Sunday, November 1, 2015

Its all the Student’s Fault – Not the Police! - People don't be fooled

I have been in situations like this as a Student. My dream was satisfied, when the Police sprayed water cannon, and tear gas, and then Baton Charged us with many being injured. This was what we wanted. Talk about it for weeks, and become heroes in the midst of our peers. Looking back what hypocrisy, and wonton destruction of State Resources for no real achievement of any worthy goal.

In this case the publicity the Students got is dynamite, as it is only going to encourage more students, egged on by the morally bankrupt IUSF to continue to demonstrate for every flimsy reason, most of it UNRELATED to the Student, his furtherance of his Education or his guarantee of future employment, which should be the main grievances students MUST have if they are logical and truly interested in getting a recognized qualification, courtesy of the state.

It is time the Government draws a line on the sand, and says all grievances must be discussed through some arbitration body, comprised of independent people, with NO HIDDEN AGENDA, and any demonstration will definitely mean removing the Student from their University with their place given to other Students who due to their lower marks could not enter. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Only then will the truly hardcore demonstrate if they believe the cause is justified. Today they demonstrate as a rite of passage, wasting Taxpayers time and money.

Don’t forget very few Countries offer Education at the relatively cost free rate Sri Lankan Universities do, and maybe that is why they are so pathetic, and don’t make any league table of any University system anywhere! Is that the Education you want?

I have studied the Sri Lankan phenomenon of student demonstrations very carefully and have come to the conclusion that the aim is to cause maximum destruction to force the Police to act, and then goad the Police into behaving like the uncivilized barbarians they have always been. All this for press PUBLICITY.

After all most of the Police force is what has been bestowed upon us by the beastly Mahinda Rajapakse Administration. They had NO rules, they were just a bunch of street thugs, and those appointed to the Police Force were political stooges also thugs and underworld figures, where the Police Officer in Charge was encouraged to be the Mafia Leader of the village along with the Pradeshiya Sabha Goons in the guise of their Chairman or Deputy to terrorize the villages and be engaged in all the big time crimes, from moonshine, sand mining, quarrying, tree felling, killing animals.
It is time we in Sri Lanka realize what we have in the police, and unless we change them all to be a different species, it will take a life time, UNLESS the whole culture of impunity is changed with the intervention of the new POLICE COMMISSION, into a law abiding force, from a law breaking one.

It MUST be clear that while I am not defending the Police in this incident, they only acted in the way they always have acted! I am not concentrating on them, as the Media and Govt. have for POLITICAL reasons, to pacify a foolish public, and both the Human Rights Commission and the Police Commission have been asked to investigate the event, as if it was the Police fault in the eyes of the public.

The rascal students who were the main culprits, not only got away with it, now they have the sympathy of the mind-bogglingly foolish public.

We have fooled us into allowing Student demonstration on a weekly basis disrupting normal daily life, because the Students are molly coddled and have time on their hands, and don’t have to do three jobs like in most other countries to pay for their education and lodgings. THEY DON’T VALUE THIS FREE EDUCATION.        

I repeat what I said in the previous entry, CHEAP THINGS NO GOOD. Meaning that the free education these poor kids are receiving will NOT allow them to fulfill their life goals, and they will only realize it after they waste their time in University and try to find employment, finding that employers will ONLY employ those who had a private education, where they know the value of education and would have made sure they studied and obtained their qualifications in the proper manner, not by sleeping with the lecturer for good grades in the Govt. sector.

The pathetic level to which the state education has fallen, where even the lecturers DON’T teach and they moonlight in the private sector where they make an effort to perform, as they only get paid if the institution believes they are worth the money paid to them! What an irony? Just like the school teachers who do private tuition!  

With security of tenure in the State sector, knowing they will not be sacked they don’t make an effort to teach either, and no student I know will demonstrate against the quality of their miserable lecturers because they know they will be marked down or failed! That is the state of our education in the State Sector.

Readers please make up your mind on the reliability of my assertions, but please try and find out for yourself, the true story, as I have tried to portray sometimes slightly exaggerated to make the point, but true nevertheless. 

Please pressure the Govt. to see sense and tackle the real problem, and NOT sweep it under the carpet as political dynamite, just like all previous administrations have done, and so we have an uneducated University Graduate, who is completely Unemployable because of the completely inadequate quality of education he has received, but is blissfully unaware of it, until he faces the job interview and is informed of the hard facts of life!

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