Friday, June 17, 2016

My final post on Salawa, I hope!

I don’t want to go on this issue any further, because the Government is now in the process of compensating the victims on the basis of a formula. However I see no issuance of comfort to the people anywhere that they have taken steps to remove any ordinance from highly populated areas. This means that the ordnance is STILL there, and the steps being taken for their transport is NOT adequate at present, and they may in fact be rushing to construct some stores with concrete or other prescribed material in a safe place. We the people do not need to know where this safe place is as long as it is really safe, and the Army are not again making another elementary mistake, due to their inability to think laterally or in any other direction.

The link above is fairly thorough, but the most important part is the end where it is clear that despite having sufficient knowledgeable officers, in the field of storage, they have NOT been able to act on the need of the hour over 16 years ago, when this lapse was brought to their attention.

I would like therefore to repeat that even the Army need some independent body, to review their activities and procedures, in short a systems AUDIT. It is done in all Countries, but in Sri Lanka, I am told it is done by those who don’t know what a systems audit really entails.

When you spend Rs350B a year, you expect it to be spent wisely for the safety of the people of Sri Lanka, in war and now in peacetime. Due to peacetime safety being compromised with this blast, that has sent shockwaves even through the entire army, it is time the whole hierarchy at the Army is changed, and we promote a Brigadier or a lower rank as Army Commander, to show that it is No LONGER seniority that matters in getting to the top, but sheer ability beyond the call of duty.

I am told there are some very capable young officers who bore the brunt of the action in war, and so are not only those who faced the direct threat of bullets, as opposed to the senior officers who were a little away from the action, and they are capable of using new technology to the advantage of the forces, and should be brought into revamp the Army into a technologically savvy army capable of sourcing needed arms, rather than storing them, and let others in other parts of the world do the storing, we just need to know how to get it quick when needed.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

THE COCAINE BUST: Street value of Rs2B – More questions than answers!

A team under the direction of the Finance Ministry and independent of the Customs, discovered this cocaine in a sugar consignment from Brazil.

Apparently it was after a tip off that the container was kept under surveillance and pounced upon. Why did they not wait for scanning to see if it would have been detected then? If it had not, then we can investigate the Customs officials, but now the crooks in the Customs will get off scot free, and continue with other cocaine supplies, as it must have been coming for years, undetected!

These are questions we will have to ask. It is fine for the officers who busted this to take credit this time, and it was also noteworthy that the President was also present at the Container Yard.

Whose yard is it? Customs, or a private bonded warehouse YARD? Either way, we MUST be very concerned about how easy it has been for this type of hard drugs to come into Sri Lanka, and the whole nation is currently fighting a drug menace of massive proportions, that the Security Forces have NOT been able to get an handle on.

Just today, there was a full page article in the Lankadeepa paper about the movement of drugs from Colombo up to the Hill Country, and the method that is used to get it there. This is all in the hands of the DRUG LORDS who have political protection, and I implore the President to show NO MERCY towards these people.

WE MUST get the culprits. Remember we are a country where honest people are always set up so the crooks get away. So we must be sure that we catch the top dogs and not the small fry who get fried for a small crime!

Cleaning up customs MUST be top of the agenda as money flowing through that route is still the big bucks, and I am surprised that there is NO AUTOMATIC system of tracking untoward movement in lifestyle and funds of Customs Officials which is very easy, once you bring friends and family into the loop, and use some simple software to trigger an investigation. Honest guys have NOTHING to worry, the crooks WILL GET CAUGHT no matter what they do, trust me with that SYS. 

THE GMOA – Time they are all put in jail for life!


Let us begin with the leadership. If it is not one thing it is another. This most privileged of Sri Lankan people who have a education which YOU AND I PAY RS12M and they pay nothing don’t have any rights to complain.

Earlier it was about Private Medical Students who are paying the Rs12M for their education, then it was about their various privileges and rights and the interference of political goons in their activities, and now it is about their children NOT GETTING PREFERENCES

Damn you DOGS you don’t need any preferences, because if you had a free education worth Rs12M you pay and educate your children as MOST of you do, and you are only trying to deprive other MORE DESERVING CASES of an education, and your CHILDREN FRANKLY ARE THE LEAST DESERVING as you have already received a privilege which you still fail to acknowledge, so why or WHY SHOULD I PAY TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER PRIVILEGE because it is I not you who is paying for your kid to go to this so called top tier school you want to send them to!

Are you so dumb? You know what a good education can do to you. It just blows up the brain, and you become an entitlement seeker. We don’t want that to happen to your children too do we?

I am just sick and tired of the most powerful and least public friendly union in Sri Lanka, pontificating about this and that. You don’t want it GO ABROAD. That is what you have been doing all this time anyway. Not only do you get to do private medical consultations, and operations at private hospitals, you also are threatening to go abroad. YOU GUYS ARE THE SCUM OF SRI LANKA, so go and be the scum of some other country, and then you are NOT A MEMBER OF THE GMOA right! HA HA

You Jakasses calling yourself doctors is an insult to the medical profession and true professionals. NO OTHER PROFESSION behaves in this manner, and no other profession has benefitted from the SYSTEM as you have.


Your are killing patients, holding people to ransom, and behaving like animals.

It is time the public wake up and realize the Sri Lankan state doctors are leaches and NOT saviors anymore. They keep the patient ignorant about the illness, write prescriptions and notes they dont understand and dont allow them access to files and to keep copies of what they prescribe! Why? because they are worried that they will be hauled up for being incompetent, and or misdiagnose! In short you are simply charlatans in disguise as doctors.

Very soon the Malabe doctors will show you to be the charlatans you are as you are practicing outdated medicine anyway, and when patients find that out then you will be hounded out in good time! Actaully you guys have NO REDEEMING FEATURE AT ALL!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

IMAGES and stories of lives cut short for no fault of their own!

When tragedies strike in a large scale, emotions run high, especially as people follow news reports and react to them, and we now look at their backgrounds as normal people doing a job, making a living, bringing up a family, and living with friends, all struck down at a moment of unforeseen cruelty by a man wielding an assault rifle, with a mental problem, namely hate filled, and the need to kill to get his kicks.

It is all very well wondering why this happened and placing blame, but in this extraordinary world we live in, certain freedoms are misused that affect humanity adversely and we don’t know who these individuals are especially when they are under the radar, and suddenly emerge to cause mayhem. It is now becoming clear that this person was mentally unstable, as he just tagged on as following, diametrically opposed factions in the Middle East, when if rational one simply could not.

Added to this cocktail is religious fervor, irrational feelings against all sorts of people, in this case against the LGBT community, all coming together for ONE lone MAD MAN to cause this crisis, and for many others like ISIL to wallow in this tragedy, by taking credit.

The victims’ families simply have to grieve silently, about this senseless violence, in a supposedly entertainment event where friends get together to have fun, enjoy some music and informal laughter. A lot of what ifs and permanent injury remain.

THE USA sees these tragedies almost too frequently, possibly due to the ease with which mentally unstable people are able to obtain deadly assault rifles, which do not go well in a civilian environment, and the tragedy there is the power of the NRA has held a country to ransom, and lives at risk, which potential victims are unable to change.

If we can do anything on behalf of the victims it is simply doing what we can to prevent any recurrence of this senseless violence, and to that end it is ONLY the access to firearms that we can limit as a FIRST RESORT, and secondly put our energies at identifying people who could snap in a moment, and cause harm to innocents, that is something we have in every Country, and we have never been able to fully solve. Their potential for mass murder can only be reduced by laws of a Country preventing the likelihood of anyone being able to access a personal arsenal of deadly weapons, or have access to BOMB making raw materials. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Psychologists take to the air to define people “FILLED WITH HATE”

Only a person filled with so much hate can commit a crime such as this, in addition to a personality problem he may have had.

We are hearing news items from friends of the Oralando Shooter, that he was always talking about killing. That corroborates with evidence that he had a mental disorder, which finally cracked, snapped and popped into violence with a gun.

Then we heard that he had seen two gay men kissing, and that it had incensed him, and perhaps had added to his fervor of picking a gay club. He then had a background, where his father was aspiring to throw his hat into the Afghan presidential race, another act of an unstable mind, and with pro- Taliban tendencies, that must have also influenced his son’s opinion of right and wrong.

When two or three disparate ideas all come together into one common purpose, the legitimacy of one’s argument hardens. Like a confluence of rivers, they all came together for this mentally unstable man, who could NOT hold on to 2 wives in his 29 years of existence, and that in itself for a man with 4 sisters who are college educated, must speak for his misogyny.

So a misogynist homophobic loner, must be a man of incredible complications, uncomfortable in his own skin, perhaps with a family that despite him being a school football player, did not nurture him in the way a man of that background needs parental love, and mother’s affection.

Further evidence will surface over the next few days pointing to his character and it will be interesting to know what the psychological profile will be of this possibly messed up mind is going to come up with.

In short he is a nutter, a type of person most influenced by nutty thoughts. His hatred for society, and its functioning, would have been channeled into his religious belief and possibly hatred for the freedoms of American Life, which begs the QUESTION~


Mahendran – unnecessary scapegoat where GOATS RULE!

In a Country, where every Politician is corrupt, and the few who pretend not to be corrupt, don’t even understand the word, we have an APPOINTED official by the PM, who gave up a lucrative job, and who could return to an even more lucrative job overseas, being hounded out of office for being CORRUPT!

If you believe I am partial to the Governor, please read the article I wrote on January 12th 2015 a few days after the Presidential Election of Maithripala Sirisena, where I predicted this scandal by association, and the PM did not heed my advice, about Mahendran.

Frankly I don’t know why someone who can earn Rs500M a year, would take this job, except for the prestige factor, and if he knew the grief he would encounter in retrospect would surely have refused it. NO OTHER SRI LANKAN IN THIS COUNTRY CAN COMMAND SUCH AN INCOME IN A FOREIGN BANK. Not one of the 225 MPs could even get a job as a security guard in a foreign Bank.

As an international Banker (India’s Governor was also an international Banker), he is probably the ONLY person in Sri Lanka who is in a job for which he is qualified. I challenge the reader to name anyone else, least of all any of the 225 in parliament as qualified to be even a people’s representative!(to be a servant of the people)

While allegations abound, nothing is proved, and all have been dealt with without any hint of impropriety, and any non-disclosure to COPE is merely due to the need for confidentiality in not disclosing Monetary Policy to third parties, which will unfavorably impact on SL ability to borrow at lower interest rates. It is as simple as that.

With regard to him being linked to his son-in-laws dealings, I will only say that it is unfortunate that his daughter married the boy, who made a lot of money during the Rajapakse administration, including in the BOND issues, that were NOT transparent then, as they were NOT auctioned, but price fixed forcing Govt. institutions to subscribe at PRESCRIBED RATES and not market rates that would evolve in auctions.

COPE does not realize the need for confidentiality/unpredictability/mix of maturity dates/ changes to requirements on short notice/ taking advantage of short term international interest rate movements to benefit Sri Lanka. International high finance is definitely NOT for the faint hearted. Anyone working at the CB or retired has never taken a personal risk, so they fail to understand what it really means, and the high stakes involved in Bond Auctions and sudden need for big changes in funds raised, and risks attached, which are just too much to answer to COPE, so they err on the safe side, at huge cost to SL in final debt burden.

There is nothing he can do about the fact that his son in law may own the largest non Bank Bond Trading Company in Sri Lanka, as that would have been the case either way, even if I was the Governor. So when the next set of accounts discloses he made Rs10B in bond trading, you will shout corruption, I will say reward for high risk bets his CEO took on the economy, and none of the pundits in Sri Lanka can understand that. Perhaps no one understands the huge losses and huge profits you can make on betting on interest and exchange rates! The bigger you are the bigger risk you can take, and the more money you can make. You can lose big like ENTRUST and go bankrupt, too, if you make the wrong bet!

Sri Lanka is a corrupt state, where even a new Govt. pledging good Governance, has as its political leaders except the PM, all looking at ways to personally enrich themselves. Why are the intelligent masses NOT pointing a finger at the obviously corrupt deals these people continue to make, instead of attacking the easy target, NON politician to whom you will never go, after your allegations, for help, when any of the others may be useful to you in getting whatever it is you want! Please think about that logic!

As for blocking investigations, ask investigative journalists to look at the real reasons, as all the Media reporting is one sided, and people come to conclusions.

Just imagine how satisfied the corrupt politicians are that CB Governor is the target of Jayaratne and Tennekoon, they have nothing to lose even if they are right or wrong. As for naming the real crooks, they have all to lose, their gravy train keeping them alive. They must get out of the frog in the well mentality, and direct their ire where it is most needed, not the easiest punching bag, the only fish in the well!

Sri Lanka’s recent slide into economic crisis has nothing to do with Monetary Policy as managed by the CB and dependent on International Markets, but Fiscal Policy that has shown flip flops, lack of direction, uncertainty and costly Government spending mismanagement(read corruption).  


I personally believe that this distraction of using the Governor as the root of all evil, has prevented objective reporting, to enlighten us the public to the true massacre of the innocents (public) that take place daily, by our elected officials! We can stop it if we think National Interest and NOT personal!

Hate Crime, terrorist incident, act of a sick person or Radical Islam! What does it matter? They will continue UNLESS~

To put this into a box, like the American Culture of checking boxes for everything imaginable, and which makes it easy to machine read for computer analysis, does not change the fact that a man, could enter a nightclub, heavily armed, unchallenged, and massacre 50 people dead and maim 53 others.

There are only two ways you stop the act in its commission. One is by having body searches at the entrance, something Americans just don’t want and the second, is prevent ANYONE getting access to assault weapons that can kill and maim so easily and so forcefully, with so much firepower.

Technically tomorrow there could be a copycat killer doing the same thing, and no one will be the wiser. THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE STOPPED is by banning assault weapons. PERIOD

Why are US legislators reluctant to do this? This is a significant point of difference between the Republicans and Democrats, with the NRA supporting Republicans and their penchant for preventing GUN CONTROL and the Democratic, desire for it, as evidenced by Obama’s tried and failed attempt at tightening the Gun Laws.

Donald Trump was quick to blame Radical Islam, which only creates a divisive break with Muslim Americans, who are against any sort of violence, who may then be tempted to become extremist in the light of intolerance. Trump and the GUN LOBBY are creating terrorists, to support the existing radical ideology, instead of preventing this ideology from spreading.

Why do people following their own agendas, NOT do what is the most practical in stopping the spread of violence amongst HUMANS? If the means to violence, like guns are hard to come by, the nuts will NOT get access to these weapons. In the interests of the public, it is important that we understand that today’s society creates unstable nuts, who cannot be controlled let alone identified, and in the interests of the second amendment to the Constitution, we cannot permit them from getting access to them. The only way is a blanket stop!

JUST THINK ABOUT IT. We are going to continue to have all sorts in our presence, we cannot social engineer the perfect race as we like it. So we have only one option, namely to prevent these possible violators, from gaining access, no matter what ideology they may have or just mental retards, sans competency!