Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nissanka Senadhipathi – Avant Garde and the Rs 20M Ad spend professing deism

Can people be so dumb as to believe that there is any truth in the hugely expensive bought ads that a body, most likely representing the man himself, retired Major Nissanka Senadhipathi, is putting in double page spreads, on Sundays, in the most expensive newspaper for Ads in Sri Lanka?

These ads give sources of  people who purport to deify this man who has helped them out of tight spots, with money, and when one reads some of the reasons, they defy imagination, as after the particular operation was paid for or need fulfilled, he continues to make this monthly payment with NO strings to date! Either he is a fool, a liar or a charlatan, as otherwise no rational Human Being who helps people will continue to assist them when they NO LONGER require such assistance.                  

Giving this man the benefit of the doubt as a caring person, who spends Millions a year helping the needy, does that justify him not being hounded or prosecuted for crimes? Put simply, for one who say helps people to the tune of Rs50M a year, and who does not pay even Rs5M a year in taxes, as all his income is from the export of services and is therefore tax free, he must be earning Rs5B a year from his Business!

The Company Avant Garde Services will not disclose this income because it would be open to threats and Extortion in Sri Lanka, so most of the money is earned in off shore companies from which he can fund his charitable activities without prying eyes or people asking where he gets the money from.

He is fortunate to earn foreign exchange in a business that has Security Consultants as the customer base. By definition most of these companies wish to be under the radar as they are run by ex-servicemen, who wish to keep their activities hidden from the Tax authorities in their own countries just as much as Senadhipathi wishes to keep out of SL prying eyes.

That is how his motto, of there is always a price for everything, he is able to demand loyalty or more correctly buy loyalty, as Sri Lankans are willing to sell their soul for a few bucks to the highest bidder, and there is NO one not even the GOSL who will offer more to set him up.

So if it comes to hiring prostitutes for senior officials to have them in compromising positions so they don’t squeal, or ensuring his name is untainted, he is able to buy that.

The investigations by GOSL on Avant Garde are unable to find the real crimes, as it is the last Govt. that has given him a MONOPOLISTIC certificate to carry out all international transactions. You therefore have a license to print money. If there was competition, then there will be many more. It is impossible to prove if this was paid for! (Bribe)

    When one looks at the fact that he has the past three Navy Commanders as his               consultants on a massive retainer, he has simply denied the SL Navy this revenue in     favor of him, and when he needs the services of the SL Navy, he can count on it on       an as needed basis. That is the problem, but the investigators have no clue how to         get him for the real crime.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Rajapakses finally face their Waterloo – its high time too, we waited too long!

At the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Rogues of Sri Lanka have finally met their match. The Bribery Commission appointed by the Rajapakse administration, who have been  prevented by threats from exercising the powers have after 10 years of receiving complaints are FINALLY able to act on the complaints. It is not as if they are taking revenge, it is just that they are doing their job finally, people are not afraid to talk.

There has been NO interference from the present Govt. as regards to the investigations and it is merely coincidental that the timing came at the worst possible moment for the Govt. as it tries desperately to pass to pass the 19th Amendment before dissolution!

What is worse, if one is innocent of the allegations one would not wish to make rash statements that Rajapakses never engaged in wrong doing whilst in power! Further today, (23rd April) Gota had the nerve to say that no one will work in public service if they are treated like this. He should have said that no one will try to steal what is rightfully NOT theirs. Even Mahinda Rajapakse had chimed in with his swansong, that they should go to jail as he also served 3 months in jail!!! He implies that jail time is an essential for power.

Just goes to show how behind the times he is. We are not in a fight for independence. We are in a fight for justice for the downtrodden, and a return of stolen goods back to the their rightful owners, the people of Sri Lanka.

Despite all this, the people are still skeptical that justice will prevail and that the Rajas well get off scott free despite them being the leaders of the expropriation of assets from the Country. When nothing could happen without the signature of a Rajapakse, the convictions MUST start at the top, as they were the primary recipients of the largesse and the others mere recipients of scrap from their tables after their greed had been satiated.

Only a few days ago people were complaining that the crooks were not being taken in or convicted. Now the other side is complaining there is a witch hunt. What utter hogwash. The law takes its time, and until there is sufficient evidence people are not taken in for questioning. It is better to deal with the bigger crooks first and then go for the lower order.

Let us trust our Courts to have the courage of their convictions to be impartial and efficient in the distribution of justice, and that sentences will be in keeping with the extent of the crime. It is important to fine these people appropriately and with the evidence of billions being socked away, it is best to demand immediate payment or face double jail time.

A good media campaign MUST convince the people of their guilt, so they don’t hold any doubts. There should be no appearance of any revenge, even though the MR administration would have indulged in that if roles were reversed and they are currently pretending to be like angels who could do no wrong.

We would like the allegations in public, and the people given details of what they did so that the doubting Thomas’s can just shut up, and come to terms with the reality that the people they hero worshipped were actually the scum of the earth, stealing from them.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What goes around comes around! The Rajapakse turning circle - bribery and abuse of power

The sheer death defying arrogance of a family, who collectively made all decisions of any consequence in Sri Lanka, now implying that it is a politically motivated witch-hunt, is due to their judging the scene from their own perspective and standards.

In an era where nothing was done other than through their demands, insistance and authorization, when suddenly there is Governance where Servants of the State are finally using the powers vested in them by Act of Parliament, and are exercising this authority, they sometimes misunderstand ‘doing their job’ for Witch-hunt. It must be remembered who it was who engaged in witch-hunts.

Does anyone doubt that the Sarath Fonseka saga was a witch-hunt? So when you falsely accuse someone of wrongs on trumped up charges, you don’t see your own imperious acts of defiance as being illegal. It is time you faced the full force of the law.

Who said governing was easy. If you go above your remit you are liable to be taken to task for it one day, and whilst you believe you can rule forever, facts prove otherwise. It is with this in mind that the enormous malpractices, that the Rajapakse’s don’t believe they engaged in as they are unable to distinguish between criminal acts, and  those that are not, is what is at fault, and NOT the system under which they are investigated.

It is therefore very important that the Law is allowed to take its course, and the Media inform the ignorant public that “the law is finally taking over from lawlessness”. This is what we need to explain to the uninitiated on what is happening, that it is a normal part of accountability for actions outside their areas of responsibility, and breaking the law.

We have just heard that Ghotabaya’s Lawyers have asked for time in coming up with explanations for his actions, and therefore released when he was just about to be arrested for crimes. It is giving him the benefit of the doubt, something not given in his regime.

If you take the Ghota case there are thousands of his supporters, who because he cleaned up Colombo, made walkways and restored old buildings with Military Precision, cannot believe he is a criminal, must understand that the most upstanding person can later be found out to be a serial rapist, a child abuser, a wife beater or extortionist or amassed illegal wealth

It is better that Ghota realizes that he is not squeaky clean, and his supporters realize he must pay for his sins, like they must, if they are found similarly accused. There is NO Doubt that with good legal advise he along with all the Rajapakse’s will plead guilty to some minor misdemeanor, to get off from major indictments, and thus fool the people that they were NOT guilty of the more serious crime. It is for the people to understand how the law works, and know that the suspects are given the benefit of the doubt and were able to get away with the PLUNDER and NOT that they are NOT GUILTY, but the price they will have to pay may come to them after their deaths! In their time there was NO LAW!

     We must understand the reality of life. There is luck, good fortune, and that applies      to crooks as well as saints, and ultimately there is justice if not in this world then in      the next!

April 23rd Presidential Address to the nation – A clear statement of an alternative to

The despotic Rajapakse rule that left this Country, in debt, in confusion and with unadulterated corruption, which the corrupt first family is trying to re- impose by saying to a gullible audience that the Rajapakse’s have never taken bribes! Yes 50% off the top as commissions even before the project start was approved. They call it by another name.

In his address to the Nation, the original 100 day plan that finishes today, shows that on April 23rd that Parliament will be disbanded, AFTER the passing of the 19th Amendment.

While mentioning this promise and saying that he had hoped to have come to the table after the amendment which should have passed today, but that the will of the people was prevented by Rogue MPs who had NO interest in Good Governance, but who longed for a further period of the rule of the jungle where they could rape what was left to rape in Sri Lanka. They belittled the value of an MP by their conduct, and the country by their action.

As a result he is extremely sorry that he has not been able to keep to his timetable, and will plead with the public to understand who is at the bottom of trying to scuttle this people’s mandate, who else by the scuttle of all things reasonable, Mahinda Rajapakse.

He MUST reiterate the huge damage this one person has been able to cause to the political fabric of this country, which threw out the old Dictatorship with a promise of a new Democracy. The fact that people of this Country are unable to recognize this significant event is partially due to the poor explanation of what has happened to date, been made clear to the unsuspecting public, and he hopes that they are better informed by a more responsible fourth estate to their duties by the citizenry of Sri Lanka.

There was initially a request to dissolve parliament even though the 19th Amendment had not passed, but it would not be fair by the promise to the citizens that the 19th Amendment was their wish, and they undertook to fulfill that before dissolving.

If they prematurely dissolve, then the haunting happenings of the past are likely to re emerge and that is something we have promised the people we will not let happen.

IT IS THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT that the people understand that it is a certain set of Parliamentarians backed by the Rajapakse family, and who have guaranteed immunity from prosecution for the big time crooks that there is this show of support and apparent show of support in the nation as they have been bought!

    “People do not be fooled by false promises that cannot be fulfilled, understand that        when there are challenges present the task at hand can get a little delayed, but we          are committed to fulfill the pledge we made at the Election. In time all these issues        that have recently been raised will seem trivial, bearing in mind the huge forward          strides of progress with have made to create a status of confidence in the future              course of Government and the promise of Good Governance, enshrined in the                newly amended Constitution to build a truly National Government on a stable base        from which to proceed into a future that is for all Sri Lankans, irrespective of race        and creed and language, but as one People, Sri Lankan only. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jagath Wijeweera present Director General of Customs (AKA Crook)

is outed as a rogue and a traitor, involved in defrauding the GOSL of Tax Revenues due – who else is complicit?

Read the article in the link in detail including Col Dayananda’s comment, so that one is quite clear as to the intentions of and patriotism of the accuser Kodituwakku who has NO party loyalty and only to his profession and oath he has undertaken to fulfill.

Any other Customs officer who is guilty should own up, and resign before being outed next and made to kneel down, be named and shamed.

You don’t want that for your children’s sake, and for the sake of the neighbors, who have not yet realized that your palace is out of ill gotten gains, at the expense of the people of Sri Lanka.

There is NO witchhunt. Make no bones about the fact that the Country has lost Billions of dollars due to corruption and fraud, and the people have suffered due to this. It is not a zero sum game, and so there has to be a price that has to be paid by those who are guilty.

It will take years for all those guilty and for some of the horrendous crimes of these supposedly upstanding individuals to come to light. Nevertheless they will eventually surface with dire consequences for the perpetrator.

Don’t forget how many years it took for the VAT fraudsters to get caught. They thought the money they defrauded was significant enough to buy their freedom here or overseas. Let me tell you that it is not enough. No amount of money is enough, and it is time the Rajapakses who are shedding crocodile tears realize how much they have taken because to them a billion dollar swindle is pocket change.

Pocket change or not, there is a time when the skeletons come out of the closet and you are naked in the open, having to face your maker and your accuser, you cannot hide under anyone’s coat tails. We must return to a country of law and order, and forever extinguish the desire of some people who believe they are above the law.

Customs has a history of bumping off the honest whilst nurturing the crooked. It is time that it changes. If this DG is in this game he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest for his wrongdoings and face the music big time. Only then will the message trickle down that they cannot get away.

This is a legacy of the Rajapakse legacy of greed that the Customs shared, where effectively every penny they took meant the country was short changed out of 10 pennies, and it all amounts to a huge amount of money. Do not for a moment hanker after a return of the Rajapkase legacy as it has destroyed the lives of thousands of people, because it is peoples money that has been purloined, which would otherwise have given them a better quality of life. So here’s to the 5,000,000 who have really suffered, three cheers!              

Mahinda Rajapakse's cunning game plan

The UPFA MPs have NO principles, merely the wish to remain in power for life!

Using the above premise, with the space given to MR by a compliant and “arakku botaleta liyana” media, many of the UPFA MPs who were with MS are now having second thoughts, as MR is now calling them all offering serious money from the Billions of dollars he still has at his disposal, stolen from the people, so that he can make a comeback, not by splitting the UPFA but by effectively taking over the party, leaving MS to scratch his head, that with a few such as Arjuna Ranatunga and MKDS Gunewardena and Duminda Dissanayake will be no match for the rogues who have desecrated this Country, who wish to continue to do so, at the expense of the hapless people who have absolutely no recourse, as their lawmakers and especially the PS members who have squeezed the life out of village communities, will continue their merry making, with people who are imbibed with the lust for power where it corrupts absolutely.

Unless reasonable and patriotic people are convinced of returning to Good Governance, and preventing the threat of taking this country back to the Rajapakse Regime that set this country back so many years, we will be cursed by them for generations to come.

People must understand that by handling stolen money of Rajapakse they will be complicit in the crime of treason of their motherland. SO if they accept his offer, they are knowingly selling their souls to the highest bidder, and they will directly affect the future of their Country, to return to the dark days of division and conflict. It is as well they understand this.

MR is a crafty devil who cannot stay away from active politics, and as he has access to unlimited funds, knows that only money talks in Sri Lanka, as people can be bought cheaply, an act of defiance he has engaged in all his career, especially now. He is therefore scheming to take control of the Government, impeach the President and perhaps get all his powers back while a useless and impotent public watch this sham as they are just completely incompetent to comprehend and thus let happen under their noses. 

God help Sri Lanka from its own foolish citizens if they allow this scenario to unfold!
It is important for people to realize how toxic MR is to the well-being of this Country.

It shows how short people’s memories are as they forget when they castigated MR when they were his ministers, that his family were in total control, and now when money is offered are willing to toe the line in the same way they did before. They are no better than prostitutes. MR being the pimp.    

Don’t forget that in Sri Lanka, a pliant media, a lot of money (where it comes from is not of any consequence) and a ruthless ex-dictator is all that is needed for a come back and I merely warn our people that they don’t know what has hit them yet. It is the end of the Country as we know it. There is a chance to prevent it from happening, and we have to appeal to the consciences of our leaders that is if they have a bone of sense in them left!

DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY the rhetoric as that is all it is, and nothing more, which is a desperate attempt at taking over the leadership of this country. Don’t let it happen please.

Does a son have to protest on behalf of his father in Parliament? If so why as there is no basis in law, and he purports to be a lawyer.

The problem with many of the die hard MR supporters is that to them, there is NO LAW but the law of the jungle. So they have either prospered under the MR regime, or blinded by their actions, and as people utterly selfish have not been able to see what is at the heart of the MR regime.

10 Years of appealing to the people’s basest instincts and a desire for people to hero worship a person after winning a war, that appears to give them carte blanche to rape and plunder a country, just because the people are foolish enough to accept whatever the leader does as right, as they are unable or more like incapable of analyzing what is happening just under their own feet, ruining and raping a country of its resources, and making unprincipled decisions by allowing China to make unsolicited investment ideas, without our having the brains to ask why they have come up with. Is it love for us, or for the longer term survival of China, using us a beautiful tropical country, so that there citizens who have more money to throw can have a great retirement at our expense!

The ignorant be it even members of the first family, or not, have no idea why they support a person even if he is a known devil. Is it because we so desperately want a strong rogue, to a less persuasive person of calmer undertones, not making a fool of himself?

Time to wonder very carefully, what the psychology of our people is? Do they want someone to make the decisions without any checks and balances as we are confident he will protect this country? How can we be so foolish as to entrust our Country to people who are likely to ruin it, and we are incapable of stopping their action.

How can anyone in their right minds support any of the policies of Mahinda Rajapakse, especially due to the daily exposure of large scale squandering of the resources of our people which will have to be repaid with interest paid to China at exorbitant interest rates.

There is even a whole class who does not care how much is borrowed and at what interest rate as they believe it is not them who have to pay for it. They have a complete disconnect of who are the citizens of this Country and what their responsibilities as citizens are!

The mind boggles as we try to educate the people on the wrong doings and find it hard for them to comprehend that serious misdemeanors were carried out without any care by the previous administration and people really are hankering for this authoritarian mob to return to continue their activity unimpeded.

There is a complete lack of understanding of what has happened to Sri Lanka since the historic January 8th election.

It is time we explain to them, that they now live in an era that they cannot compare with before. It is simply NOT comparable it is simply as much a difference of chalk and cheese that means that the new order has to be seen in a new light. It is time that the media wake up from their slumber, take up the cudgel and rise up to the occasion before it is too late.