Monday, May 25, 2015

Ranil Wickremasinghe – the maestro is so far ahead that only swear words can be uttered!

The PM came out like a rose in full bloom, when the shriveled pumpkin had his say, and the whole world realized that this firebrand of yore should be spending his days in the lap of his campaigner for civil liberties! I hope for one he will then listen to her sense and sensibility and drop his quest for any more time wasting in Parliament, a traitor to the nation.

The further joke is when all these opposition MPs have signed a no confidence motion merely out of spite and envy that this man who was belittled and hung out to dry has the last laugh on them, and it those jokers who will be hung out to dry, after being completely spun around to dry in the washing machine of the next electioneering!

While the man is maddening as I have reported many times in the blog, as he is seen to make decisions contrary to the rank and file of the party, he sees a picture that many of us don’t see, and that is because his level of autism gives him an edge over normal people, which he has learned to use for maximum political advantage.

As I reported in the previous blog entry, the level of ignorance of this community is so great and their ability to hang their hat on something they know nothing about, but pretend to know is what allows imbeciles who should be in an asylum, the people’s mandate to get into parliament. Whether all those who put them there should also be committed is an argument for a later date.   

Whatever the likes of Dayan Jayatilleke say, poor excuses for PhDs in this country, Ranil Wickremasinghe holds forth completely over the Country, and much more so than the President, and the latter knows it and does not care.

Whilst Ranil’s erstwhile cousin Rajeeva Wijesinghe has not one word of good to say about him, that is out of intellectual snobbery only, as though Rajiva is a professor, Ranil is far more professorially savvy than the former English teacher. Rajiva being a never was person, hates to see someone who is!!!

This post is not meant to be an exercise in attacking those who are incompetent, but to show people’s perceived intellectual capacities to be all hot air that is merely expelled by a fart!

Let us go back to basics and trust this land to someone who is known all his life for a person of modest taste, who does not have to show off, and known to be highly eccentric as few people really understand his true medical condition that gives him both the intellectual excellence and human aloofness seen as and mistakenly assumed to be arrogance!!

Time for a new Sri Lankan order where excellence is encouraged and treachery savagely punished. That is after teaching these so called patriots to look at the mirror at themselves, all the Rajapakses being submitted to this very important treatment, when there is a chance of reform.  That lot should also be subjected to the same rehabilitation and reform training the LTTE carders have been subjected to get at the same result. The LTTE were traitors and so are these people, They just speak a different language that is all the difference.  .        

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The enemies of the Govt. have nothing to blame the Govt. with! Shocking

It is simply ironic that this minority govt. today, is having a ride, where the only allegation laid is on the Bond issue.

Actually, the PM must be chuckling to himself as he knows, that in reality there is no issue there, and numbers and allegations laid have NO basis in fact, so he allows that to be the whipping boy for the opposition, and he is waiting for the opportune moment to call their bluff, by showing what a bunch of twats these absolutely moronic, and sadly in this case, the MPs who seem to be those who really belong in Angoda, don’t have a clue about bond trading and what it means.

Since that bond auction then, there have been so many bond auctions that the moronic press has not reported on, lest they will look even sillier, and the bonds bought at the auction that caused the furor have been traded a zillion times already in the secondary market by the bond traders. They don’t even have an iota of brains to work out the realized profit thereon.

The fact that BOZO Iqbal Athas does not understand it is a very clear indictment on the “talking cock” syndrome of supposedly respectable Sunday Times journalists. It is well for Singha Ratnatunge to know that his journalists are making a mockery of the stature to which he was able to build his paper up to, by acting like herd of hens in pursuing the wrong thread of the Bond deals, purely because the paper does not appear to have anyone with the knowledge to understand how bonds are traded and what part they play in the Government fund raising. Similarly if they look into following auctions I am sure they will be able to find the same pattern, nothing wrong, but will throw into good light, the problematic auction, thereby clearing this government by default of any wrong doing.

The usually savvy JVP have been badly advised on this by their researchers who obviously have no clue as AKD is still harping on a dead subject making a bigger BOZO of himself than he realizes, as once his ignorance is laid bare, (he will be the biggest idiot of all) by the Prime Minister, who will choose his moment to expose the general ignorance and lack of understanding even of the 3 man report on this scandal that is actually illuminative.

When this shit hits the fan, may God Help the Journalists, and Wijeya Newspapers in particular who have been particularly unkind to the PM for reasons of their own, and I suspect, it is the journalistic freedom the owner gives, will prove that they are NOT worthy of their editorship, and Singha and company are likely to be thrown to the wolves for making asses of themselves in this regard. I should then apply for the editorship!

Singha there are only 6 people in the Country, and the Governor is NOT one of them, who understand how these bonds are traded. Pay money and get an intelligent journalist from your staff to ask one of them to explain exactly what went on, and then ask him to write it in simple English to the paper, so the readers themselves can understand that nothing untoward happened! Then at least you can do your Mea Culpas to the Governor and start investigating the real crook who is the previous Governor Nivard Cabral, who sold insider information to the highest bidder. Why have you let him off the hook to this date? It is time all bond auctions for the past 4 years be investigated and the real pattern ascertained.              

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The UNP winning on Top and losing at the bottom!

If you speak to the top brass of the UNP they are now confident of winning, so much so that they are now on a cavalier approach to the rank and file. The MPs and in a different planet to the rest of the party workers, who are wondering what is going on these days, with the new appointments to Organizers to electorates in the past two weeks.

In using examples, I am merely trying to explain the malaise, and if the Leadership know that as they must, they appear NOT TO CARE as they believe the people are so disgusted by the last Regime’s rape of the Country, that by prior UPFA disgruntled voters that they will be able to get over the party workers concerns!

So for example DIG Prishantha Jayakody who returned to the Country after the elections, has been appointed the sole Organizer for Mahara, a very large Electorate in the Gampaha District which had very competent and financially loaded people ready to contest from there. George Perera the local Mahara Organizer for a part has been stomping the area for decades going to every event and doing his time. What must he have felt when he was unceremoniously booted out, and just given a District Organizer ship?

Well the talk is even on this expected swing, Prishantha will be lucky to get 10,000 preferences while George will get the sympathy vote! For firing him. So is that what was in the minds of those who made this decision?  Why did they appoint Keerthi Fonseka to part of Yapahuwa where he has worked in earnest for the past few months and unceremoniously dump him in favor of Ms Lokubanda? Is it the idea that she will be the first MP from Kurunegala District for the UNP in a while? I don’t understand.

This when viewed with the wonton destruction of the Youth Wing by the Secretary Tharaka Nanayakkara, who surprise surprise doubles up as his father’s private secretary, you have a recipe for disaster looking at the floating vote of 4.5M under 35s.

In my opinion the problem was with not appointing a professional manager to run the Political Operation in the form of a good full time General Secretary who can be on the road for at least half the week visiting ALL the electorates and gauging the status on the ground. The omission here is reflected in the appalling organizational snafu.

With almost all MPs stuck in their ministries with limited power to help their constituents the hard core and grass roots voter has been forgotten, and the leadership of the opinion despite all the complaints these people are giving, they will on voting day cast their vote for the elephant. This kind of condescending behavior can backfire, unless a clear policy directive is presented to the voter, and a youth policy that cannot be faulted, concurrent with the PMs 1million jobs plan.

It is NOT too late now, but the machinery for elections is not set up, and the publicity is very weak, and despite there being no threat from Rupavahini and ITN, they are not helping either trying to be all things to all men. The money is not flowing into the election coffers, and the plan is to put a blitz of advertising in one go to achieve their objectives, and will the voters buy into the last minute humiliation of the UPFA crooks?   

Thursday, May 21, 2015

PORT CITY - Hatchet Job at the LBO CEO forum on 20th May 2015

The LBO CEO Forum at the Inst. Of Chartered Accountants, 6th Floor, 30 Malalasekera Mw. 20th May 2015 at 6pm

The Sales Manager for Port City gave a presentation.

There was a very slick presentation! Gave size of CCC, no arguments! Gave picture of land at 233Hectares – No guarantees that will be correct! Said all subject to UDA approval and the land owned by SL and that by China WILL NOT BE CONTIGOUS and will be up to bartering on blocks!!! As per the master plan as presented.

Stressed all the time that UDA will look critically and only once their approval of each aspect is given will each stage be started!

Business District with a HUGE Convention Center (badly needed for Colombo) Hotels, Business areas, mixed development areas, and exclusive residential areas, with 25% devoted to parks and greenery as in a modern metropolis! US$ 1.4 is ONLY infrastructure to get the island stage, and not the buildings on it which is estimated to cost another US$14B over a period of time.

The Singaporean Salesman had the cheek to say that with the Port City, the existing real estate values in Colombo will rise substantially once Colombo becomes a desirable place to live in the future. Surely with Port City this will diminish, without it will rise even faster!

Beaches alone that are swimmable unlike present beach in Galle Face, of 3KM! all sounded superb! Especially saying largest Foreign Investment ever in SL and NO contribution reqd from SL AT ALL!!!! Icing was that 83,000 will be given jobs!
Failed to talk about – How many large rocks in Sri Lanka will be destroyed along with the Environment, to fill this place, and how many thousands will lose the wells and springs as a result of the loss of water!

No relief to traffic which will be worse, unless supported by a metro system paid for by the Chinese to cover all of Colombo at NO additional charge.

Saying that it is less than 1/3 of the Southern Port Terminal in Colombo, which has caused environmental damage in the north with sea erosion and having to replace sand he said this project will enhance and NOT destroy the coast line! No idea how he came to that conclusion! However one must look at the Environmental Impact of the Southern Terminal INDEPENDENTLY of the same Environmental Impact of the Port City.

What about the need for Electricity for the equivalent of a 150K people city! As it is 5 star, it will need Electricity that the Equiv of 1M Sri Lankans currently consume! Solar or Fossil Fuel power station required inland just to cater to them. 

What about the water they consume, unless they have an independent desalination plant for ALL their water needs? How about disposing of sewage and treatment thereof, will it end up in the sea, and how about garbage disposal as it will require more landfills.

Sorry lets stop at the shit currently generated, we cannot even contemplate the extra shit that will be generated in future from this Port City, and SL will be the repository of the mountain of shit as a result of the Port City, with Colombo being more polluted than Beijing - NO WAY JOSE 


Monday, May 18, 2015

Criminal Charges against Gota!

The Sunday Times yesterday has detailed a list of potential wrongdoings that lead directly to the former Defence Secretary Ghotabaya Rajapakse, as he is the senior most person who could approve or cancel any of these transactions, and in each of these instances he is shown to be the person who has for reasons of his own, (throwing caution to the wind in a Machiavellian fashion of authoritarianism borne out of an insecurity complex) taken it upon himself to use the resources of the State in transactions that now seem to be illegal, though at the time may have seemed to his state of mind,. perfectly legitimate and in the best interests of the Country.

Such are the vagaries of life in and out of power and he must face the music fair and square, as a citizen of this Country as well as the USA. He MUST remember one thing that he is now being treated fairly, with equal protection of the law, and the Investigators are well within their rights to prosecute if it is a prosecutable offence in the eyes of the law here.

In fact the MIG deal, Avante Garde, Lanka Hospitals and Lanka Logistics are the least of his problems. They pale in comparison to the more rigorous scrutiny he is now under by the US Internal Revenue authorities for not disclosing the Income he has made over this period on deals that they (US Internal Revenue Service) have detailed records of and are working closely with Sri Lankan Law enforcement authorities for him to be extradited to the US to face prosecution as a Federal Crime and if found guilty, may face up to 20 years in rigorous imprisonment in a Federal Penitentiary, with murderers and drug addicts.

He must rue the day he obtained US citizenship, as otherwise he would have been spared prosecution!

What goes around comes around, and the lesson in this is to have a sense of proportion about oneself. Whilst he may pay a harsh price for the sins he is accused of, the sins he is NOT accused of and more difficult to prove cast a historical perspective on his conduct as the chief officer in charge of Security of Sri Lanka. History will judge him harshly.

Let us NOT forget the Law of the Jungle he imposed. Whilst cohorting with Drug Dealers in Government, he allowed other underworld figures and drug dealers NOT part of his circle to be taken in and then killed in broad daylight, ostensibly shot by the Police when trying to escape when being taken to a scene of crime or to show where arms or bodies are hidden; a standard procedure commonly reported during the MR administration almost every month.

We have not had even ONE of these incidents under this administration, which is proof positive that it was going on under the MR regime. If they say criminals are allowed to roam freely now and not in their administration as the reason, then their criminality that supersedes in magnitude any criminality that was prosecuted then, must be pointed out in comparison, that now at least the real criminals are being rounded up, and then it was just the imaginary ones they caught so that competition in criminality was disposed of!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

When Fools Rush In!

Now what is the strange deal going on, which the deaf and blind Media in Sri Lanka has not been able to gauge?

How come Ravi Karunanayake the Finance Minister who has NO jurisdiction over the Central Bank, is making statements that the Golden Key Depositors WILL get their money from the CB, IF THEY THE DEPOSITORS DROP all legal action?

What is the deal? Has Ravi K been paid off by Lalith K to do this so it clears the latter from any case or wrongdoing and can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, to become the US$100M man again with his shareholding of 50% in Ceylinco Insurance intact.

US$100M is Rs 13.3B and Ceylinco Insurance market cap is Rs30B, so that is how I arrive at that figure.

Washed up journalists of Sri Lanka please note that there is NO mention of how much of the money these depositors will get back. With interest rate quoted of 35% per annum for GK being OTT, it will definitely not be 100% as that will asking too much. So it is likely that 40% would be the more reasonable figure to pay back. CB will take over the assets!

If you were a Golden Key depositor will you hold out for more? I rather think not, and it seems therefore that Lalith K will get off scott free from that scandal to take his seat in public with no remorse, as he has blamed the Rajapakse Govt. of screwing him royally, which led to the down fall in the first place.

COINCIDENTALLY the Ceylinco Insurance ESOP sold 10% of the company to some shady characters and companies no one has heard of and NO JOURNALIST has yet investigated. So who are the shady purchases? Is it a Lalith Kotelawala owned trust or company overseas that has bought this? Hidden Assets!!! Who gets the proceeds?

Then what about the court case of the ownership of the ESOP that has over 30% of Ceylinco Insurance? Does LK own this and not the Employees. Who is (as in fat cat lawyers) protecting the interests of the Ceylinco Employees?

MORON JOURNALISTS surely isn’t there something very fishy going on here? Are you guys so sleepy or brain dead so as NOT to see this scoop, or have you been handsomely paid off, as the Finance Minister seems to have!

What is Ranil Wickremasinghe the PM doing about it? I think as the Minister in charge of the CB, he should be asking the questions above. The trouble is that he is so intellectually out to lunch, questioning the legality of Gota’s stay order, that he has missed the plot that his own ministers are hatching under him.

It is all good fun in the land of the lotus eaters, where it is business as usual, where the people are screwed by the rulers and the wealthy, who always work together no matter who is in power, to enrich themselves from squeezing every ounce from the hapless citizenry

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mahendran issue just does not go away – now a fabricated no confidence motion

As I predicted on the 11th of January soon after (48Hours) the election results were announced, the PM did not understand the effect of the appointment of his able friend to the Governorship of the Central Bank would have on perception!!!!

He thought that anyone would be better than the total crook he replaced, namely Nivarrd Cabraal who made a habit for so many years of selling insider information to people for money, and his friends were enriched by billions as a result. This pales in comparison to the maximum possible loss that can occur due to the recent scandal even if insider information was used, and I don’t believe it came from his father in law but by the corrupt senior officials of the Cabraal administration who have already made millions from this information.

The fact that the 3 member investigative committee asked that these jokers in the Central Bank be investigated and nothing has happened so far is what is really bad about the administration, and NOT that Mahendran was not sacked!!!

This goes to the heart of the misinformation campaign that even the Government does NOT make any attempt to clarify or clear!! That is the problem. It is time the rogues inside the CB are exposed, and arrested and prosecuted. It is to Mahendran’s fault that he has taken advice from these rogues, who have put him in this particularly nasty corner. I wonder what he must be thinking now that he has been exposed as a rogue when so many senior officials still carry on with business as usual.

The only GOOD to come out of this is that in future I am sure ALL comers will be more careful in opening themselves out to ridicule and will attempt to perform their tasks with efficiency and without criminal intent!!   

So why not act on the recommendations on the committee, instead of ignoring them as the only Civil Lawyer there, Chandimal Mendis is spot on in the issues raised, and we must ensure that there are checks and balances in place to ensure that there is NO recurrence of this kind of activity and it will be Sri Lanka that benefits.

What baloney that 88 signatories MPs who don’t understand what a bond is to make these wild ass allegations. They should NOT be given the ticket and people should not vote them in either!!!

It is time the CB past crimes are exposed, and the people informed about that whole event during the MR rule and shown how many billions had been squandered as a result.