Friday, November 6, 2015

Time for a clear out of the dregs to make an example after the AG affair!

It is quite clear that the Public Confidence in the Legislature needs to be restored without fail. Nothing that was promised by this Govt. as far as anti corruption,, and bringing the crooks to account has yet taken place, and in fact they are floundering in the cess pit they have created.

The people looking forward to a brighter future for Sri Lanka, need to be reassured that at least some of the miscreants are held to account and so at least Marapana, Wijedasa Rajapakse and Vajira Abeywardene should be fired forthwith, to restore some confidence. The innuendo is that they are in the pay of a person whose credibility and criminality is currently the hottest topic, and the Government impotent to find out how he has broken the law due to the incompetence of the state machinery as it involves foreign transactions, that have not touched on shore Sri Lanka.

Simple, use foreign experts and foreign Governments to track the paper trail.

I note below links to my blog here that the Investigators can start with to understand this business. Once read it will be quite clear that the whole Govt. investigation is barking up the wrong tree, and they will NEVER be able to prosecute if they go this way, which is what gave Marapane the opportunity to be so gleeful at the charade of his own police force and its incompetence.

I have alerted the public of this since March 2015 that they will not find anything wrong, unless they follow my advice, and follow the leads!  

No wonder Sri Lanka is a failed state! With jokers for Members of Parliament and incompetent Government Servants who have got their positions not on merit but through political influence! 

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