Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Media has a role to play in balance or in reporting excessive use of force!

The Batagoda commission will shortly report on the incidents of a few weeks back, where the Media showed, excessive use of force on seemingly unarmed and innocent female undergraduates!

As I reported at length in this blog, what is portrayed by the media, for their own agenda, is NOT what is the real story, and people MUST always, view media reports, especially in Sri Lanka with a lot of skepticism.

We remember we got used to towards the end of the Rakapakse regime, NOT to believe anything that came out of the Govt. media, as we believed it was heavily biased. We must continue to hold that level of skepticism, as the Media will not change overnight, and until the quality of journalism rises to a certain level, we will continue to be fed a load of Trollope!

The Batagoda Report will have called all the evidence of the event. NOT just what the media showed us. You will be told, that the media had selective amnesia.  I hope the video of undergraduates, in Buddhist robes, claiming to be Budddhist priests, beating innocent policemen mercilessly with poles and their bear hands will also be shown. WHY WERE THEY NOT SHOWN? Because the media angle will then be completely annulled!

Shame on our uneducated youth, who showed and shared the infamous two photos on FB, without showing the other 98 that give a different picture! When will our youth become really educated if at all? I am actually ashamed (lajjai!) at the complete idiocy of our young people who behave like a herd of donkeys, when they should try and ascertain the truth, or at least take some information with a pinch of salt knowing the whole story is NOT being shown.

Until the General Public take it into their ownership, the view that the Media needs to be transformed into something less than sensational, and more on informing on the facts, allowing different sides of the story to be told side by side, there is NO future for directing people to make up their minds on the true picture. This is NOT a problem limited to Sri Lanka, as the Media coverage of the Paris carnage also shows, it is that the populations in those countries are less gullible than ours in thinking for themselves, and have different angles from which a situation can be presented to them, something that is still lacking here. 

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  1. I have always thought that the students who get a University Education passing off as Buddhist Priests, use the system to get all the benefits and perks, and do not get identified as the terrorists in our midst.

    They are the radicalized lot who have NO PLACE in our society, and unless they are neutralized, the consequences of our inaction now will be felt for decades hence.

    The answer is to put them all on a watch list, get their bios, and select those who are most likely to brainwash our youth into a bygone ideology, aimed at taking this Country backwards, in a similar fashion to today's IS in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere.