

It is time that we call a spade a spade and stop any more incidences of the Country being shamed, both locally and internationally by traitors to our Nation and replace them with people who have the true pulse of the nation at heart. In a Country where shown a way out 99% will leave tomorrow to another country, we have only a bankrupt President, who can only sing his praises oblivious to his obvious guilt. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

How do you establish in law that the testimony one gives before a UNHRC inquiry infringes the Constitution of Sri Lanka?

the GOSL has just made a statement that they will prosecute individual testimony if it infringes the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

You can only do this if the Supreme Court, a GOSL vassal says so. They are the final arbiter of court action. The statement made by the Govt. that they would prosecute witnesses at the UNHRC hearings is a DIRECT threat, another method of muzzling freedom of expression and of stopping people from telling the truth, as the truth hurts for the GOSL who are pretended it is a lie, and a pretense now being shown as fact, and that fact has been put in the heads of the gullible people who now believe the lies and then some, and it is then going to be difficult in the current climate for evidence to be obtained for a proper investigation.

It appears to me that the GOSL is bent on scuppering any chance of the UNHRC from proceeding by knobbling the potential witnesses before they get to say anything. This is just ridiculous.

I have seen film taken by soldiers on the frontline that were brutal depictions of their behavior. However it is behavior that is normal of our people. You only have to visit a police station to know how people are beaten to obtain a confession! The policeman will tell you that unless he is beaten almost to death he will not confess, so though he knows it is against the rules he has to do it to protect the public!

This is therefore similar to that example, as it is NOT just a race thing, it is a Sri Lankan uncivilized behavior thinking that we must change. UNHRC is not going to change that.

Further race does not determine man’s inhumanity to man. All races and religions in Sri Lanka are just as culpable, and there is a long way to go before we as a country are able to control our emotions rationally and NOT resort to hitting till death just because we have an argument or disagreement or slight altercation.

In that context may I remind our reader that if a pedestrian or motorcyclist is killed by a car, van, bus or lorry, it is assumed that the driver is the culprit, and unless he flees the scene of the accident, he is liable to be lynched by an easily aroused mob who seconds earlier, before the incident was kissing babies and passing the time of day on the road!!! I hope these examples put in perspective what I am trying to say, and why Sri Lankans don’t want the rest of the world telling them they are bent on genocide, and I know for a fact only a minority of Sri Lankans are such, and of that a higher percentage of Tamil and Muslim fall into the category of implicitly not trusting Sinhala people due to their own prejudices. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wither the JVP? What is the secret to their persistence of a lost cause?

I often ask myself why would one want to vote for the JVP? I can’t even find an answer. Therein lies the dilemma. It is simply called blind faith, and strict discipline. The JVP is the most disciplined and best organized political parties in Sri Lanka that rely mainly on the commitment of their followers to their cause almost at the expense of their own lives, or satisfaction.

If one closely follows their speeches, and their leaders’ utterances, they merely reflect the absurdity of the GOSL actions, arguments, and political bankruptcy. There is VERY LITTLE about what the JVP would do if they were given the reigns. They have never had power anywhere, and wherever they have had brief political power over a Pradeshiya Sabha, there have not been any stellar outcomes.

Many people comment on the fact that JVP appear to best articulate the rational opposition to the GOSL. That is possibly why they surged a little from their doldrums in the last election. However there is nothing else, no plan. (they will vociferously deny that allegation)  In reality whatever plan they have is just not practical in both the context of Sri Lanka, or in the international context as it is NOT a workable solution, and of which there are NO successful examples to emulate.

The great gathering in Badulla of the party faithful in memory of the April Heroes, it reminds us merely of the destruction of two generations of intelligent youth, being destroyed, lowering the gene pool as a result, that has bequeathed us this bunch of impotent baboons to run this country, where as if these young men were instead in the mainstream parties they could have done the Country so much good.

Happy memories guys, but please see the light, as you will never govern, and will always remain a pain in the butt of whoever is in power. Your skills are required by the mainstream parties who can re-invent themselves to be less corrupt, more altruistic, and better disciplined in the Country’s interest if you work with them as part of them, and just abandon your stubborn belief that you will one day come on top. It is never going to happen, and it is time you just let sleeping dogs lie,  not resurrect the past, and take what is best to your new ideologies and change your new allegiances to adopt some of your better traits.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The traitor continues his act of treachery – how the tables have turned?

I find it personally insane and a detrimental step in the march towards a united country that the GOSL has proscribed 16 Tamil Organizations and a host of individuals. Any sane person will tell you, and sadly I don’t believe there are any sane people in GOSL anymore as paranoia reigns supreme, that proscribing automatically elevates an individual to an elevated status, bequeathing them free publicity, that will help them further their cause of separatism, by collecting more funds and giving them access to more media outlets, than if one let them die a natural death.

Why does the GOSL wish to give them more life? This silly act is only going to further restrict the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka as it will NOT affect rights of Tamils overseas, who have the freedom accorded them in their host countries. This then is a direct challenge to the UNHRC resolution, and our enemies will have more ammunition to attack us with.

YES, I believe that these Tamil Organizations are fronts for underhand and illegal activity, but to be able to prove it in the countries they function is not in the power of GOSL. The crazies who subscribe to those organizations are living out their fantasies that they will NEVER be able to realize if the GOSL were able to make all citizens of Sri Lanka as one, united in body and soul as we know they are already united in their genes as one nation.

What on earth is this crazy leader doing to this country? In this megalomaniacal behavior to stay in power, he has forgotten the basic truths in life. It is electoral life that he is merely concerned with and to ‘hell with country’ attitude must take him to the gallows. On reflection, I don’t even think the gallows are deserving of such traitors, who continue to disguise treachery and sell it as patriotism to a gullible electorate simply unable to think through the ramifications.

It is time we awake from this bad dream, and just say NO to his constant badgering with lies and distortions and insist that we have the freedom and democracy most countries enjoy, from which we can rise to heights never before seen in our history.

There were NO real Dutugamunu or Parakrama Bahu yugayas, as they just could not offer stability, we therefore don’t want any of that nonsense again. It is stability and the rule of law and order that we as a nation cry for, and genuinely deserve. We don’t want to have a 30yr terrorist war, replaced by another 30 year terrorist regime, only bent on survival, at any cost. People wake up!!!