Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It is truly sad that even Vesak Poya Day has been hijacked by Astrology

Please correct me if I am wrong, but we in Sri Lanka want to make life difficult for ourselves as we are succors for punishment. So it was with Vesak, which by some inexplicable reason of the Astrological Clock, is celebrated on the Full Moon which falls on April 29th , instead of Vesak being commemorated all over the world, except in Sri Lanka on May 29th Full Moon Poya Day. Why?

It is clear from the link above that the Ven.Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri Thero, the Anunayake of the Malwatte Chapter is also questioning it, though he should have done this last year when the dates were being discussed. As usual even the clergy are not planning it properly, and he, if he did this querying six months ago, could have changed it to a more suitable day.

There is an added complication where OSTENSIBLY due to pressure by the Buddhist Clergy, the Government of Sri Lanka decided to change May Day to May 7th, another first by this Country, which is becoming the laughing stock of the world, because now different bodies are commemorating May day on different dates, and despite the Government banning any of its properties from being used on May 1st for rallies, there are many labor unions planning their events on May Day. May 1st. Ironic that finally the trade unions are getting the publicity of May Day, and the political parties are having another day for their annual alcoholic tirades.

It simply makes you wonder doesn’t it that we are a country of fools & idiots, not just one or the other! How come we have let ourselves be ruled by such absurd excuses for human beings called law makers who loiter in Diyawanna Oya?

It is our fault of course for electing such lesser humans, who pretend to be more human and then fleece the Country of its rightful inheritance.

Dr Lional Bopage’s article about May Day is also appropriate to be read at the same time, as we are now embroiled in more disagreements than agreements.

So what do we do about Poson? It is time for sanity to prevail, and we will not have to worry about this issue in our lifetime anymore as this is the only time that this thorny issue has arisen in living memory. In fool’s Paradise I dare say!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The first passenger fatality in a US aircraft since 2009 was yesterday! If that is not one of the most amazing facts of HISTORY, then what is?

See link as it was worthy of news that the United States which has over 5,000 take offs and landing every day, with so many aircraft criss-crossing this vast country of 300Million people, had its first fatality yesterday, when an engine (one of only two in a Boeing 737) blew up in mid-air, due to metal fatigue. The debris hit a window which punctured and a woman was sucked out and pulled back in who later died of her injuries, while the aircraft landed on one engine, smoothly at the nearest airport as soon as the accident happened and dropped from its 32,000 feet altitude.

Frankly, no newspaper in the United States is making any reference to this phenomenal safety record, as they do not want to brag about such a safety record. However for those Russian and Chinese agents who are out there in Sri Lanka who loves to bash the USA, understand that this is what capitalism is all about.

Southwest Airlines 51 years strong, which alone has more take offs and landings than any airline in the world, including Emirates, which is just an international airline, (as Dubai just has one airport! To the USA’s thousands) had its first fatality yesterday.

Let us give credit where credit is due please, to the efforts of the US airline industry, its safety measures and their procedures, that despite the huge competition of the airline industry in that country, they have been able to maintain their safety standards.

It is just as well for the anti-american Sri Lankan people who find every reason to bash the USA for every little thing, including their absolutely crazy President, who has been the only one Brash enough to have been able to get the North Korean Dictator to a summit, to agree to temper his nuclear ambitions, is a Country that deserves its reputation as a land of opportunity.

Not Russia, not China nor any other country has the opportunities available and the freedoms their people enjoy, within their own country, and so due to jealousy on the part of the degenerates of Sri Lanka, especially some journalists who have had a USA education, should eat humble pie from such information.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

President says 10% in the teaching profession cannot teach even a class of exercise, that is nearly 50,000 being paid to do nothing!

Just read the links below just in today’s Lankadeepa paper, and you will get a simple understanding of what is wrong with this Country. It is simply the Public Service squeezing every bit from everywhere of the Economy

At a meeting of senior grades of the SLAS, the President talks about people in jobs, which they have no clue what to do as they have been appointed on lists of MPs and political pressure. Why can’t this back door entry be prevented?

Then we have the daylight robbery which is getting permits to destroy the Country. All these permits are given by the various Government Departments. It is clear that there are billionaires in the ranks of those in the Bureau of Mines that issues these permits for mining not just sand, but also desecrate paddy fields so that they can be mined for precious stones, for which permits are needed too. This kind of racket is destroying the very fabric of society and it is the Government Servants who are engaged in this too.

Talking about the Teaching Profession, he says 50,000 cannot teach, he does not refer to 150,000 who are supposedly teachers, who are bad teachers and have not been outed. They are still in the system and will be till they retire, but they are working for a paycheck, and should also be considered as bad teachers.

It is due to this factor in our schools that Children do not get the education they need. It is no secret that the Teaching Profession faces a lot of pressures and it is not easy to teach at any level today.

The kids come with all sorts of problems that the teachers are expected to solve and they are not given the tools for such. About 15% of all Students in Sri Lanka schools need mental health counseling as they are traumatized due to many issues, either at home or at school, or other PTSD symptoms they have faced in their lives, including sexual exploitation that is not easy to ascertain and even more difficult to resolve.

W must accept that far more sensible and directed resources need to be given to schools with the SOLE object of getting students to enjoy what they are doing at school and prepare them for the world out there, without expressly only working on their studies and ignoring all other factors of education.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The greed of Corporate Elite has cost the Country Years of progress

It is accepted folklore in Sri Lanka that, the politicians have ruined this Country over a 70 year period and they continue to do so. Organized Crime, Compromising the Independence of the Police and Judiciary, Bribery and Corruption lie at the base of most of the stories of Government Excess.

Latterly, greed has taken altogether different proportions with the MPs voting themselves higher and higher duty free permits, and as if to salve their conscience is engaged in giving doctors, and all manner of public servants increased privileges on these selfsame permits. Isn’t it obvious that it is the Country that has been shortchanged by these actions of daylight robbery?

I would like to add another dimension to this problem, and that is of Corporate Greed to outstrip Government inefficiency and corruption.

Just to quote one example recently, the Government in their 2017 budget had allocated Rs5Billion for I pads for schools and teachers above a certain grade. The good intention was to make our students more computer savvy, and it was felt that they (the students) will not be able to purchase their own, so the State decided to call for tenders to enable a certain specified number of to be purchased.

The outcome of the tender was that the only company able to comply with the tender requirements as far as specifications were concerned, despite knowing the allocation from the Treasury for this purchase was Rs5Billion, gave a proposal that would have cost Rs7Billion. Of course it could not be awarded and so there was a lot of wrangling with bribes changing hands to get the Govt to accept this tender at the higher price.

The officers roped into put pressure were those within the Education Department a known den of thieves, who want to personally profit from the Education of our children, a wholly reprehensible quality in our Civil Servants.

The final outcome due to the delay was that whole project was called off, when by now all our youth above a certain age could have been enjoying I Pad privileges to equip them for the modern and changing world we live in.

If only the Company had bid at the Rs 5 Billion with no bribes and commissions to anyone, they could have got the tender, all the relevant kids would now be using their I pads and 200,000 students at least would be well on the way to enjoying a better insight into their employment prospects and their employ-ability in the marketplace.

I firmly believe that if this tender was placed at Rs5B, even if the company making the tender possibly could have lost on that contract, it was a worthwhile act of need they could have fulfilled and they would have won public praise for their generosity in subsidizing this contract, if they really were out of pocket.

The public adulation could be used as a marketing gimmick, that would be worth more than the loss of profit, if that was the case, and in the end it would have been a long sighted win for the Company anyway.

So why could it not be done? Corporate Greed, where they believe in order to supply the government and pay off the Government Servants and Ministers, they need to charge an additional Rs2B.

In the end all the citizens of Sri Lanka pay this bribe, whether we like it or not. It is high time the wealthy citizenry think not of today’s purse but tomorrow’s purse, as in the long run these same businessmen will gain, and perhaps get repeat business to cover any shortfall in the future.

Multiply this issue thousands of times over everywhere you go and you get the imprint of how business is done and explains the excess of Mercedez Benz cars and the ease with which new BMW I8 can fall into the Diyawanna with the owner driver merely walking away as if the new car just did not matter to him!

This ability to make unconscionable profits on the back of Government Contracts is something that is not highlighted in the media for a variety of reasons. If they did, I am sure the common occurrence would be stopped in its tracks and we may begin to see some accountability among our business leaders working honestly for the Country.

It is said that the Country’s growth rate that all share some part in is stunted by such high commission, high bribery rate economies and the speed with which these countries can develop are accordingly delayed.

All facts point to the state of a desperate need to reduce the level of this corruption if we are to make progress and it is imperative that though I have noted it is corporate greed, it is also Public Servants at higher levels, enjoying these permits who are ALSO engaged in demanding high bribes so that they give the necessary permissions for the private sector to supply state institutions.

I appeal to all Sri Lankans to understand that each bribe however large or small affects everyone who lives in Sri Lanka, and it is their duty to have a conscience if they even profess a religion, and are god fearing as most people in Sri Lanka are. How can you be that and take your country to the cleaners?  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why is it impossible for some to understand that the Office of Missing Persons is really needed in this Country?


The office of missing persons has now been established after we have needed it for nearly 50 years, since people disappeared without trace. It started with the JVP uprising in 1971, when many people disappeared and people in power in Sri Lanka, then and now conveniently forget it. Many a mother has gone to her grave, with no knowledge of what happened to her son or daughter and many of them mind you were MINORS at the time they went missing.

ARE THE JO JOKERS HEARTLESS and the likes of cretins like Vasudeva Nanayakkara. He was a left wing firebrand in his youth, and though pretending to be one now lives a life of luxury and pays homage to words of heartless ness! WHY OH WHY?

Just read the article in today’s Daily Mirror and you many understand why it is needed. There are just to many people who have gone missing in the last 50 years and I will put the figure at about 100,000, with NO TRACE and it is probably the highest percentage for a population of our size and with the exception of the Genocide in Ruwanda we come a close second.

While Ruwanda has passed that stage and made progress on that score we are still wollowing in self pity, not wanting to do the right thing, OSTENSIBLY to spare the blushes of a few renegade soldiers in the Armed Forces who may be protected when investigations are prevented! So for a few soldiers, about 20 we have to hold 500,000 living Sri Lankans who have lost relatives, with no knowledge of what happened to them to ransom.

Are 500,000 Sri Lankan citizens less important than protecting about 20 soldiers against whom war crimes allegations are out? NO NO NO

It is time the shameful animals in the JO who are preventing this from taking place, and are using it for political purposes by lying about what it is, as being some foreign conspiracy to put our soldiers on trial, I say please don’t fool our pathetic public, simply unable still to sift truth from fiction and give the benefit of the doubt to those Sinhala and Tamil and Muslim mothers to find out, please.

Let us see if Mahinda Rajapakse is a statesman who cares for his people and let us hear what he has to say about this, and why? He needs to rise from being less than human to nearly human for once. That is if he has any humanity in him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Snake – Rivalry of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Cricket, real or imaginary? Much ado about nothing

Prior to the semi-final on Friday, March 16th, where The Bangladesh Cricket coach, Sri Lankan – Chandika Hathurusinghe, now 50, had left Bangladesh to become the coach of the Sri Lankan side, the bad blood may have just been that. Chandika forsaking the team he built to a world class cricketing entity, decided to accept the appointment from Sri Lanka, knowing well the problems he is taking on – not leaving from, by becoming Sri Lanka’s coach.

Sri Lanka had already been beaten at home by this team, and in this match it had come to the wire, where Sri Lanka without skipper Chandimal, who was barred from playing due to a slower over rate, had to use the services of Tisara Perera, as the stand in captain, who with Kusal Perera salvaged Sri Lanka from an impossible position to one of nearly winning! The word is NEARLY but for!

So in Friday’s last game, the poor umpiring on the part of the Sri Lanka umpires, where once the first bounce over the shoulder was bowled, in the heat of the innings, the umpire failed to signal the warning. So the bowler, bowled another over the shoulder, (normally resulting in a no ball) infuriating the Bangladesh skipper, who called the team off, a photo went VIRAL on FB and social media of a bit player, server of drinks, pointing his finger at Tisara and the latter merely ignoring it, which was the best thing to do. This act infuriated the Sri Lankan supporters, who further got worked up as the dressing room door had been smashed by the Bangladeshi skipper, shown later. The whole country as it were turned their anger at losing, against the MINNOWS and in favor of our arch rival in Cricket, India, as the Final was Bangladesh vs India.

Of course India won on a last ball 6. Bangladesh three overs earlier, one of their bowlers managed a maiden and 36 was required off the last two, they seemed surely to win. So with the tide of the game turning such, and India finally winning, all SL media was completely against Bangladesh. Earlier, the Saturday Lankadeepa headline was about the door being smashed with a lot of VITRIOL aimed at Bangladesh. If their Ambassador got that headline and the continuing story, which I cut out, translated, he would get quite a shock at the completely inappropriate rant against another SAARC country amounting to war.

The partiality of the journalist, representing the puerile sentiment of the gallery in Sri Lanka, COMPLETELY overlooked the error of the umpire which resulted in the captain’s outburst demanding the team withdraw. It is not Bangladesh alone who are poor sportsman here, it is definitely the whole country, Sri Lanka, who should be ashamed of themselves in treating the B cricketers for a reaction.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Read why there is a difference in what is said in public and what is done in reality by those of the Joint Opposition

I describe below one incident that occurred yesterday, to illustrate why you cannot trust those who are shedding crocodile tears about the recent incidents, are actually the very perpetrators of the crimes they are blaming the government for instigating, and implicating them.

It is true, this is but one incident does not make a pattern,  the stamp of all incidents, but it just goes to show the blue print that is being adopted with impunity to divide the country, and effectively disenfranchise the rights of all minorities, and intelligent people, in every way and being subject to the whims and fancies of the envious regime of the past, represented by the Gallery of the poorly educated and easily manipulated, and enslaved electorate. I am trying not to be elitist here, but add racist educated to this herd too.

This incident yesterday, where  an elected member of the BUDD party, came to the podium, in a Muslim Mosque, which was attended by local worthies, including Buddhist Clergy from the local temple,and made the usual statement telling all the Muslim people gathered there, that he will protect them all, and while he is the democratically elected head in the area, HE WILL NOT permit any crime against them and will take personal responsibility for anything that occurs. He assured the Muslim people gathered at the Mosque, that they need not worry about their businesses or personal safety while on his watch.

Ironically the high ups in the local police also were represented here, and there was the needed security also provided at that location.

IN THE MEANTIME, one of his henchmen went on the rampage at that time at a place not one km from when this event was going on. I cannot confirm it was orchestrated though.

Remember this newly elected politician is what is termed in Sinhala, a MARAYA, so obviously the people of the area, elected him knowingly or unknowingly as a MARAYA to represent them.  

His henchmen attacked an innocent Muslim shopkeeper,  older person with a heart condition, and did some minor damage to his premises and fled withing minutes. The shopkeeper was rushed to the hospital where he is right now.

Within minutes the police gathered having been informed of the incident, and a few Minutes later, the MARAYA turns up with his flashing lights indicating a man of power (remember even MPs and Ministers are now barred from using flashing lights, so he has broken the law in front of the POLICE who failed to arrest him on this infringement!) came to survey the scene and take control of the incident, as by now over 100 people had gathered as is normal in Sri Lanka.


In Sri Lanka, when there is an incident, the nosy parkers appear from nowhere, instead of biding their time in their homes. they are all curious ready for their nights entertainment! So the MARAYA had a ready made audience for his theatrics. Over hundred people had now gathered at the scene of the incident at night.

So he goes around as if he is concerned, giving high fives to the Police gathered around as if he knows them all, and generally gives the impression of the man in charge. (remember he was a nobody, and a thug, known to the community as a thug involved in all sorts of nefarious activities, before the election, but has not changed his thuggish ways after it either)

He held sway, telling the people he will see that the culprit is caught and punished and made a full drama and requested with the Police for the people to disperse, as there was no problem now and he will ensure that the local area will be safe from such incidents. Don't forget that due to the tension created lately, the Security forces took this incident very seriously, and so deployed police and the army to this scene of this small incident in case it flared up! The security force presence was kept overnight in just in case, to the annoyance of the actual Policemen required to do the night watchman task.

So there were other local Politicians coming by to show their support to the Security forces and the people of the area, so it became a catalyst for a lot of VIP arrivals and departures, as is normal, as politicians believe it their duty to show there faces when any incident, where the crowd has gathered and need entertainment. They too must have seen the theatrics of this Johnny come lately!


This is what is wrong in Sri Lanka today, after the rise of the BUDD. Once it blooms no telling what is in store for poor Sri Lanka, if the in the BUDD stage we have to face such people who are in charge.

Worse too,  the average Policeman was given jobs under the MR regime, not for ability but on a list of party faithful, who frankly are MOST ANNOYED at having to guard Muslim shops overnight, or protect them, as they are, put simply, the rural racist catchment of the BUDD and the previous MR acolytes. Overheard was the Policeman complaining that all this security for a small incident, is over the top, and for all he knows it was not even a race crime, but one made to look like that, caused by the Muslims themselves to gain sympathy for their cause and rouse their people up, by their community.

No wonder then that the Muslim community HAVE LOST FAITH IN THE POLICE as they are not independent and don't see each human being as a citizen of the Country, they have sworn to protect.

Sri Lanka we have a problem, and we can solve it if we all get together and try to allay the incorrect, dangerous and incendiary information that is spreading from person to person, where the recipient is UNABLE to simply understand that it is all COCK TALK with NO basis in fact. We need a true STATES MAN TO GIVE THIS MESSAGE UNEQUIVOCALLY.

THE MASSES - Are they intelligent? Or do they have selective amnesia, where they are intelligent but like the Donald Trump acolytes, completely blind and deaf to their racist belief that they are being taken advantage of by the ruling class. They are told the present govt. by giving prominence and benefit to Muslim in Sri Lanka, believe they don't deserve this special treatment if in fact they are given undue benefits.

With regard to laws having to be equal, that is one for the legislature to rule on and not the Muslim community, who will practice their laws, until they are told it is illegal in Sri Lanka.


If this analysis gives the reader a picture of the true position of smokes and mirrors at work, we have two severe problems. We have a majority of RACISTS now elected to the Local Government Level, who say one thing and do something completely opposite, and fool the masses to their advantage.

We then have the second string of people like the POLICE and SECURITY FORCES and Government Servants, who have been appointed on party lines, not with integrity or ability, who hold severely WARPED ideas of the world around them, and so are COMPLETELY UNFIT for the task they have been entrusted. RACISM BEING ONE OF MANY FAULTS, but is appropriate here.

YOU then have the Muslim community who have been victimized, a Police Force,  as they are racist (majority) hold even the belief that it was not a hate crime, but one committed by the Muslim community themselves, and an elected politician prancing like a peacock having his day in the SUN with so many present as his audience.

SADLY ALL IN THE NAME OF POLITICS - TO GAIN AND STAY IN POWER BY FOOLING THE PEOPLE AND RESULT IN TAKING THE COUNTRY IN REVERSE. There is no one advocating the concept of ONE NATION and doing everything for the benefit of the nation.

Until Sri Lanka can produce a true statesman who can point out the folly in this thinking and the only means of survival is putting country first, we don't appear to have a future.